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Superstars of Dance

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Producers Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller are set to offer up this competition series in early 2009. Host Michael Flatley of the Lord of the Dance will host this program which pits accomplished dancers from various traditions around the world against one another. Think So You Think You Can Dance meets the Olympics.

    Superstars of Dance

    We got in on the Superstars of Dance action by posting some of our favorite TV dancers for you to vote on, and we now have a winner! Superstars of Dance premieres on NBC Sunday, January 4 at 9/8c.


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    • The South African judge is too harsh. I'm a stoic South African and love and respect our artists and proffessionals but having said this, there is no need for them to be arrogant!moreless

      Competition is great but we do need judges that reflect the nature of competition. I watched the judges on this show and found most of their comments were fair and did not come across as personal attacks, but there was one judge that did not reflect this, the South African judge.

      For instance the one comment to the Australian couple from the SA judge was something like, "...she's a strong woman and needs a man." That an attack on the guys masculinity not his dance capability. Comments like this make South Africans appear to be arrogant, and I'm sure other SA citizens would agree that we could do without more arrogance in this world!!moreless
    • Right idea, wrong delivery. Overall, very disappointing...

      This show looked very interesting in the previews and advertisements, but in truth, this show was nothing more than a disappointment and a commercial fest. Overall, I think there were more commercials than dancing! One group dances, another one is introduced, commercial; one group dances, they get the scores, commercial. It was ridiculous!!! The dancing was pretty cool, but the judges weren't. Even though they couldn't vote for their own country, they still picked favorites! And what do they know about dances from other countries!? Not much according to their scores. And the hosts were annoying as well. The woman always tried to show off, or act like she knew what she was talking about when she had no clue. Michael Flatley is an awesome dancer, but a terrible host. He always favored Ireland because that's where he's from, and he never made anything sound funny, like other hosts do. Overall, a very disappointing new series.moreless
    • This show shouldn't be under the guise of a competition; oh, and lose the judges!

      I have to also point the finger at the judges or more specifically to the competition aspect of the show. Why not just showcase dance from around the world. We have had enough shows over the last few years to establish interest; a competition is not needed. Can you imagine this show with more of the groups getting together and mixing styles (Kung Fu and Hip Hop)?

      Don't grade the performance...the "judges" can explain the performance. Teach about the different cultures and their specific dances/styles. Tie things together; but, please keep the South African judge out.moreless
    • An okay dance show with a few problems...

      There was a lot of hype for this show (in my opinion) and the first episode wasn't a complete let down, but it did have issues. The dancing was great, spectacular, and the one really good thing about this show is that it allows people from different countries to watch a plethora of dance styles. However, the way the competition works is flawed. For example, the judges. They can give out bad scores on purpose just to bring the other countries down (SOUTH AFRICA). Also, because of the different cultures, it's impossible to really be able to judge the dances. Which is why some countries (CHINA) get horrible scores from judges who just don't understand their styles (SOUTH AFRICA). If there was a second season, would I watch it? Yes, I would probably watch the first episode. But if the errors that were previously mentioned haven't been improved, I wouldn't watch it for long.moreless
    • Six countries have three different competitors. One soloist, a duet pair, and a group. They all dance and some get eliminated having the top three crowned bronze, silver, and gold in the end.moreless

      There are a few things wrong with this show. First off the hosts are uninteresting. They serve no real purpose - more like announcers. Also the camera work absolutly kills me. Half the time the shots are far away or at awkward angles and you can't really see what's happening. The dancing though, is spectacular. Sometimes though I really can't understand where the judges are coming from with their votes. So it's entertaining to watch the dances but all the chat and voting and other people involved in the show make it not great. And I wish that there were more contries represented, like Canada for instance, or other areas of Europe. And I was rather disappointed that Ireland didnt get farther this season. I thought that they were great.moreless
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