Season 4 Episode 8

Wishful Thinking

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on The CW

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  • I Wish for Better

    This seemed to be a filler episode. The plot was hokey, and just not good. Everything from how they stumbled upon a guy who saw big-foot and a girl returning skin mags relied far too much on chance. Then followed by the hammer incident. I couldn't decide if they were supposed to be funny when the hammer broke or if they really were surprised that the coin was magical. On a happier note I liked that they finally addressed Dean's time in hell. However those brother moments seemed cut and pasted into the episode. I found those scenes very accurate for the situation. For example Dean goes to alcohol for relief. Something the boys often mentioned their father doing in similar situations. Also Sam forcing the conversations. However at the end of the episode their seemed to be no reason for Dean to all of a sudden tell Sam the truth. There was no foreshadowing of this, or a revelation telling him to be honest with his brother. Dean just out of the blue told Sam what was going on. Oh and the scene where the boys are talking to Audrey and dealing with the bear, was quite hilarious. Can we shoot him? Should we burn him? What if those don't work? I don't want a flaming, pissed-off teddy bear running around. Over all I felt this was a poorly written episode. It was similar to Yellow Fever in that it put more priority in being humorous than in its actual plot. At points such as the broken hammer scene, you could tell that even the actors weren't sure if it was supposed to be funny or not. It was just random. I hope the next episode is up to snuff, thus better at linking the boys personal struggles with their monster of the week. One more thought: the little boy Todd was actually a very good actor for his age, but I didn't understand why he was so pale all of the time
  • Not the most involving episode

    The previous episode threatened to be a comedic Halloween romp, and instead took a far better turn into season arc territory. To be honest, I was expecting more of the same in the episode, so I was a bit surprised to discover that there was another absurdly strange installment on the schedule. For the record, that makes three episodes out of the last four with strong comedic overtones.

    This brings to mind two examples with two very different outcomes. The first example would be the fifth and final season of "Angel". That season began with a game-changing shift in status quo, a run of largely stand-alone episodes in the first half of the season, and a stunning and devastating arc in the second half. In other words, fans were nervous at first, but the season was ultimately rewarding. (Hopefully, "Supernatural" will avoid the fate of "Angel", which ended at least one season too early.)

    The second example would be the sixth season of "The X-Files". That season began with a few plot-heavy episodes, and then ran with a string of "special" episodes and more light-hearted fare before returning to the plot for a sweeps event. Unfortunately, the second half of that season slipped back into more episodic territory, and many fans were left disappointed by the apparent lack of focus.

    It's far too early to tell which way this season of "Supernatural" might go, and that leaves some fans nervous. I admit, this episode leaves me a bit concerned. But the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and in this case, we know that "Supernatural" has consistently delivered for three seasons, despite some casting difficulties. The writers have generally avoided the episodic/serialized divide that marred the "X-Files" run, and tend to pattern the pacing of season arcs in ways similar to the Joss Whedon model.

    All of which is a long-winded way of saying that I will continue to keep the faith, even though this episode felt like something of a misfire for the season and Ben Edlund. There were certainly plenty of funny moments, but a lot of it just didn't hit on all cylinders. I think part of the problem was the disconnect between the previous episode and this one (Dean's admission at the end notwithstanding).

    The story was also largely disconnected from the brothers themselves. I've found that the quality of an episode is proportional to how well the treatment of the "monster" or "legend" intersects with the character study. The best episodes tie the character angst into the tale directly. In this particular case, the Brothers Winchester only vaguely discussed what they might have wished; most of the impact of the wishing well was external to them.

    The final product was, therefore, a pretty average episode. Amusing at times, certainly worth the effort to watch, but not on par with the best episodes of the season by any means. Granted, it seems odd to think that an average episode is something of a failure, but that's the thing with "Supernatural". It's usually so good that a bland episode stands out as a disappointment.
  • A giant miss.

    comedy episodes of Supernatural are great. Season 1 had one , Season 2 had 2, Season 3 had 2 and Season 4... had 3? Yup. Out of 8 episodes...

    interesting, eh? While the halloween themed episode was extremely brilliant, this one fell short simpyl because it was all comedy and that's it.

    the last scene with Dean confessin was nice and all but you cant build an episode on that. ...especially because that scene was MEANT to happen for a while now, everybody knows that.

    the rest? Giant Teddy Bear, superstrong kid, etc. funny, yeah, ...but no. No, because it has been done before, and much sooner. Like, the "What the hell is going on in this town" line is something that was said in Monster Movie. Which was only a few weeks ago.

    Still, entertaining but the "funny" distractions need to be a little... less distracting.
  • In this underwhelming episode of supernatural, Sam and Dean find a troubled town in Washington that is home to a true hudu wishing well. The townsfolk get their wishes granted, but the wishes always turn bad. The brothers help destroy the wishing well.

    Okay... all i can say is, "What are you thinking!?" Your on a roll, supernatural writers! DOn't just start writing crap because you're ahead of the game! This episode was fairly miserable, considering it was an episode of Supernatural, no doubt one of the best shows on television today. The plotline was stupid from the beginning, they did a very bad job of involving the true story about angels and dean and hell, and there was absolutely no climax! Unless that was the pain everyone felt as they watched the loser pull the coin out of the fountain and lose "Hope"... *terrible irony**cough*terrible irony*cough*cough...

    I was not terribly dissapointed in the sense that for a bad episode of supernatural, it had some funny moments, like the bi-polar teddy bear and Dean getting the Hot Italian Sub Sandwhich for his wish.

    To sum up, some humorous aspects, but overall, UNDERWHELMING.
  • Solid episode of humor and filler

    Though the plot was lackluster, the humor was good, and I was excited to hear that Dean did remember hell, though I honestly think he would have been dealing differently with all the monsters they had hunted since his resurrection.

    One big thing bugging me is the Nice Guy plotline, and the sympathy felt for Wes. Even the freaking sad music at the end of the episode. Honestly, what he did to Hope was no better than drugging her, chaining her, knocking her out, or threatening her with a gun. He, and obviously the Winchesters, obviously didn't see it that way. They commented about the health of the relationship, but meaning how she smothers Wes, not how he's puppeting her. This made me sick to the stomach.

    But I loved 1230382/#reviews
  • Predictable.

    I wanted to label this filler. But Dean remembering hell isn't filler material. This episode, nothing really much happened. Everything you expect from a wishing well episode. First everything goes the way you wanted, and then it goes to crap. Like psychotic girlfriend, drunk teddy bear, bad sandwich, convicted invisible murderer. Dean remembering hell was a pretty good plot added to the episode. I thought Sam was going to actually die there for a sec. The plot wasn't as scary. More of a weird Sc-Fi thing, which is why it was just okay for me. Neil before Todd thing was pretty funny though.
  • Sam and Dean investigate a town where wishes are coming true...

    OK. So lets start with the teddy. It was weird. And that is all I am going to say 'cos the guys faces in the episode said everything else.

    For the brothers the lesson this week was simple...Dean said it careful what you wish for.

    This episode was all about wishes, and we got to hear Sam's wish, Lillith's head on a plate. Why? Really I think because it was her that put Dean in hell, he made the deal...but she sealed it. That little scene for me cemented the change in Sam. He has accepted his lot in life, this is just how it is. No regrets, no going back. Was Dean's statment his wish for his brother (I think maybe).

    I loved the brother's scenes in this one, Dean denying to Sam's face that he rememebered Hell and then Sam calling him on the bad dreams and the drinking and then..... The last scene was what made this episode for me. Sam really wants to make thing right for Dean but as Dean so beautifully put it...neither of them know how. It's just another thing for Dean to live with, another thing for Sam to watch his brother struggle through. Compare that scene with the one at the end of Children shouldn't play... where a very emotional Dean asks Sam 'how do you make that better?' and you get to see the change in Dean too. No tears this time, just quiet understated pain. I'm kinda glad that they highlighted that Sam destroyed the coin (at least he said he did) 'cos a coin that can grant wishes in the hands of a Sam that wants to make everything right for his brother and destroy the things that hurt him....not good.

    I liked most of this episode, only a few bits didn't sit right but then I'm old! lol. Can't wait though for the next two episodes...I want to get down to business..just like Dean...can we concentrate on the case now please?
  • Sam and Dean investigate wish fulfillment and the origins of the expression, "Be careful what you wish for... you might get it."

