Season 4 Episode 6

Yellow Fever

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on The CW

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  • oh my god!! Hilarious!!

    Damn this was one hillarious episode...

    and the cat in the locker thing was probably the most funniest scene of the entire supernatural series!!
  • So far, the funniest episode!!

    Loved watching Dean in this episode! Screaming and running away from that cat! It was great. Nice change from the seriousness of what is happening around them.

  • The theme song to Rocky III. The track won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group. The highlight of the episode I watched today. And we have our very own Dean Winchester performing it towards the end! Jensen Ackles - Eye Of The Tiger

    Oh my my! The two most craziest supernatural episodes aired back to back! First Monster Movie and now This! The last two minutes were hilarious, and for some reason, I personally didn't seem to miss the spooks and the hard -hitting action. I guess the brothers needed a little time off from the ghosts and demon life as well. In short, well done.
    Other than the story and the episode climax, the only other thing that stood out the most was obviously Dean's 1 man gig in his good ol' Chevy Impala. one of the most hilarious episodes I've seen yet.
    I'm always going to remember this episode. Nothing beats the good ol' humor brought to you by Dean Winchester!
  • TWO comedy episodes in a row? What are you playing at, Supernatural?

    TWO comedy episodes in a row? What are you playing at, Supernatural? 'Yellow Fever' is more of a traditional giggleathon than 'Monster Movie' however, and this sets it apart from its predecessor. Where Edlund's script relied on subtle nuances and nods to narrative convention to generate the occasional wry smirk, Loflin and Dabb's sprinkles a dash of slapstick here and a dollop of hyperbole there to create a veritable bucket load of belly-laughs that ride the crest of a decidedly ludicrous narratalogical wave. Once again, Jensen Ackles steals the show, proving he can do clumsy, scared and awkward just as well as he can convince us all of Dean Winchester's bravado. Jared Padalecki plays well off him too: a simple glance in his general direction is enough to induce a healthy dose of the funnies. There's also some fantastic set pieces: the pre-credits sequence is a joy to behold (the teeny tiny dog is priceless), the overly clean Sheriff is wonderfully portrayed and the scene in which Dean hallucinates Lillith is spooky enough to virtually eradicate all of the good feeling generated by the episode's earlier dalliances with humour. A highly entertaining ride and one that's worth sticking around 'til the end for for Jensen Ackles' 'performance' of 'Eye of the Tiger'. Yes, you read that right.
  • Very interesting episode which poses many questions. all the while telling an emotional story about a sad outcast.

    At their first episode for 'Supernatural', Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin deliver a good episode that is both a melancholic, emotional 'monster of the week' flick about a sad, abused outcast and s subtle piece of the over-arching mythology (what happened to Dean while he was in Hell? Why the 'ghost disease' affected only him and not Sam?). The direction by Phil Sgriccia made up for many scary moments - the death vision, Lilith's hallucinations and, first and foremost, Sam with yellow wyes - as well as many light-hearted, comedic sequences, like the cat in the locker or the chasing dog that sounds like a Hellhound but looks like the cutest thing ever. But what really touched me was Luther's story of harassment and abuse - a story that was really heartfelt and delicate, and a story that, even if it was to save Dean, made me feel really sorry for what Sam had to do to get rid of him. This is the kind of ethical ambiguity that makes 'Supernatural' the great show it is.
  • Exactly Why I Watch This Series!

    This was yet another hilarious episode. I love this show, its so great! And at the end we got a special treat. Jensen Ackles singing and dancing to Eye Of The Tiger. One word: hilarious!

    In this episode people are become very paranoid and it was hilarious to see this side of Dean. He was scared to go after a guy because they had their fake FBI badges. Haha. And he screamed when he saw a cat in a locker! That part was so funny.

    The episode was excellent from start to finish. And the beginning was great and pulled you right in - Dean scared to death of a little Yorkie running after him. LOL.

    Great epi!
  • Two funny ones in a row. This episode was a lovely break from all the "end of the world" stuff.. Dean gets infected with "Yellow Fever" and becomes paranoid.. Excellent acting, HILARIOUS episode. one of my favs

    This episode came as a lovely break from the last few episodes and the "end of the world" ordeal. Supernatural felt like the old supernatural and it was such a lovely thing.

    Sam and Dean are on the road again and they find out that some people are healthy yet dying from heart-attacks. As the investigate, they figure out that those people have been scared to death. Dean gets infected and becomes extremely paranoid. which is VERY HILARIOUS, he screams and runs like a girl from seeing shadows or seeing a cat or being chased by a dog. This episode just shows how good of an actor Jensen Ackles. kudos on the awesome episode.
  • Yellow Fever is a wonderfully warped episode, I loved it!

