Season 6 Episode 6

You Can't Handle the Truth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2010 on The CW

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  • OMG... what the heck!

    OK this episode revolved around the truth goddess Veritas, but the hell with her.

    The best part was the last 10 minutes, where the goddess makes sam speak the truth but he does`nt and then dean later on, trashes him like he`s some sort of a giant sandwich.

    The thing is .. Sam in the last 3 episodes, was shown as someone who`s got a dark side inside, but the way dean punched it and the look in his eyes showed that even dean has got something dark inside him...

    i think this is gonna be one hell of a season.
  • You Can't Handle the Truth

    You Can't Handle the Truth was a superb episode of Supernatural. This was a fun episode to watch, especially as Dean was going crazy in being around Sam. I really enjoyed the story of this episode, and the way it unfolded. This episode had Classic Supernatural Action, Story, Acting, and Ending. I really liked that the brothers had to face another God, and their confrontation with her was very interesting. She revealed the truth about Sam, though not the whole truth. I can't wait to see what happens next, especially with the ending being so intense. This episode definitely adds to the season!!!!!
  • Sam and Dean go after Veritas, the Goddess of Truth.

    Supernatural continues its upswing with this excellent episode, one that once again focuses on the relationship between Dean and Sam while giving us an interesting case-of-the-week to go after, one that's not just a demon or a ghost or anything. This time, we get a big deal: Veritas, the Goddess of Truth.

    One thing I've always had trouble with, whether it's the X-Files or this show, is that the show seems to lose some of its interest when it focuses on the monsters of the week. I like the shows more when they focus on the mythology. So far, this season of Supernatural may not be its greatest, but it's done a superb job of giving us episodes that aren't stand-alone. Instead, they all have focused on different elements of this season, whether it's Sam's strange behavior, the Alpha's or the reappearance of the Winchester family. Besides the premiere, I can say that this season has been pretty solid.

    As for this episode, the show did a great job of leading up to the point where we learn that something is truly wrong with Sam. He's impervious to the God of Truth and admits to letting Dean get turned. He claims something is wrong with him, and by the time the episode ends, we see something we've barely ever seen on the show: Dean beating the crap out of Sam. The brothers have obviously gone through some tough stuff, but this felt like the ultimate catharsis for Dean, who has been holding stuff back for awhile.

    It's always nice to see Castiel and I was glad to see him return. I'm wondering what exactly is going on with him, and I did like the show when they were focusing a little on angels... if they can get him back into the mix full-time, the show would truly take off. But so far, I'm definitely not disappointed with the season.
  • This episode was stupid, but it di the job

    I didn't really think that there was any real credibility to this episode (and that's saying something for the Supernatural universe, which usually gets its fan base from its unrealisticism). I mean, seriously, people killing themselves and each other over hearing the TRUTH. How stupid does it get, folks? A girl killing herself because her sister didn't love her. A guy killing his best friend and then himself because the best friend slept with his daughter. It just doesn't make sense. But it did the job and it did the job well. First, it established that there is no real one religion with this universe. Good people go to heaven (whether or not they believe in or accept Jesus or God). Pagan gods DO exist (and apparently [following a discussion with Lucifer in season 5] they forfeited earth to God and his angels). And God WILL die and isn't immortal. Second, the problem with Sam is brought to the forefront when dean literally forces him to tell the truth. It seems that Sam no longer has any conscience and only operates by what gets him what he wants now. This can't be good. Dean tries to (I suppose) 'knock' some sense into Sam at the end out of anger. Can't wait for the next one.
  • A pretty good episode all things considered.

    This season got off to a pretty rocky start but its quickly reverting to the supernatural we all know and love. This episode had some great moments, but tended to focus more on Dean as has kind of been the shows pattern of late. Castiels appearance was a bit of a let down in terms of length, but appreciated nonetheless. I read a lot of people are a little annoyed about the ending (spoilers) in which Dean beats the hell out of Sam. I thought it was a very fitting ending to the episode. It is a cliffhanger after all. I could be wrong about this but the impression i got is that Dean has just snapped. Earlier in the episode Lisa chastises him for keeping everything inside and calls him on the fact that if he continues to do this he's obviously going to have dangerous outbursts like shoving her son, even if she didn't know the real reason Dean did this.
    At the end of the episode Deans just had too much on his plate and takes it all out on Sam who to be fair put Dean, Lisa and Ben in jeopardy by letting a vamp turn him.
    Next week it seems we're going to get more of a focus on whats happening with Sam and hopefully he'll be his old self sooner or later. Still, a great episode.
  • The chickens come home to roost

    As ever, the writers of "Supernatural" recognize the value of character-driven drama. As interesting as the case might be in this episode, it's all about the characters and their deteriorating relationships. Dean is losing everything again, and this time, there's no easy fix. His attempt at getting the truth the easy way only set him up for a more crushing blow when all was said and done.

