Season 4 Episode 21

When The Levee Breaks

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 2009 on The CW

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  • Sam seems to be the strong one physically, but Dean is the strong one mentally. The brother take different choice to save each other.

    It seems all the episodes lately make you think Dean is the weak one, but this episode clarified alot for me. Dean is the stronger of the brother, because he knows what it is like to lose yourself to evil. He did in hell, and he was just trying to get Sam not to repeat what he did. Sam's alliance with Ruby is disappointing at best. The Sam of the day would have seen her ruse, but Ruby has Sam exactly where she wants him. He believes everything she says, without hestitation. It would be ironic if the story of Lilth being the only one to break the last seal isn't true and it's actually Ruby. It said the oldest and we know nothing of Ruby except what she tells Sam. Dean knows what Ruby is and what she's capable of, but he has other things to think of now. The fact the angels seem untrustworthy is bothersome at best, but Castiel must have had a good reason to do what he did. It was heartbreaking to see Sam so coldly dismiss Dean. Dean was absolutely right when he asked Sam who was he getting revenge for in trying to kill Lilth because Dean was in front of him fine. Sam has gone to the darkside, but I know Dean will save him in the end. After all Dean is the protector of Sam. I just wish Sam would remember that.
  • Kind of predictable

    *************Spoiler Alert***************************

    When I first saw the previews for this episode, I figured that it would be intense which it was but I felt like something was missing from this episode. Some parts of this episode were slow while other parts were predictable. I felt that Genvieve Cortese's performance as Ruby was really flat while Jensen and Jared's acting was superb. Judging by what happened in this episode and the previews, it is starting to look like Sam has reached the point of no return. I was hoping that Dean would be able to pull him back from the dark side but I don't think that's going to happen. All season long the angels have not been all that trustworthy and that continued to be the case in this episode. I am just wondering what is the angels endgame? Many other questions have been raised throughout this season which should make next week's season finale a very interesting one.
  • Sam Winchester: Portrait of a Monster

    Well, it's finally happened. The you-know-what has officially hit the fan. And about time, too. They say the truth will set you free, and it usually does, but it also brings consequences. And oh Margaret, does it ever do so here! Sam's lies comes back to bite him in that oh-so-scrumptious rump of his as he fights to control his role in the apocalypse while pissing Dean off at the same time, ultimately resulting in a rather harsh ending to the ep. Absolutely superb stuff going on here.

    Picking up where we left off last ep, Sam is locked in Bobby's demon panic room in order to be "cleansed" of his demon blood addiction. This results in a manifestation of various characters (Alastair, Sam's younger self, Azazel, Mary, and even Dean) appearing to Sam in vast hallucinations that, by the end, yields a realization that it is a conversation Sam is having with his inner self. Or at least, it appears that way at first. For example, Sam's younger self appeared and practically berated him for his choices in his life. This was by far the clearest inner conflict. That is until Azazel takes form in Young Sam and it's realized that all these hallucinations were brought on by the evil forces, causing even more conflict on Sam's conscience. The most interesting of these was the Dean hallucination. It pretty much cements what has been feared for a long time now: Sam traveling down a dark road toward badness. He has officially been labeled a monster, and not just from the hallucinations, but from Dean himself at the end. It's clear now that whatever Sam's good intentions have been with all the lying and demon blood drinking to enhance his powers have all been for a darker purpose, whether Sam realizes it or not.

    Sam has indeed taken the dark path. His lies and conniving ways have brought him to a point that has not only labeled him badly but has also put a tremendous burden on himself and those closest to him. He should've listened to his younger self back in the panic room. Even in his adult self he's making bad choices, causing further strains. The biggest key to this ep for me was his fight with Dean at the end. When Dean formally pronounces Sam a monster, after Sam pleads with Dean to trust him for once. But what Sam obviously failed to realize is that trust goes both ways. He chose to lie to Dean and keep secrets from him instead of telling Dean flat out. Sam said he always trusted Dean because they were brothers, but there's more than that. Dean has really had no reason to lie to Sam about anything, regardless of the excuse of trying to protect him and all that. So, given that, Sam really had no right to ask for Dean's trust now. Not to be harsh, but that's basically how I see it. Of course, Sam was always the more protected child of the 2 so perhaps he felt he had no choice but to trust Dean, which is a conditioned thing. But now that free will prevails, times have changed. And all that Sam has done to himself over the course of the season has lead to this point, and deservedly so. Still, it doesn't make the sitch any less terrible. One thing Sam doesn't deserve was the remark from Dean about walking out the door and never coming back. Sorry, I felt a twinge of a Joyce/Buffy moment there, but this was a little more powerful. Could've been just one last desperate attempt to shake Sam down, but whether Dean really meant that or not I have yet to see next ep, but either way it will change the dynamic between them even more. How, exactly, is yet to be seen. On top of that, the actual physical fight between them was by far their worst yet, ending with Sam looking truly ready to strangle Dean to death. That alone was just frightening, so maybe Dean's threat to Sam walking out and never returning was heartfelt after all....(Ooohh, chills!) But what is truly sad is that even after all this Sam deeply believes what he's doing is for the greater good. So of course it breaks his heart to yearn for that trust only to have it rejected and humiliated with a label.

    Ruby, for all the good she does to help the bros despite being a demon, seems to have gained way more influence over Sam than Dean has. And despite her inherent goodness, this is just wrong. Because it means Sam has embraced his demonic roots strongly, much to Dean's dismay, hence Dean's gradual lack of trust in Sam. And Dean knows this which is why he is intent on killing Ruby even though he recently came to somewhat accept her as an ally. Still, she's always been kind of a threat to his relationship with Sam, so maybe Ruby can't be trusted herself after all. I was starting to get the vibe here that she seems to be playing for her own agenda, but that might just be paranoia on my part. Time will tell. Poor Dean just can't seem to get a break. He gets literally pulled out of Hell only to walk into all this. He finds out angels and God really do exist, shooting his atheism completely out the window; he learns later on that not only is he the starter of the apocalypse but will also be the one to end it; and now he has seemingly kicked Sam out of his life after calling him a monster - the one thing he deep down was always afraid of. And the latter of this happening right when the rest of the seals are rapidly being broken, the apocalypse getting brighter on the horizon. For what it's worth though, Dean genuinely showed regret and sadness for what he did to Sam in this ep. But that did not deter him from meaning those things. Aside from facts, Dean relies on gut instinct, which has almost always been right. But will it work whenever he tries to heal things between him and Sam? The 2 scenes with Castiel were great in the fact that they left us with a couple minor cliffhangers, which hopefully will be resolved in the finale next episode. First, the scene between him and Dean was interesting because Cas more or less made Dean officially become a warrior for the angel side. What Dean's true role will be in this is still up for question. Next, the scene between Cas and Anna was even more interesting because not only do we see Anna dragged off by 2 other angels for God knows what reason (no pun intended), but we are left with the burning question of why did Cas free Sam from the panic room - which is exactly what happened earlier. Does Cas have his own agenda too? Can't wait to find out.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - Nice little character continuity: Rufus calling Bobby. Even though we didn't get to see Rufus or even hear his voice, I hope we get that privilege in the future.