    I have to say when I saw this ep was written at least in part by Ben (and apparently his new protege) I was afraid it was going to be total crack (thank you for at least feeding my angsty need a little bit. Esp with Dean's final confession to Sam and the internal darkness our boy is carrying around. Kinda puts him on a more even keel with Sam than previously figured. (But thank you thank you thank you for giving us what we knew from the outset when he had the first flashes of coming up in Lazarus Rising! He remembers everything! Spleee) So now they both have their darkness Whoo hoooo! And what's really scary is that it's not something either can help the other with, the only comfort they're going to be able to give each other is the knowledge that, "They're there." I suppose in the end that's what it's really all about isn't it? Anyway... and I understand the need for the big tension breakers (the teddy bear blowing his stuffings out was Priceless! A wonderful homage to that Puppet Time ep of Angel... in spite of seeing it coming from a mile away as soon as the shotgun came into view... as well as the fact that it wouldn't kill him... [personally I was looking for brains and blood spatter against the window, that woul've been a lot more shocking and given a lot of cause for pause (or is it paws?)... however... as beisty pointed out... it would've been kinda shocking for hte little kid to come back and see brains and blood all over the window and wall... though at the end when she was walking down the pier with mom and dad (sunburnt hee hee hee) "Mom wished they were in Bali, so I guess they're in Bali." So matter-of-fact and so very cute! and the teddy's head had the red tape over the back of it... that was AWwwww! Worthy! and Sammy... blown right out of his shoes! Sheesh! Yikes! (He lost his shoes.... puppy face... so sweet... That great image Jared, I promise will stick with me forever! Ya done good youngun.) Poor Dean with food poisoning... eep! interesting to hear him pukeing... petpetpet and hold. *sigh* Loved and WaaaaY Special props to Ted Raimi... it was great to see you again! As always you do a great job with the schmendrick role, I hope you know it just makes us appreciate you all the more, esp when your character does the right thing.

    Now... on to my kryptonite... and Ben, I think you finally figured it out... I'm a sucker for Ancient Babylon, the mythos and the pantheons as well as those of the neighboring countries... This is how you hooked me and made me full on love the ep. Great job to all involved, with everything from the humor to the angst... (though I am happy to say that next week's [hopeful] angst fest, will hopefully be a challenge to my darkness tolerance...) Beisty seems of the mind, and it's an excellent point that they're doing more humorous fics this year because when they go dark with everything that's going on (Lilith's head on a platter... bloody...[BeauTiFuL line by the way] for example) they're ReAlLy going to be taking us dark. *rubs hands together gleefully* I'm in. :D As always Kast and Krew... thank you so much for the great job, the awesomeness and all the hard work. And as always, special love to Jensen and Jared. Thanks guys, for Everything.
  • This episode starts pretty weird and feelt a bit familiar as well.

    This episode starts pretty weird and feelt a bit familiar as well. At first the episode felt a bit like the Horror movie episode, because we were getting strange stories that were completely different in nature, but in the end it turned out to be very different indeed. Please don't read further if you haven't seen this episode. The funniest thing I have ever seen (as well as the weirdest) has to be the giant talking teddy bear. I mean, we have seen some weird stuff, but a giant talking teddy bear? Damn that was weird and funny. A wishing well that grants wishes was a very weird thing as well, but with all good things comes a price. We later find that the well not only grants wishes, but turns them a bit sour as well. A great episode, and one where Sam and Dean were not the ones to end the madness, that was done by the person who started it all.
  • Suicidal Teddy Bear Alert!

    Wishful Thinking-The Winchesters investigate a town wishing well that really grants wishes... at a terrible cost.

    What is it with these run of comedic episodes this season? Seems like the writers are trying to change to a sitcom! But whatever the case, "Wishful Thinking" is another comedy highlight of the series as the episode is full of more classic hilarious moments from this series that are unforgettable. The wishing well storyline while a bit silly at times, it undeniably funny. The wishes were very entertaining like the little boy with super strength I love how wishes became evil after will, like the little boy with the super strength bulling the other little kids and Dean, lol. Not to mention his line:

    Todd: "Kneel before Todd!"

    But the funniest moments of the episode, maybe even of the whole series were the ones involving a little girl's teddy bear coming to life. Just the first reactions of Dean and Sam seeing the depressed Teddy Bear were priceless. Then there's the scene of Teddy Bear committing suicide and being unsuccessful as you see stuffing flying from the back of it head, ha! This episode also features a wonderful guest appearance from Ted Raimi ("Xena", "Spider-man")! It's great to see him on this series and he couldn't be more perfectly casted as Wesley Mondale, a man done on his luck and wished the woman of his dreams to fall in love with him. It's a morally satisfying storyline as Wesley realizes how real love isn't obsession or having a slave for a girlfriend, love has to be earned, not magically forced on someone. It's sad watching the girl his dreams leave him, but it inevitable. Another stand out moment of the episode is the development of Dean's memory while he was in Hell. The entire episode Sam pushes Dean to confess about what happened to him in Hell, but Dean denies any knowledge of it. At episode end, Dean admits he does remember what happened to him in Hell, but won't tell Sam about it. It's a sad development as Dean's beyond traumatic experience will be something Sam will never understand and never be able to help Dean forget. Hopefully, in the next coming episodes, Dean will finally describe what exactly happened to him, but until then, the mystery of those months in Hell are making for an intriguing build up! "Wishful Thinking" is outrageous funny and morally stunning, another highlight of this stellar season so far!
  • Sam and Dean head to Washington state and find a magical coin and a fountain that grants wishes.

    Life must really, really suck when you're a giant, animated, depressed stuffed animal and in your attempt to commit suicide, all you do is blow your stuffing out. Or how about Sam's interview in which he says he's writing a book entitled "Supernatural" and that he goes all around the country finding interesting, paranormal stories poking fun at the series itself. It was all in good humor, from invisible stalkers, to wild trips to Bali, to a quiet nerd's wish for love. Wishful Thinking was basically a filler episode, giving the viewer just the slightest of glimpses of dark days to come.

    We learn that Dean does indeed remember everything from his time in Hell, and while he admits this to his brother Sam, he will not go into detail. What he saw, what he experienced and what he endured is burned into his memory and Sam is told that he would never understand, leaving him helpless to comfort Dean.

    The viewer is allowed tiny snippets of Dean's memories, mostly scared eyes, wide open in horror, bathed in blood red. Dean is drinking more and having nightmares. As Castiel said last week, Dean's burden is not one he envies. I believe this applies to the past as well as future.

    The episode itself was a bit silly, and yet somehow comfortable with the friendly face of Ted Raimi as a guest star. Just like with genies (or so they are portrayed), wishes are granted....but always with a twist. And in the end, the ancient coin that anoints the wishing well must be destroyed, or it will lead to complete chaos and eventual destruction of the town.

    All in all, it has set us up nicely for next week's arc-heavy, angsty episode that is sure to be darker and much angrier. As always, I look forward to what Kripke et. al. create for us in our Supernatural world.
  • Awesome Freakin' Teddy Bear!

    Dear Whoever Wrote This Episode: Thank you. Thank you for the fabulous T. Bear. Thank you for the belly laughs. The idea of a girl wishing her teddy bear to be big and real is just totally genius. The idea that the teddy bear would be devastated by the state of the world makes it ten times better! It was just hysterical!!! Other than the bear, I enjoyed other aspects of this episode. The little kid who made himself into an all-powerful superhero was terrifying, BUT Dean saw him for what he was--a little kid who was sick of being picked on--and didn't attempt to punish the boy for pretty much trying to kill him, and instead tried to help him, which I thought was really kind. (I loved that he tried to give the boy "with great power comes great responsibility speech!) Overall, a very enjoyable episode.
  • This episode deserves a few viewings to appreciate its true worth!