    I was a little concerned when I saw the number of people who worked on this script. When more than two writers get involved, the results are often piecemeal and scattered. But this episode was fairly seamless in its intent and delivery. While less topical than the previous episode, it followed much the same format: the theme is introduced, Dean becomes stricken with the contagion/curse, and this serves to illuminate Sam's condition. Only this time, it's a lot more cruel in the execution.

    The brutal honesty was at turns hilarious and sickening, especially once Dean was involved. His conversation with Bobby revealed all the things that we all could have gone without knowing, but also reinforced what Dean had in mind. It might also have been nice if there had been time for Dean to call up Samuel and get a few answers to some pressing questions. But logically, given his psychological state, Dean was always going to turn the curse towards Sam.

    Sam's initial refutation served two purposes. First, it reinforced the fact that the audience knows he has been lying, and that he has little or no moral compunction against doing whatever it takes to attain his goal. In many respects, this sets up Sam as the near-perfect villain, as the best villains are the ones who are utterly convinced that they are doing the right thing.

    Second, it puts Dean in a position where he begins to trust Sam again. He starts believing that Sam has simply become as focused as he was once, and the end result is the loss of Sam's compassion. It never occurs to him that Sam might be so far gone that the curse doesn't even apply to him anymore. And that makes the almost-casual moment of revelation all the more disturbing.

    In a very real sense, this ends the introductory portion of the season arc. It's now abundantly clear that Sam is not whole, that he has a huge hole where his humanity used to be, and whoever thought it would be a good idea to raise him out of the cage in this state is playing for the wrong team. At this point, I would nominate Raphael as the culprit. Of all the current candidates, he has the means and the motive, and he was relatively intact after the fifth season to make opportunity a fair assumption as well.

    As story arcs go, there's not much they can do to move forward until Sam's situation is at least somewhat addressed. That may mean nothing more than getting a clear definition of Sam's condition. I would think that the next step, in the midst of putting out all the new fires, would be finding a way to restore Sam, even if he can't fully be trusted. I'm curious to see if that has a quick resolution, or if it stretches throughout the complication phase of the story.
  • Truth or Dead

    You Can't Handle the Turth-When several people kill themselves under strange circumstances, Sam and Dean discover that they were driven insane by the Goddess of Truth, who forced them to tell the truth against their will. However, when the brothers track down the goddess, Veritas, she uses her powers on Dean.

    I have to say, Supernatural may have had a slow start but these last few episodes make it seem like that post-Eric Krikpe slump is the thing of the past as the developments alone in this episode alone surpass it's main plot and make this a really strong episode. Not to say the main plot wasn't good, the Goddess of Truth was a pretty underdeveloped villain and seemed more like plot device to set up the intense reveal from Sam at the end, but more on that latter. In typical Supernatural fashion, we get some very greusome and shocking death scenes. That waitress killing herself and that dentist shoving one of his tools down his patient's throat was especially graphic and I did not see coming. Makes me wonder how Supernatural gets away with scenes like that! But they really did set up the idea of the truth hurting...only in a literal sense. But like I said, the real story is Sam's odd behavior. When Dean gets cursed by Veritas, he uses it as a chance for get Sam tell him the truth. The way Sam lied about it and walked away with that chilling facial expression was chilling. Got to say I love how Jared Padelacki was playing Sam in those scenes. Dean was prven wrong only to be proven right all along at the end. When Veritas say through Sam's lies is was edge of your seat stuff, especially when she concluded he wasn't human. After the Goddess is dead for good, we get some brother vs. brother tension. Watching Dean ready to kill Sam was shocking but you got to love Jared and Jenson's performances here. Sam's desperation and Dean's urgency were so convincing and you felt bad for both brothers being in such a position. What follows is the most brutal and hearbreaking moment from the series in some time, Dean answer to Sam's vague explanation is a good old fashion beatdown and I mean beating Sam until he fell unconscious which was understandable yet scary. We've seen Sama and Dean at odds before, but Dean looked like he could have killed Sam if he got in a few more punches, brain damage also being a factor. Eiether way, things are really heating up again and tensions are high. Next week looks even more intense and I can't wait to see where this is going. "You Can't Handle Truth" was great set up episode, revealing nerve wrecking developments and bringing back some real drama for the series.
  • Dare the Truth... but beware, the truth in the Supernatural world is ugly, hungry, and deadly...