    I guess similar in some ways to Mystery Spot, where there are hilarious things going on, but they are the result of horrendous things happening to Dean. While the cheesy humour and nostalgic feel of last weeks ep. was a nice break, the humour in Yellow Fever has a decidedly nasty feel and we see Dean and Sam thrown straight back into the turmoil of 'their' everyday life. It is wonderful to watch (sorry guys). Deans gradual transformation into a jabbering coward was a hoot ('n a holler) proving once again what a fine comic actor Jensen is, and what a hilarious straight man Jared is. He gives Sams reactions exactly the right amount of exasperation, sympathy and amusement. (shades of Bad Day at Black Rock, with the roles reversed)]

    A seemingly straightforward case (well, for them anyway) turns into Deans worst nightmare and is a great device to let the viewers in on the fact that Dean remembers every detail of his time in Hell (or perhaps more rightly confirming suspicions hinted at in previous episodes). As well as raising questions about what he did while he was there. How could he have used fear as a weapon down there to make him vulnerable to the Ghost sickness? What is he feeling guilty about? And how can Dean possibly think he is to blame? Grrr it makes me so angry when these demons exploit Deans lack of self worth! Whatever Dean was forced to do in Hell is the complete opposite of who he actually is, or who he wants to be. As far as I am concerned, my idea is that Hell is the realisation of all your worst fears. Physical torture (or the idea of it, I mean you don't actually have your body so would that make it metaphysical torture) is bad enough for Dean but the demons would rather mess with his mind and completely strip away the selflessness and heroic personality that has been their bane. So they would have had Dean living out his worst fears and make him believe that he was a willing and eager participant. Completely crushing his spirit in the process, (or at least trying to.) Aaargh!! Those bastards! (they killed Kenny! Oops wrong show....uh just a quick detour, if you guys want to see a funny YouTube vid, try 'Supernatural in the Park' perfect synchronisation, and hilarious!! Okay enough frivolity back to YF)

    If there are any positives to take out of this experience, it could be that once he admits what happened and can get past it, Dean could have an even clearer understanding of what they are up against in the upcoming battle and may even have an idea about possible weaknesses.

    Back to the beginning of this wonderful episode, a gorgeously funny flashforward. Great visual, after the look on Deans face and the Hell Hound sound affects in his head, you see the reason for his terror. A sweet pink-bowed little puppy (of course if Dean could remember his encounter with another cute little doggy in Mystery spot maybe he would have real reason to be ascared! He doesn't seem to have much luck with pooches does he? ...hehe one even followed Jensen to the set of MBV, very cute what an awesome 'coincidental' touch)

    Still loving the intro, it sounds more ominous every time I hear it.

    And then our case starts 43 hours earlier. An interesting case, but pretty straightforward and we are back in the morgue, always a pleasure! With Agents Tyler and Perry (yay! Love the classic rock, Aerosmith, ref. *sings* Deanys got a gun...aargh but he is too scared to carry it! Sorry that comes later) The look on Deans face when the coroner plonks Franks heart in his hand is a classic and then his delight when Sam gets squirted with the spleen juice is even better! Eeww, nice gory visual there guys, thanks! Lol!

    A visit to the Sheriffs office (great cameo by Jack Conley, a familiar face from 'Angel '(a recurring role as Sahjhan a Granok demon) and 'Buffy TVS' (as hunter Cain in the 'Phases' episode) as well as numerous other TV and movie, 'Apollo 13', 'Get Shorty', 'Half Past Dead 2' roles, love to see actors from the Whedon 'verse pop up in Supernatural..eee..still waiting for Nicholas Brendon to play an uber demon!! Hint hint Eric) shows us a prime potential target for the Ghost sickness, a clean freak whose obsession would be amplified and used against him, with close ties to the murdered man.

    The signs of Deans infection are wonderfully subtle at first, and bewildering to Sam and to Dean himself. 'I don't like the look of those teenagers' he says as he finds an alternate route. Hehe I was waiting for My Chemical Romances 'Teenagers' to start playing. Not exactly classic rock (yet) though so, eh.

    And then his encounter with 'Donnie' and 'Marie' (I wonder which one is a little bit country and which one is a little bit rock and roll with those two...uh sorry younguns thats an old gal ref.) 'Its Marie you have to watch out for, she smells fear.' Mark Hutchins seems to delight in Deans fear. Maybe he sees Dean as the 'dick' type and more than likely being a victim of bullying he loves the fact that his animals scared a so called tough guy. Or maybe Marks just a creepy little snake loving nerd with a mean streak.......(sorry Dean in peril or being mocked does strange things to me, especially when his own defences are on the fritz!) As Deans behaviour gets more unusual it starts to freak him out. You know something is terribly wrong when Sam points out in amazement that Dean is sticking to the speed limit, and even more when Deans reply to this is 'What? Safetys a crime? I loved Deans reactions after Sams asks him what he is doing next. Dean 'I'm not going to make a left hand turn into oncoming traffic, I'm not suicidal!...Did I just say that, thats kinda weird' and then the EMF goes off, getting louder as it gets near him.. 'Am I haunted, Am I haunted!' hehe