    Perfect 10 ep. Really brilliant stuff happening on the eve of the finale, which is next and I can't wait to see how the season ends after all this angst.
  • dean and bobby lock sam in the panic room to perform a full on demon detox, meanwhile seals are breaking everywhere. Sam and dean are on the edge with there relationship.

    Supernatural has pulled me in for so long and i fell in love with sam and dean's relationship.But this episode tore apart everything. I loved the beggining,sam locked in the panic room and halucinating and bobby and dean listening to his cry's for help. I loved the spin on sam's character in the end. This was one of my favourite episodes this season. It made me cry, scream and over all made me thirsty for more. Supernatural has delivered. Cant wait for the season finale. Hope it's as good as this episode. .. . .. . . Supernatural Rocks my socks off
  • Bobby and Dean lock up Sam in Bobby's panic room in order to detox him from his demon blood addiction.

    Well the levee has definitely broken. Whether or not it can be repaired is the big question. But after this episode the chances don't look good. I was all about a little Sam vs. Dean action but now that it is here...I'm so sad and heart broken for them. I know we have seen rifts between them in the past but the line has been drawn. There is just no going back from what happened between them! Bobby and Dean lock Sam up in Bobby's panic room in order to cleanse him from his demon blood addiction. Bobby becomes a little hesitant of their choice and wonders if they shouldn't let Sam go to help them with their fight against Lilith. He is concerned that the detox is killing Sam. Dean refused to let Sam go and says he would rather have Sam die human then let him out and have him turn into a monster. While detoxing Sam hallucinates seeing himself as a child, being tortured by Alistair and even hallucinates seeing Mary, who consoles and justifies his actions. Sam's hallucination with Mary really irked me. I know he needed redemption or rather confirmation for his actions but to hear Mary say those things about Dean just got under my skin! And Cass...WTF! I'm sure, or hoping rather, that he will come around because since his trip back to heaven his actions have become very ummm…dick like. We learn he is the one who sets Sam free from the panic room and he is also responsible for sending Anna back to heaven. You can see in his eyes he is struggling with his choices but he still continues to serve God no matter what the consequence. I'm still reeling that he let Sam out but more than that he betrayed Dean! And the ending...what more needs said! Sam chooses Ruby over Dean. He calls Dean weak and says he is the only one capable of taking down Lilith. The boys go at it and Sam ends up choking Dean. Dean, lying on the floor, tells Sam "if you walk out that door, don't ever come back". Sam walks out.
    We are in for one heck of a finale, and one heck of a long summer.
  • Dean and Bobby lock Sam up in the panic room in order to detoxify Sam of his demon blood addiction. Meanwhile, seals everywhere are breaking.

    Sam is locked up in Bobby's panic room. He begs Dean to let him out. Dean refuses and says that he needs to detox. He's tired of the lies. Sam says he needs the blood to fight Lilith and Dean tels him that he and Bobby will take her on.

    Throughout the first half, Sam has many hallucinations. In the first he is being tortured by Alastair. In the second, he's visited by his preteen self who tells himself that he screwed up the having a normal life plan. Sam tells his younger self it's who they are and to grow up. Younger Sam with yellow eyes. The third involves Sam and Dean's mom, Mary. She tells him that she's proud of him and that Dean's the weak one. In the last, Dean tells Sam he's nothing but a monster. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby can hear Sam's screams of pain and torture. Bobby wonders if this is the right thing to do. Dean is convinced it is while Bobby believes that detox will kill Sam and that they use Sam's abilities to their advantage. Dean and Bobby continue to argue about the correct course of action and find out from Rufus that seals are breaking everywhere. Bobby: Suck dirt and die Rufus. You call me again and I'll kill ya. Dean calls Cass and asks him what it was that he wanted to talk to him about earlier. Cass refuses and tells him that Sam could become powerful enough to kill Lilith, but it would change him forever. Dean is the chosen one and Cass gets Dean to swear obedience to Heaven and the Angels. Sam manages to escape and knocks Bobby out when he tries to stop him. Anna confronts Cass and asks him why he freed Sam. Cass says he's following orders and two more Angels appear and take Anna away.

    Ruby meets up with Sam at a hotel and he re-energizes himself on her blood. Ruby points out that his appetite has increased and it's a sign of his increasing power and he will be strong enough to defeat Lilith. There are a few seals left and the last can only be opened by Lucifer's first, Lilith. Ruby tells him she has a lead on Lilith through her "personal chef".

    Dean tracks them down and attacks Ruby. Sam stops him and orders Ruby to get out of there. He and Dean argue about who is strong enough to defeat Lilith. Dean says he is the chosen one and Sam insists he's the only one strong enough because of his demon powers. The brothers get into a huge fight and Sam almost chokes Dean to death. He stops short and tells Dean he never really knew him and never will. Dean tell Sam that if he walks out the door to never come back. Sam leaves a broken Dean in the hotel room.........

    Extremely tense and emotional episode which left me wanting more. Angst!!! What does the future hold for Sam and Dean? Who wlll defeat Lilith? tune in next week when Season 4 comes to an explosive end!
  • The Apocalypse is nigh. Bobby and Dean are arguing about whether they should let Sam out to help in the final battle or leave him on the sidelines out of harms way. In the end the decision is made for them.

    It seems that Sam and Dean have reached an impasse. Dean has been told and now has pledged himself to do what he must to stop the Apocalypse from occurring. Sam on the other hand seems to hold the power to stop the final seal from being broken and even the Angels agree he may be able to succeed. The only problem is will he be damned forever for doing the right thing? Even Dean agreeing to give himself over to stop the final seal from being broken did not keep Castiel from releasing Sam. As we found out his orders were from above. It looks like Dean won't be getting any help from Anna as she has been caught and recalled.

    Bobby has been the one constant in the Winchester boys lives and I have a bad feeling about the coming battle. I'm hoping I'm wrong. Also Ruby really seems to have a drive to help Sam defeat Lilith. I really have liked the character but there seems to be something ominous about all of that as well coming to an end.

    The hallucinations Sam was having were pretty wicked. Somehow I think the one with his Mom was real though.

    The exciting thing is we know we have another season to look forward too and there are going to be some answers to our questions and guesses to how the story will unfold this Thursday. Can't wait! Thanks for reading...
  • There are not many words that can describe an episode like this. You'll be on the edge of our seat and if you have been tracking our boys throughout the years this episode will not leave you unmoved.