    Dean's got a problem. He got proof that Sam is not alright and came back different from Hell. Dean is ready to kill the doppelganger, but Bobby convinces him to wait a little longer until they know what exactly they are dealing with.

    And that's the question. Sam looks like Sam, most of the time he acts like Sam, but something's a little off. Old Sam would have never risked Dean's life to find the vampires' nest.

    Fortunately, there's exactly what we and Dean need in the Supernatural world: Sam diggs up a case of a town which has to deal with a lot of suicides. As it turns out, "Patient Zero" summoned Veritas, the ancient Goddess of Truth who offers everyone in the town who asks for it nothing but the truth. Unfortunately, there comes more truth than these people can handle and they end up killing themselves. Dean accidentally evokes Veritas aswell and takes his chance to ask Sam for the truth about the vampire incident. Sam explains that he just froze back then and that he feels terrible about it.

    Unfortunately, this is Supernatural, and even with Veritas the truth doesn't come easy. The brothers find Veritas, but before they can overwhelm and kill her, Veritas discovers that Sam is lying to her, that he is not human. After her death, Dean picks up a knife and threatens Sam who finally offers some truth and admits that's something wrong with him: ever since he came back from Hell, he hasn't been able to feel anything at all. Sam asks for help and Dean puts the knife away before he beats him up...
  • Supernatural does something better than any other show I've ever watched.

    And that's elicit such a strong emotional reaction from me that I feel like I've just been kicked in the chest.

    This episode was no exception. When the credits rolled I'd had the wind knocked out of me and was thinking "No, don't leave me like this!" They don't pull any punches on Supernatural (both literally and figuratively speaking!) And I love them for it, even if I have to wait until next week before I can breathe easily again. (Or even those times I've had to wait until the next fall!)

    And now I'm dying to know what's up with Sam more than ever. I think he was telling the truth about not feeling anything, because Jared has been playing that so well: it seemed like Sam was pretending to feel. But what has caused the emptiness and numbness inside him? I can't wait to find out.
  • In this episode we learn that not only does the truth hurt, it kills!!!

    It has been awhile since I have reviewed Supernatural so I am going to take another crack at it. Although it has had a rocky start, Season 6 has slowly started to form into an enjoyable season. This week we take a break from the somewhat interesting Alpha Monster storyline to focus on Sam and Dean who both seem to be going through an identity crisis. Dean, who is torn between his family life with Lisa which seems to be dead and buried as well as his calling as a professionl "throat sliter", and Sam, who has taken in the persona of a cold blooded hunter willing to do anything to get the mission done. Dean has had problems with Sams new behavior ever since he came back from Hell and Sam simply standing by as Dean was turned into a vamp last eppy was the last straw. Dean is desperate for the truth and gets his chance to get it when he and Sam face off against Veritas, a goddess of Truth and when all is said and done, it shows just how damaged the brothers relationship is at this point. This episode was great. Jared Padeleki deserves an award for his acting. The way he can can shift from the loving puppy eyed Sam to the cold and souless Sam is simply amazing. Jensen is also taking Dean to new heights, The strain that Dean has been under since Season 1 has really caught up with him and at times he seems to just want to roll over and die. We also see Castiel in this eppy, though only for a moment. As much as I enjoy Souless Sam, I feel a little annoyed by it since it feels recycled. They started going down this road in Season 3 after Sam was killed and resurrected and then sort of forgot about it only to force it on us again. I also don't like how we are six episodes in and still no mention of Adam after he too was thrown into Hell like Sam. He is not my favorite character though I would like to know what happened to him. Aside from those minor complaints, my faith in SPN is slowly returning as we brace ourselves for a wild season full of mystery and a certain family drama only the Winchester Brothers can portray. Talk to ya all later!! :)
  • wow can i say wow another graet installment didn't want the episode to end but alas it had to now we found out what is wrong with sammy it is sammy but he's missing something and next week will learn what he is missing can't wait for more is it friday yet