    And then..aaahh.. the next scene. I'm loving Deans predicament more and more, especially since it gave us the Eye of the Tiger Scene. After seeing the Youtube outake vid, it was nice to see the actual scene in the ep. It is natural for Dean to see his beloved Chevy as a safe haven (especially when it is standing still! Eek!) and it is so cute that Dean is trying to gather up some courage rocking out to that type of inspirational song. Also funny and disturbing that Dean thinks the donuts are too risky a snack to indulge in.
    It is a little rough and very funny when after talking to Bobby (yay!) Sam finds out that a Ghost sickness is causing the deaths and that one of the clear patterns emerging is that it infects 'dicks'. Deans indignation is hilarious, and Sam tries to placate him explaining that their lifestyle could explain it, to which Dean jumps in 'then you're a dick too!' love Sams smirk 'Apparently not!' Poor

    The whole using fear as a weapon, or having a guilty secret thing COULD possibly relate to either brother, as far as things they may have done in their particular line of work or unknown events either could have experienced in the last four months, but as it has already been established in Croatoan (croa, creation, crawfish!) the demon blood in Sams system gives him some kind of immunity to supernatural viruses. I know that is not the reason given in this episode but I think it still applies. It is definitely something Dean and Sam should have thought of, or at least Sam, considering Dean is not exactly capable of rational thoughts. I know neither knew the real deal in Croatoan was a test, but they knew there was some kind of immunity there and after finding out about the demon blood in Sams system both are smart enough to figure out the ramifications.

    Anyhoo later on we find out the real reason Dean got infected.
    (I don't know whether I should be happy or insulted that Eric felt he had to explain to fans that he wasn't calling Dean a 'dick'. Were some fans really bothered by a little teasing? And did Eric think we had all of a sudden lost our sense of humour? On the other hand it does show that Eric cares about the fans and is willing to keep up a dialogue with us if he feels we have concerns about the show. (For the record he reiterated what we already know...that Dean is a true hero and he would never trivialise his character.....and that matters touched on in Yellow Fever will be revealed in time)

    Back to Deans descent into paranoia. We get a very dramatic clue revelation when after a little self pitying rant 'Nice to have my head on the chopping block again, forgot how wonderful that was, friggin delightful!' Dean coughs up blood and a wood chip. And he is not impressed when Sam realises what they have had all the time. 'We've been ignoring the biggest clue we have, YOU'. A fact Dean would have jumped on as well if anyone else had of coughed up the chip, instead he sulks 'I don't want to be a clue. (Poor baby he is so darned cute, I don't know whether I want to slap him upside the head (a la Gibbs on NCIS) and tell him to snap out of it because he is freaking me out or give him a big hug and protect him from any nasties!...ah .. a little from column A and a little from column B!)

    Off to the lumberyard and the funniest moments in the episode or all season for that matter. Starting off with Deans cowardly display before going inside. 'Im not going in there....Its a little spooky isn't it (!lol)... Im not carrying that it could go off! (aargh!)........Ill man the flashlight (ugh!)' and Sams perfectly understated exasperated reply 'You do that' (hehe). I loved watching the multitude of reactions Sam has to the changes in Deans behaviour, from disbelief, worry, sympathy, amusement and frustration. He is certainly seeing a side of his brother that he has never seen before! (Probably even scarier than the side he saw at the beginning of 'The Magnificent Seven' Season 3! My mind is still boggling, thinking about what Sam saw at that time! Lol!)

    The tension built up and then released in Deans shockingly girlish scream when Sam opened the locker and the cat jumped out, was so perfect! Topped off by the expression on his face and his tone of voice when he says 'That was scary! OMG! LMAO and Sams exasperation and Dean following him out with a squeaky 'What?' Scariest funny scene ever!! (but I still want normal Dean back!) and then finally seeing Dean run off terrified by the ghost and more importantly (and disturbingly) so scared that he abandons Sam was so, so very wrong and so hilarious!

    Off to the Sheriffs office and Deans usual cockiness and barely disguised contempt for authority is replaced by a fear and alcohol fuelled Dean....loved the 'You're awesome' to the bemused deputy(? sorry not 100% sure of his rank). We see the absent Sheriff has been infected by the ghost sickness, complete with a nice gory visual of him trying to cleanse himself of the road rash by scrubbing it away with steel wool, eek! Luckily Sam is clear headed gets the information he needs from young Mr 'Awesome'!and he and Dean are off to see Luthers brother, who reveals the truth about why & how his brother was killed, and by whom. Does Luthers brothers comment 'Thats fear, it spreads and spreads' mean he has an idea that something Supernatural is going on, and that he believes his brothers spirit is responsible. Or maybe is just glad these people are getting what they deserve, and he was just the perfect character to say that line?