    Though I want to review the entire episode it were it's last lines that stuck with me during the night. This break-up, if you can call it that, felt so definite that I see no quick fix for the boys. Thoug their end goal is the same, their motives are different.
    This episode was again an affirmation of what we have seen the past season. We see Sam strong and strong minded, while we see Dean, broken, tired and weak. If we go back to the pilot this is exact the opposite. Though Kripke has said that he wont do the body-swap (just yet) he has in fact already done it... The roles have turned completely, is it for the better? I don't know.
    We do see a shimmer of what Dean used to be, the fact that he gives his own life to Heaven to safe Sam from evil is something we have seen many times before. The most interesting part of the episode (apart from the ending) were the little conversations between Sam and ... well Sam.
    Though his hallucinations weren't correct, I can not bring myself to believe that their Mum, Mary, would be proud of Sam and disappointed in Dean. Why Kripke has brought down both parents from their pedestals, I have no idea.
    The conversation with little Sam (perfectly portrayed by Ford) was probably the most painful. He was so disappointed in his older self and couldn't help but ask Why? The little kid deserves some answers and Sam didn't fess up.

    In the end there were still so many questions left unanswered and I fear Kripke will leave them like that for our own imagination to fester over during the summer.
    Is Sam really after Lilith or is it a powertrip? Is Sam evil inside? Will Dean and Sam bundle their powers and defeat Lilith in the end? What did Castiel mean by Dean has to finish it because he started it if, acoording to the Angels and Ruby, Sam could do the job too?

    I know one thing if I ain't getting some sort of brotherly moment indicating that the brothers will reconsile, I'm going besirk over the summer, worse than last year.
  • The brothers choose their sides.

    This episode had it all for me; there was intense drama, intense action and it was also heartbreaking. If you watch the show, you had to know this was coming, but the way that it happened left me stunned.
    It started off with Sam, locked in Bobby's demon proof room with Dean and Bobby doing the demon blood intervention. Sam seemed to resent the comparisons between what was going on with him to a drug addict, but it was clear to everyone but him. Dean refused to hear his rationalizations, even when Bobby had doubts about what they were doing. After months of Dean fractured and broken it seems that now he is more like the way that he used to be; sure of himself and of what he was doing. As difficult as it was for him to listen to what Sam was going through, he had the conviction that what he was doing was the right thing. As powerful as Sam had become and as much of an asset as he would be in the battle against Lilith, Dean refused to let his brother's soul be sacrificed for the cause. Though he didn't entirely trust the angels he'd rather trust the new Cas than let the bond between Ruby and Sam grow stronger. Meanwhile, Sam was going through some very powerful and agonizing withdrawal symptoms. His hallucinations brought me to the edge of tears, especially when he saw Dean telling him that he was a monster and that he was nothing to him. When things really start to get desperate for Sam, he manages to escape with some help from an unexpected source. Dean immediately goes on the hunt for Sam, figuring out quite handily where Sam will be and who he'll be with.
    The final scene had me on the edge. It was so good, even though I hated seeing the brothers fight. What Sam had become, what Dean saw in him was terrifying. Even though Sam started off with a conciliatory tone, he still acted like the lines he crossed were invisible. It used to be Sam that had a clear idea of what was wrong and what was right, but his blood thirst and desire to end Lilith has clouded all of that. It was poignant to hear Dean uttering the words that their father had when Sam decided to walk away from his family. It made me wonder if the real reason that he didn't want Sam to leave was because he was afraid of what Sam might eventually become without John's guidance. Now Dean seemed afraid of the same thing. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padaleki need to get nominated for an Emmy for their performances. Excellent episode, excellent season, excellent show.
  • Holy Creppy! who's obstrucion the apocalippse? take it yourr bet!

    My god, I'm still think about this episode! that 's so amazing!

    First: Oh my! sam in the panic room really scare! he's allucinacios are so creppy, that's make me afraid! Don't get me wrong but the actress samantha smith so different that the last time that saw her in the eps home, that I think that change the actress, but she's really she!

    Second: Ruby, oh god , how much that a hate her!, but she 'll sonn die I hope!

    Third: the new deimond eating babies! arg!

    Four: Cas, I can't blame him, he must to be follwing orders or he'll banned by heaven. Five: dean X sam break my heart , I hate that them figth, but I hope the love them fellings for eatch other save bouths!

    kiss cau!
  • Kripke and company, you've done it again.

    Another spectacular episode of Supernatural that doesn't quite hit perfection because it was a little predictable, but overall it was one of the more amazing episodes of this season, and that's saying something, since this has probably been the show's best season so far with one more season to come.

    At the end of last week we saw BObby and Dean lock Sam in the Demon room to detox from the demon blood. THis episode starts there with Dean and Bobby upset about what they had to do because they believe it is the right thing. Only BObby has misgivings as more seals are broken, but Dean is dead set on not seeing his brother turn into a monster. Meanwhile Sam is hallucinating. THis episode was a great metaphor for drug addiction, and it works great.

    A couple twists happen in this episode, which leads to a few surprises, and soon Sam is out of the room with a little help from somebody I won't mention. THis all leads up to a finale that I figured was coming, but it was still great the way it was pulled off. It was a perfect lead in to the next and final episode of season four which is looking very good, since we're not even sure what the end game is going to be. Watch the episode, and you'll know why.

    As usual the main actors were at the top of their game. I still don't like the new Ruby too much, but I'm beginning to accept her, and hopefully she will get better. SHe has improved somewhat from the beginning of the season.

    THe pacing was well done. Everytime they broke for commercial I grew upset, but that's what the best episode's do, and WHen THe Levve Breaks, a clever title from and old Zeppelin tune, was a superb episode. It may have been a little predictable, but I enjoyed it anyway.
  • Brotherhood, shattered

    This was a moment a long time coming, and as one would expect, the writers take their time bringing it to fruition. After all, they've been hinting at it for more than two seasons. This is the episode where the Brothers Winchester come to blows as Sam takes one huge step towards the Dark Side. The result is one of the best episodes of the season (and most heart-wrenching, to say the least).

    I can't say that I'm particularly pleased with the way that the final swing happened. Sam's choice to drink Ruby's demon blood was initially his own, despite her urging and manipulations, so at least it was another example of his conscious choice to use something evil for something good. (At least, that was and is his stated intention. We all know how the saying goes.)

    This latest turn, making the demon blood like a drug and highly addictive, takes away some of that agency. Now Sam is "under the influence". Had he become a bit twisted with the rush of power, and had that power never truly waned, it would have been a logical extension of the corruption of power. Making it a physical need, complete with withdrawal symptoms, implies that Sam is no longer capable of mastering his desires.

    Of course, this does facilitate an eventual recovery, because if Sam is largely under the control of an external, altering substance, then there's always the possibility of a cure. Bobby may not have found it yet, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Had Sam's attainment of power been completely driven by self-awareness, it would be hard to argue that some future recovery was entirely successful.