    wow can I say wow great episode can't wait until next friday jared and jensen did a fantastic job thanks jared and jensen for all your hard work your fans appreciate all the hard work you've put in our favorite show. well next week will learn what exactly is wrong with sammy don't want to give it away incase everyone hasn't seen the episode can't believe what dean did to sam at the end of the show but at least we know it really is sam just he's is missing something that is why he is different that he can't feel doesn't have emotions and if it is possible his soul who has taken it and how will sam and dean get it back and how will they get it back into sam
  • It would be hard to give a lower score than this to SN, but this ep had it's issues.

    First of all, conflicted Dean... yay! That said, I'm not sure where the problem lies- in the writing, directing or possibly acting (on Jared's part). Here's the issues...1) Sam's speach about not feeling anything was very emotionally charged. 2) I suspected Sam had no soul since the begining, that or it was Michael riding him. Let's not forget the last scene of season 5 wherein the street lamp flickered when we saw Sam (hence a demon or angel is there). Are they going to ignore that little scene or is there really more to Sam than just not having a soul? I feel this could go in a good way or a very bad way if the writers are not careful. 3) I could tell Sam was trying to fight back (the curse?) when Dean was asking him about the Vampire biting, how could Dean not? But then, did Dean believe Sam cause he simply believed him, or because he felt he had to because of the curse?

    I just felt like there were holes in the story. Sam has shown emotion, or at least reflections of emotion, so to simply say he can't feel anything because he has no soul doens't bode well with me. Is this holes in the writing, bad directing or Jared's inability to act as stoice as Misha? I'm not Jared bashing. I am a Jared fan. I think the problem lies within all three possibly.

    But it is good to see that season 6 is following the story telling canon of past seasons. There's a good underlying story arc to keep us intrigued for the whole season, and small little mysteries to be solved spanning either one ep or several. I love that about SN. I just hope they don't stretch the Sam story too long or it will become tiresome. Solve it and move on to the next mini-mystery.

    As for the Dean and Lisa story, I say close the book. The end. Never liked her anyway. Of all the girls Dean had a past with, she was the only one I didn't like. I had read this season was supposed to go back to the roots of SN and that's what I want. Two brothers in a car killing stuff... with lots of sidebars with Bobby and Cas. Love those two guys- and special mention to Mr. Beavers performance in this ep! Funny!. So, I can't say great ep, but entertaining non the less. And once again, Jensen shows us what a great actor he is, with the ability to go from angst to comedy in one breath and still be believable.
  • 606

    A really superb installment of Supernatural, and probably the best of the season so far with "The Third Man" not too far behind. like I said before, if Castiel stick around, this show will survive. We didn't see much of him here, but just his presence just helped the episode so much.

    We got a brilliant cold opening, and some pretty gruesome scenes here. We have an original plot unlike the last episode. This episode is focused on the God of Truth, goes by the name of Veritas. Someone wants the truth, they get it, but the truth kills.

    This plot just went perfectly with the on going arc this season, and this epsiode ended in cliffhanger fashion and I just can't wait for next week. We learn that Sam is not Sam, at least that makes some sense. Sam is not human, and the episode ends with Dean beating Sam up. A great installment of SPN tonight.

    I wouldn't say it's going back to the norm considering how much of a roller coaster this season has been in quality, but this episode was definitely an improvement.
  • Honestly? The truth hurts. (spoilers)

    After last week's step backward I was a little skeptic this week. Forgive me.

    The idea of Veritas is incredibly intriguing... and very ambitious for Supernatural, I think. Considering the season's current problems, I feel that this was pulled off somewhat successfully. The key word being 'somewhat'.

    I could tell something was off when Dean, empowered by Veritas, questioned Sam. Sam seemed too composed compared to the other characters' reactions and this was one of many alarm bells this episode. Maybe Sam somehow knew this was coming? Developed an immunity? That happens to work against the god itself? There's even more possibilities that have been opened with this week's episode. Maybe since Sam was Lucifer's vessel, he's still immune to all kinds of things?