    Wishful Thinking
    Firstly I have to say that even though this episode is growing on me each time I watch it, Wishful Thinking is my least favourite ep. of Season 4. Yeah I know I feel terrible especially since Ben (Edlund) created the Teleplay and co-wrote the story with Lou Bollo AND Robert (Bobby !) Singer directed it. But I have to be honest. And thats not to say that I hate it 'cause I don't, its just that so far Season 4 has been blowing my mind and I guess I've grown a little spoiled! And even when Supernatural is not 'the best ever ep!' it is still a cut above most of the other stuff on TV! AND like I said first off Wishful thinking IS growing on me in a disturbingly twisted way, I mean we do have the inspired alcoholic, porn loving, surly, suicidal Mr Teddy Bear! Ha! When I found out that Ben also had a hand (both even, writing, director and supervising producer!) in 'Angel - Smile Time' everything made sense! Okay so I'm liking this episode after all! Mostly for Dean and Sams reactions to our furry friend. Absolutely hilarious, and little Audrey was so cutely matter-of-fact that she enhanced the experience as well. So Wishful thinking isn't that bad after all AND even from the very first viewing I did appreciate the portrayal of Deans depression and his eventual confession to Sam, that was saved the ep for me in the first place. And some clever dialogue AND vengeful Tod AND Deans cute first wish AND Jensen AND Jared!! No matter what every ep has one redeeming feature, or two or ten!(aargh! I try to be a ruthless reviewer and it just doesn't sit right! Hopelessly devoted rambling recapper is probably more my style! Lol!)
    Sooo, lets start from the beginning. A typically creepy Supernatural intro, classic scenario with the woman in the shower being spied on by an unknown visitor. The vulnerability of that situation always raises a shiver, and I'm sure guys like it for that reason too (? )
    The ominous tone was turned on its head by the scared little voice of the invisible intruder, still it would have been scary for the woman to have the towel she threw towards the shelf get caught mid air on some unseen figure. Maybe if she had stopped screaming and freaking out and started listening she would have recognised the 'ghosts' voice!
    Still loving the ominous intro big time, is it getting longer? With more 'voices'? or is just freaking me out more each time?
    Oooh and I forgot to mention I loved the next scene it was 'awesome'! Radical! Outstanding! Lol! It's a little difficult to have a sustained serious conversation with the perkiest waiter EVER! Dropping in at crucial times. Still Jensen and Jared did it and maybe the contrast with Mr Perky made the scene even more effective. Loved his badges too!
    Sam is trying to find out the truth behind Uriels statement that Dean remembers his time in Hell and is keeping a terrible secret which undermines what Uriel sees as Deans 'Holier than Thou' attitude. Of course Dean denies this, as he knocks back his second shot! And Sam asks Dean why Uriel would which Dean replies 'Maybe cause he is a dick, might have something to do with it', Sam 'Yeah maybe but hes still an angel (aww your so cute Sammy!), Dean 'Yeah an angel that was ready to level an entire town'...and then our first well timed interruption by the awesome waiter, 'Radical!, what can I get you guys, do you want to try a couple of fryer bones or a chipoti chilli chunga (sic) ? Okay Awesome!' Love Deans look(s) as the smiling waiter bounces off! Then Dean continues to berate Uriel and downs his third shot. A fact which is not lost on Sam, they look at each other awkwardly. Sam 'Right', Dean 'What?' Dean knows he is not fooling Sam by denying his memories, but will doggedly keep trying. And notice he is steadfastly avoiding mentioning anything about Sam using his super duper powers to destroy Samhain ! Denial, thy name is Dean (well with the addition of an 'i' and an 'l' and a little jumbling it is! *gulp*) Then comes our 'Aussie' moment (hehe another redeeming feature!)
    Sam 'Right, Dean look me in the eye and tell me you don't remember anything from your time down under (eee!), and Dean staring back uncomfortably 'I don't remember anything from my time down under'. Lying to Sam obviously doesn't sit well, as Dean gets frustrated, losing his temper 'I don't remember Sam!' and Sam is frustrated too, but knows this is very hard for Dean so he backs down a little gently adding 'Look, I just want to help'. Dean 'You know everything I do, thats all there is'. End of story or at least Dean hope it is, and lucky for him they are once more interrupted by their waiter. 'Outstanding! Dessert time, am I right, eh', Dean, not in the mood for all this cheer , growls 'Dude' but the waiter goes on oblivious to anything other than his spiel 'Listen bros you have to try our icecream extreme' The way Dean slowly looks up at the waiter , he is either tempted inspite of himself or he wants to rip this guys head off! 'Its extreme' ...then Sam saves the day 'No extreme just..' Waiter 'Cheque, alright awesome!' an dhe walks away still smiling, followed by another eyeroll from Dean and a delightful bemused look from Sam. Lol!
    Dean is eager not to restart their previous conversation 'Alright where do we go from here'. There isn't much going on, Sam searches his computer '...but there is a possible vengeful spirit.......a ghost that is haunting the showers of a womans health resort. Dean almost chokes on his beer. 'Women, showers? We gotta save these people!' hehe. Even when tormented by the memories of hell you cant keep a good ladies man down! (hehe forgot to mention the quick admiring look a t a fellow female restaurant patron! I guess Dean needs all the distractions he can find!)
    Off to Concrete Washington. Dean drops Sam off at 'Lucky Chins' Restaurant to interview the victim while he heads off to check out the health resorts showers, for any Supernatural activity of course.
    The victim is truly an annoying woman, incredibly vain and self absorbed as opposed to crazy as Sam later refers to her. But i loved Sams cover story and the working title of his book 'Supernatural' (eee!) 'Yeah Ive been crossing the country gathering stories like yours, but anyways (he) you were telling me about your encounter'.
    As Candace starts talking Sam is distracted by a couple at another table. I hope its because he has a Supernatural feeling about them or the fact that they are indulging in a very public show of affection, and not that he sees them as an odd match simply because one of them is hot and the other is a bit of a geek! If so this stereotyping is a little disappointing. And as Dean has a similar reaction later on I am clinging to the hope that, although belittling, it is simply a device to reinforce why Wes felt he had to wish to be loved rather than actually wait for it to happen naturally when this is the way the world sees and discriminates against him. (I know looks are important as far as initial attraction goes but plenty of 'so called' hot girls and guys for that matter look beyond the surface! Anyway I think it is a cruel way to look at Wes but I guess it does emphasise his dilemma. And how cool is it to have Ted Raimi guesting as Wes!!! Man, Eric must have been pinching himself and I can imagine that Jensen and Jared must have been excited as well. Having 'Joxer the Mighty' (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess), and an Evil Dead Series alumni on board! Eeeeeeeeee! Too cool! And too many more to mention....American Gothic, Darkman, Spiderman 1-4 (oh and that reminds me Sam Raimi little brother, but thats not really an achievement of his, more an interesting fact!).......eeeee!
    Anyway Candace (being the hot girl she is! With the interesting story!) is annoyed that Sam is not hanging on her every word. But is quickly appeased when Sam turns back to her! From her story Sam can tell this is not your ordinary ghost. It called her by name, physically helped her up when she fell and pleaded with her not to tell his mum!
    When Sam arrives at the health club Dean tells him that he couldn't find any evidence of evil anywhere. Sam ' Not surprised, I got the impression 'crazy' pushed Mrs Armstrong down the stairs', Dean 'I gotta tell you I am pretty disappointed' This amuses Sam, he knows what Dean was hoping for. 'You wanted to save naked women', Dean 'Damn right I wanted to save some naked women' Sam smiles and gives a little laugh (nice to see! Good work Dean!) Makes you wonder how different a teenage Deans wish would have been from the invisible boys – if he had of had a normal childhood that is. From 'wish' Sams stolen prom date speech in WIAWSNB probably not very different at all!)
    Then a funny, if a little insensitive, call out to bullied boy running away from his tormentors 'Run Forrest Run!' (second best reference to that quote, the first relates to the attack of the Ents in LOTR Two Towers! Hehe! I'm such a geek!) Anyhoo poor Dean will get a little payback later on and then even later redeem himself completely!
    Just as the boys are wondering if they are out of luck as far as strange happenings go they overhear hunter, Gus, telling policeman, Hal, that he was attacked by a big foot. 'Not a bear, this thing didn't leave bear tracks, its feet were huge!' (BIG even!)..'Theres a big foot out there and hes a son of a b!@ch!'