    In terms of an eventual cure, the solution could be standing right in plain sight. After all, Dean was pulled out of Hell because he started this mess, and it was decided that he was the right one to finish it. But Castiel and others have often implied that Dean was also meant to handle Sam. The implication is clear, now that Castiel released Sam so he could get one final and damning power-up.

    Sam is meant to take down Lilith, as Lilith herself already mentioned, and he needs to be as close to the Antichrist Superstar as it gets when that happens, then as soon as Lilith is defeated and Lucifer's rise is halted, Sam becomes the most potent threat in the demonic horde. Because so far, as Ruby mentioned back in the early days of the third season, Lilith was Sam's main challenger for command.

    If one can apply logic to the situation, the angelic plan is fairly simple. They try to stop Lilith, but knowing that failure is a good possibility, they set the stage so Sam is compelled by events to gain more and more power to stop her himself. They let Dean get to the point where he has nowhere else to turn, and he accepts his role as their servant. Then they let Sam take down Lilith, ending the threat, and then undercut any possibility of someone quickly taking her place by giving Dean the means to take down Sam.

    This points to the easiest solution to the whole mess. The angels may give Dean the power to kill Sam, but it would be his choice to use it in that manner. The key is what Castiel made Dean swear: that he would obey God and his angels as fervently as he would his own father. Dean's expression just about said it all: recent experience has left him with little desire to honor his father. Castiel must have known that, under the circumstances, and that implies that Dean could use whatever he will be given to save Sam rather than kill him.

    That still wouldn't repair the damage done to their relationship in this episode. It would only serve the short-term goal of keeping Sam alive (which, logically, is going to happen). In the long term, there are a lot of issues that would need to be addressed. Knowing that the fifth season is already on the schedule is therefore something of a comfort.
  • It's been building up to this moment for 4 years but it's finally happened.

    I expected more action, not a psychological rollercoaster which leads to a very final break between the boys. I don't see how they can ever come back from this. Sam has done and said far too much for Dean to forgive and forget, even if somehow Sam gets back to being Sam and not this twisted creature he has become. The entire season has been building up to the rift and now it has happened. Not with Sam being pure evil, but with him actually still believing he's working for good, despite the glaring evidence to the contrary. The split comes not from evil and hate but irreconcilable differences, still loving each other but unable to co-exist.

    Sam is still in denial about what's happening to him, refusing to acknowledge his own withdrawal symptoms and even hallucinations. He sees Mary who tells him everything he wants to hear and he listens, despite the fact he knows the room is ghost-and-demon-proof therefore she's a hallucination. A visit from 'Dean' is the last straw. This is what Sam believes Dean would say and feels, even Sam's deepest fears. 'Dean' calls him a monster, it's what makes Sam snap later when the real Dean says it too. Since all of this is inside Sam's head it is really him who is calling himself a monster. It is heartbreaking when 'Dean' says that Sam is nothing to him and Sam is so deeply hurt by that, deep down he knows that this path will drive Dean away, even make Dean his enemy. One of the highlights (and there are many!) is Alistair torturing Sam. Not only is the actor awesome but gives Sam a glimpse into Dean's visit to Hell. Jared's reactions tell you everything without seeing a drop of blood!

    Dean is obviously in agony, listening to Sam's screams and knowing that he is deliberately causing his brother such pain. Bobby plays devil's advocate and tells Dean flat that he's killing Sam. Bobby's love for the boys is no secret and shows itself here again. I loved when Dean realized he'd just found the line he wouldn't cross – he'd rather let Sam die than turn into a monster. When Sam escapes, Bobby's mistake is not filling the shotgun with rock salt – it would put him down without hurting him (well, much – Sam shot Dean with it, It's only fair!) and Sam is weak as a kitten.

    Castiel is obviously deeply tormented, being given disturbing orders – release Sam (so subtly but shockingly done, just Cas quietly standing in the background!) and capture Anna (let's hope her disappearance is permanent!). The suspicion of last week proves correct - Cas was severly disciplined and is on such a tight leash that he cannot even confide in Dean, or tell him the big secret he's hiding. The Cas we know and love is back, his icy behavior toward Dean last week was a show for his 'audience'. Cas confirms that to kill Lilith, Sam would have to ingest obscene amounts of demon blood, enough to turn him into a demon. Cas still insists they believe Dean is the One. Which brings us back to Zachariah's mysterious comment to Dean: "Everything you're *destined* to do." I thought he was hinting at something much bigger at the time, this could be it: Cas actually makes Dean swear an oath of loyalty – tons of subtext - I'm guessing when Cas shows up again, it's not going to just be to ask for Dean's help, it's going to be really serious – possession, powers, who knows? Could Dean become an angel, powers and all? Because that would be really cool! Angel (Dean) vs demon (Sam). Dean's certainly earned it.

    Dean's questions to Castiel actually reminded me of Jimmy's to same – will doing this save my family? Cas did side-step the question this time but essentially Dean just 'sold his soul' again, this time to the angels. Not that there's any choice, we just have to hope they're the good guys. What's worrying is the angels are acting dodgy, as Dean points out, and given what we know about Uriel etc, and Cas' bizarre orders, who knows what's really going on? Even Cas is worried! Cas is following orders again but it's eating him alive, filling him with doubt about whether his orders are righteous (even he can't use his old argument about orders from heaven automatically being righteous anymore) and I have no doubt that his 'disciplinary hearing' upstairs just made his doubts worse. It's hard not to feel like things are falling apart.

    The most likely explanation for releasing Sam is that the angels are hedging their bets – they believe Dean is the Chosen One, but in case they're wrong and Sam really can stop Lilith, let him have a crack at her. If Sam dies in the attempt, back to Dean. If Sam succeeds, get Dean to kill Sam. If they both fail, then it's all over anyway.

    Ruby suddenly shows up when Sam calls, how convenient. No-one can convince me that she's not stringing him along and that her absence wasn't completely deliberate. I don't trust a word out of that demon's mouth and her story about how Lilith has to break the final seal is garbage! Read between the lines of what she said, about a human being turned into a demon, 'Lucifer's first' – wouldn't that description fit *Sam* too?! Lilith herself said she wasn't going to survive the apocalypse. Ruby is building Sam up into the Antichrist… and he's letting her do it. She is playing him like a violin. It's impossible to know how much of Sam is even left, the blood is actually taking control of him now (e.g. demonic telekinesis throwing him around the room) and who knows how much of what he's saying and doing is even really Sam. He's actually turning into a demon.

    Sam completely changes his patterns but it doesn't even slow Dean down, he raised that kid, knows him better than he knows himself. I really loved how the final confrontation played out. Both Dean and Sam were trying so hard to be reasonable, to not destroy their bond, to find a compromise. Dean even gives Sam the option – walk away from Ruby and they can fight Lilith together. Sam refuses, he needs her blood. The truth that Dean faced for the first time is that Sam is too far gone, Sam's actually deluding himself now. If Sam's not a monster then why did he almost kill Dean?! His brother, his best friend, the person he loves most in the world and he just tried to strangle him. Tell us again how you're not evil, Sam. 'Jump the Shark' pointed out how much like John Sam is but Dean just did the same thing John did to Sam – if you leave, don't come back.

