Supersize vs Superskinny

Tuesday 8:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Jan 22, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Season 7
    • Joseph vs Rebecca
      In the Feeding Clinic, Joseph, a 22 and a half stone honey nut cereal addict, swaps meals with Superskinny breakfast-skipping runner Rebecca who weighs in at just seven and a half stone. During the diet swap, Rebecca breaks down after reading a letter from her dad, realising just how worried he is about her health, while Joseph is horrified when Dr Christian shows him the huge amounts of salt and sugar in his cereal packed diet. Before Rebecca and Joseph enter the feeding clinic, Dr Christian sends Joseph to Arkansas, America to meet an overweight internet sensation: 37 and a half stone, Boogie. Although Boogie makes fun of his figure in online comedy videos, he's deeply distressed at his size and is devastated he won't be able to dance with his bride on his wedding day. Plus, former anorexia sufferer and journalist Emma Woolf concludes her two-part investigation into the prevalence of eating disorders among athletes as she meets a triathlete who conquered both anorexia and bulimia.moreless
    • Lauren vs Shelby
      Lauren vs Shelby
      Episode 5
      Young mums Lauren and Shelby meet in the Feeding Clinic. Lauren is a fat and sugar junkie who weighs 28 stone, while toast nibbler Shelby is just over six stone. In Las Vegas, Dr Christian visits a residential weight loss camp which aims to get its obese residents from fat to fit. And Emma Woolf continues her investigation into eating disorders, meeting a woman with cerebral palsy, who reveals the shocking reality of what it's like to be disabled and suffer from anorexia.moreless
    • Charlene vs Mick
      Charlene vs Mick
      Episode 4
      This time in the Feeding Clinic 22-stone takeaway fan Charlene Shattock meets sugary tea addict Mick Wickes, who survives on one tiny meal a day, for a diet swap packed with drama and tension. Mick drinks an astonishing 25 cups of tea a day, with five sugars in each cup. In Las Vegas, Dr Christian visits Blossom Bariatrics, where they thread the latest generation of miniature cable cameras down the patient's nose. And former anorexia sufferer and journalist Emma Woolf meets Valeria Levitin, who has been battling anorexia for over 20 years. Exec Prod: Oliver Wright; Series Prod: Fiona Gay; Prod Co: Endemol.moreless
    • Jackie vs Beth
      Jackie vs Beth
      Episode 3
      Thirty-four-year-old junk food addict Jackie Kenworthy meets 70-year-old great grandmother Beth Edwards, who lives on a diet of egg and toast. Jackie visits Salem, North Carolina, to meet Nikki, who weighs in at over 51 stone. Dr Christian continues his tour of Las Vegas, the capital of excess, to investigate its obesity crisis. And Emma Woolf continues her investigation into the hidden world of eating disorders, looking at dedicated hospital in-patient care.moreless
    • Gary vs Amy
      Gary vs Amy
      Episode 1
      Supersize vs Superskinny returns for a seventh series, to investigate the UK's dysfunctional relationship with food, featuring some of most extreme diets, and coming face to face with American Supersizers who are so big they struggle with even the most basic activities. In the feeding clinic this time is Caribbean chef and cheese addict Gary Tomlin, who tips the scales at 21 stone eight, and Amy Simons, whose meal skipping bad habits see her weigh in at eight stone three. Before they swap diets, Gary goes to America for some shock therapy, where he meets 36-and-a-half stone Nary, who is paralysed from the waist down, has to be washed in the garage with a hose, and has terrible open wounds that struggle to heal. Dr Christian visits Las Vegas, the heart of where it's all going wrong with food in the USA, and joins the Fat Interceptor Team, who are battling to save the city's sewers from a tidal wave of fat. And former anorexia sufferer Emma Woolf continues her investigation into the hidden world of eating disorders as she uncovers the secret world of pro anorexia websites.moreless
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