    Deans behaviour gets scarier and scarier after Sam realises that the scratches on Deans arms are road rash and that Dean (along with the other victims) is experiencing Luthers death in slow motion and Dean starts to question what the Hell he and Sam are doing living this lifestyle at all! 'I mean, come on, we hunt monsters. What the hell?!? I mean, normal people, they see a monster and run. No, no, we search out things that want to kill us. Yeah? Huh? Or eat us! You know who does that? Crazy people! We… are insane. You know, then there's the bad diner food and then the skeevy motel rooms and the truck-stop waitress with the bizarre rash. I mean, who wants this life, Sam? Huh? Seriously? Do you actually like being stuck in a car with me eight hours a day, every single day. I don't think so. I mean, I drive too fast and I listen to the same five albums over and over and over again and, and I sing along and I'm annoying, I know that. And you… you're gassy. You eat half a burrito and you get toxic! ..His rant would actually be pretty normal coming from and ordinary person, but coming from Dean it is very disturbing! And also very funny, especially when he describes the part of their life that takes place in the Chevy. I love the seemingly random points he uses to emphasise his craziness.'I listen to the same 5 albums over and over' Deans relationship to his favourite music is well known and I love any recognition of the importance of music in his life. Considering their nomadic lifestyle and their financial circumstances, music and the Chevy are the only lasting indulgences Dean has to make his life bearable, so to attack his music is very serious! (um..I know he has food and sex too, but they come & to speak)

    Anyway whats wrong with playing the same 5 favourite albums over and over? Hmm lets see, Grace, Led Zep 4, Face to Face, Parallel Lines, Stripped Down, This Years Model, Back in Black, Long Trip Alone, Golden Road, Groovin on the Inside, Physical Graffiti, Nevermind.. etc, etc.......uh okay, so I guess I play a lot more than 5 over and over and I suppose it would get annoying to anyone other than me! (sorry S & B)

    And I loved Deans reference to Sams gassy problem! Aahh potent memories of the car scene in the Season 2 bloopers fills my mind (luckily not my nose)
    And now that Dean is pretty much consumed by his fears we can understand how he got to the point we saw him at in the opening sequence.

    When Sam finally turns up at the motel he is surprised (and relieved) to find Dean. 'How did you get here?' and both seem surprised. 'I ran'. Luckily Dean is strong and healthy (and apparently came back from hell all 'new and shiny') or his heart would be close to giving out then and there. (is this another test of his mental and physical strength that God is putting him through so that he is prepared for the battles to come? How many more will he and Sam have to endure before they are ready I wonder? I suppose EVERYTHING they have gone through in life is leading up to their particular destinies) Deans weakened state gives the writers a perfect opportunity to reinforce what we know are his greatest fears, and to let us in on the fact that Dean remembers EVERY detail of his time in Hell and that he has his own awful secret that he is keeping from Sam.

    Deans hallucination about Sam becoming a demon would have to be his biggest fear for Sam and one of the biggest for himself. And when we hear the hellhounds and see Deans reaction to the hallucination of Lilith, it is obvious returning to Hell and reliving (or redeading?) what happened to him there is his biggest personal fear (proving that he shouldn't blame himself because whatever he did is so abhorrent to him, besides God wouldn't have bothered springing him from Hades if he thought Dean was guilty....sorry getting carried away, again...). Uh where were we, oh yeah deans hallucination of Liliths nasty 'Don't you remember all the fun you had down there, you remember every detail' Little Lilith is as creepy as ever and when she hugs Dean after he pleads to her 'Why me? Why did I get infected' and responds with 'Silly Goose, you know why' my skin crawled. Great little actress.

    After seeing the Sheriff die from a fear and rage induced heart attack earlier the persistent childlike BaBoom! BaBoom! of Lilith would be terrifying to Dean. Even though Sam rang Dean and told him he had a plan Dean is in no state to be patient or calm, even when he knows Bobby is there to help as well.

    Speaking of Bobby(Yay!), his arrival is as always a Godsend to the brothers, and of course he has some important information about what is causing the ghost sickness. Loved his Japanese by the way, not that I would know either way, but he sounded very convincing. Sams idea of how to finally put Luthers spirit to rest is unusual to say the least and although he is not 100% sure it will work Sam is desperate to save Dean. 'I have a good plan' he tells Dean, trying to give him some hope. 'It is a terrible plan' counters Bobby when Sam gets off the phone. But he goes along with Sam because it is all they have and time is running out for Dean.

    Although Sam is desperate to save Dean before he dies (again!) I did feel sorry for Luther, it is not a wonder he turned into a vengeful spirit after such a terrifying and senseless death. The fear he felt and his need for revenge kept him earthbound and transformed him into a very dangerous spirit with a unique power, a virus to unleash on his enemies. Pity he did not stop after killing Frank, but then Frank was not the only one who bullied him or turned a blind eye to his murder and then once the virus was let loose it had a life of its own. And as Tess explained in IMTOD earthbound spirits loose objectivity and their sanity! after years of limbo, even if they don't die in horrible circumstances like Luther. (OMG I love that episode!!! Jensen, Jeffrey, Jared and Fredric blew me away and Eric and Kim were masterful!!!!!!! As per usual........
  • big bad demon hunter dean winchester is reduced to jumping at his own shadow. he's afflicted with a condition that turns bullies into cowards. very funny.

    this ep is a great example of why i watch supernatural. a great combination of horror and humor. the winchester boys are investigating a series of unexplained deaths, what else, in a small town. several of the town's big bad bullies die even though they were fairly healthy. the boys view the autopsy and sam is exposed to some bodily fluids, but it's dean who beomes affected. all of a sudden, he's afraid of anything and everything. we find out out that this "disease" is definatey affecting only bullies and it's revenge by a ghost that was murdered by the the current sheriff back when they were young men. the best part of the ep is seeing dean do a complete 180. sam is the sensitive one and dean is the big bad older bro. it's refreshing to see dean running for his life while bing chased by a tiny little ankle biting puppy dog. he won't even hold a gun, which normally is permantely glued in his hand. and i love the banter between the brothers, a big reason i watch the show. the smart aleck comments make to each other are the comments real brothers would make to each other. i should know, i have a teenage stepsons and they talk to each other the same way. great ep.
  • Rev.

