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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on The CW

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  • 100hang

    It's nice
  • Wendigo

    This episode scares me. No, honestly it does. Wendigo really, properly scares me. Funnily enough it is hardly the darkest or most frightening of the stories from Supernatural, but it still manages to scare the crap out of me. Why, you may ask? Well it's entirely my own fault. As a child and young teen I was a bit of a mythology buff (still am, if I'm being honest) and so one day I was perusing the library in search of something new to read and came across an anthology of Native American Mythology. Well like a dummy I sat down to read it before bed and the first story I came across was that of the Wendigo. It was told from the POV of a young boy reciting the legend to a couple of his friends. He describes how the creature smells like rotten meat, feeds on human flesh, and will attack faster than you can blink. The story describes the boys getting trapped outside after dark and how before the Wendigo strikes it will hunt you down and call out your name. That is how you know you have been marked for attack. The tale ends with this line: of you may not believe that the Wendigo exists, but I know better. I'd seen the eyes, I'd smelled the smell, and I'd heard the scream that was probably the last sound Boomer Briggs ever Gah! It's still seared into my mind even after almost ten years!

    So of course whenever I saw the title of this episode I shuddered and almost shut it off. Now that I knew what the terrifying creature from the beginning of the episode was I wasn't entirely sure I'd be able to handle this if I actually had to see the creature up close. And then Sammy turned up on screen and suddenly I set down the remote and settled back to go along for the ride. was worried about him with his nightmares and refusing to let big brother Dean help!

    Favourite Moments & Random Thoughts:

    - I'm very glad that they didn't just gloss over the effect that Jess' death must have had on Sam (and, by extension, Dean). All too often a drama will set up a tragedy and make you cry at the by the time the next episode has started things have all but been reset. Or the next episode sort of deals with the fallout, but then everything is hunky-dory after that. Not so with Supernatural. Aside from being extremely good at continuity, this show deals with emotions in a very realistic and organic sort of way (for a television show).

    - Sam's nightmare made a reference to Carrie. I'm not much of a horror film person (I've said before - I have a weak stomach and cowardly tonsils) but I picked up on that just from the film history books I've read. Didn't make it any less disturbing, though.

    - Dean's rather bumbling lying to that ranger is hilarious coming off of watching Season 9 where it's practically a second skin to him. Or perhaps it's a bit tragic...

    - Haley and her brothers are obviously set up to be relatable in terms of the Winchester's plight in that they've lost their parents and can only rely on each other. I have a question about the youngest brother, though. Does he ever actually have a line to say? I just watched the episode again and I honestly don't know. Talk about an under-developed scene-filler!

    - Authorities ruled the attacks out as a rogue grizzly. Of course they did.

    - Dean doesn't do darn!

    - At last I know how to properly pronounce the name of the creature that made me want to latch every window and wear earplugs to bed for a week! (The earplugs were so I couldn't hear it call my Silly me, it's pronounced just like it's written: Wen-dEE-go.

    - A Wendigo emerges every 23 years? Huh. Guess I need to start moving every 20...

    - "Did Bambi or Yogi ever hunt you back?" Gosh I love Dean Winchester's wit! Not only is it funny but it also helps to ramp up the tension as at that moment I knew Badass Ranger Rick was as good as dead. There are just certain tropes that accompany certain characters that herald their not making it to the end of an after you've explored so much television, film, and writing in general you learn to identify them.

    - What I didn't see coming was Dean being grabbed by the Wendigo and both he and Haley's brother making it out alive. I knew Dean my money was really on What's-His-Face croaking it by the end of the episode. I love it when a show can play on my expectations and then subvert them entirely.

    - It was wise of them not to show us the monster until the very end (and then only in shadows) because nothing could ever live up to our expectations and the imagination always creates the best horrors anyway.