    That last scene...those jars in the background were kind of funky. Not to mention suspending a body over a jacuzzi. Kudos to the crew.

    Castiel's appearance made happy, even if it was only for a couple of minutes. (Confession, I'm a Castiel fangirl). And great to see Bobby after 6x04, especially that monologue of truths coming from his mouth while watching tv.

    Something just doesn't quite add up. Even after this episode. Maybe my expectations of the show are too high - I'm hoping next week's appeals to me more.
  • Supernatural has jumped the shark officially with this episode.

    Supernatural has jumped the shark officially with this episode. Sam is not Sam anymore -- that is clear and Dean is no longer Dean. The Dean that I know will exchange his life for Sam, be willingly to give up everything for Sam and forgive Sam for his mistakes. There is NO effing way Dean would beat Sam up as seen at the end. Yes, Sam did let Dean get turned into a vampire in the previous episode but it is because of being Lucifer's vessel last season, NOT his fault. This FAKE Dean version beats up Sam for something that is NOT Sam's fault instead of trying to save Sam, who desperately asks Dean for it. I am utterly disgusted by the writers for this distortion of the Dean character and effectively the Sam-and-Dean relationship.
  • Dammit. I'm so torn. Read before you thumbs-down.

    If you look through my reviews, you'll see that I am a fan of only one show. This one. Furthermore, you'd see that when I mean a fan, I mean a fan. I've only ever bought Season DVD's to one show. This one. (My BF bought me Scrubs DVDs). In essence, Supernatural can barely do any wrong in my eyes. I normally think that even an 'okay' episode of SN is a good episode of any other show, because simply, that's what it is. Supernatural is THAT goooohood.

    HOWEVER (and you note that that is a big "however"), although most of this episode was great - and kept me glued to my chair - the ending SUCKED.

    Dean beating Sam was an illogical conclusion seeing as Dean has even died for Sam in the past. While sure, Dean is going through a lot, there were only two possible outcomes for the route that the writer's have chosen to take. Either Dean still believes Sam is not his brother and tries to kill him; or he believes he is his brother and tries to save him. He would not beat Sam up for not being Sam.

    When Dean has hit Sam in the past (which I have never been a fan of, by the way) it was because he thought Sam could control himself and did not.

    This is out of Sam's control.

    In fact, the last words out of Sam's mouth this episode were "I think ... I need help." And Dean does what? Nope. sorry I just can't buy it. Dean, our Dean, doesn't just lose it. He's been through SO much, and Lisa leaving him is going to send him over the edge? Don't think so.

    In any case, I think (I hope) that the writers will redeem themselves next week with having Dean be very contrite - and I do mean contrite to the point of, well I don't know. I just know that I'm glad we finally know what is wrong with Sam (SPOILER: those that stuck around for scenes from next week's episode and didn't just D/L it with no such scenes know that Sam has no soul) and that we will get on with fixing it. (Hopefully we will see more of Crowley, as who knows more about souls? He is always a treat to watch). No more beating on each other. What has held most of the episodes together is the relationship between Sam and Dean. Don't screw that up.

    In closing, the rest of the episode was grreat. Bobby as always, extraordinarily great. Cas, as always, fantastic. The ending though brought my score way down. The truth is, I couldn't handle 'The Truth' all that well.
  • "You can't handle the truth" has it all: A nice monster of the week (in this case a Goddess of Truth), some good laughs and a connection to the overall season storyline which is pretty clear to be about whatever happened to Sam to bring him back.

    After the worst season premiere in Supernatural's history this show has really climbed up again to be as thrilling as it used to be in previous seasons.

    With the memory of Sam standing idly by and watching Dean get turned into a Vampire in the previous week's episode, Dean does no longer believe that Sam is Sam.

    While the later is trying to find out what is making some people be confronted with so much truth about everything that they just kill themselves Dean is secretly trying to figure out just what "Sam" is with Bobby's help. Having ruled out all the usual suspects (e.g. demons and shapeshifters) even Cas (who only appears when Dean suspects one of heaven's super-weapons to be the cause of all the truth) can't help him.