    "Yellow Fever" is the best episode of Supernatural I have seen for a long time, It was the best since "Bad Day At Black Rock". Dean was on top form he was hilarious here every scene he was in you knew he was going to do something funny, my favorite part being where Dean screamed like a girl or the part where he sees the dog. There was so many really funny moments here and the extra part with "Eye of the tiger at the end" was great. Supernatural so far this season has been one of the most entertaining and consistent shows of the year.
  • Funny and exciting

    This episode starts off with Dean running for his life from a little poodle. Sam and Dean investigate a town where a seemingly healthy man has recently died of a heart attack. They search around and think that a ghost is causing people to die of fright, hence the name of the episode, "Yellow Fever." They come to see that it was a misunderstood man named Luther, who worked at the local mill. He was killed by the man who in the beginning was shown to have the heart attack. Sam and Dean must now find a way to stop him or they might suffer the same fate. This episode also has a great end with Dean lip singing to the song "Eye of the Tiger."
  • The best episode I have seen from Supernatural in a while.

    this is exactly why i watch . it is absolutely entertaining which is why you watch a television show in the first place. I am a huge fan of Jensen Ackles who plays Dean winshester in this serious. He was playing out of the norm in this episode and he did an awesome job. Also his reindition of the Eye of the TIGER was freaking awesome. I have watched that several times laughing my butt off. If you are looking for something good to watch then this is the show you are looking for. Not only is this episode good, most are as equally good.
  • Clever blend of humor & horror.

    I loved this episode. Seeing Dean run around all scared was highly entertaining. Esp. at the beginning when he's running & you hear the dogs. You're expecting this big dog when all it is is a little yorkie (I think). Another moment was the little kitten. How you could be scared of that little thing was just hilarious.
    One of the highlights was Jensen's performance at the end, though I'm sure a lot of people have said that or disagree with me.
    This season has been awesome & I can't wait to see what happens next.
    I hope that Supernatural will be around for many more years as it continues to be one of the best shows on the air.
  • Another great installment that has Dean being the victim.

    Another great instalment that has Dean being the victim. In this episode Dean becomes the victim, which in this episode causes him to be really scared of everything. To see Dean scared of so many small things was pretty funny to watch, but it was also strange because Dean is usually not scared of anything, or at least not much. At the end of the episode we see Dean holding information from Sam, but I think he doesn't tell Sam all he saw because it scares him what Sam might become. The end of the episode was a nice treat, right after the credits, as we see a blooper of Dean lip sinking to "Eye of the Tiger" Overall I liked this episode, but I thought the way that Sam dealt with the problem at hand was a bit strange.
  • Dying of fright.

    Wow, the boys are not losing their touch. Now it's not a monster, it's a fear illness. That is another expected element to this show. Dean gets the sickness & now he is afraid of even a cat, he screams like a little girl which I guess is the light part of this episode. I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing. I would personally hate to have that illness. I like how they incorporated the plot with the whole murder. Luther too, he was pretty cool. Lillith appears in this episode. Dean is starting to remember hell. That is just great!
  • dean is infected with a virus that make scared then really scared then... you drop dead of a heart attack and sam and bobby race agianst time to save him. Its also a very funny episode something very diffrent you also fing out what dean is scared of most

    this episode was good not just funny but a bit scary something everyone can have a laugh. In this episode you find out that dean rembers hell and what he is most scared of and cant wait to see were that goes in the series. You also find out that dean thinks the job can get scary even for him. But they were able to make this episode scary but in a funny way which made it go to watch think thye could have done it a bit scaryer but im not the writer very good episode cant wait for they next.
  • love

    One of the all time best episodes of supernatural, there were a couple of really good ones in season three. and now this one. it just shows that supernatural, s improving in every episode. its a must see tv show. hahahahahahaha. This episode was the funniest one ever out of all the episodes, if you haven't seen it you have to... its a must see...

    i laughed so much i was almost falling off my seat...

    Especially how dean is the tough mean one, then sickness comes and then fear controls him...

    if you dont watch supernatural you should start now, as they keep getting better and better
  • This is one of my FAVOURITE Season 4 episodes!