    This sounds interesting and strange enough to investigate as long as they are already there and out come the FBI Ids and they find out where Gus saw his bigfoot. Dean 'What the hell is going on in this town? First a ghost thats not real and now a bigfoot sighting?', Sam 'Every hunter worth his salt knows bigfoots a hoax' , Dean 'Well maybe someone is pumping LSD into the towns water supply.' Then they see the tracks, BIG tracks. Dean 'What do you suppose made that?', Sam ' That is a .....big foot!' And when they follow the tracks they lead to a general/liquor store. Dean 'So what? Bigfoot breaks into a liquor store Jonesing for some hooch! Amoretto and Irish Cream, hes a girl drink drunk' hehe, not so funny is Dean slipping a bottle of alcohol into his jacket. Sam discovers 'Bigfoot' has taken the whole porn rack and left a puzzling piece of synthetic fur behind. And once again Dean and Sam are left wondering what the hell is going on in this town, they take a seat trying to figure it out. Dean 'I got nothing', Sam, 'Its gotta be a joke right? Some big ass mother in a gorilla suit'. Dean 'Or its bigfoot, you know some kind of alco holo porno addict, kinda like a deep woods duchovny!' lol! Good one Dean and he seems pleased with the pun himself, probably thinks this bigfoots interests aren't to shabby either. In fact when a little girl rides by on her pushbike dropping a porn magazine out of her basket and it just so happens to be Deans porn mag of choice Busty Asian Beauties, this beast takes on a certain Dean like quality. Gotta love the quirky continuity.
    Turns out the little girl is returning stuff her Teddy stole, and Dean and Sam, thankful for any kind of lead, follow her home. Dean 'What is this a Harry and the Hendersons deal?' Dean and Sams embarrassment as they struggle to find the words to explain to the little girl what/or who they are looking for is very cute. After a some awkwardness and a lame but apparently effective charade, the little girl puts them out of their misery 'Is he in trouble?' Sam being the sweetie she is tries to allay here fears 'No, no we just wanted to make sure he is okay', Dean 'Exactly', LG 'Hes my teddy bear...I think hes sick' Dean 'Wow amazing because you know what? we are Teddy Bear doctors (cute Dean cute) As they reassure the girl that they can help her teddy you can bet that they are dying to see what exactly is upstairs. This next scene is hilarious, mostly because of the total stunned disbelief on both Dan and Sams faces. LG 'Hes in my bedroom, hes pretty grumpy'..'Teddy there some nice doctors here to see you' and she carefully opens the door only to get a vey grumpy response 'Close the fri!!in door' Dean and Sam can't believe what they are seeing as the girl sadly closes the door 'See what I mean' Dean and Sam just stare at each other dumbfounded! LMAO!
    Poor little girl all she wanted was a 'Teddy that was real and talked...' 'but now hes sad all the time, not ouch sad but ouch in the head, says rude things and smells like the bus.' Dean, 'Um little girl?' She sighs 'Audrey' Dean is a little taken aback but amused 'Audrey, how exactly did your Teddy become real?, Audrey 'I wished for it', Sam 'You wished for it?' Aha a real clue, magic wishes are something he and Dean can sink their teeth into. Audrey 'At the wishing well' Dean takes another look at the bear, who is decidedly more distraught than grumpy now watching the news (come to think of it the news IS pretty depressing these days) 'Look at this, can you believe this crap'..Dean 'Not really! Hehe....Bear 'It is a terrible world, why am I here? Poor Audreys frustrated reply ' For tea parties!' Bear 'Tea parties? *sob* Is that all their is?' *sob* They close the door and now that they have seen a little of what the hell is going on in this town Dean and Sam have to figure out what the hell they are going to do about it!
    I like that the boys are figuring all this out but are still taking into account that that there is an innocent little girl mixed up in all this and lower their voices as they iron out the details. *whispering* Sam 'are we gonna kill this damn bear?, Dean 'How? How? Do we shoot it? Burn it?', Sam 'I dunno, both?' Dean 'We don't know if its gunna work, I don't want some giant flaming pissed off teddy on our hands!' heehee
    After deciding to go to the source of the problem instead of trying to destroy the bear, Dean and Sam very sweetly and a little awkwardly explain the situation to Audrey... Dean 'Hes got lollipop disease, its not uncommon for a bear his size, but its really contagious' (cute Dean and so sincerely put!).. and make sure that she has an adult she can stay with while Teddy is sick. Then they find out exactly where this wishing well is. At the restaurant the bullied boy has just finished making a wish. And after wondering how the thing works Dean decides to test it out and make a wish. Love his cute rebuke when Sam asks him what he wished for. 'Shhh your not supposed to tell' hehe had to be some variation of one or two things and since a gorgeous girl would have been too distracting in the middle of a case a foot long Italian with jalapeno was a good choice! (well until the wish turned around and bit him on the butt, so to speak)
    'Everything points to the well working' 'The Teddy Bear, the sandwich', 'I'm guessing this' as Dean pulls out the newspaper article on the lottery winner. Sam 'Im guessing that' Looking at the 'odd' couple. Dean 'That definitely goes on the list' (I've given up moralising on this, but it is a little annoying and kinda juvenile...grrr) To his credit Dean isn't happy ruining peoples wishes 'What are we supposed to do, stop peoples wishes from coming true? Sounds like a douche thing to do'. But Sam is more wary (maybe because he isn't enjoying a delicious free meal and isn't rooting for the geek to score with the 'prom queen') rightly too and Dean should be as well after what he went through with the Djinn (a little different I know, but he should always know there are ALWAYS consequences) Sam 'Yeah maybe but comeon man, when has something like this ever come without a price tag and usually a deadly one' Dean 'I don't know its a damn good sandwich'
    After posing as health inspectors (so they wont get thrown out of the restaurant for eating outside food, or footlongs even) Dean and Sam have a chance to close the restaurant and study the well. Typical fountain, plaster Buddha, as they ponder their findings or lack thereof, Dean asks Sam what he would wish for, putting forward a scenario that he would wish for his brother (and himself) (uh and already kinda has!) That Sam is happy in his what could have been his life, big yuppie lawyer with a nice car, white picket fence. This is something that a few years ago Sam would have loved, but obviously a lot has happened to Sam since then (that we know of and stuff from when Dean was in Hell that we have yet to learn of) and Sams wish truns out to be much more specific and brutal. 'Its too late to go back to our old lives Dean, I'm not that guy anymore', Dean 'Well what then what would Sammy wish for' (with a smile on his face, even calling Sam, 'Sammy' Not expecting Sams next words), Sam very seriously 'Liliths head on a plate, bloody', Dean, sad for what Sams life has become and for what he couldn't stop happening, looks down 'Okay'. Dean is visibly upset and still looking down he spots a large unusual coin in the fountain. He reaches for it, but it wont budge. Sam 'Lift with your legs' hehe
    Next thing they are walking back into the restaurant looking determined. But no matter what they do they cant budge it. They realise that the coin is magic (finally!lol!) and that 'its hoodoo is protecting the well, as well! Sam takes a rubbing of the coin and asks Dean to look up the design while he checks on something.
    Sam goes to the health spa and catches the invisible boy who is STILL spying on unsuspecting women. Sam realises the boy can turn his power on and off. Love Sams brief look down and deadpan 'put on some pants'
    Meanwhile Dean is on his way back to the hotel and is surprised to see the bullied boy chasing the bullies. The boy stops and sees Dean staring 'Got a problem mister' then resumes the chase. A little surprised, Deans brought back to reality by an ominous rumble in his stomach.
    By the time Sam gets back to the hotel, Dean is very sick, but he has still managed to find out the origin of the coin and what the hell IS going on in this town. 'The coin is Babylonian, its cursed.....fragments of a legend.....Tiamet...babylonian god of chaos....I guess her priest working some serious black magic, they made the coin to sow the seeds of chaos. Whoever tosses the coin in the wishing well, turns on the well, then it starts granting wishes to all comers.
    Sam 'But the wishes get twisted, you ask for a talking teddy...' Dean 'You get a bipolar nut job', Sam 'You get ecoli', Dean 'This thing has turned more than one town upside down, its even wiped a few off the map, I mean one person gets their wish its trouble, but everyone gets their wish....' Sam 'Its chaos, anyway to stop it?'
    The only way to stop the chaos and reverse the wishes is for the original wisher, the one who threw the coin into the well in the first place, to pull it out of the well. So now all Dean and Sam have to do is work out who made the first wish!....'So for now we got a couple of nutsos dreams come true, but once the word gets out about the well, things are going to get crazier and crazier' At those words the scene cuts to 'crazier and crazier', the teddys suicide note scribbled on a blackboard, and teddy getting ready to blow his 'brains' out. Nice idea to pan to the other side of the room and show the stuffing flying through the air after you hear the gun shot. Poor teddy he is miserable and can't even kill himself as we pan back to him still 'alive' sobbing 'why, why!'