    Just then Dean is struck by the same curse Sam is trying to figure out, leading to a funny phone conversation with Bobby telling him nothing but the truth. Even Sam gives him an answer that is ok with Dean until the climax of the episode, when Sam and Dean are held captive by the goddess of truth who is the episode's evil-doer. While joyfully extracting some truth out of the brothers about one another the goddess (and Dean) surprisingly finds out that Sam is not human because he is lying to her, a goddess of truth.

    Although it is Sam who wrestles the brothers free Dean is ultimately convinced that this is not his brother. Sam apparently manages to calm Dean down by revealing that he is Sam but that he is missing something because he is not afraid of anything anymore seeds just enough doubt in Dean to prevent him from killing Sam. But he does strike him down pretty hard.

    With all the things said by Sam and the Goddess of Truth it is still very unclear what the matter is with Sam. The only thing we know for sure is that Dean hasn't been imagining it. Did Sam really lie to the goddess of truth? Or did the goddess lie trying to provoke a reaction in either Sam or Dean?
    Was it true what Sam said about him being Sam just with something missing? Or was there more to the goddesses puzzled statement that he is not human? Is Cas right when he says that Sam is not Lucifer because the angels would feel it if Lucifer came out of the cage?

    Admittedly at first glance Sam's final arguments make perfect sense. But there are still so many questions unanswered and so many contradictions in the game that make it impossible to get to any definite conclusion. By having Dean beat Sam up in the end the writers made pretty sure the audience knows that Dean does not believe this to be Sam at all but that he has enough doubt about this at the same time to be unable to kill "the thing".

    The suspense is as high as it can get and I can't wait to see how this plays out. This is just the beginning of Season 6...
  • Feel On Black Days: A Winchester Brothers Chronicle

    This week Dean and Sam hunt a monster that is making everyone in a town that asks for the truth go insane and kill themselves. When Dean asks for the truth he decides to use it on Sam to figure out why he watched the vamp in the previous episode just turn him instead of intervening. Sam apparently can even lie to main baddie because he's no longer human or whatever the explanation is there which makes him even more scary. All in all, I like the new Sam, he's creepy as hell but he's a dang good hunter. His speech about not feeling it and being faster and stronger than ever was well handled as is Dean's punch line after that but next week hopefully Sam will spill it all so that we can get back to hunting the Alphas or whatever they're after this season.
  • Another great episode perhaps leading to a new avenue for the show!

    I've read a lot of the reviews from others and now I'm torn. I thought this episode was awesome.

    Dean is his usual split personality with highs, lows and comedic overtures. Sam (who I admit is not my favourite character) is the same just not as emotional (bleeding heart on the sleeve).

    I loved Bobby in this and found the conversation between him and Dean excellent in so many ways. The writers hit the nail on the head.

    As for the ending and I'm sure I'll get some thumbs down for saying this but good on you Dean! I would have hit Sam too! He's been lying to you and he let you get turned into a freakin' vampire where he could have killed Lisa or even Ben. As it is Dean has lost them because of his actions and with the reappearance of Sam combined. It's kinda like with the sister in the beginning of the story saying all those horrible things to her sister who committed suicide! There is only so much that you can take from your friends or your family until you crack and go postal!

    The only thing I didn't like about the ending was the fact that he hit Sam so many times in the face. I work as a Paramedic and let me tell you - head trauma, major in this instance. We are talking fractures, intracranial bleeding and the list goes on. 13+ hits is extreme! I mean sure Dean can be mad, upset, disappointed, worried, scared and of the usual emotions but that amount of rage borders on psychotic.

    Can't wait to see what happens next week!
  • Wow, what an awesome episode!!! (spoilers)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It reminded me of the earlier seasons where Dean was supposed to either save or kill Sam. I don't like it when they hit each other at all, so it bothered me when Dean beat the tar out of Sam. I believe that part of that was from Dean being mad at Sam for the deception, but also to subdue Sam so that he could get him some help and found out the whole truth. My thinking is that maybe Dean had doubts that Sam actually wanted help so he knocked him out. They are both tough so one punch might not have been enough. The look in Sam's eyes as he was explaining to Dean that something is wrong with him is also reminiscent of the original Sam (which I totally prefer). I have an idea who has Sam's soul but we'll all have to wait for that until next week. I thought about what Veritas said about Sam not being human. As we learned in next week's episode, Sam does not have his soul. Your soul is what makes you human and gives you a conscience. Which is why Castiel torturing the kid in episode 6.3 really didn't seem to bother Sam. I'm glad Lisa is out of the picture and it will go back to the two brothers again. Knowing what she knows, didn't she think that it was a bit out of character for Dean to shove Ben? She didn't give him much of a chance and didn't consider that Dean was trying to avoid the kid for a reason. At least Dean knows how she really feels. Basically she was saying that she was glad that Sam was "dead" because he wasn't in Dean life anymore. I can hardly wait for next week and I plan to watch this episode online next week to tide me over until the new episode!!!
  • That was really, really good.