    Firstly, I must say, that my favourite part of the whole episode was when we got to see Dean scream like a little girl. It was friggin' hilarious! And, it was a cat! Nice touch! I also LOVED seeing Dean lipsinq 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor. That song is that best. Jensen did it beautifully. As for the episode itself? I loved the 'Monster of the Week'. I mean an illness? That's so freakin' funny! It's like getting sick which never happens with the boys. It was scary to see Dean so close to death so soon after returning from hell, but that's what this show is. It keeps us all on the edge of out seats. This is now officially one of my FAVOURITE episodes!
  • The boys roll into a town to investigate why healthy people are dropping of apparent heart attacks. As they investigate Dean begins to act very uncharacteristically. Deans anxiety increases and his health deteriorates. They have to figure out why.

    Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) is extraordinary in this episode. His talent and abilities as an actor are always apparent, but this script allowed him to expand his character even further. And he shines in every scene. Comedy is obviously always about timing and he is on the dot everytime. Ironic, I think, that the previous episode plays out as a 50's hollywood horror flick and this episode plays as a 50's hollywood comedy - Abbot and Costello meets Ghost (sickness). Sam Winchester plays Costello - straight, logical, etc. and Dean embraces the role of Abbot by masterfully acting out paranoia, fear and pure emotions. The scene with the cat... that's all I have to say!

    Don't miss this episode!
  • This one was so great.It is the best episode episode ever. I loved it.

    Man I really love this episode. I think it is the best funny episode every, better then the one were Dean had to get on a plane. I laugh so hard I had tears. I just love the part were they are in the sawmill and Sam went to open the locker and the cat jump out. I just lost it, and I had to watch that part again and the look on Dean face. PRICELESS. and then when Dean saw the ghost and ran and left Sam behind. That was just too funny. and I just love the looks Sam does when Dean when did start acting scare. This episode is priceless. I had to watch this episode 4 time so far.And this is why I love to watch this series. The writers of this episode did a really great job on it. and Jensen and Jared did i great job on this episode.Please dont get me wrong they alwas do i great job but i think this one was the best. Great work all....
  • Fantastic episode!

    This episode had it all. It was hilariously funny, and at the same time it confronted some of the issues that has been brewing for some time, namely Sams powers and future.

    First of all, I loved the fact that Dean was so scared. He is such a good actor, and I was laughing my pants off several times. I mean, Dean screaming like a girl because of a cat (and for a very long time as well... ;)) and trying to convince the old guy that the FBI-badge was real, and not at all a fake, not to mention him running from a yorkie with a pink bowtie... :D

    At the same time, we got to experience what Dean is actually afraid of. It wasn't the obvious things like the snake I found disturbing, it was him seeing Sam as his worst nightmare; turning into something very evil, with yellow eyes like the YED. Yikes!! The glimpse of yellow in Sams eyes at the end was really scary. I hope this is not a glimpse of what the future holds for Sam... :(
  • Dean's dangerous nature comes back to bite him in the butt.

    Gotta admit, after seeing the trailer, I was convinced this would be an intense episode, making Dean deal with his fears, particularly about Sam's destiny… or not. I was initially disappointed but it grows on you, this episode could have worked equally well as a thriller as a comedy episode. Despite the comic aspects, it still manages to deal with Dean's fears and have a very disturbing conclusion.

    Some brilliant comic moments: Dean's encounter with the 'Hellhound', strangely I didn't find the Hellhound that scary with the pink bow in it's hair but maybe that's what freaked Dean out…; who thought up the names for the two teams: Gamecocks and Cornjerkers?!; Dean driving the Impala at an embarrassing 20mph then sets off the EMF, "Am I haunted?!"; Jensen's 'Eye of the Tiger' performance with Jared killing himself laughing in the background!; Dean's refusal to take his gun, "I'll man the flashlight." complete with brave smile; Dean clinging to Sam's arm; Dean's terrifying encounter with the cat; and running for the car like a complete spaz; the fake FBI badges and Dean insisting they're real.

    Dean assumed he caught the sickness from the corpse, little did he know he probably caught it from the sheriff. Everyone else was infected by touch, not coming into contact with the corpse. The first victim got infected by the ghost itself. Notice how fast it worked – they'd barely left the sheriff's station and Dean's already twitching about the 'dangerous' teenagers.

    Is there any snake on Earth that is uglier than an albino python, kudos to Dean for not screaming like a girl, I would have been in the next county before it even touched me!

    Loved Sam's whole explanation about the ghost sickness, it's a great scene. Dean actually rejected food – now Sam knows Dean's sick. Sam's got such a gentle personality, not to mention he's so empathetic, he very very rarely intimidates or scares people – he was being generous when he said "All we *do* is scare people." There is no 'we' – Dean's the intimidating one, who can scare the Hell out of people with a look – even if he's not a bully, the ghost sickness still found enough of the 'fear gene' to latch onto him. I would have smacked Sam for that smirking "Apparently I'm not." Then Dean's one real fear surfaces – his fear of heights. Very sweet continuity back to 'Phantom Traveller'.

    Dean's rant about their lives was adorable, and notice how his description of his own annoying traits are so innocent but he accuses Sam of being 'gassy'! "We search out things that want to kill us… or eat us!" He's right, of course, but there are so few Hunters, especially now, that their work is more important than ever. In 'Monster Movie', Dean admitted that. Excellent scene.