    One thing I noticed about the fight – there was a time when Sam couldn't take Dean, Dean would kick his butt every time but here he takes Dean down pretty easily. Either Sammy's all-grown-up or he's getting some strength from the demon blood.

    I must say that I hope that it does turn out to be Dean that is supposed to stop it and not Sam, I'll be very disappointed otherwise. Dean's self esteem has only picked up since finding out how important he is, that the angels believe in him. It would ruin the entire good vs evil storyline for me if it turns out that the world's savior turns out to be a kid who is practically a demon (having deliberately made himself one) and not the good, heroic brother who has sacrificed so much. I want Dean to be proven right and Sam to realize that. Dean's put up with a lot from Sam, he deserves to have Sam's respect and not the constant abuse Sam has been laying on him lately, like that rubbish about Dean being 'weak'. Only next week will tell.

    If Dean is fated to stop the apocalypse and apparently everyone on both sides know this, then why aren't the demons trying to kill him? It'd be the first item on *my* agenda! Angel on his shoulder or not, he (strangely) doesn't have an arch-angel tied to him. I thought that was odd when we found out about Chuck, shouldn't they maybe give Dean that protection too? Is it supposed to be free will? Are the angels not supposed to interfere? Or is it simply that Dean's work leads him into dangerous situations 24/7 and given how often he runs into demons, the arch-angel would never be anywhere else?! Then again, Dean has always been able to handle himself, even against demons. Still bothers me though.

    Some great performances – Jared's portrayal of the strung-out Sam, wrestling with his dark future is amazing and Jensen's heartbroken Dean is incredibly moving. Everyone did great work (as always) and we were even gifted with a final scene with Alistair (the best Alistair, such a shame he's dead but he still manages a deeply disturbing guest appearance). And then there's Misha Collins – he conveys such incredible volumes with a single look that you learn so much when he doesn't even say a word.

    It's no surprise that this episode is written by Sera, she knows the boys better than anyone… except for maybe Kripke and it's got her usual deft touch with confrontations between Dean and Sam, balancing intense drama with emotional angst and making it appear completely natural. More than that, she doesn't make Sam the villain, giving him equal say of his side, beautifully balancing both sides and letting us choose. No black and white here, just various (dark) shades of gray.

    Though I expected an action-packed episode, they went the opposite way and did all of the emotional setup for the final Dean vs Sam confrontation which will come next week. Hard to tell how it's going to end, usually we have a pretty good idea what the outcome will be but not this time – could go either way. There's definitely a fifth season so the only question that remains is whether the brothers will go into the next season united or as enemies. Then again, Kripke always has a twist up his sleeve, especially if the previous finales are any indication! Of course, the downside of the season ending is we have to suffer through another hiatus! However… the next week can't pass fast enough!
  • sets up next week

    This was a kind of introspective episode with a lot of it focusing on Sam's hallucinations in the supernatural detox tank and Bobby and Dean's discussions around what to do. The ultimate rift has happened between Dean and Sam. They finally appear to be on opposite sides. I still honestly can't tell which of them, if either, is backing the right horse. I honestly don't know what this all means about Castiel and a) the seeming change he has gone through before/after being hauled back up to heaven and b) him letting Sam out and c) the control that Dean has given up to 'god and the angels.' I found myself remembering the misgivings i long ago had about the 'angels' -as in - what are they really??? Are they just some other supernatural creature using the Christian God and angel mythologies to work their machinations? I loved it when Dean said they are like shady politicians and he really doesn't trust them - - but what else could he do? Well, the next week is going to be amazing but also painful - last one and always a cliffhanger - how to get through the hiatus THIS time??
  • Rehab 666

    When The Levee Breaks-Sam is locked in Bobby's panic room to cleanse his body from demon blood. However, after several seals are broken Bobby wants to set Sam free to help stop the Apocalypse and Dean seeks out Castiel for help.

    Well, it finally happened. After season of foreshadowing their rift, Dean and Sam's brotherhood seems to have been shattered to pieces. In an emotional powerful episode, "When the Levee Breaks" not only sets up the finale brilliantly than last episode but it also develops into one of the saddest episodes from the series. Both Dean and Sam have been through some of the most traumatic moments of their lives this season that have affected their relationship immensely. In this episode, we finally see how much Dean and Sam have truly mean affected from all that they have been through. The scenes with Sam hallucinating in demon safehouse brought some of the most disturbing scenes from the series. There was Alastair torturing Sam to death, Sam's younger self almost taunting him, Sam's mother consoling him in his darkest hour and a hallucination of Dean telling Sam what Sam has feared most: that he's a monster. All these scenes were very difficult and needs a truly versatile actor to truly convince at all times. Luckily, Jared Padalecki gives probably his best performance yet and makes Sam's darkest hour seemed to hard to watch. While Sam seemed so driven to stop Lilith by drinking Ruby's blood, there were those moments you saw where he's just a broken man trying to survive and Jared made those moments so compelling, like when Sam disarms Bobby to get away.

    Jensen Ackles also steals the show with a wonderful performance as Dean comes to the conclusion that he will fully dedicate himself to angels and decides not to give Sam demon blood as he wants his brother to die human. It's a shocking but competely understandable decision that Dean makes as he knows what's best for his brother. Misha Collins is once again great as Castiel and conveys so much more with his facial expressions than his delievery. Which is saying a lot! Anna makes another pointless appearence she literally pops in and pops out. It seems since her storyline ended mid season, the writers seem like they don't know what to do with her except be a pain in Castiel's a$$. Ruby returns and her motives are becoming more clear than ever. It seems that Ruby is manipulating Sam, making Sam believe that she is helping him to stop Lilith but might be forcing him to become Lucifer's new first. The episode ends in a heart-breaking conclusion as Dean finally tells Sam what Sam can't deny any loner: he's a monster. After a short yet brutal fight, Sam nearly chokes his brother to death and Dean tells Sam if he leaves now, to never come back, which is reminiscent of what John told Sam earlier in the series. It's the final nail in the coffin for the brothers as Dean seems like he will become an angel and Sam will become the next worst thing than the Devil himself! It looks like both brothers will be battling to the death in the finale and can't wait to see how this exceptional season concludes!
  • It's all coming to a head. Just who are the bad guys though and which of the brother's is it that is getting manipulated?

