Season 2 Episode 20

What Is and What Should Never Be

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2007 on The CW

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  • Wonderfully written and acted

    I have just gotten into this show recently and enjoy each episode because even though there are demons and monsters, it's actually pretty light and in the end, all seems to work out. This episode, however, had a depth that I haven't seen before on this show. I felt as though I was there with Dean, feeling how he felt, from confusion to happiness to that sinking feeling of reality setting in. I thought it was very well written and I truly enjoyed how the characters interacted with each other. I know that I have many seasons to go with this show, but this episode is, by far, my favourite so far.
  • Season Two pre-finale is one of the most accomplished ever.

    I can't stress enough how much I love this episode. It starts out like our usual Monster of the Week show and it quickly turns in an alternate reality episode that is both incredibly entertaining to watch and undeniably deep and meaningful.

    First things first, I have to say that Eric Kripke, at his first directing job, achieved a great result: the direction of "What Is and What Should Never Be" is smooth and sassy, frightening and subtly ominous from time to time, without forgetting a good, occasional humorous injection. Furthermore, being a huge fan of David Lynch, I was beyond pleased to see a clear homage to "Blue Velvet" (the picket fence with yellow and red roses), and even more pleased to see that the same poetic that was conveyed by the movie (the evil lurking beneath the shiny surfaces of the bourgeois, Mid-American lifestyle) was in the episode too, with Dean catching menacing glimpse of the dirt and malevolent forces that toss about under the outward appearance).

    The script - the last one wrote by the excellent Raelle Tucker - was incredibly deep and profound and it painfully shows how a normal life could be useless and pointless if you are not with the one you love the most, and Sam and Dean not getting along and being forced by the wish-verse to live different, separate lives was a sad anticipation of their division in "All Hell Breaks Loose". Seeing them reunite in the end was not only touching but also meaningful in terms of the overarching storyline: Dean has Sam's back, and we know this from a long time, but Sam has got Dean's back too and the two of them coming together is really powerful. Plus, the script raises an interesting moral question: what would you do if you can choose between the easy path and the hard one? Supernatural has always been a lay show, and this episode is a secular adaptation of a classical Biblical image, and the Djinn - at least in my opinion - is even a more effective gimmick to pose this question, because his mythical existence is basically a twisted version of what each and everyone of us had hoped for at least once in our lives: a genie able to answer our questions and fulfill our desires. In the end, I must say that Jensen Ackles delivered an outstanding performance throughout the whole episode, and particularly during the grave monologue (a mirror of another monologue Dean will pronounce in front of another dead, in "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2").
  • Dean wakes up to find that his mother was never killed.

    People have written reviews or trivia that they think the the episode doesn't make sense, because Sam and Dean weren't close. Which is completely untrue. Dean wished that Mary was never killed. If that happened, the brothers' entire life would have changed. The wish wasn't that his parents were alive and the family lived happily ever after. The only wish was Mary never died. If that happened, then there would have been no hunting. The brothers bonded BECAUSE they hunted. Without hunting, Sam goes to school, meets Jess and the two of them live happily ever after. And Dean stays in Lawrence.
  • Alternate reality.

    Right when Dean was placed into a reality that had him living a normal life without hunting, you already knew the outcome. The Jinn obviously did something or is tricking him into granting his wishes. Dean was going to of course choose the life of hunting for the better good of man kind. And you know what? By episodes end that's exactly what happened. The case isn't all that exciting nor original compared to other alternate reality episodes. Though it is the journey that really makes this such a great episode. How everything was structured, how excellent Sam's acting as an ignorant alternate reality character is. Basically the atmosphere was just extraordinarily done. And at the same time Dean played out his role extremely well, playing along with the new universe yet still being cautious. And the two worlds really presented a nice dilemma; it wasn't just a one dimensional choice, it was a multi layered decision that really had you thinking. One of the best alternate reality episodes period.
  • The Djinn.