    I loved this episode all the way. Since a lot of people seemed to be disappointed and shocked by the very ending, I'm going to concentrate on why I even liked this part. Sure, I was shocked as well and surprised, because I never would have expected Dean to beat up Sam like he did. I won't say that I understand violence, I don't, but I somehow can see, where that outburst came from. Dean has put up with a lot when it comes to Sam but this time he might have given up more than ever before to be with his brother when he chose him over Lisa and Ben and -- even though it might not have been his fault -- IMO this time Sam has gone too far, by putting Dean's life at stake deliberatly. It must have hurt like hell when Dean found out that he can't trust the one person that is the most important to him anymore. Sure, Sam had asked him for his help and his answer was this terrible attack, but I guess, after all he's been through with his brother, after all the troubles and all the heartache Sam's brought on him, it's some kind of miracle, he hasn't cracked way earlier than that.
  • Sam and Dean go up against a good old fashioned Goddess.

    I'm afraid that if I go crazy with the analysis of this ep that I'll be tossing spoilers around like a madwoman. I will however gladly say that when the truth finally does come out it's because Sam LET it out, not because he fell under any spell. I think the reason he was able to resist the spell has almost nothing to do with having been Lucifer's vessel, but more about what is actively wrong with him. That one thing that makes us human. This ep was superbly acted by all! Jim, Jared and of course Jensen... everyone brought their best game to the field and every time at bat, knocked it out of the park... whoa... channeling sports stuff, eesh. This season is starting to bubble with lots of excellent little surprises around every corner. The consistency has been a true blessing, the stories are getting richer and of course the boys can do no wrong... most of the time. Great job Kast and Krew! I absolutely cannot wait till next weeks ep! Call me Completely Stoked! As always special love to Jensen and Jared.
  • Truth's a b*tch.

    I liked the episode especially because of the last fifteen minutes. The Veritas-storyline is basic, but that is always the case with Supernatural - whatever happens, the relationship between the brothers is more important. As in this episode, the focus was on their relationship. I had been hoping - and I stated it in my previous review - that I wanted to see the boys down in Bobby's demonproof lock-up with a map of proof on the ground between them in a showdown. Well, I got it. Up to them being restrained and thus unable to leave.
    Veritas gave the show a way to clear the air between the brothers. I loved it that Dean immediately figured out what was happening to him and the talk with Bobby was hilarious. All leading up to the two talks that were most important: the one with Lisa in which she pointed out the incredibly unhealthy relationship the brothers have, and the one with Sam.
    I don't get how Sam not feeling anything makes him capable of lying when asked for the truth by Dean and Veritas, but I got the idea that numbness wasn't the entire explanation.

    Dean really believing that Sam was a demon, doesn't explain why he was persuaded so easily by Sams lying, which was completely obvious. Yes, Dean does have a history with believing Sam when he shouldn't - but you'd think that after a few years, you calculate the risk of Sam not being completely honest.
    I had also hoped that the monster-level of the show would rise to greater heights now that it is the focus. But the opposite is true. It is still on that level that it has always been and I don't really like that. They promised us insight into the monsters, insight into their history. They do not, up to this point, deliver that promise. I believe they can do both - the monster history and the brothers relationship. Now that Lisa is clearly out of the way, she won't be taking up any screentime. Also, this show is constructed to only deal with problems in the last part of the episode, so there is plenty of time to work on monster history. And I would like some more on Castiel. What the hell is going on with that man? He looks worse every time, and is not his usual funny self.

    I liked the episode, especially towards the end. But it was like watching season three. It is not what was promised, and I expect more from them now. Agree/disagree? Tick the box above.