    There's really nothing else much to say about this episode. It had a solid story, fairly likeable characters, and the Wendigo's den made me nauseous. I did indeed spend a lot of the story peeping from between my fingers (and I'm never going camping but overall it was a great experience. The writing was good, Dean and Sam were adorable, and I can't wait for the next one.
  • Awesome

    It is so good l love it so awsome love
  • The Family Business

    It's not surprising to me that the second episode of "Supernatural" is not as strong as the first one. The story picks up almost immediately after the end of the pilot episode, as we find Sam and Dean on the road and journeying towards the location indicated by the coordinates they had previously found within their father's journal. The opening scene does a great job in setting the mood for this episode and gives us a very distinct notion that something unnatural and extremely dangerous is lurking in the woods. Also, the fact that the Winchester boys end up assisting a young woman in the search for her missing brother allows us to explore their own sibling dynamic, as Sam appears a little too eager to abandon the job at hand and continue the search for their father and Dean seems focused on tracking and killing this creature, as he not only believes that this is what they do, but also what their father would have wanted them to do. Their constant arguments and disagreements over it do a lot for character development and helps viewers find out more about who these guys really are and how they feel about the life that they lead. Unfortunately, the final confrontation between hunters nearly dooms this episode, as it feels rushed and could have been handled a whole lot better. Luckily, the soundtrack is still awesome and the supporting cast does their job well.
  • Creepy Monster In The Woods

    OK, so the Wendigo was defiantly creepy looking but it was also pretty cool too. Forgetting the part where it eat human flesh (gross but interesting), I think it was a total bad a** hunter. But thankfully it couldn't take the brothers down. And the fact that it sets in the woods makes the episode one scary piece of art. An awesome second episodes!!!
  • Wendigo

    Starting a tradition of weak second episodes, Wendigo is a good episode, but lacks a lot of characteritics that made SPN epidodes so great. Highlights go to the guys work and for the iconic sentence: "saving people, hunting things... Family bussiness"
  • 102-"Wendigo"

    After having no luck in the investigation of Jessica's death, the brothers follow instructions found in their father's journal and head to Blackwater Ridge, Lost Creek, Colorado. Posing as park rangers, they help a young woman named Haley (Gina Holden) and her younger brother Ben (Alden Ehrenreich) search for their lost older brother Tommy (Graham Wardle), who disappeared while on a camping trip. Sam and Dean soon realize that he was taken by a wendigo that has terrorized the woods since 1936. While searching, Haley and Dean are kidnapped by the creature, but Sam and Ben are able to track them to a mine. After Dean, Haley, and Tommy are freed, they kill the wendigo with a flare gun.

    Story by: Ron Milbauer & Terri Hughes Burton

    Teleplay by: Eric Kripke

    Directed by: David Nutter

    My thoughts: this one was definetly a step down from the pilot this one was a filler it felt boring at times but it had quite a few good moments as well(esp. with dean) overall not SPNS best its hard to do a great follow up ep.



  • In a strong second episode, Sam and Dean continue the search for their father following a clue noted for Dean in John Winchester's journal. This leads them to a national park, outside of a small town in Colorado, where several people have gone missing...

    At the opening of the episode, we see three friends out camping in the woods, at Blackwater Ridge Colorado. It's night and they're in their tents (incidentally, one of them is played by Cory Monteith who now stars in "Glee"). One by one, the campers are attacked by a growling entity, tearing apart the tents and surrounding foliage.