    Back to the brothers, it is Sams turn to watch Dean having nightmares. As soon as Dean wakes up he needs a drink to take the edge off the memories plaguing him. Sam is desperate for Dean to open to him. 'The nightmares & drinking, Im with you 24/7'....'I'm your brother, I just wish you would talk to me' (that will get to Dean eventually, it always does) Dean 'Be careful what you wish for'
    Dean just wants to work, he finds the couples month old engagement notice and figures that makes this the oldest wish, so he and Sam are off to visit the 'happy' couple.
    Meanwhile Wes doesn't seem totally comfortable taking advantage of Hope. Her extreme behaviour is worrying him and I'm sure he would rather their love was real. When Dean and Sam arrive posing as florists for Wes & Hopes wedding they see the coin collection and know they were right to suspect Wes as the first wisher. They try to get Wes to confess to the original wish and to convince him that wish has to be reversed.
    Love Jensens little, almost incidental nods to Deans character as he checks Hope out as she leaves to make coffee (and did the same to a random patron earlier in the restaurant). Then Hope overhears the truth and is upset that Dean and Sam want Wes to reverse the spell and wish away their love. Uh Oh!
    I feel a little sorry for Wes, I know what he did to Hope is despicable and more than a little grubby! But after losing his Grandfather and looking forward to a life of loneliness, with the girl of his dreams so close and yet so far, you can understand what drove him to trying out his wish. He probably didn't even think it would really work and when it did he got more than he bargained for. It is obvious he is having second thoughts about winning love in this way. And in the end (admittedly when only the very worst scenario was played out) he made the right decision.
    In the car on the way to the restaurant Wes tries to explain the reasons for what he did, trying to justify it to Dean and Sam as well as himself. He already has misgivings about his wish, but is having trouble seeing how desperate and far reaching the situation will become.
    Sam, 'The wishes go south Wes, your town is going insane', Dean 'C'mon are you gonna sit there and tell me your relationship is functional, that its what you wished for', Wes 'I wished she would love me more than anything', Sam 'Yeah, hows that going that seem healthy to you', Wes 'Well its a heeluva lot better than when she didn't know I was alive' Dean, 'You're not supposed to get what you want man, not like this. Nobody is takes your hearts desires and twists it back on you. You heard the whole be careful what you wish for' Then to prove this point the Chevy hits something. They keep and behind them we hear a pained cry and then see that the peeping Toms invisibility is not always a good thing. Sam 'Did we just hit something', Dean 'I didn't see anything'
    And Wes is still clinging to his shaky logic. Wes 'Careful what you wish for, you know who says that, good looking jerks, like you guys. The ones who've got it so easy, because you happen to be handsome'
    Dean and Sam 'Easy!', Wes 'Yeah women, women look at you right they notice you (ohyeah mm *slap* stop daydreaming about those good looking jerks!.....) uh where was I .....oh yeah.... Sam '......We do NOT have it easy', Dean completely deadpan ( :-( ) 'We are miserable'...'We NEVER get what we want, yeah we have to fight tooth and nail (ooh is that where the idea for the AVSC spell came from?lol!) just to keep whatever it is got!', Sam, being the voice of reason, 'Maybe thats the whole point' and Dean (the voice of a man plagued by hellish memories, depression and more than a hint of self pity!) 'Yeah people are people because they are miserable bastards, cause they never get what they really want'. Sam seems a little shocked and worried by Deans venom, but is determined to keep going down this road of reasoning and convince Wes he needs to take some action 'Right (?), yeah (regathers his thoughts) you get what you want you get crazy. Dean (perhaps trying to cover up his outburst takes a safer more sarcastic tack) 'Take a look at Michael Jackson or Hasselhoff'. Wes, not sounding too sure but grimly holding on to the idea of his perfect love, 'Hope loves me now and its awesome, besides look around where is all this insanity.
    Cue kids screaming and we see our bullied boy has his tormentors holes up in a car which he tips over with the screaming kids inside. Dean 'Well that should cover it! The boys wish has well and truly twisted on him. He is corrupted by power and vengeance, had to smile at his mantra though 'Kneal before Tod, Kneal before Tod' Dean decides to try his winning way with kids and proceeds to give Tod the Spiderman speech. 'With great power comes great responsibility' and gets punched out for his trouble.
    Meanwhile Sam and Wes get to the Restaurant, and the brewing storm turns nasty (note I resisted the urge to say shocking!) Sam is struck by lightning, knocking his shoes clean off! Was this cartoon type image supposed to ease our minds! Eek! I lost my shoe(s)!
    When Wes enters the restaurant and finds Hope inside he realises the lightning strike was her doing (and Deans choking at the hands of Tod works in well with her wish as well.) She had to stop Dean and Sam from forcing Wes to 'unwish' their love. Her desperate act and intense distress is what finally makes Wes realise he has to reverse the wish. He gives her one last kiss and then takes the coin out of the fountain. Immediately Hopes memory of the last month, or so, is erased, she is disorientated, looks at Wes and poignantly says 'Do I know you?' He is alone again. I guess he should count his lucky stars that she cant remember or she would be within her rights to have him arrested!
    Meanwhile Sam comes back to life (yay!) and Dean is finally released from Tods grip when Tod loses his super powers (double yay!) Remarkably (but not really surprisingly) Dean then turns around and convinces the bullies that Tod is still dangerous and that they should steer clear of him. Very cute Dean (Was the fact that Tods behaviour was a result of outside forces corrupting him and twisting him into something he had no control over, strike a chord with Dean? Or on a less hellish track perhaps Dean can see Tods problem from both sides. He spent his childhood as something of a loner, so he knows what it is like to be the odd man out and/or he has admitted to being a bit of a bully when he did actually go to school, so maybe he feels helping Tod is a way of making amends.) either way that little scene was very cute!
    The final scene made this episode for me. After a quick wrap up where we find out that the wishes were reversed (Patched up teddy is back to his old self, sunburned Bali hopping parents are back, the lottery ticket turns out to be a fake etc, etc... ) and Sam has melted the coin down so it cant be used again. We get back to the main story. After Sams earlier 'I'm your brother' plea has played on his mind for a while Dean relents and confesses to Sam that he does remember his time in Hell, that it is with him all the time. Of course Sam wants Dean to tell him what happened, thinking that it may somehow make it easier for Dean to live with if he shares his troubles. But Dean refuses. He doesn't want to talk about it. Its bad enough that it is in his mind forever. He doesn't want Sam to have to deal with the horror. He is trying to protect Sam and to protect himself. He is terrified that if Sam finds out his secret he will not understand. He has to live with his own guilt but to see Sam look at him with disgust, disappointment or even hate would devastate him. I think, or at least I hope, that when all is said and done, God will see fit to wipe these memories from Deans mind or that once Dean confesses everything and has faced whatever demons he has to face that he will have the power to forgive himself and wipe these memories away. The road to redemption that Dean is on may be the only way to purge the guilt and consequently the memories. Like I think I've said before(a few thousand times!) I think that is part of why God pulled Dean out of Hell and that the tasks and decisions ahead of him are stepping stones along that road.
    Even though Wishful Thinking isn't my favourite episode of Season 4, I think I may have been a little hard on it initially and after 2 or 3 viewings I am much more willing to embrace it! I am sorry that as far as Australian screening schedules go it is the finalepsiode for who knows how long. Hopefully it will be back by late February/early March. It would have been nice to end this block with a stronger episode, but Deans confession at the very end, letting Sam in on a little of what he has been going through, was a nice way to reinforce their closeness while still leaving interesting and worrying and worrying questions to be answered. Always leave 'em wanting more! Heres hoping we don't have to wait too long, for Supernaturals return and for the truth about Deans secret! I'm already starting to feel the shakes coming on, the DW&SW SWS(Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester Supernatural Withdrawal Symptoms) must be kicking in! Aaargh!
    Seeya soon I hope! Till then Supernatural Rules! : ) Long Live Supernatural! : )
    Love Raelynne xo
  • Hilarious moments combine with a decent plot to deliver a top notch eposide.