    In this episode Dean is alone down an ally and gets captured. Then we are in another world in which Dean has a girlfriend, a apartment and a normal job. It also turns out that Mary is alive and so is Jess.

    Sam and Jess arrive home for Mary's birthday and they reveal that they are engaged.

    Also a funny part is watching Dean try and mow the lawn.

    In this paralell universe where dead people are alive and Dean's life seems normal apart form the fact that Sam and Dean apparently don't like each other is that Dean keeps seeing what appears to be a ghost around town. He can't remember that he hunts ghosts so doesn't know what to do. Slowly everything comes back, well the hunting part does and he takes Sam with him to see the Djinn. Dean figures out that even though this would have been a great life that it isn't real. He apologizes to Sammy and then stabs himself. We then go back to the real world and Dean in hooked up to a needle where it is draining his blood and Sam is there. Also the 'ghost' that Dean kept seeing in his other life is there too, in the same position as Dean.
  • Djin

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 20 What is and What Should Never Be
    Sam and Dean follow the lead of a djin, who transports Dean to a reality where his mother is alive, his father was a baseball player, Sam and Dean were never hunters... and a misterious woman may hold the key to everything.

    This episode was awesome. Was so amazing. So great. The plotline was amazingly brilliant! Dean discovers that if his mother would still be alive, he and Sam would never had been hunters and all the people they saved would be dead. This makes him preffer his old hunter life than his new "perfect" life.
  • An interesting episode that's just as emotional as it is intense.

    This episode was all Dean. In a majority of episodes, Dean seems to be laying on the humor pretty thick and using humor as a defense mechanism. But in this one, seeing him as he realizes that maybe he's not meant to be happy but instead is meant to destroy evil and keep protecting others was amazing.

    The djinn was an interesting choice for a villain, since he never really attacks or goes after the brothers. Instead, he uses illusions and false images in order to trick them and they end up just dying out in the meantime. Everything that was happening in Dean's dream world seemed a little off, and it was interesting to see how even in a dream, things still weren't completely happy. His dad was still dead, and things were still not good between him and Sam. That's probably what helped him make the ultimate decision to stab himself.

    It was really good to see Mary and Jessica back, even if it wasn't real. Seeing what life would've been like was cool, but obviously would've been worse for Dean. Hunting is his one purpose in life, and not doing it would make him less happy.

    This was a great lead-up to the finale and was a good way to view things in a different perspective.
  • Dean gets trapped by a djinn, and we get an answer to the SN question, "What if Mary Winchester never died?" And the answer is quite different.

    Although the episode is fantastic, it was the last few minutes that made the episode for me. From when the "family" crowded around Dean, and the pain and anguish on his face when he went to break himself from the djinn's dream to the end and the conversation between the brothers in the hotel room. That last part, where Dean has his moment (and didn't cross into emo-chick, so well done Jensen) was flawless. The acting (both Jensen and Jared) and the subtle music made that ending perfect. This is definitely a highlight- not just of the season, but of the series.
  • We get to see Dean's true hopes and desires that may never really be fulfilled.

    This episode is great simply because we get to see Dean's inner hopes and dreams without all the bravado. He wants a family, wants normalcy, and wants to love and be loved. It's very simple. Unlike many other people he's simply happy to see his mom and have a sandwich with her.

    Dean never asks for anything, even in this reality he only asks for the basic things. He doesn't care about success, money, or fame. He just wants a chance at life.

    Sam and Dean are not close in this reality and I think that this was/is a glimpse into how the brothers will be in the future. It could be foreshadowing. They weren't close when Sam went off to school and I think they probably won't be close in future episodes. I love how Dean is so...'Dean' in this episode. He sits on the front porch, has a beer, enjoying just being 'home'. He's thrilled to see his brother happy. And even in his dream state Dean is being completely selfless and thinking of others. He worries about the victims he had once saved but were now dead in the alternate reality. He puts aside his own happiness yet again.