    We then return to California where Sam is visiting Jessica's grave.. After moving to place a bouquet of flowers on her grave - in a Carrie-esque moment - a dirt covered hand shoots up to grab Sam and he snaps awake from his nightmare. We learn that after a week of fruitless searching, the brothers are on the road, following the coordinates their father left them in his journal, and heading to Blackwater Ridge, a national park in Colorado. Upon arriving, they speak to a Ranger who is disinclined to believe that anyone is missing. From there, the brothers then pay a visit to 'that Hayley girl' whom the Ranger mentioned as believing her brother was missing. As a close-knit family, Hayley (played by Gina Holden) plans to go looking for her brother and she hires a tracker, Roy (Callum Keith Rennie), to help them. Through research of local missing persons cases, Sam and Dean discover that every 23 years, people go missing at Blackwater Ridge and when Sam examines the last video that Tommy (Graham Wardle) sent his siblings, he discovers an incredibly fast moving shadow in the background which confirms their suspicions that something supernatural is taking place. They then interview the only survivor of an apparent 'bear attack' 46 years ago. Though only a child at the time, Shaw (Donnelly Rhodes) he tells the brothers of how his parents were dragged from their cabin with the roaring creature leaving him with a deeply scarred shoulder and a strong belief that something evil resides in the woods. The next day, the brothers insist on accompanying Hayley, Ben and Roy in their search and the group heads into the woods, where Sam and Dean are soon outed as not being the Rangers the claimed to be but explain they are looking for their father. Soon after reaching the torn apart camp site, their supplies are stolen and Sam and Dean realise that the creature who has taken the campers is a Wendigo. They settle in for the night until the Wendigo circles, tricking Roy into leaving the safety of the camp site and he is killed. In the morning the brother explain what they're up against, a once cannibalistic human, now an immortal superhuman creature that can only be killed with fire. They follow the Wendigo's tracks but the incredibly intelligent creature again tricks them, capturing Dean and Hayley. Sam and Ben follow Dean's trail of M n' M's to an abandoned mine that the Wendigo is using as its lair. Finding the captives alive inside, the brothers then try to get them out but the Wendigo again attacks. Will Sam and Dean be able to torch the creature or will they, along with the others, become the Wendigo's food before another 23 year hibernation? And if they save the campers, where will they go from here to find their father?

    A great second episode with an excellent choice in depicting an evil creature (not a spirit like the pilot episode) that they brothers have to hunt and great further insight into the siblings relationship. What I liked about this episode is that is has 'explainers' included in subtle ways so we discover that the show isn't just going to be about the Winchesters searching for their father but also them hunting evil things and saving people along the way. Almost as though the first episode told us something of their past, this second episode seems designed to illustrate the direction the boys future will take. It also shows how the boys feel about their father, Dean with obvious respect, wanting to follow his orders whereas Sam is less obedient, wanting to find Jessica's killer.
  • Weaker than the first episode

    This would have been a fine episode if the viewer had never seen American television before. Unfortunately, I have seen more than my fair share and because of that, this episode came off very formulaic. There were no surprises and there were no lasting consequences. The creature effects were very poor. The producers of the episode probably tried to convince themselves that they were keeping the Wendigo shrouded in darkness to make it more mysterious. It's more likely that they kept it unseen because it looked cheap.

    This still might be a good program to watch, but this wasn't an excellent showing.
  • 6.8
    It wasn't as strong as the pilot. I thought it would be scary and stuff, but it wasn't that scary. The ending was a little weird. The Wendigo just burned and died. Just like that? The ending was somewhat weak.
    I hope the next episode will be a lot more engaging.
  • Why does the uberfast monster takes the time to stretch and roar when he got them cornered at the end? He didn't let anybody see it before and now he's all like "Look at me. I'm so cool". That's stupid!!! No more Supernatural for me.

    Why does the uberfast monster takes the time to stretch and roar when he got them cornered at the end? He didn't let anybody see it before and now he's all like "Look at me. I'm so cool".
    That's stupid!!! This the kind of thing that makes me lose interest in a series all together. No more Supernatural for me.
  • Wendigo

    really good follow up to the fabulous pilot. In this episode, Sam and Dean go up against a Wendigo, one of the few creatures/demons in this series that isn't based on an urban legend. I really liked this episode, although i have to say i was expecting something else. After watching the first scene, my first thought was "werewolf". Once i found out it was in fact a Wendigo, i have to admit i was a little disappointed being a big fan of werewolf movies (Dog Soldiers in particular). I would have loved to see Supernatural's take on the traditional werewolf lore, however after this initial disappointment, i was enthralled. The Wendigo was a much better creature than a werewolf, scarier too. Especially as what it looked like wasn't revealed until right near the end of the episode, building up suspense throughout.