    First off this episode isn't critical to the seasonal plot arc taking place. So expect a little respite from that. Nor is the plot one of the strongest to grace a standalone episode from this show. That said, the plot stands on its own and is catapulted upwards with nigh on scene after scene of wierdness and hilarity. So you can guess that the tone of this particular episode was one of comedy. Its somewhat cliche theme was tempered with some expertly executed scenes involving some delightfully surreal wishes. Event though the consequences involved for the members of the town weren't anywhere near hardcore, there was enough anxiety to keep the plot moving alone and the boys plowing through the episode to ensure a resolute end.

    The twist at the end was quite cute if not so overwhelming, but I couldn't fault any part of the episode in its quality, different choices for locations. Overall the rhythm also worked very well will no real moments where you would consider looking for the remote to check out what was on another channel.

    To top it all off, the scenes involving the depressive teddy and superpowered Todd where simply superb - and made this episode for me.

    Overall this episode keeps up the great quality of the current series and lets us take a break from the main plot. Can be missed, but Id ask - why would you want to!
  • The third comedy instalment of the season and it's certainly the best.

    The third comedy instalment of the season and it's certainly the best: this is laugh-a-minute stuff with a veritable treasure trove of wonderful set pieces that recur in the most creatively ingenious ways possible. The central premise, that a wishing well is activated and begins granting wishes with consequences, is fairly simplistic but it's the execution that shines. Choosing to weave the story around a number of individual narratives that are only glimpsed in passing is a fantastic, and original, technique and one that proves eminently rewarding for the viewer as we gradually get to see the complete picture of their somewhat selfish, and dangerous, dalliances with desire. So we have the young boy desperate to fend off a group of bullies, who wishes for super strength, leading to the hilarious sequence in which he single-handedly overturns a truck ("kneel before Todd!"), the young man walking barefoot (scratch that, just bare) in the women's showers and best of all, the young girl who wishes her teddy bear to life to keep her company and gets more than she bargained for... Incredibly, the production actually carries off the anthropomorphic stuffed animal with suitable aplomb; the sequence is utterly, utterly bizarre but all the more comedic because of it. The script keeps the tone exactly right, balancing the surreal with the banal and injecting sufficient dumb-founded human reaction to mire it in a sense of 'believability' (Sam and Dean's expressions and dialogue are fantastic here). All this and a cameo from Ted Raimi to boot. A definite treat for your funny bone.

    I think Supernatural should its genre from Drama series to Comedy series (Joking) this was another great and very funny episode of Supernatural. This season has been the best so far in my opinoin I'm loving it (sounded like a McDonalds ad there). This episode was about a wishing well where if you throw in a coin and wish it will come true. It was really funny with the giant teddy bear that hated life and tried to commit suicide and Sam and Dean's reaction to seeing him was genuis. This episode had a lot of laughs like the kid with super strength and Dean punch only to get totally owned by the kid and the lad who was invisble getting knocked over was funny. All in all Wishful thinking wwsa another strong and funny episode of the series. 9 out of 10.
  • Not a bad episode, just odd. Does deal with important Dean/Sam stuff though.

    For me, this was possibly the strangest episode to date. A definite filler episode and at first glance, can be dismissed as pointless or frivolous but every now and then has these moments of surprising depth – and I'm not talking about the Dean/Sam moments.

    Let me deal with this first – a wishing well where everyone gets their wish. Let's ignore the fact the series has done wishes before in 'What Is'. From a Hunter's POV, I'm not even sure I would have intervened until much later. No-one dead, no-one maimed, no monsters roaming the streets – I could understand if there was some horrible consequence of a wish (and that would have made far more sense than this), as a similar idea to the consequences of selling your soul but instead, there's just some weirdness but no real 'price' to the wish. I wouldn't even consider the coin evil, never mind actually bothering to deal with it. True, once people found out about it, there would have been chaos and it probably was better to deal with it before it got that far, but really this is a wish-bringer with no consequences. I find that very strange. Really too good to be true.

    Then there's the wishes – 1) A teddy bear with a human mind, driven to suicide by the horror of it's own existence. Seeing the poor thing try and fail to kill itself was actually quite tragic, bizarre as that sounds. Ben Edlund has a twisted mind. 2) Wesley, on the other hand, is straight out of 'Children Shouldn't Play'. The loser who makes a woman unnaturally love him who barely noticed him before. However, the casting of Ted Raimi was good and he brings some real emotion to this storyline which makes it worthy of attention. 3) The bullied kid – annoying and completely pointless, saved only by Dean's role in it all. 4) The invisible boy – cliché and has been done many times before, but it did add some nice humour. 5) Lottery winner – we didn't even meet him. 5) Audrey's parents wish to go to Bali and leave their young child alone at home?! All in all, the wishes were repetitive of either previous SN episodes or concepts used many other times elsewhere. Only the teddy bear story was pretty unique and definitely worth the watching of the episode.

    Now for the real meat of the episode: there's two parts. Sam wastes no time in confronting Dean about Uriel's insistence that Dean remembers Hell. One aspect of season 4 I find disturbing is that Dean and Sam are doing a lot of lying to each other, and here Dean lies straight to Sam's face while looking him straight in the eye. Another disturbing element of this season is that Dean is drinking again. Thankfully it hasn't reached the almost alcoholic proportions of season 2 but it's still worrying. All three scenes about this work very well. 1) The bar: Sam's first reference to Dean's drinking and Dean's too convincing insistence that he doesn't remember. 2) The nightmare – Sam points out that he spends all-day-every-day with Dean and knows that something's wrong, plus the nightmares and the drinking. I did find it a bit hypocritical that Sam says "I'm your brother, I just wish you'd talk to me." – are you conveniently forgetting how many times you've lied to Dean since he got back, Sam? You don't confide in Dean about your fears about your own destiny yet want him to talk about something as horrific and personal as his time in Hell? A short but eloquent scene which definitely tugs at the heartstrings, Sam's sweet, gentle nature kicks in and he's trying to look after Dean, even if Dean doesn't want him to. Dean has never been comfortable with people fussing over him but Sam's taken to worrying a lot about Dean and who can blame him? Their relationship has evolved so much, it's very equal now, very mature. They've both grown up, able to express concern and love for each other without that awkwardness from the early days. 3) Dean finally admits the truth but refuses to talk about it. Totally understandable, how could he put into words what he experienced and what he saw. Talking about it won't help, there's nothing Sam can do or say to make it better – and why burden Sam with the horror of it? All Sam can really do is be supportive and really, just be himself because he's always been good for Dean just by being there. All three scenes are very well written and get the whole thing across without being repetitive or overly sentimental. All completely in character. Beautifully filmed, especially the last scene on the dock, great music too. Very nicely done.

    The other juicy part of this episode is when Dean asks what Sam would wish for and Sam surprises him by replying that he wouldn't wish for a normal life, he'd rather have 'Lilith's head on a plate'. The 'bloody' part is a little disturbing though. Dean's description of the 'big yuppy lawyer with a nice car' is straight out of 'What Is', Dean isn't making this up, he's remembering it! Usually it's at least polite to reciprocate a question like that, Sam strangely doesn't. This scene is important for several reasons. In the early days of Hunting and looking for John, both Dean and Sam wanted normal lives, in 'What Is', Dean's wish created a world where they had those normal lives and Sam really did have the 'white picket fence'. Sam doesn't hesitate – he's not that person any more. He's right, no matter what, they couldn't just live a 'normal' life – too much has happened, they've been through too much and add to that Sam's demonic blood and there you have it. What is interesting is that Sam's 'wish' is very relevant to who and what he is right now – it shows the transformation into a true Hunter as well as his attitude to his demon side. Given the alarming events of last week, it's reassuring to see Sam is still Sam. Dean should have known better than to think Sam would still want that after everything that's happened – is Dean projecting? He'd rather Sam not have his dark destiny and wishing a normal life would certainly take care of that. Whatever Sam is going to become, he's fighting his dark side and there's no doubt he's still our Sam. Makes you wonder what the writers have in store for him.

    The boys are showing an independence they've never had before, together but to some degree living their own separate lives. They're not just living their lives for each other which is what it had gotten down to in previous seasons. I consider this healthy and essential to their growth, and Dean in particular again shows the same maturity that he's been displaying since his return from Hell. He's turned into an exceptional man and it's easy to see why Castiel talks so much about Dean's potential - he really is growing into a true hero, becoming thoughtful and focused, planning before he acts and taking responsibility for his actions.

    Last thoughts:
    - Teddy bear doctors? Is that how far we have sunk? They were actually considering killing the teddy bear! Do you shoot it or burn it, or both?
    - Dean's 'Busty Asian Beauties' turns up in the strangest places and a teddy bear that likes porn, possibly the most disturbing thing in this episode!
    - The boys have been posing as FBI this entire season. It's not like them to use the same credentials all the time, it's pretty dangerous. They've always switched between different badges so not to leave an obvious trail. Sooner or later, it's going to get around the law enforcement community that there are two boys (descriptions included) posing as FBI agents. The last thing they should want is to be fugitives again.
    - It was bound to happen sooner or later – at the Chinese restaurant, Dean pulls out the wrong badge and has to dig through his pockets for the health inspector one.

    A rather pointless episode but not a bad one. It does provide some interesting character insight, as well as Dean's memories from Hell. Not a terribly satisfying episode but definitely worth watching. Next week we're back to Ruby and Sam explains Ruby saved his life. SN doesn't do flashbacks, it's something I respect about the series (unlike 'Lost'), but I would really want to actually see that – Sam's reaction to Dean's return was disturbing even if it was later explained and I would like to see what Sam was like when Ruby found him. Looking forward to it.
  • A change of pace.

    This episode takes the "be careful what you wish for" theme of stories like "The Monkey's Paw" and puts a funny spin on it. The guys investigate reports of women who are apparently being stalked in the showers of a health spa by a ghost. It turns out that the "ghost" is a teenaged boy whose hormones led him to wish for invisibility. They discover that other residents in the town are also getting their hearts' desires. Such as the little girl whose teddy bear grows to the size of a grizzly and comes to neurotic life. And the little boy, victimized by a trio of bullies, who becomes super strong and invulnerable. And a homely, lonely man who is suddenly idolized by a hot chick. The guys determine that all of this results from a cursed coin tossed into a restaurant's wishing well (or fountain). The curse, of course, means the wishes come with higly unpleasant consequences. This is silly but fun, a nice change of pace.
  • This episodes started out hilarious, when the giant teddy bear first made an appearance I laughed. Then it turned sad and serious.