    So Dean and Bobby locked Sam in the panic room to detox while they worry themselves sick about him upstairs. Sam is having hallucinations from the withdrawal and Alastair, Young Sam, Mom and Dean all come to pay their respects to him. Alastair's little torture sequence was beautifully done and shiver inducing but not as much as the visit from young Sam (Colin Ford you are amazing!)Sam telling his younger self to grow up and that life didn't always go the way you want made me sad and as for the scene where his eyes turn. Yeah shivers! Maybe Sam always was a monster and just didn't know? Mom was the voice of support and Dean the one of disappointment. And he was the one that actually voiced the opinion that Sam was a monster. (remembering of course that all these hallucinations are inside Sam's mind - is that how he is coming to see himself?) Jared was amazing in these scene as was his counterpart, Jensen in the ones with Bobby. Bobby is a bit of a devil's advocate here - first he questions wethere or not they should be detoxing the only weapon that they have - even though as he says it kills him to even raise the question in the first place then he helps Dean but when it is obvious that they are doing more harm than good he tells him that he doesn't agree with Dean's methods. Dean refuses to feed Sam demon blood stating that if he dies, he dies human, he doesn't want his brother to become a monster. (there's that word again!)

    Sam's plight all but pushes a desperate Dean to go to the angels and agree to become as Bobby so beautifully put it - their **** but even he isn't sure that he is doing the right thing, all he wants to do is save his brother from going after Lillith and becoming 'something that he would be compelled to hunt' as Castiel states. Castiel I noted side stepped the question of whether Dean going after Lillith would actually save Sam. He has in effect made another deal, his obedience to the angels and God in order to save his brother. Dean is out of options.

    Shocked! That is the only way to describe my reaction to Castiel releasing Sam.(another beautifully done moment.) What is he doing and why does he apparently seem to be having so much trouble with it? He looked as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders and then he got Anna taken away when she came to call him on it. What did the do to you in heaven Cas?

    Ruby feeds the blood starved Sam and then reveals something that quite literally made my blood run cold and made me wonder if the rush of demon blood had seized Sam's brain cells just a little. Seal 66 can't be broken by just any demon, apartly only Lucifer's first can do it. Who's that? Demon Sunday school story – god prefers humans to angels, Lucifer gets jealous and then he gets creative and he twists and tempts a human soul into the very first demon. Er Sam does this sound like anyone you know? Like maybe you???? Now if Ruby manages to turn Sam into Lucifer's 1st(YED anyone, he was ruling Hell remember) and the angels want Dean to stop the apocalypse - doesn't that mean he has to stop his brother too? If stopping the apocalypse means killing his brother then Sam was right all along, Dean can't do it, he isn't up to that.Not liking where that might take us at all although as there is a Season 5 I'm pretty sure both will survive, for now. Finally, Dean tracks his brother down and they try to bargain with each other and get each other to see their side, trust is a word that is used here - unfortunately Dean's tack lets him down - if Sam was worrying that he was becoming a monster (back to the hallucinations folks) then maybe his brother telling him that that he thought he was too -not the best way to get him to do what you want Dean!

    And so to the fight and the line Sam says 'you don't know me and you never will' broke me and then Dean tells him if he walks away not to come back. Sets us up nicely for the finale and what I think you will agree with - a worse cliffhanger than last year. Where do the go from here and how can they find themselves and each other again.

    I have never wanted a season to end so much as this one - only because I want to find out what the heck happens. Final little thought - it is all set up for Sam to go darkside - they've telegraphed it for months which makes me suspicious, knowing how much Mr K and Co love to mess with our heads I keep wondering if they'll pull a fast one on us and turn Dean - you know perhaps he doesn't follow the angel's orders as he swore he would and damns himself in the process? Most likely not but the idea is sitting in my head and it won't go away. Find out next week I suppose. Another thought - It's about the whole Seal 66 thing so it is kind of relevant to this episode - right Ruby said - Demon Sunday school story – god prefers humans to angels, Lucifer gets jealous and then he gets creative and he twists and tempts a human soul into the very first demon as a screw you to god it's what got him locked up in the first place.

    So who's was the human soul that Alastair twisted and tempted in Hell and finally broke? Dean Winchester anyone. Was he pulled from Hell to stop him turning and is that why they couldn't pull him all out? Why he left a piece of himself behind? They keep mentioning that Dean left a part of himself in Hell and Alastair in OTHOAP when Dean was torturing him mentioned about getting Dean and his missing part back together again.He made it sound important to him.

    One more thing and then I'll go, promise! If Dean is going to be the one to stop the apocalypse why haven't the demons just killed him outright? Why was Alastair going to send his soul back to Hell? Surely the angels could just yank him out again?

    Sam can kill demons and Castiel freed him for a reason. Maybe it is Sam stopping Dean and not the other way around. Maybe I am seeing things that aren't there, then again.....
  • We all knew that this was coming...

    Since the first episodes when we learned that Dean had been dragged out of hell by the Angels, and Sam got to spend lots of time with Ruby, I knew, we all knew that there was going to be a Dean VS Sam stuff during the season. I mean when the crossroad demon refused to give Dean's soul back (I think that by that time, he must have already broken the first seal), it meant that the demons or at least Lucifer had some other plans for Sam than to spend eternity in Hell, and that Dean could be a hindrance (maybe I'm reading too much in to thinhs). Plus, was is Castiel who told Dean that Chuck was writing that Winchester Gospel. He didn't say the Winchester brothers Gospel. I'm reading too much into things again.
    Anyways, it's just that it was clear that at some point there was going to be a showdown.
    Sam has never been my favorite Winchester Brother, but now, I just hate him. Before he was a Winchester, now, he's just a junkie, and a dangerous one at that, what with his delusion that he's the one who's doing the right thing : go to rehab pal, then we'll talk.
    I think that Castiel let Sam go because that was the gist of the Angels' plan : to get Sam out of Dean's life (that doesn't mean that I forgive Sam for injuring Dean) so that Dean can do whatever he's supposed to do. But what is that?
    Again, I may be reading way too much into nothing but when he fought with Ruby, there was a moment, he seemed almost too powerful for her. Am I even making sense?
    I know I can't wait for the finale, and I'm wondering, as a returning series, what will happen in the 5th season? What will happen next week? Is that "fight" between Dean and Sam going ot be the focus of the next season? Is Lucifer really going to rise or is he going to use Sam as a sort of vessel? Is Lillith really the first of Lucifer or is it Ruby, after all, she was human once, so it's possible that it's her.
    Oh, I just can't wait! Despite all the angst, this is definetely my fav episode of the season so far(and also because of the fight between the brothers, it was greatly choregraphed).
  • This might not be the most action-packed of episodes, or the most revelation-heavy, but that doesn't make it any less epic.