    Also good was how the episode tied in with the pilot episode, following up from Jess's graveside. I've seen many programmes that lack continuity from episode to episode, so this is a huge bonus.]

    And finally of course, there's more hilarious lines from Dean: "Oh sweetheart, i don't do shorts." being one of the best.

    I wouldn't say this is a perfect episode, but certainly a great follow up to the pilot.
  • Wendigo

    After watching this episode of Supernatural I said to myself did I jsut watch a scary horror movie. Dear lord did it have its suspense moments and good music that came in at jsut the right time. Also the Wendigo was as realistic as a killing monster can get but bravo I was impressed. The jokes were spot on, all characters were on target, and I was just really pleased!
  • Sam and Dean pose as Park Rangers to help a brother and sister search for their lost sibling, who the Winchester brothers believe may have been taken by a Wendigo.

    Well, I thought this epi was great. I loved every second of it. Besides, Dean was hot in this epi, and he played the bad boy. Yeah, I love bad boys.. the moment when he was honest to a girl, was a bit a chick flick moment. Haha, no i'm just kidding, but still. In this epi we see how angry Sam is, and actually how kind Dean can be. "Sam: How do you do it? How does Dad do it?
    Dean: Well for one, them. (looks at Haley and her brother) I mean, our family's so screwed to hell, maybe we can help some others. Makes things a little bit more bearable. (long pause) And I tell you what else helps. Killing as many evil **** as I possibly can." and my best moment was; "Haley: I don't know how to thank you. (Dean gives her "the look") Must you cheapen the moment?
    Dean: Yeah." omg, come here Dean, I want to cheapen the moment with ya :D ehm yes, i guess you guys don't want me to say more huh? hahah
  • Fresh from the horrors of losing another loved-one, Sam with his big brother go on a road trip to find their dad. Along the way they met Haley.

    This episode is amazing.

    I loved the Dean and Sam dynamics here--actually in every episode they are great together! But in this episode, we see Dean being subtly fussy around Sam, seeing that his little brother just lost his girl. Offering to let him drive and then talking to him him about his outbursts towards the ranger--it was sweet!

    And then Dean's response to Haley--to which she responds with "Must you cheapen the moment" and then Dean goes "Yes..." precious!

    I love this episode. I love Supernatural.
  • oh Dean...i love you so! His cocky wit it to die for! He is so confident and full of it! What's not to love?!

    If i wasn't fully hooked on Supernatural from the first episode...i'm hooked now!!!

    This episode was fantastic! I got to see more brotherly love...more about the Winchester brothers were revealed and plus, Dean was totally smoking hot!

    Imagine...Dean told the Windego to eat him...he was like: "come me i taste goood!"
    dean's so funny!

    I can't wait to see what he does next!
  • Sam and Dean pose as Park Rangers to help a brother and sister search for their lost sibling, who the Winchester brothers believe may have been taken by a Wendigo.

    Following the first nail bitting episode, \"Pilot\", and being the second episode of Supernatural Season one, \"Wendigo\" is a great episode with a terrific plot. There are plenty of thrilling twists which will keep you on the edge of your seat during the whole duration of forty two miniutes and twenty three seconds. After watching this overwhelming epispode i am looking forward to watching the third episode, \"Dead in water\". I am so impressed with the brilliant casting (mainly Jensen Ackles) and directing that i have decided to give this Episode two thumbs up. Thankyou for reading my review on \"Wendigo\".
  • Sam and Dean hunt down a creature similar to a werewolf. *Huge Spoilers!*

    Blackwater Ridge, Colorado
    The episode opens to a campsite at night. Inside the tents 3 boys are playing video games and sending video messages. One boys hears a noise and goes outside, where he's attacked. Another boy is attacked. The third boy screams.