    This episodes started out hilarious, when the giant teddy bear first made an appearance I laughed. Then it turned sad and serious. I actually liked it however. It made me really think of why peoples wishes should not come true because if they did they would be literally creating chaos in a world where there is so much already. Many of the wishes that came true in the episode were more of the common ones expected when people make wishes but they took it in a different way. It made me think differently as well which I liked.

    I felt like the ending where Sam and Dean have the heart to heart really makes the audience have that brother relationship dynamic that makes the show what it is besides all the supernatural stuff. Over all this episode was a good one, there have been better ones but it still works for me.
  • Even though they have never done an episode like this at all, it still had everything we have have come to love in an episode.

    When I saw the teaser for this episode, after last week's episode, I actually thought it was a little silly and wasn't really looking forward to this episode... I should have known better than to think that. With how awesome this season has been, how could I have thought that?

    Even though they have never done an episode like this at all, it still had everything we have have come to love in an episode. Especially the humor. Seriously, Teddy Bear Doctors? Who thinks up this stuff. Ben Edlund that's who. He has already written several great episodes of Supernatural as well as been a writer on Firefly and Angel. He wrote what is widely regarded, and in my opinion, the best episode of Angel: Smile Time. I am a huge fan of this guy.

    Anyway, I thought that the supernatural stuff the brothers were investigating was interesting enough. Not much really happened though. The story itself was pretty stand alone, with a little bit of the over lying plot of the season thrown in there at the end. What really drew me in to the episode was the great dialogue. This is television writing at it's best.
  • Wishes, wishes, so many wishes!

    I wasn't too happy about the idea of tracking down ghost that accost's women and showering so I was happy when the show veered off in a completely different directions.

    Sam and Dean as Teddy bear doctors was funny. Audrey was really a cute child. The fact that the teddy attempted suicide was creepy.

    The red headed kid's wish was a little creepy; though, it was nice to see the bullies running for their lives until he tried to take them out. Poor Dean trying to impart movie wisdom to the kid.

    I was hoping the couple was legit. It was perverse trying to control that poor girl, and making her serve his every desire. I would even say criminal.

    He cause her to wish Sam dead. Good thing the coin was pulled out in time. I really didn't feel sorry for the guy after his "slave" didn't know who he was.

    Dean remembers! I hope he can cope without turning into an alcoholic. I suspect Dean's drinking will increase in future episodes, and eventually come to ahead. Maybe Castiel can take away the memories of hell for a reward. Just a thought!
  • Ben Edlund delivers once again: another wonderful comedic episode, with a tragic, heartfelt twist near the end.

    And with the end let's we start. Dean finally reveals to Sam that he remembers his time in Hell, and - as much as Sam would like to support his brother and help him relieving the burden - he's also adamant: he won't, he can't tell Sam about what was it like in the Pit, because there are no words for the horrors he saw and there's nothing Sam could say or do that would make it better. It's an heartfelt, harrowing moment between Dean and his brother, the consciousness of a hiatus that heralds the chasm that will divide them before the end of the season. But 'Wishful Thinking' is not only this heart-wrenching revelation: it is also a suicidal teddy bear, an invisible peeping tom, a lovable nerd and a jalapeno sandwich. What the heck do these things have in common? Ben Endlund's geniality, because once again the talented writer has concocted an episode - briskly shot by Robert Singer - that is both unbelievably funny ("Kneel before Todd!"), endearing (the story of Wes and Hope, and their sad parting) and out-of-your-mind wacky (the teddy bear). And all of this with an epic twist to boot. What can you wish more than this?
  • Brilliant idea!

    I don't think this episode was as great as some people make it out to be. To defend myself, I think many parts just could have been better. This idea is something that could have a movie written about it, so I know it's hard to compress it down into 45 minutes, but still. I think they could have brought in more angst. Like, Dean is getting choked by a little kid, so they could have drawn on that a bit more. Sam dies! So, I think Dean should have seen it happen, freaked out, then get attacked by Todd or something. So, things could have been better...

    But don't get me wrong! This episode was friggin' brilliant! Loved T. Bear. I could image his whole name being Ted E. Bear (like Wile E. Coyote). But that part was awesome. Loved the Superman reference, "Kneel before Todd(Zod)" and Spiderman, "With great power comes great..." La da da. This episode was so funny. I mean, how many times do the boys get to see something like that! Awesome awesome episode. Nice to see that story line covered!
  • To wish supernatural things...

    For the first time this season I was less than thrilled with a "Supernatural" episode. Well, not in the traditional "less than thrilled" sense - as it was still a very good ep - but I don't think it deserved a perfect 10 this time. This week's ep reminded me a great deal of the format of season 2's 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things': the entire first 3/4 covered the weekly oogity-boogity which left me feeling wanting something more; I got no real enjoyment from it, and then the last scene ended the ep with a very serious, heartbreaking Dean moment. Granted, this ep's spook story was highly more entertaining to me than the zombie plot from CSPWDT, but the end scene with Dean's description of his time in Hell wasn't as dramatic as the one where he broke down in tears over what John did with his deal in that same ep back then. So there's kind of a reversal thing going on. And, yes, there have several other eps in this same format since then, but for some reason CSPWDT was the one this deja vu'd me.

    As I said above, "less than thrilled" may be too strong a phrase to use here. But I def had mixed feelings with the whole wishing well story, most particularly the results it caused throughout town. Once again, it is a unique idea and highly praised as such. A magical coin in a fountain made for a very clever premise, sorta like the rabbit's foot from last year's BDABR. The brothers are once again faced with having to battle with the idea of something rather than an actual being. Although, of course, there had to be actual beings working the mojo somehow in order to kick the action into gear, hence the nerdy guy Wes and his wish for true love that started the whole thing. Now, this part of the story didn't really interest me - kind of a knock-off to CSPWDT in the fact that both are about a guy going all supernatural for true love, only for it to go south in the end - as it was a wee derivative for me. However, as much as this show likes to twist and I kinda expected it to here when I saw the girl at the fountain making a wish, I expected that it was her to have worked the mojo in the first place. But no, it was Wes all along. So that kinda threw me, but still, in the end it was The perverted invisible guy thing was just sick. Okay, yes, it was funny when they accidentally ran over him with the car, but that's about all I'll say on this one. Arguably, the best (albeit most ridiculous) one has got to be the teddy bear, if only for the reactions on Dean's and Sam's faces to it alone. The looks on their gorgeous faces when they saw that was worth the price of admission all by itself. Now, the little boy with the super strength going after his bully peers was dull, but with Dean added to this mix it became more bearable as it was a hoot to see how he ended this. To sum up, all of these subplot "wish" stories had their bad, super-silly, over-the-top moments, but there were good ones as well, especially when they involved the brothers. And trying to view it from a big picture perspective, I guess it fits in pretty well with the genre as, after all, it IS supernatural stuff - things beyond this world that are most def inconceivable, yet still very powerful, no matter what the magnitude.

    Of course, as with any SN ep, the best parts are always the bros. Before I comment on Dean's ending scene, which was the whole bread and butter of the ep to me, I would like to talk about the one short scene where Dean asks Sam what he'd wish for. This was a very important moment as it showed just how much Sam has grown into his role as a hunter, and possibly more. Dean seems to think that his little brother still has the desire to return to his "normal, apple pie life". Sam surprises him by saying "no", which is actually no surprise to me. I have personally felt for a long time now that Sam has embraced the hunting lifestyle, and he's even gone so far as to enhance his powers. I'm starting to sense a Dark Willow thing happening with him - maybe not in precise motives, but for sure in similar structures. For instance, Dean's death left him alone and vulnerable, so his instinct was to protect himself, and probably felt the need for revenge against Lilith, so he decided to reopen the doorway to his powers and put them to use. And in the process, probably got to the point where hold and is overwhelming him with a sense of purpose, therefore making him realize he really doesn't want to return to a normal life (or at least THINK he doesn't). Personally, I think it's both interesting and sorta scary at the same time that he mentions it's too late to go back to his old life. Whether he really does want to go back or not has actually become irrelevant. It seems to me that his decisions of late are based on what his new powers and purpose are leading him to, and how far he may be willing to take them, no matter what Dean's objections.