    The episode deals with Dean's greatest fears: Sam giving in to his destiny and going back to Hell. Fascinating that Dean sees Sam with yellow eyes, instead of the usual black or even Lilith's white. That flash of yellow in Sam's eyes at the end was spooky. Then there's Lilith – the same incredibly creepy little girl as last time and she manages to send Dean almost into a heart attack. It's interesting symmetry with the first time Dean died, also from a heart attack ('Faith') induced by electrocution – Dean nearly got electrocuted in 'Monster Movie'!

    What's with the disturbing show Dean's watching? Was that scene real or part of his hallucinations because it was pretty disturbing for a children's show.

    The only real question is why did the ghost sickness appear twenty years afterwards, though the boys did find the wedding ring at the mill, did Frank go there for some reason and run into Luthor?

    The ghost created by fear plus the Japanese lore, reminds me of the movie 'The Grudge'. Creepy new kind of ghost introduced into SN together with a startling fact about Bobby: he speaks Japanese! To save Dean, Sam and Bobby must kill Luthor exactly how he originally died. It's an ugly, cruel death and I'm sure Sam and Bobby would have done it another way if they could – poor Luthor, so badly wronged in life, must relive his horrible death a second time. Terribly sad. One question – with two hours left, how did they manage to engrave spells onto the chain?

    I'm surprised they did two comic episodes in a row but seems next week we're back to business. Hysterical episode with Jensen's brilliant physical comedy at it's peak and Jared's reactions are great.
  • Awesome episode!

    Dean's head was on the chopping block again, and despite his scarcasm, it was delightful.

    What would Supernatural be without one of the brother's being in danger.

    It had some amusing moments. The law man was the hand cleaner was amusing, but Dean with Ghost sickness was very humorous.

    I loved when he ran awaw from the ghost, and left Sam there by himself, and him trying to make himself drunk inorder to face the danger.

    I loved the scene where he was listening to "Eye of the Tiger" in his car(I really loved the whole presenting Jensen Ackles at the end - so funny).

    I liked the scene where Bobby teased Dean about how he acted. It was a great instance of family.
  • Had me in stitches!

    This episode was one of the funniest I've seen in a while. Albeit that all episodes are quite funny, this one was simply hilarious. Sam and Dean are investigating the strange string of deaths of 3 men who randomly died of heart attacks and they soon learn that the men were suffering from "Ghost Sickness" caused by an angry ghost getting revenge on the man who killed him and the sheriff who knew about it and anyone else who shared their personality type, which also happens to be Dean. The disease causes anyone who catches it to become scared and paranoid of basically everything around them. Dean catches the infectious disease and due to Dean being scared of everything, it's up to Sam and Bobby to figure out how to save Dean!
  • Good, hilarious, funny episode! Loved it!

    A very good episode. I really enjoyed watching it, with all that hilarious moments! It's always some fun there and you still love these moments. Writers did here, with this episode a wonderful work and Sam and Dean were great in it! Loved Dean in his part, well interpreted. Loved the music, the episode, the actors....well i oved everything! As faor the moment it is one of my favorite fot this season! And hope there are gonna be more...which I suppose will be, cause I've been watching it for so long and I never was desappointed!! That's exactly why I love watching Supernatural!
  • a hilarious, clever episode

    Eric Kripke does know how to roll the suspense. It's hard not to think about angel Castiello or Castiel, whichever, and how Sam will play into this. But yet, this is episode #2 where the angel/demon war is barely touched on. That's not to say the episode isn't exciting still. It's just that the writers are keeping the suspense going for as long as they can. Which is both smart and irritating at the same time. In this episode, Dean gets struck by yellow fever. Or in simple terms, ghost sickness, caused by a ghost that preys on people that "use fear to control people". Sam spoke of the theory that the ghost goes after people who are "dicks" and Dean may be one. I found that hilarious but I don't believe Dean is a "dick". Maybe a little but not really. I had the theory Dean got struck due to the fact that he's a proud person that won't admit whenever he's afraid. Eric Kripke personally came forward on the Dean rumors and said Dean was stricken because of a secret he's carrying around. What it is is yet to be seen but it will be said to appear at episode ten. Considering the last secret Dean carried, that his father told him to kill Sam if he needed to, one, it's about Sam, of course, and it won't be very good. The rest of the episode was pretty hilarious and it was nice to see a normally composed Dean act like a sissy at the simplest things. I nearly lost it when he was being chased by the small dog. Not to mention the "Eye of the Tiger" moment and a dancing Jensen is seen at the end as a kind of bloopers, where can hear the crew cracking up behind the camera. Plus, it was a nice twist on ghosts, Supernatural has not plummed out on all the kind of ghosts in the world. The Sam conflict is not forgotten as Dean hallucinates that Sam has turned into a demon. Hum. . .could Dean not be far from the truth? I've been told that near the episode's end, for a close second, you can even see Sam's eyes flashing yellow. And this week, we find out just what Castiello has been up to while Sam and Dean have been killing rugarus, battling 30s movie-fantatic shapeshifters, and taking down a ghost. Hopefully, it will be exciting.
  • Sam and Dean are at it again with another adventurous and funny episode. So Dean catches some type of ghost disease that makes him terrified of anything and everything, even a little dog with pink bowtie on her head.....