    Sam walks up to his girlfriend Jessica’s grave with flowers. A hand reaches from her grave and grabs him. Sam wakes from his dream in a start in Dean’s car. The brothers talk about finding their dad and Jess’s killer and Sam wonders why the co ordinates their dad left send them into the middle of nowhere to Blackwater. Sam and Dean talk to Ranger Wilkinson about Blackwater Ridge and he mistakenly takes them for friends of a girl whose brother vanished there. Dean decides they should go visit the girl and tricks the ranger into helping. Sam and Dean pose as rangers and tell Hailey and her other brother, Ben they’ve been sent to help. Hailey says Tommy, her brother hasn’t phoned for 3 days. She shows them videos he sent to her laptop. Sam spots something but doesn’t mention it. Dean says he and Sam are going to Blackwater in the morning and Hailey says she is too, to look for Tommy along with Ben. Sam shows Dean newspaper articles that show people have been going missing in Blackwater every 23 years. He also shows Tommy’s video again frame by frame and there’s a fast moving shadow outside the tent. Sam suggests they go see the only known survivor from a supposed bear attack back in 1959. Dean and Sam arrive just as Hailey, Ben and their guide, Roy are setting out into the forest. Hailey is suspicious of the brothers, as they haven’t come prepared for hiking in the woods like rangers would. Tommy and one of the other boys are strung up and we see something approach them. Tommy closes his eyes as the other boy screams and we presume he’s been torn apart by the creature. Roy and Dean have words and Dean almost steps in a bear trap. Hailey confronts Dean again and Dean confesses to her he and Sam aren’t rangers and are looking for their missing father. Eventually, they arrive at the ridge and find Tommy and the other boys tents ripped to shreds. Dean notes the bodies away. Suddenly, someone screams for help and the group go to check, when they return their packs are destroyed. Sam and Dean conclude they’re dealing with a ‘Wendigo.’ They tell the others who are sceptical, and they decide to make camp for the night. Dean draws Anasazi symbols on the ground for protection. He talks to Sam who can’t stop thinking about finding their dad. Dean tells him they have to help others when suddenly there are cries for help. Dean knows it’s the wendigo trying to lure them out. Roy ignores his warnings and the wendigo takes him and breaks his neck. (The others don’t see this) Sam and Dean explain a wendigo means ‘evil that devours,’ and that they’ve once been a human but they’ve at sometime been forced to eat human flesh to survive. Dean also says Tommy may still be alive, as wendigoes hoard food. He also says they need to burn, not shoot it. Roy’s body falls on Hailey from the trees and everyone runs. Sam and Ben get split up from the others and the creature takes Dean and Hailey. Dean leaves a trail of M & M’s and Ben and Sam follow them to a tunnel entrance. They go inside and end up falling through the rotting floor into a pile of skeletons. They look around and find Dean, Hailey and Tommy hanging from the ceiling- they’re alive. Sam and Ben cut them down, but Tommy is hurt. Dean finds two flare guns and comes up with a plan. He sends Sam to get the others out while he tries to goad the creature to go after him the other way. Something growls near Sam’s group and he sends Hailey and her brothers out, knowing the wendigo wasn’t fooled by Dean’s ploy. He shoots at the creature and misses, and it comes for them all. (Sam has caught Hailey, Ben and Tommy up) Luckily, Dean appears and shoots his flare, burning the creature. Ranger station- Everyone tells the cops they were attacked by a bear. Hailey thanks Dean and then rides with Tommy and Ben in the ambulance. Dean says he hates camping, smiles and then says they’ll find their dad some day. Sam says yeah, but in the meantime he’s driving! The brothers drive away into the night.
  • Awesome. cool ledgend Wendigo's are cool. but creepy and disgusting

    Another mythical creature dead at the hands of the brothers and another amazing death with the graphics and all that. and in this eppy we get to see wuts her face lol i really cant remember her name but thats pretty funny. and Sam learns why they must do this, to protect other families so they dont have to live in a living hell like the winchesters. poor them but best not to wallow in our grief for if it weren't for that demon this great show wouldn't have been created. welll really if it weren't for kirpke so Cheers to him. anyway loved this episode very much especially the part where dean is kidnapped so cute. but anyway like i said great eppy!!!
  • OMG!! A really exciting episode

    I love this episode, I found it very interesting from the beginning. I like the bit where Sam was at the cemetery that moment gave me a fright. Love it, didn’t suspect that it was going to happen!!!