    Then again, who's to say that Dean asking Sam if he'd choose to go back to "normal" was really Dean's wish, not Sam's? It would make sense: Dean is still scared of Sam's growing powers, he's never made a secret of it. So why wouldn't he wish that Sam would choose to be "normal" again, a place of safety that Dean knows Sam would fit into? Of course, all of this is simply speculation on my part, but that is the vibe I can't help feeling right now with these two. But for the moment I would like to concentrate on the last scene of the ep. Dean finally lets Sam (and us) in on what his experience in Hell was like. The kicker: he actually doesn't. He tells Sam flat out that he refuses to talk about it. But one thing is for certain: it def wasn't fun. While this scene wasn't as epic on the surface as it was when Dean broke down in tears at the end of CSPWDT, it was just as heartbreaking in its subtlety here. Let me explain: by not revealing just how horrible Hell is, it reminds me of the descriptions of it given a couple times last year by that Casey demon girl in 'Sin City' and then by Ruby in 'Malleus Maleficarum' - both were pretty vague in their descriptions of Hell, but nothing too literal. Even Dean was at a somewhat loss for words of Hell here, saying "there aren't words" to describe the things he saw there. I'm sure we'll learn more about Dean's experiences there in time, but for now these kinds of things leave the imagination up to us, and that can be very powerful emotionally when it is finally let out. And letting it out is something Dean better do soon. Totally understandable to not want to talk about something so terrible that it can't be described, but to keep it bottled up? Well, we all know the drill....

    Bits and Pieces:
    - The goofy waiter with an affliction to say "awesome" a lot at the beginning was funny, but got annoyingly needless pretty fast.
    - Nice bit of continuity: "Busty Asian Beauties" - Dean's fave website - is now revealed to have a magazine. LOL

    Just a personal choice, but I'm giving this one a 9.5. It was not terrible at all, I just had mixed feelings about it, not all of which were really good ones. It looks as though some creepy girl is coming into play next week. Should be interesting.
  • The wonchester investigate a town where wishes come true.. with a twist!

    At first I thought it would be a sad episode but I was wrong!The boys goes to Convert,a small town where people make wishes that are granted but with a twist!So A little girl wished her teddy would come to live,and he did but its a huge grumpy-depressed Teddy that tries to kill himself!They found the fountain where the wishes are made and realise its an old coin that started everything.No whtey need to find the first wisher and make him(or her) take her coin back.Is it the the millionaire winner?The strong boy that kick Deans butt?The nerd and beautiful woman couple?In this episode,Sam dies again..but thankfully it was not for long.
    It was a really funny episode and I still laught when I think of that big creepy Teddy that tried to kill himself and al you see is plush flying in the air!!
    This season rocks!!
  • one word: Dean it's awsome!

    Hi super fans! Another great time! Uh!

    First: I love the allussions about movies, books or classic series used by produciers in supernatural. that's prove our show it's worry to bring us more the funny and advertising, but too culture. Go tiger!

    Second: It's hard to say what's too much funny in episode, But I think the Teddy bear really hilarius ahahahhahha my god the faces the boys when they looked the bear my god! fabulous !

    Third: Finally! dean opens his heart, and confess that he remenber everething about in the hell. The end it's too sad,because evereytime when I saw dean so emocinon dude! makes me cry! But he nedds a time, whatever it's too hard the time his pass in the hell, and I think that sam undrestand this!

    Four: The episode it's softy! but I like it!

    see you later guys!

    kiss cau!
  • an extremely bizarre episode

    After the exciting, pivotal last episode, Supernatural takes another break from the angel/demon war, probably because Eric Kripke feels people need a break from the suspense and to still keep the suspense going. What happens in this episode is hands-down the most bizarre case the Winchesters have ever faced, topping even the craziness of the trickster episodes, the rabbit's foot episode, and Yellow Fever. A wishing well coin turns wishes true. Simple right? Wrong. There's a mismatched couple, a boy with superstrength, and a huge talking and depressed teddy bear. Yup, a teddy bear. That's THE most bizarre moment in Supernatural history. It was so bizarre, I can understand if some people feel it was jumping the shark, it was so weird. It was funny and out of place, I was on the point of laughter and confusion. I got to say, if that was done on anything but Supernatural, the results of that would have been disasterous. Another questionable moment was when Dean pulled the gun on that guy. The angel/demon war is barely touched on. Sam does confront Dean on what Uriel told him; that Dean remembers Hell. Dean intially writes it off, promising he doesn't remember anything and Sam lets it go because Dean usually tells the truth on this stuff. It takes to the end of the episode to admit that Dean was lying. He remembers everything about Hell. Not just a couple of flashes but everything. The whole deal. The reasons why he kept it from Sam are reasonable: It would freak anyone out to remember that ordeal and Dean's trying to forget everything about it but he can't. And he knows Sam wants to help him but there isn't anything Sam can do to help him through it. It's something he has to deal with. He won't tell Sam anything but it won't last; spoiler: He'll tell Sam everything in two weeks. For now, Dean's keeping quiet. Dean walks away from Sam at the end, Sam at a loss of words. Subtly, this moment also further draws on how divided Sam and Dean have become. Sam is slowly turning into a monster and Dean is being recruited by Heaven to stop the demons and Sam. Sam won't let Dean help him with his demonic powers, feeling Dean can't help him and Dean won't let Sam help him after his traumatic Hell experience. Sam has lied to Dean about his demonic powers and Dean was lying about his memory. They are brothers and they're stick together no matter what until the end, but the divide is going to get worse at the end because I believe that Dean will be forced to kill Sam for whatever reason. Next week, the brothers meet up again with Uriel and Castiel, this time trying to stop them from harming a woman who can hear angel speak. Exciting. The angel/demon war is heating up.
  • Whatever you do, don't make a wish!!

    In a small way, this episode was like a unrelated sequel to WIAWSNB. Back in season 2, we saw wishes get fufilled in a life sucking dream sequence and now they've been granted up close and personal. Overall, this was a pretty decent episode. The wishes were very comical and really related to real people. The bullied boy who wanted to turn the tables on the bullies, a little girl who wanted a real life like teddy bear to have tea parties with and a nerdy love sick man who wanted his dream girl. Ted Raimi was great in this episode and you really feel bad for his character in the end, giving up his dream for the greater good. I wasn't sure what to think of the bi polar alocholic Teddy bear. Trying to blow his stuffed brains out was funny but creepy and weird. The invisible teenage pervert was hilarious!! And Dean finally somewhat opened up about his time in Hell. His reasons for not wanting to talk to Sam are understandable and it was great how he described Hell. And poor Sam got struck by lightning!! Although a little light, this episode was enjoyable and kept me watching. Next week we get back to the more serious storylines. See you all next week!!
  • ok, while it may not have been an alternate reality, it was rather out of the ordinary. While this was rather cheesy, it was definently a good cheesy.

    ok, while it may not have been an alternate reality, it was rather out of the ordinary. While this was rather cheesy, it was definently a good cheesy. For example, a giant suicidal teddy bear? A super strong kid with anger management issues? And my personal favorite, Sam getting struck by a random bolt of lightning? These were muy comico scenes, but they really weren't up to Supernatural's top standard. All is well though because they filled the episode with tons of comedy, some that is funnier being in the outside looking in. For example, Sam's working book title called "Supernatural" and the nerdy dude calling Sam and Dean hot and that they must have all the girls looking at them all the time. You gotta love this show's humor. I know I do. Oh and I cannot forget my favorite moment of the night. After the nerdy dude recognizes Dean and Sam as the health inspectors, Sam says their florists on the sides, and the oh so clever Dean adds in "and FBI, and on Thrusdays, we're teddy doctors." Oh you have to love those two.

    My most upsetting part of the show? No Misha Collins. Oh well, next week will have him in it I hope.

    Finally, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed how they incorporated Sam questioning Dean about his rememberance of hell. It was just the right amount of seriousness with the light-heartedness of the episode.

    ok, so if anyone actually took their time out to read this, I apologize for it not being that great. I, personally do not believe it is the best article I have written, but oh well, too late now. Peace.
  • A town makes wishes.

    I thought this episode was good. Not my favorite, but it had my favorite actors in it :D (Hint: Jared and Jensen)

    I found myself laughing at most of the stuff, like most every episode but I'm glad that they took a break from the "Lilith" plotline (even though I love it) and went back to doing hunting for a bit.

    I'm very curious to find out what happened to Dean when he was in Hell and what happened to Sam when Dean was in hell. Many mysterious still need solved, but I'm hoping Kripke tells us before killing another one of the boys :(

    Good episode! As always, great job Jared and Jensen!
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