    I also enjoyed this episode for another reason. Carmen. Though she wasn't real and we barely saw her, I found her character engaging. Actually, of the series, I find Carmen is the one girl (or type of girl) that I think I want to see Dean with if he ever gets to settle with one person. They also had chemistry. Many of the love interests in the show seemed to fit the fun/flirtatious angle more and seemed more like one-night-stands that the writers were trying to force into a relationship with Dean. It was good to see Dean with someone who he seemed to like and could really care for outside of the bedroom.
  • A heart breaking story of what Dean's life could have been. This episode shows how much Dean has lost, and how much he sacrifices to hunt demons and save people.

    A heart breaking story of what Dean's life could have been. In this episode, Dean is sent to an alternate reality where the yellow-eyed demon didn't target his family, and his mother never died. Dean's new life is almost too good to be true, with the only problem being that him and Sam barely speak to each other. Dean soon realises that all the people that he, and his family have saved over the years are all dead, and that he must go back to reality. Dean sacrifices everything he could have had, to save all those people, and to get back to his brother. Definitely one of my favourite episodes, it is exactly why I watch the show.
  • A Dean episode.

    Dean is sent to an alternate future cause of the Jinn. I really liked this episode, cause you can never expect the ending. Well you did know something bad was going to happen. But the Jinn making you think you have got your wish is pretty cold. Anyways, Dean figures that out by seeing the Girl In White, and she luckily is save in the end. I am surprised they got all the same actresses to play Jess & Dean's mom. Glad they didn't use other actors. Dean luckily chooses his real life by stabbing himself which is painful to watch. That must of been hard for him. A great episode.
  • Supernatural at its best …

    I've watched this episode twice yesterday … and about a hundred times before, and I still couldn't find the words to describe it, because no matter what I say I can never do it justice!

    So I'm simply not going to say anything, the episode speaks for itself. The writing, the characterization, the cinematography, the plot, the guest stars … and most of all, the "Ackting" … as in Jensen Ackles' performance, this guy is … I don't know what to say, the guy's a genius! The amount of emotions he can convey without saying a single word, phenomenal!

    What is and What Should Never Be is, without a doubt, the perfect SPN episode. For me, they're still to top this one, but I don't think they ever can, the emotional and ethical turmoil is too complex, yet too subtle … it's just perfect.
  • This was one of the best episodes ever!

    This is one of my favorite episodes, along with like twenty others but still. In this episode Dean deals with a Dijin, who is a genie and sends Dean to an alternate reality that everything is perfect in: Sam is going to marry Jess, Dean has a girlfriend, their mom is alive. Everything seems great until Dean finds out that Sam and himself don't even talk to each other anymore. He also sees a girl appearing everywhere then he figures out that she's trapped by the Dijin also. Dean decides to go after the Dijin in Illinois and Sam wants to go too. Whenever they are there Dean thinks that killing himself will set him free. When he does he wakes up and sees Sam who saves him. Then the Dijin goes after Sam, but Dean kills the Dijin, and they save the girl that Dean saw everywhere. This was a really good episode!
  • This was an amazing episode!

    This is one of my favorite episodes, along with like twenty others but still. In this episode Dean deals with a Dijin, who is a genie and sends Dean to an alternate reality that everything is perfect in: Sam is going to marry Jess, Dean has a girlfriend, their mom is alive. Everything seems great until Dean finds out that Sam and himself don't even talk to each other anymore. He also sees a girl appearing everywhere then he figures out that she's trapped by the Dijin also. Dean decides to go after the Dijin in Illinois and Sam wants to go too. Whenever they are there Dean thinks that killing himself will set him free. When he does he wakes up and sees Sam who saves him. Then the Dijin goes after Sam, but Dean kills the Dijin, and they save the girl that Dean saw everywhere. This was a really good episode!
  • There are a few holes in the plot of this episode and it really, really doesn't matter. (Serious spoilers in this review, btw.)