    We got to see that Sam is actually smart in a way that when he look at dad’s diary he tell his brother that he think he is dealing with a Wendigo. Dean was also clever in that he drop his M&M for a trail so that his brother could follow. It was so cool!!!

    Overall this episode was great. Hopefully Sam and Dean will find where their father is and what thing kill their mother and Sam’s girlfriend.
  • An interesting episode, great script and acting. I expect a lot out of this series. I just hope it doesn't lose its touch like Millenium did.

    The wendigo was a creature I have never heard of and it kind of reminded me of the creautes in the movie The Descent. So far my favorite thing about this show is the acting/script. Primeval which is a multi-million project has a terrible script and poor acting...and well the cheese meter is through the roof....but the special effects are really cool. I wish supernatural was given a huge budget, the series would then be unstoppable. Too bad everyone I talk to has never heard of it. Come on people start tuning in!! The show needs more viewers. Fingers crossed for a third season. I have nothing to complain about with this episode, there was action,a good storyline, dark atmospheres and the wendigo was just really cool. I definately recommend this episode.
  • Sam and Dean pose as Park Rangers to help a brother and sister search for their lost sibling, who the Winchester brothers believe may have been taken by a Wendigo.

    Sam and Dean pose as Park Rangers to help a brother and sister search for their lost sibling, who the Winchester brothers believe may have been taken by a Wendigo. there anything new to say about this great show?! oh yes: the guys are really gorgeousand funny as hell: the mnm's are great's not that you can say anything bad about this show
    and one of the best lines?!"chow time you freaky bast*rd!!"
  • Interesting episode with a unique take on the Wendigo

    This was another interesting episode of Supernatural that was also a little scarier than some of the others, in my opinion. I also thought it was really good because I’ve seen a couple shows and a movie that featured a wendigo and their representations were fairly similar, whereas Supernatural made their wendigo slightly more human with different capabilities; unique. The storyline didn’t concern the YED, though the arrived on the creature because of their father, and the brothers didn’t agree that it was a legitimate case though they took it anyway, found out it was legit, and saved some peoples lives in the process. I really enjoy plot development concerning the demons and all but I also really enjoy when there is a different mythical creature and a good story. Pretty good episode.
  • Okay, you just fell in love with a new show, and what do they do? They give you a filler episode like all other shows, but this one is just as exciting as the previous episode.

    The second episode, the second good episode. Once again, Dean & Sam are awesome & finding their father takes a detour & they meet up with some new people.

    New people die, good opening sequence. Good use of the journal & nice little history lesson. Great fake names, refrences & nods to the creator, writers producers & friends of the actors. Nice, Nice, Nice.

    It goes a little down hill from now to the "Home" episode & then skyrockets from there.

    I thought the first killing with fire would be really cool and I was dead on. So exciting to not be disapointed with a filler episode.
  • Problematic after the pilot

    This episode is an example of a common problem shows have in their first season. It is clear that 'Wendigo' is a guinea pig episode. The show was still being sorted out and something needed to happen between the pilot and the other eipisodes dealing with the main arc of the season. Much like the first season of the X-Files which had several filler episodes, Wendigo is an example of a show trying to find its mark. As always, the brothers are fun to watch and their banter is entertaining. Given that this is only the second episode, however, there are several things that are not ironed out. The story of the Wendigo is a little weak, but part of that is due to the fact that the audience doesn't have a history with the show or the characters so the weakness of the whole 'monster in the woods' idea is more highlighted. Also, this episode is a direct ripoff of an X-Files episode (called Detour) and that episode had trouble too with the premise, but it had the character history to fall back on. In short, it isn't terrible, but doesn't hit the high mark of other episodes in the season.
  • Not an important episode, but worth to be watched

