Season 8 Episode 2

What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2012 on The CW

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  • Supernatural continues to impress

    Any of you Doctor Who fans? I certainly am. It's a show that's been on for 49 years, which such a massive mythology and history to be referenced to and used to write new episodes in 2012. Recent years have seen it do just that; tap into the established mythology and use it to tell new stories, while developing old ideas to make new ones. The reason I bring up DW is I feel a show is at its best when it realizes the weapons it has in its arsenal, and uses them to full effect. It seems that, finally, Supernatural is realizing the incredible mythology it has, and is using it to its full advantage.

    This was a very solid episode, once again tying together several plot points that will hopefully continue to develop as the season progresses. We had a very welcome return of Castiel, who for some unexplained but thankful reason is no longer a mini-hippy crazy person. We were told that he was being hunted in Purgatory by Leviathons, meaning that the producers haven't entirely forgotten about them. Let me be frank. I'd love to see them again if done properly. One of my biggest problems with season 7 was the massive wasted potential of these monsters, who are quite fascinating. We also saw the brilliant Crowley once again, which also opened up an entire new class of demon. So far, they have deliberately avoided giving him black eyes, or white for that matter. This time, we finally saw him demon out proper, and his eyes are an exceedingly cool red. Plus... red smoke? Even uber-demons Lillith and Azazel didn't have different smoke! Sure, it can throw up quite a few questions about established demon mythology, but it looked so fricking cool I'm going to put it down to him being the King of Hell and move on. Finally, we had a nice return of an Angel, keeping us up to date with the goings on of Heaven. Such a massive plot point of previous seasons, the fact that all Angels simply vanished in season 7 did grate a bit. Thankfully, it seems that this year we may be seeing a bit more of our winged friends.

    So, overall this episode seemed like a massive celebration of the past 7 years, taking elements from the show's history to create an entirely new story, which I loved! But what about this new story? How is it shaping up so far?

    In short... I'm enjoying it! Sure, the opening episodes of season 7 were a hell of a lot more action packed, but this is focusing on story... and it's intriguing. I literally have no idea where they are taking any of it. The Word of God, Kevin, Benny... and I'm loving this! I really, really hope they don't go off and have 6 or 7 stand alone episodes now. I know Supernatural is at its heart a Monster of the Week show, but can they please move on from that now? It's just so superior when it sticks to an overriding arc! Thankfully, this episode threw in many new plot points to point towards them doing this. What actually happened to Castiel? Have the boys just gained a very new and powerful weapon in the Hammer of Thor (and will Chris Hemsworth be turning up demanding it back for Avengers 2?) Just what are the motivations of Benny, and how does he fit into all of this?

    And, call it a hunch... how they going to bring back Bobby?