    Both the episode and commentary make it clear that the wishverse created when Dean encounters the Djinn is not supposed to be a perfect universe, but simply a place where his mother didn't die. But if that's the case - which works with realizing that all the people he saved while hunting are now dead, and he and Sam don't get along, etc - then why did Carmen randomly decide not to become a model and instead train as a nurse and start dating Dean? That scenario fits more with the "perfect universe" situation. And when he's threatening to wake up, why do all his wishverse companions suddenly know to try to convince him? That infers a lot more control on the Djinn's part.

    But hey. It's not exactly a science. And there are also a lot of fantastic little details in this episode. Dean's necklace becomes possibly a St. Christopher medallion. His ring is missing entirely (does this suggest where it may have come from? Will we ever find out?) There is an echo of Sam and Dean's first encounter from the pilot episode. Things are bright and beautiful and slightly off and creepy. Much is revealed about Dean's real innermost motivations.

    I try not to rave too much about actors abilities, because what the hell do I know about acting? But Jensen Ackles was some kind of wonderful in this episode. I mean seriously beyond any expectations. What an incredible job.

    The fudged details about the wishverse simply do not matter when it's part of such a fun, revealing, and heartbreaking story. This is the only episode of anything I've given a 10/10. Absolutely first-rate.
  • We finally get a glimpse of what is going on behind the walls Dean has put up.

    This is absolutely my favorite episode from the entire show. We find out what Dean really thinks about his life and how it could be different. Dean working in the yard. He is yearning for some rest and who can blame him. I think if I was him I would want to stay in that dream. And again we see that beautiful love between two brothers, the way Dean prefers to live a crappy life next to his brother's side then to live a perfect one away from Sammy. The scene were Dean is visiting his father's grave is heartbreaking, he really deserves to be happy but his altruism is stronger and he chooses to save people. Just a beautiful example of what Supernatural is all about.
  • Dean enters an alternate reality to see how things might have been if their mom hadn't been killed by the demon.

    What a brilliant episode. The one is an example of why I love this show so much. Shows like Law and Order and CSI, and even House are the same things every week where the characters simply figure out a case and get evidence, maybe once in a while with a small twist to the storyline, but each episode plot is basically the same. But no, not Supernatural. Sure, they hunt demons every week, and an occasional episode is only about the case, but not What is and What Should Never Be. This episode was unlike anything else, answering the frequently asked 'what if' question. Filled with brilliant acting (especially Padalecki when he discovers the blood in Dean's car), an emotional storyline, and an unexpected ending, this episode is a perfect 10.0!!!
  • Dean tracks a Djinn, who grants him a wish. Propelled into a world where his mother never died, and he never had to go and fight evil, Dean tries to find his footing.


    This episode breaks your heart. You get to see, firsthand, the kind of life Sam and Dean would have had if their mother hadn't been killed when they were kids. Dean has a great girlfriend, Sam is going to law school and is set to marry Jessica and their mother is alive.

    Jensen Ackles is beyond brilliant here. Not only does he play the bravado of Dean so well in the beginning of the episode, he also plays the Dean we rarely see; the Dean who loved his mother and yearns for her comfort, the Dean who would like to have a family of his own, the Dean who never got to mow a lawn growing up but who relishes the normalcy of it. He breaks your heart in this episode, and if you can watch the scene of him talking to his father's grave without tearing up, you simply don't have a soul.

    The show in first season focused on Sam and how he gave up a life he had carved out for himself at college. This episode shows that Dean yearns for something similar, although he rarely admits it to anyone. From the moment Dean wakes up in a strange room with a beautiful woman in his bed, he is confused and thrown for an emotional loop. The scenes with Dean and his mom just make you want to cry, both in the beginning when he first sees her and in the end when he is tempted to stay. Seeing what the Winchester life would be like without the tragedy of the mother dying when they were young is completely absorbing.