    This might not be the most action-packed of episodes, or the most revelation-heavy, but that doesn't make it any less epic. The ace up Sera Gamble's sleeve is his expert understanding of Supernatural's two most important elements: Sam and Dean Winchester. The writer has such a potent handle on the motivations that drive the brothers, and indeed the psychological demons that haunt them, that it coats every line of dialogue with an organic sheen, making each harrowing step in the deterioration of their relationship appear naturalistic rather than a forced movement of the plot. And more impressively, the two-handers are actually few and far between. For the vast majority of 'When The Levee Breaks', Sam and Dean are apart, separated first by bars and then by distance. The fact that their ultimate confrontation seems thoroughly logical is a testament to Gamble's ability to delineate their differences in original and engaging ways. Dean's battle with his conscience is played out superbly by having Bobby as his sparring partner; having been represented as something of a wise elder figure in episodes past, he actually begins to question the moral high ground here, apparently unable to cope with the severity of what 'cold turkey' appears to be doing to Sam. Refreshingly, it is Dean who has the 'upper hand' and is able to make the tough decision; his assertion that he'd rather see his brother die than become 'the kind of creature (he) feels compelled to kill' (quoth Castiel) is one of the episode's many highlights.

    Sam, meanwhile, is haunted by hallucinations of key figures in his past, each one drawing him further toward his ultimate fate. The brief torture sequence with the best Allister of them all, Christopher Heydenhal, is terrific, keeping the gore to an absolute minimum and generating terror merely through its suggestion. The appearance of wee Sam from 'After School Special' is a pleasant surprise and leads to a wonderful piece of massively Freudian psychoanalysis. But it's the manifestations of Mrs. Winchester and Dean that work most beautifully. While they are clearly distorted versions of the characters, twisted by Sam's somewhat addled psyche, the alterations are only minor tweaks. There is sufficient similarity to the actual characters for the moments to be believable and, more importantly, for the viewer to understand how Sam could come to see them in this light, thereby allowing us to afford him some sympathy. And that is the delectable essence of the episode: in the face of so much anger, resentment and disappointment, so many harrowing words and decisions, Gamble refuses to take sides, preferring instead to illustrate the ambiguity of the argument and showing us how both parties have come to the gargantuan impass that now separates them. Oh sure, there's scope for the viewer to agree with one brother or the other, but the important thing is that we understand the positions of both. This is no black and white scenario. The shades of gray are innumerable... which is something that Him Upstairs is evidently aware of too.

    How about Castiel freeing Sam, eh? Talk about your shockers. This is wonderfully executed by the director: the revelation is methodical and understated, with Cas simply appearing in the corner of the shot and not jumping out at us with accompanying overly-dramatic music, screaming "It was me! I did it! Are you surprised?!" Actually, the lack of artificial dramatics is another commendable element of 'When The Levee Breaks': Robert Singer takes a leaf out of the late Kim Manners's book and, in the same vein as superlative season opener 'Lazarus Rising', keeps the soundtrack to a minimum, making only sparse use of musical underscore. Not only does this inject a greater level of realism into the episode, but it also makes it extra eerie, delivering the most epic of character arcs in the quietest fashion. In turn, this creates the perfect set-up for next week's season finale, which promises the struggle to prevent the breaking of the final two or three Seals, a confrontation with Lillith and, most delectably of all, a probable showdown between the brothers Winchester. Who will prevent the apocalypse? Will ANYONE prevent the apocalypse? Will Sam and Dean resolve their issues? Just how much wrath will Deano unleash on Castiel once he finds out what he has done? And perhaps most crucially: exactly how is Eric Kripke going to tie up all of these disparate elements in 45 minutes? We'll have to wait and see. If the finale's anything at all like the rest of this most outstanding of seasons, however, I have nothing but the blindest of faith.
  • *Is dead* *comes back* KRIPKE!!! iloveyou *dies again*

    (Copied and pasted from the forum so sorry if some stuff seems out of place :P)

    Well, okay, I thought it was going to kind of suck. Only because SOMEONE (merina) had me thinking it kind of sucked and was all slow and stuff. DAMN HER!!!! :evil: Only after I started watching it did she reveal her evil plot to make me like it more than I thought I would because she knew if she said she thought it was kind of slow I would expect just that. PFFTT!!! I've been manipulated. She's my Ruby (wow, talk about don't drink the koolaid :lol:.) Anyways, onto my review:

    There were many things about this episode that I enjoyed. My favorites were when Sam started flipping out and went up against the wall and stuff. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about baby!!! I was getting a little disappointed because he wasn't tweaking enough. Where was all the sweat and vomit and random twitches and chewing on nothing because he was craving it?!?!?!? But then he flipped out and went against the wall and stuff so I was happy. Just wish there was a little more of that.

    Bobby...well, obviously I wasn't surprised because I was kind of spoiled so I knew he would be questioning their actions but still, holy crap Bobby. I don't think he was wrong to suggest that but obviously he wasn't totally right either. I think he hit the nail on the head by saying that their love for Sam was keeping them from doing what is truly right, even if what is right may seem like the complete opposite of right. Yeah, mouthful but you catch my drift. I'm glad we got to see him live to fight another day but I don't think that will last. Oh, and I still totally ship the Bobby/Rufus relationship. Come on, other than the sex (my turn to burn my retinas) it would be awesome!! Those two...teehee...I love em. I kind of hope Bobby dies though. I know, blasphe me, but it will make for some seriously dramatic sh!t!! But then, I never want Bobby to die!! :cry: I'm torn!!

    CAS!!!! Okay, I don't hold it against him. He gets a get out of hell free card from me because I know he was just following orders and obviously sees the error of his ways. My theory is he went to Chuck and he had him spill the beans on what's coming, and that's what he was going to tell Dean but then he got dragged back to Hel--erm..Heaven to be tortured in whatever way they do so into toeing the party line again. So I think next episode they pay another visit to Chuck (against the orders of Heaven) and I think they threaten Chuck to tell them what's going to happen, hence the Archangel coming down ("NOT AGAIN!!" Chuck screamed amidst light and shaking walls, hence Archangel). So I do think that even if Dean does get passed the celestial juju bong, Cas and Dean will form their own team and will go down their own path to stop whatever is coming. These are just my thoughts, and I don't even wanna hear it Libs. I know, I know, you don't want Dean to power up but it's looking way too likely now so start getting used to the idea or at least bite your tongue. It's getting worse than with my brother in law whom I can quote word for word what he's going to say. I GET IT!!! I don't make the rules and you can't change what is in the show so just complain and then move on please. Thank you.

    Last but not least, the brother's relationship is at it's thinnest point. They may never come back from this. Do I want them to? Hmm...let me get back to you on that. I'm not so sure I ever want them to be how they were before. I guess I'm just a sucker for a not-so-happy ending. Oh well, this show, I think I have a fair chance of getting my wish. :D Now bring me next week, man!!!!
  • What an intense episode, probably one of the hardest ones to watch, as things get really dark. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    Poor Sammy, going insane in this episode, it was hard to watch. Sam and Dean both believe they are the only ones who can end the apocalypse, but who can really end it? I just hate how evil Sam has become, but I guess he did this to himself. His attack on Bobby was hard to watch, and the more Sam goes evil, the more I fear he won't ever be the same Sam we used to know. Okay, so it wasn't really Bobby, just another one of Sam's hallucinations, but still, it might as well have been Bobby. The episode was so hard to watch, very intense, especially the scenes with Dean and Sam fighting. I am so psyched for the final episode, but also very worried.
  • It's finally come down to against brother...good vs. evil...and no matter how it ends, it won't be pretty

    The first half hour of the show is basically Sam going through demon blood detox, and hallucinating everything from a "ahem" gut wrenching visit from Alistair to the comfort of his mother revealing her pride in the man her son has grown into.