    Sam and Dean are at it again with another adventurous and funny episode. So Dean catches some type of ghost disease that makes him terrified of anything and everything, even a little dog with pink bowtie on her head. So Sam and and Bobby try and help Dean to fight it while Dean tries to understand why he was the one to get it. There is a whole mystery story behind the disease story and it will keep you guessing. Dean also sees more negative outcomes concerning Sam and how there's no stopping him from going bad. Dean however chooses to hide this from Sam. I won't spoil it but if you watch this episode you MUST stay for after the credits. You'll leave your television screen satisfied =).
  • THe writers of Supernatural give us another fine example of why Supernatural is so fun to watch.

    What will the writers come up with next. THis was another episode on the light side, but somewhat better than last weeks monster movie which I did like by the way. It's just that Monster movie wasn't up to par with what we usually get, but Yellow fever hits it home.

    BOth Sam and Dean investigate the deaths of a few men in town who seemed to have died of fright. While on the investigation, Dean is infected and starts fearing everything. It starts with him driving like an old lady who's terrified of the road, and slowly mushrooms in to an almost fatal heart attack of outright terror while facing off against Lilith who really isn't there. BOth BObby and Sam manage to save him, but all is not quite as it seems. Near the end, Dean see's something which makes him rethink his fear and offers up questions about Sam and what may possibly be happening with his lil bro. It was a great scene which helps move this season's arc along, and leaves us all guessing just a little. It was well done.

    THe acting just seems to be improving even more then before, and once again small guest stars seem to offer something to the show. THis time it is a man who loves reptiles, and he offers more comedy to Dean's already hysterical performance. Dean also nails the terrified part and even offers up a lighter scene at the conclusion where he sing's "Eye of THe Tiger" by Survivor. Hysterical stuff even though he seems to get some of the lyrics wrong while lip-synching.
  • The brothers investigate the linkings of a few dead peopl with similar symptoms. Dean soon gets the symptoms as well and displays it wondrously.

    Dean gets infected with the ghost "flu" and displays symptoms of fear and it is escalating. Sam has a tough time going about his job due to dean's infection, as Sam's only back up becomes a wimp.

    Fabulous episode as the tough jock Dean portrays a wimpy dude who screams, like a girl, literally. I had a fun time watching the entire episode like how dean whined< " I don't wanna be a clue!" or the fact when he had to face either the real thing or a hallucination of lilith.

    Seriously, this episode Dean was the star and the others faded back into the background.
  • When Dean is infected with a ghost virus it's up to Bobby and Sam to find a cure or Dean will die of fright within 48 hours

    Aptly named Yellow Fever, this episode had everything that makes Supernatural the fantastic show that it is. The title is almost a double entendre, in that Dean, after contracting the ghost virus becomes a yellow bellied, lily livered chicken.... But, for a split second-barely the blink of an eye, Dean sees in Sam what he most fears-- Sam's eyes become yellow as he (in Dean's hallucination) is the new vessel for the YED.

    From the very opening shot of Dean running from a growling, grunting, snarling, evil...... yorkie with a pink bow? the viewer is in for a treat! As the infection spreads in Dean, he goes from paranoid, to scared, to pricelessly girly, then into complete fear with the reappearance of little girl Lillith to pump the final, explosive dose of adrenaline to Dean's heart.

    Thankfully, Bobby and Sam are able to track down "patient 1" and destroy the angry spirit just in time to save Dean. Go Bobby!!! Dragging the iron chain behind the beloved Impala.

    Interestingly, Kripke issued an apology and explanation to fans who felt slighted when they misunderstood that Dean contracted the disease because he was too cocky. I never thought that, however the writers could've done a better job of letting the viewers in on the secret Dean is keeping (to be revealed in episode 10) as the cause for the infection. I figured Dean got the disease instead of Sam (after all, he got splattered with spleen juice) for the same reason Sam was immune in Croatoan...

    As a side note, I felt simply awful for the ghost and was actually saddened by his role in the story line. Such a gentle soul, saving kittens and thriving on little kindnesses, it seemed extra cruel to destroy him in the same horrible manner he was killed initially. I was actually hoping they could talk it out...This misunderstood character and his plot line just tugged at my sensitive heartstrings.

    In any event, it was a fun, silly, fabulous, funny episode with so many priceless moments that it is sure to be ranked a classic.

    *Favorite moments:
    --Dean not making a left turn due to traffic
    --Dean proudly manning the flashlight
    --priceless look on Sam's face as Dean runs away in fear leaving the doors swinging on their hinges
    --Dean's speech to Sam about how stupid they are to run into danger when a normal person would run away
    --Yorkie! 'nuff said

    The extra little bit added on to the end was all in good fun. Since Jared didn't give Jensen his cue, Jensen just went along with it and totally played along. Think about how much extra gag-reel footage we'd get if they just let the cameras run on!
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