    All season Dean has been getting weary of the job and of life. This episode shows just how much he has missed out on in his life due to the nursery fire when he was 4. The Djinn giving Dean this illusion doesn't break Dean's will, but it makes his decision in the final episode of season 2 make more sense. By the end of this episode he just looks so exhausted – like he just can't do anymore.

    Dean is my favorite Winchester, so I am predisposed to like episodes that are Dean-centric. Even with that caveat, this is one of the best episodes they have written to date, and by far my favorite.
  • This episode is clearly about Dean wanting an alternate life and a genie tries to help him get that but at the expense of his own life.

    I found that this episode was actually really well done on the perspective of Dean. Once I started watching it, I couldn't tear myself away from it even when the commercials started up. I thought the acting was great. The emotions were definently well played and I felt Jensen Ackles bring a connection into it. Although at the end I was shocked at how bad Dean looked because of what the Djinn did to him. It looked painful when Sam took the needle out of his neck. OUCH! Awesomely done episode and well acted! Great job Jensen Ackles! You did excellent!
  • This about when Dean was fighting a Djinn, he wakes up in an alternative reality of normal life where he most desired wish was for his Mom never dieing.

    What is and What Should Never Be was one of the best episodes in season 2. It shows how Dean would be if his Mom never died and his father never becoming a hunter. Dean clearly loved his Mom and wished he had a normal childhood. The look on his face when he sees his Mom's picture with him as an adult was priceless. Driving right to the house and hugging Mary was very touching. Dean also learned that John died of natural causes and that there wasn't any evil around them. We learn that it is Mary's birthday and that is why Sam and Jessica are back in Kansas to celebrate her birthday in a nice restaurant. While Dean, Carmen, Sam, Jessica, and Mary are having dinner, Sam announces that he and Jessica are going to get married. This shows how Dean wants Sam to have a normal life and not have all this pain and lose. After dinner Dean sees the ghostly woman there, it is like the reality is trying to show though the illusion. Dean knows something is not right and he goes to John's grave to sort out his feelings. Dean wonders why he has to sacrifice his new found happiness to be a hero but decides to find the Djinn anyway. At Mary's house Sam sees Dean stealing and Dean says he owes money to a bookie and has to go. Sam goes into the car with Dean and when Dean asks why Sam is coming along Sam says "You are still my brother." They find the Djinn's lair and Dean finally starts to see the truth that he is probably tied up as well. It was moving how Dean wanted to stay in the alternate reality, but knew he had to leave. Stabbing himself with the knife to wake him up was a bold move and not that many people can do that. At the end of the episode when Dean and Sam are talking about the alternate reality and Dean says "...all I can think about is how much this job has cost us. We've lost so much; we've sacrificed so much..." Sam makes a good point to Dean, "But people are alive because of you. It's worth it, Dean. It is. It's not fair, and y'know it hurts like hell, but it's worth it." In all, this was a great example of another side of Dean. :)
  • Acid trips and blood suckers - Dean has apparently jumped into the pages of the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. That, or Robin Williams is angry at him for not enjoying any of his movies since Aladdin.

    I was absolutely blown away by this episode. Incredible. It's especially incredible considering that I went into it knowing it was an alternate reality episode, and generally hate such episodes on the principle of the matter. I liked Farscape's "Won't Get Fooled Again," but primarily because of the sick acid-trip on which it took the viewer. I have two overall problems with alternate reality episodes. The first is that the reversion back to the normal reality renders everything null and void – the waking-up-from-a-dream cliché and plotlines like it are cop-outs to my mind; the writers want to have some fun with the series, but don't have the cajones to go for the gold. The second is that the purpose of such an episode is invariably so as to expound upon some hidden desire or to make some profound statement – in the case of "What Is and What Should Never Be," this is of course Dean coming to terms with the "injustice" of his sacrifices. The problem with this is comparable to the problem Supernatural has with it's girl a week plan – there's usually little or no connectivity between the issue in the alternate universe and in the real universe. Don't even get me started on such episodes when the characters can't even remember what has happened...

