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SuperNews! is an animated show on Current TV that presents the latest cultural, social and political happenings through a hilarious, satirical lens. Created by Josh Faure-Brac in 2005, SuperNews! was originally presented as short segments aired through Current TV’s shuffle rotation. In March 2009, the show was transformed into 30-minute episodes that each consisted of six 3-5 minute segments. The series takes the often ridiculous realities of the modern world and makes them even more absurd though the bizarro universe of SuperNews!, where the Twitterverse is a real and frightening place, and Craigslist is an evil genie who has the power to ruin your life forever though his powers of omission. SuperNews has a cast of recurring famous characters, including the Obamas, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Perez Hilton, as well as fictional characters that serve as modern stereotypes, including obnoxious bearded-hipster, Captain Art School, eager twitter-facebook-app-crazy office worker, Craig, and his sullen, disinterested co-worker, Darren. The series was cancelled on May 12th, 2010 after airing for two full seasons.moreless

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satirical news, topical humor, pop culture references, historical people as characters, low brow humor