    The two brothers, looking for their father and hunting for demons. Goes to the middle of the jungle and trying to help a woman looking for her boyfriend. They found another monster named Wendigo, a human that is cannibal, have super power and keep living by eating human flesh. The story is quite classic, going together with another police man who feels he can do it all. And just like the classic stories, he's dead. Someone get caught, and the heroes try to save them. The enemy is to easy to be killed and it happen so fast. Anyway, this episode can be skipped if you want to watch Supernatural just to find the story of their father. There's no clue about their father in this episode though. They just meet a monster, and killed it.
  • If you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise...

    A less successful episode than the pilot that carries in and around the same level of entertainment value, but reminds me too much of The X-files episode "Darkness Falls", and just like said episode, it's an unimportant, sometimes ponderous hour that never really takes off. What grates especially is the lazy denouement in which we not only find the Wendigo's lair, but the creature itself. While its demise looked pretty slick, the creature itself was underexposed, and the episode didn't play enough scares to make the creature in anyway frightening. Additionally, how Sam tracks it down to its lair is pretty lazy stuff, not to mention the convenient Flare Guns, the creatures one true weakness happening to be in the very spot the brothers need them most. Still, the show is merely finding its own footing at this stage, and with casual reminders of what's driving the brothers, it nicely wraps this tale into the on running arc, it's not just some random mission. Overall, a competent, if somewhat forgettable hour from the show.
  • Sam and Dean head to Black Ridge, Lost Creek, Colorado following coordinates in their dad's journal, when they learn that some campers have gone missing. Posing as park rangers, they talk to Haley Collins, who has lost contact with her brother.

    With Wendigo, we get our first monster episode. Well, not a true monster since it's actually a human who's cannibalism turned into a creature with superhuman strength and speed. When they find out John sent them there to kill the wendigo, Dean gets Sam to embrace the family business. With my fave line "I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things, the family business." Also "I'm going to kill as many evil sobs as i possibly can". The wendigo isn't all that scary but the episode plays well with enough excitement and great visual effects that it really doesn't matter.
  • Could have been better.

    Like another review said before me, not nearly as good as the pilot. This felt like a short B grade movie. Actually it's better than a B grade movie because it accomplishes the same thing in half the time. Anyways, it looks like Supernatural is gearing towards that "case of the week" formula; not necessarily bad, but every case needs to be well written to be truly entertaining. Is this the case here? Well, not exactly. The whole mystery behind the attacker was pretty suspenseful, but then everything after that is pretty mediocre. How the monster was easily slain and how his hideout was easily found, it felt like towards the end it was hastily looking for a conclusion because of a time budget. Not entirely a bad episode, but it could have been better.
  • this was a really good ep

    in this ep of supernatural dean and sam try to help this family that is in need . supposivly there was a camping trip in the moutains but then the kid did not come back and the loge leader says it was a bear attack but sam and dean dont belive it. so dean and sam go vist the family a brother and older sister and they say there brother always checks in. but they go and do reasearch and they find out there was attack before but one survived. they go and vist him and find out that the thing that attacked walked right in and starting killing but left him alive. from that info they know it was not a bear. they decide to go on the trail with them but sister does not belive there people that are from the rangers . and they start to travel and they hear screaming sounds they run to them they get back and there gear is gone then sam pulls dean to the side and says its a weandego and they need to get the people out of here and its a person that eats human flesh for so long can live like for ever and it comes out and need to fest on human flesh every so long. dean and sam and the person that came with the family stick togeather but then the guide dies and there scared for there lives the family is can dean and sam make it .
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