    The whole point of this, though, is that Supernatural's take on the alternate reality concept was so good that it forced me to overcome such preconceived notions and name it one of my favorite episodes from the second season. This is primarily due to the performance put in by Jensen Ackles – the subtle touches like twitching away from Mary's touch when he first sees her, or the various expressions that passed across his face (especially in the following scene) were spot on. Then again, I'm sure my enjoyment of "What Is and What Should Never Be" also had something to do with the delicious creeptastitude of the random bodies hanging in the closet. In that way, the episode took the same line as Farscape in its treatment of the alternate reality, and just as it worked for the latter, it worked for Supernatural.

    As for the moral dilemma Dean apparently faces in this episode, there's no question in my mind. You can't just let the maya – the curtain of illusion – fall over the world and stay there. There's no truth to the statement that "ignorance is bliss." I'm not trying to say that I have a perfect world viewpoint, far from it, but I am trying - there has to be a way to break free of anything that binds you, any lie that ties you (I'm hoping I've accounted for all the literal and figurative meanings there referring back to Dean's plight, and intend them all.)

    In the novel "Sophie's World," an introduction into philosophy, the author makes the comparison of the world as a rabbit and humans as little organisms burrowed into the fur, close to the flesh. From time to time, we're inexplicably drawn to the tips of the fur, but most people, when confronted with a view of such Infinity, fall – or rush, of their own volition – back down to the flesh, while those who become philosophers stay at the tip and try to make sense of what they see. (I would add that none are able to get completely to the tip, as I have yet to find a philosophy that is completely separate from the philosopher's personal life.)

    I think that's an apt metaphor. I personally have experienced such a feeling, and I think it's something universal – you happen to start thinking about the possibility of eternity, or infinity, or the universe expanding without end, the multiverses piling on each other without end – and then you freak out and busy yourself with some other type of thought. The moment has to come when we step up to the edge and, though fearing the look of Infinity, remain there, poised…and gather the courage to fall into the abyss so we can find the bottom.

    (And to completely ruin any false beliefs I may have just instilled in your heads that I can be even vaguely intelligent and philosophical, let's all rejoice for a minute in the White Clothing Article of Doom™ in this episode! Yay!)
  • A very especial episode in Supernatural! A fantastic tribute for all the fans.

    As a episode has a great story and a lot of potential! It is so a special episode that there is no chance that you can not like it!

    After all, there is a great familiar theme in the episode. It was great see Jessica and their mother right there. I think that the message that wants to transmit is what happens if they don't go together, that they need to be together if they don't want nothing bad to happen. Besides, the episode has the boys as "civilians" as Dean says! It is great know how their lifes would have been is nothing would have happen. When we saw the victims it was so touching! Dean was so a great person, he prefered to stay strong and change the world again for all these people.

    The camera was so strange. It had great filming in some scenes and a bad filming in others, anyway, it was like 75% good filmed so it is great. The photography was very notable in the episode and good aswell. Some remarkable scenes were the one that we see the scene since the reflection of the photo's glass, or the first time we see Jess suddenly when we are expecting see Sam. I know it is nothing about the camera and the filming, but I think that the idea of show real photos in the house was amazing, if you see one the photos is a photo of Sam when he was little with his actual parents in Supernatural. Others simply would have no shown it! And this episode has another weird and original fact! The time of the story. Two examples: The beginning of the story is the same that the final, except that in one is just Dean in the other there are Dean and Sam. Besides, the scene in the house when Sam is woken up and then goes to catch Dean, is the same exact scene in the pilot! Because, tecnicaly, it is the first time the go hunting in that reality!

    So, it is a great episode and a great story so it is a 9.5 episode!
  • Dean is attacked by a Djinn and winds up in a alternate reality.