    Meanwhile, Dean decides he'd rather let Sam die a human than allow him to turn into a monster. To protect Sam, and all humanity, Dean makes a deal with Castiel which will allow him to defeat Lillith, thereby making Sam a moot point in the battle and protecting his little brother from slipping further away.

    Only, wait?? What's that?? Just what is Cas up to??? Cas allows Sam to escape from Bobby's anti-demon panic room, thereby betraying Dean and all that he is fighting for.

    Dean only wants to protect Sam. Like he said, he would die for Sam. Hell...he already DID die for Sam. But Sam's bloodlust is too great and he is fast embracing this evil side, still under the guise that it's for good since he can kill Lillith.

    Dean tracks Sammy down, tries to kill Ruby (an attempt thwarted by Sam), and they proceed to have a knock down, drag out fight solidifying that line in the sand, so to speak. And in reminiscence of John, Dean yells to Sam that if he walks out that door, don't bother to come back, thereby cutting Sam out of his life.

    The show was filled with emotion, devotion, love, and underlying seething hatred. All played to perfection by Jared and Jensen.

    Mischa did well speaking strongly but looking distraught at the situation he had caused by not only letting Sam out, but also assuring Anna's return to heaven.

    With so much to cover in only 45 minutes time, the writers created an even storyline, filled with mystery, suspense, MAJOR angst, brutal truths and shaky alliances.

    I don't know what the season finale has in store for us. It does indeed look like Castiel "blesses" Dean with some sort of angelic power, but if this is to fight Sam or Lillith we are left unsure.

    All we can be sure of, is that because we have a Season 5 to look forward to, this will be one hell of a cliffhanger!
  • Sammy detoxes, and Dean defines an alliance.

    holy heck... I don't think there was a second of this ep that wasn't perfectly played by all parties. From the ghosts of Sammy's subconscious (I hope Samantha Smith is doing okay, probably steroids for the asthma) it shocked the hell out of me that Sera would write her as so critical of Dean even though we knew it was Sam's subconscious. Alastair's little guest appearance was perfectly done... and I have to say Jared my god boy, you were absolutely incredible tonight!

    What hurt the most was his manifestation of everything he feared would come from Dean, and it didn't matter that at the end he FORCED Dean to call him a monster... it still hurt but again it's cause we know that's what the 14 year old Sam thinks of himself. The psychology behind his withdrawal and manifestations was really clinically practically perfect. :D

    I loved that Bobby questioned what they were doing, whether they were doing the right thing, whether they cared too much rather than letting him out to do what he felt he had to do while doing whatever they thought THEY needed to. But I understand Dean's standpoint too, he doens't trust the angels anymore, not even Cas... (speaking of which as soon as I saw Anna I knew she was screwed... for all intents and appearances in this episode Cas has become the ultimate betrayer). We know that things will work out as they're supposed to, that the "Winchester Gospel" will come to pass... but... humans still have freedom of choice and I'm betting my dollars to donuts that THAT is what will play a part... while I don't doubt that the 'winchester gospel' will come to pass, I have no doubt that the boys can make of it whatever it is they want to say to the future.

    I hope Anna breaks free. I hope Castiel grows a pair or at the very least produces them when the time comes. it's entirely possible that with the a$$ reaming he got when they yanked him back, that whatever powr they imbue Dean with, would have been rescinded if Cas had decided not to play ball so I'm hoping that is actually the case. That he's been a dick in order to get Dean what he needs to stop the apocalypse, but I'm not holding my breath. (Let's just say I side with Dean on the whole thing).

    and above all I hope that as season 5 opens and progresses that we come to understand that both Sam and Dean knew they had to separate and that they had to put on a show for the powers that be... I hope I hope I hope it was a constructed plan with both boys knowing what was at stake. (I almost expected Sam to say something like, "Whatever you say DAD!" as he left the hotel room... but I"m also kinda glad he didn't too... but it was almost like I could feel him wanting to... so that's just plain Great emoting Jared, really excellent.) This ep really belonged to you sweetie, you owned it lock stock and barrell.

    and most of all ... considering how long and hard I begged for summer to finally arrive to this sick and god forsaken state... I hope September comes and brings with it something to look forward to once more.

    Till then... and yes it'll come again next week... to the kast and krew, thank you for all your hard work on our behalf.

    And of course Jensen and Jared as always, special love and thanks to you both.
  • Amazing episode!

    I went into this episode with extremely high expectations and I was not disappointed. The first half hour of Sam's detox from demon blood was thrilling. I felt so terrible for him even though I knew that Dean was right in locking him in the panic room. Jared Padalecki's acting was superb. The pain and anguish in his eyes the whole time he was locked up was so believable and it tore my heart up. I just wanted him to stop suffering! So many major things happened in this episode. Dean finally swore his allegiance to the angels, which he is not so sure was such a good thing. The angels did seem to be acting a little shady, but I'm sure they have a plan (or at least I hope so!). At the end, Dean calling Sam a monster broke my heart and I could no longer find even the slightest trace of brotherly love anymore (well, in Sam anyway)! This whole season Sam and Dean have been growing apart, and they finally had that deciding fight. I cannot wait to see how this plays out in the final episode. This episode is definitely top on my list. :D
  • Amazing episode! I love this series! When will Dean find out about Cass being responsible for Sam's escape? Dean should abandon his duty to God and save Sam! Does anyone have same complaint about Cass's betrayal not being shown in the end?

    Amazing episode! It is my first time posting a review about this show! I love this series! I mean the best in the history and present! I just watched this episode today! It is heartbreaking! When will Dean find out about Cass being responsible for Sam's escape? Dean should abandon his duty to God and save Sam! Does anyone have same complaint about Cass's betrayal not being shown in the end? I wonder if there is a chance for Sam to die in this season. So Dean finds out the truth about the angels' betrayal and kill Cass! Then he should try to save Sam!
  • wow splitting up sam and dean I am hoping erik kripe decides to get the brothers to reconcil before next season. I loved the episode and hoping sam and dean brother bond isn't destroyed,and sam is breaking deans heart I can tell he is what will happen !!!

    wow can I say wow sam dean fighting and sam nearly choking dean now brothers have split up I hoping that erik gets the brothers to reconcil before the end of this season I doubt that will happen will sam dean reconcil next season I hope so the season final sam eyes turn black he changed and not for the better will dean save his little baby brother we shall see I hope he does dean might not have a choice but to kill sammy we shall see can't wait for the season final next week I can't wait this episode was awesome