    While fighting a Djinn Dean is attacked and put into a deep sleep. In his "real" dream, it is a alternate reality how Sam and his life would have been if the demon didnt exist. Dean likes this reality: Their mom is alive, he has a girlfriend and Sam is married. Soon he realizes he cant live like this. He figures the only way to wake up is to kill himself. While his "family" pleads for him not to, he stabs himself with a silver knife, and he wakes up ok. Sam and him kill the Djinn. Pretty good episode overall, but I dont see why its so many peoples favorites.
  • Dean gets attacked by a djinn, and finds himself in an alternate reality based on the wish that his mom had never died.

    I would definitely say that it isn't a stretch to declare this my favorite Supernatural episode ever. Every single moment of this episode was truly memorable in the best way. It had all the qualities that make Supernatural what it is...humor, sadness, awesome badass spirit effects. It was great. This truly showed how good of a person Dean is...yeah, he's kind of wild and crazy sometimes, sort of a manwhore, but he is truly dedicated to the job. It's like Sam said at the end, "not many people would've had the strength." I think the reason I liked this episode so much was that it was realistic...I mean, yeah, djinn aren't real and stuff, but this could be used as a metaphor for anyone whose job it is to save lives. Doctors, firefighters, police officers...I'm sure just once they wish they could have a non-hectic, normal life. But they give of themselves unselfishly, because they know they have to. This episode was special, and I loved it. Can't wait to watch the last two. =]
  • What an amazing episode! What is and What Should Never be is now, along with IMTOD, my fave ep ever!

    It is so beautifully acted and well put together with a truly evil, creepy villain.

    Jensen Ackles performance was perfect. He totally put himself on the line with a subtle, vulnerable performance that was heartwrenchingly honest.

    Dean has been weighed down with the worry and uncertainty of Sams destiny, desperate to save him from the YED. Not to mention the loss of his father and the continuing burden of his and Sams hunter lifestyle.

    So the intensity of the world that the Djinn creates out of Deans subconscious needs is not surprising. The fact that most of this episode plays out in his head and is the struggle between his deepest wishes and his more logical hunter persona makes it a very emotional ride.

    He eventually embraces this alternate reality and the reunion with his mother is so moving. It is wonderful to see the happiness Dean gets from just being with the person he has missed most in his life. And his enthusiasm for the normal things in life is fun to watch. Loved the lawnmowing scene, very funny and sweet.

    Ironically the deep bond he shares with Sam in the real world is absent in his wish world. The scenes with Sam were heartbreaking, but Dean wanted to believe in this wish world so much that he tried to convince himself that he could fix things between them.
    And when 'wish' Sam decided to help Dean it showed a lot about Deans faith in his brother.

    And I totally get Carmen. She is Deans ideal girl, her image came from the magazine, but her passion and understanding are exactly what Dean wants. And she is a nurse! And Dean definitely could use some TLC and healing.

    Deep down though I think Dean knew it was too good to be true, even though he wanted it so much, his subconscious was still fighting to escape the spell of the Djinn.

    The girls spirit, the TV news, the information he gathered about all the people who died when he, Sam and John weren’t there to save them, the meeting with the professor to discuss the Djinns powers were all part of his subconscious, fighting for him to realize that he had to get back to reality.

    The graveyard scene where he turns to John for answers and makes the realization that his responsibility and duty as a hunter and the lives of all the people they have saved overrides his need for a normal life is so powerful.

    Deans strength, physical and mental, gets him back to the warehouse. There he finally realizes the truth, that even though he is living his dream of a safe, happy life with his family, in reality the world goes on and Sam is in even more danger without him there to protect him.

    The final scene with his Mum, Jess, Carmen and Sam was so amazing and moving. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. The emotion was so overwhelming. Even though the choice was inevitable it was so hard for Dean to leave behind everything that he yearned for and wanted and needed so deeply.

    I loved the intensity and complexity of this episode.

    I believe that when the YED chose Sam all those years ago, God chose Dean to counteract that evil and protect Sam from evil. And that it is Deans destiny to be a hunter/protector/ warrior against evil. And that this purpose, duty and self-sacrificing nature, along with his love for Sam is one of the things that gave him the strength to finally escape the Djinn.

    With tears still running down my cheeks I watched the preview of next weeks beginning of the two part finale. I don’t know how I am going to stand the suspense waiting for the next two weeks. But I am definitely going to rewatch WIAWSNB several times before then, I just need to get more tissues!
  • Excellent-and I thought Folsom Prison blues gave us an insight into the characters psyche.

    Presented brilliantly through the horror of the quite literal term of skeletons in the closet, to the comedy styling of Dean as a civilian, all over to the mystery of that woman in white(not that woman in white from the pilot episode). Definitely a standout episode of the series, and a nice separation from the story lines of past episodes. If this is really what happens if the demon didn't come to their house in Kansas, then I am very confused as to whether or not their lives would be better or worse. It really makes you question your morals as to whether the Dijinn(or jinn)is good or evil. Makes you think doesn't it. Makes you think.....
    Till next time-See ya.
  • Dean gets attacked by Djinn who gives him what he wishes for. As we all know that can be dangerous. This episode sees dean trying to be the prdigal son to no avail.

    Please note that this review has nothning to do with Jensen or Jareds acting it was my opinion on the storyline

    Although this episode was cleverly written, Jensen and Jared acted fantastically. Unfortunatly for me this has to be the worst episode.All the other episodes have been great, but not even Deans behaviour could not make me crack a smile.

    I think that the episode was portrayed wrong as it did not work for me as I think the dad should have been brought back as well. Dean was always doing credit card fraud etc but if he didnt lead that lifestyle then he would have no need to. I find it hard to believe that he would behave like that. I also think that the brothers would get on regardless of hunting or not. I feel that they wouldnt be as close without hunting as their job makes them bond more. Dean has always thought highly of his brother and would not treat him that Also Dean with a nurse that would never happen.
  • This show has no bad episodes...

    in this season. When I heard of the plot of this episode I thought it was going to be a flop but I was proved wrong when the opening scene was delivered, I loved the Djinn's blue eyes - very colourful. Dean is attacked by a Djinn... and finds himself in a new reality where his mother is still alive and a mysterious woman holds the key to everything. The references to the Pilot episode like Dean sitting in the car were very nice to see and seeing Dean's fantasy was very entertaining. The lawnmowing scene was too good for words and seeing Jess again was surprising! I also liked the fact everything Dean, Sam and John have done has been reversed as seen on Dean's TV. At the end when Dean realises it isnt real and stabs himself was my favourite part and I really wanted to see Sam's fantasy though! Overall, this topped last week's episode.
  • Dean gets drunk... Wait, he wasn't drunk? That's just more confusing!

    This episode is terrific, and really shows the sacrifices the Winchesters have put up with from losing their parents, girlfriend and education to being fugitives and being forced to continue hunting for the greater good.

    Dean's decision was plotted very well, since the only reason he snapped out of it was to honour his father and continue saving lives. The differences made by one incident never happening are very well put in aswell, such as John not freaking out and having a normal life with baseball and dying of natural causes, and Sam not being a target of demons.

    Overall, this episode is a great one, leading up to what looks like an awesome finale.
  • Dean mowing the lawn cracked me up! (I'm still laughing now!)

    Wow. This is such a great episode I don't know what to say!
    It's nice to have an episode that revolves around Dean for once. Normally it's Sammy that is the main character. ('Born under a bad sign', 'Simon Said', 'Croatoan' and 'All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1'.) I must say, this episode was quite funny. I absolutely cracked up when Dean attempted to mow the lawn! The mower did't even have any blades! Sammy also was quite funny, he was such a geek and a 'wussy'. I love this episode so much that I decided to watch it twice in a row! It's just legendary. (I'm still laughing about the mower!) I think Jensen Ackles should get an award for his work in this episode, he was just amazing!
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