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  • The South African judge is too harsh. I'm a stoic South African and love and respect our artists and proffessionals but having said this, there is no need for them to be arrogant!

    Competition is great but we do need judges that reflect the nature of competition. I watched the judges on this show and found most of their comments were fair and did not come across as personal attacks, but there was one judge that did not reflect this, the South African judge.

    For instance the one comment to the Australian couple from the SA judge was something like, "...she's a strong woman and needs a man." That an attack on the guys masculinity not his dance capability. Comments like this make South Africans appear to be arrogant, and I'm sure other SA citizens would agree that we could do without more arrogance in this world!!
  • Right idea, wrong delivery. Overall, very disappointing...

    This show looked very interesting in the previews and advertisements, but in truth, this show was nothing more than a disappointment and a commercial fest. Overall, I think there were more commercials than dancing! One group dances, another one is introduced, commercial; one group dances, they get the scores, commercial. It was ridiculous!!! The dancing was pretty cool, but the judges weren't. Even though they couldn't vote for their own country, they still picked favorites! And what do they know about dances from other countries!? Not much according to their scores. And the hosts were annoying as well. The woman always tried to show off, or act like she knew what she was talking about when she had no clue. Michael Flatley is an awesome dancer, but a terrible host. He always favored Ireland because that's where he's from, and he never made anything sound funny, like other hosts do. Overall, a very disappointing new series.
  • This show shouldn't be under the guise of a competition; oh, and lose the judges!

    I have to also point the finger at the judges or more specifically to the competition aspect of the show. Why not just showcase dance from around the world. We have had enough shows over the last few years to establish interest; a competition is not needed. Can you imagine this show with more of the groups getting together and mixing styles (Kung Fu and Hip Hop)?

    Don't grade the performance...the "judges" can explain the performance. Teach about the different cultures and their specific dances/styles. Tie things together; but, please keep the South African judge out.
  • An okay dance show with a few problems...

    There was a lot of hype for this show (in my opinion) and the first episode wasn't a complete let down, but it did have issues. The dancing was great, spectacular, and the one really good thing about this show is that it allows people from different countries to watch a plethora of dance styles. However, the way the competition works is flawed. For example, the judges. They can give out bad scores on purpose just to bring the other countries down (SOUTH AFRICA). Also, because of the different cultures, it's impossible to really be able to judge the dances. Which is why some countries (CHINA) get horrible scores from judges who just don't understand their styles (SOUTH AFRICA). If there was a second season, would I watch it? Yes, I would probably watch the first episode. But if the errors that were previously mentioned haven't been improved, I wouldn't watch it for long.
  • Six countries have three different competitors. One soloist, a duet pair, and a group. They all dance and some get eliminated having the top three crowned bronze, silver, and gold in the end.

    There are a few things wrong with this show. First off the hosts are uninteresting. They serve no real purpose - more like announcers. Also the camera work absolutly kills me. Half the time the shots are far away or at awkward angles and you can't really see what's happening. The dancing though, is spectacular. Sometimes though I really can't understand where the judges are coming from with their votes. So it's entertaining to watch the dances but all the chat and voting and other people involved in the show make it not great. And I wish that there were more contries represented, like Canada for instance, or other areas of Europe. And I was rather disappointed that Ireland didnt get farther this season. I thought that they were great.
  • Where are the other countries/forms of dance?

    There are so many countries (other than the ones they've chosen) with amazing talent. I personally know dancers in Cuba who can literally beat all of these dancers w/ their eyes closed. There are also dancers in the united states outside of the typical ballroom, hip hop, etc arena who could really wow people. Cuban folkloric and / or salsa dancers, rueda groups, samba dancers, etc... The show definitely needs fine-tuning and better talent. Even the good groups aren't great. So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew have dancers who can beat any one of the groups on this show. The producers should check out some youtube videos of truly amazing dancers and recruit them for the show! I have a few suggestions...
  • The judges ruined the show.

    I don't understand. I thought this was a dance competition. The Chinese tumblers were good to watch if this was a circus. The judges are a joke to say the least. If you notice the 3 leading always gave to others low marks so their dancers made the final round. The Russian judge was the most honest, The China judge, I go sick of bah 8. The Irish team at least danced but they made sure they did not make the final. Remember the name of the show if this runs again and get judges the can be honest. Takes away from the hard work of the dancers. South African judge giving 3 at the end was the last straw.
  • I wish it was better. The dancing is not the's the production. There is enough variety but most of the time, the "judges" are comparing apples to oranges - and that makes NO sense!

    This could be a great variety show...but trying to make it compelling with scores, points, competition and the like is CRAZY! There is no way you could compare a "pop and lock" solo routine with an Australian "tap dancer" just doesn't work.

    The host, Michael Flatley is terrible. There is no charisma or energy. He is clearly out of his element. The Judges seem disconnected. The obligatory "hottie" in the form of Ms. America is a joke to say the least. The production is...not great.

    I guess I'm used to other dancing shows where the cameras and the editing feature and highlight the dancing. They show me what I need to see to understand the scores and the judges. In this's like KAMAKAZI cameras. I feel like they didn't rehearse at all...the director seems completely behind the ball.

    This show has gone in a bad direction and lost any chance it had to be cool. In the end, I'll be surprised if NBC keeps it going through to the finals. Better luck next time Nigel.
  • One of the biggest disappointments to happen to dancers in a long time. A rushed, talentless, sloppy show of mediocre dancers that are promised to be some of the worlds best ever.

    Being from a family of dancers, and having been a dancer myself for nearly a decade now, I was looking forward to another Nigel Lythgoe produced dance show. But boy, talk about one of the biggest wastes of time and an even bigger disappointment. These are supposed to be the worlds top dancers? Sloppy not only describes most of the dancers but also the show in general. China for example, while entertaining, are not dancing most of the time. The Australian group number was another example of entertaining, but there was also a lot of walking on the stage whereas in competitions, would get points deducted. The US group number I thought was given very generous scores for their number that was lackluster and too long. It's a very disorganized show and leaves millions of dancers sorely disappointed with NBC's eagerness to jump on the dance craze and not give enough time for the show to be fine tuned to be worthy of actually watching. Bring back So You Think You Can Dance already! At least most of the time, there's worthy talent on there.
  • Tedious & Boring

    Considering that Nigel Lithgoe came up with this plan, it is horribly executed. The pace is appallingly slow, the passion is completely non-existant (I have never seen top quality dancers apparently too bored to care), and perhaps the strangest decision is to have two singles, and only 1 pair, and one group. After the ripping success of SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance), it should be extremely obvious that pairs & groups are the way to go... Alas, half the show (at least when the dancing finally starts) is soloists.

    We don't care about the dancers themselves; apparently, they don't care much about the competition either. There is none of the intensity, interest or drama that SYTYCD brings - therefore ultimately, no reason to watch.

    Now, if it were global SYTYCD winners coming together for a truly global version of the SYTYCD COMPETITION - over nations sleepwalking thru a routine they have done a ba-zillion times before success - then you would get a good show... Just do Dance with international winners, in the same format.

    THAT would be a show I would watch.
  • The world's most honored dancers are assembled to display their styles and talent, and on a scale of 1-10, are then judged by a panel of international dance 'experts' for their performance in either solo, duo or group categories.

    Being a huge fan of Cirque Du Soleil, I was looking forward to this. The enthusiastic trailer suggested an evening of visually stunning dance routines. After actually experiencing this program for two hours, I really should have paid more attention to the word 'competition' in those jubilant NBC ads and skipped this altogether.

    I can remember a time when television had variety shows and specials where one could witness talent from various countries and cultures. There was no competition involved. There was no pressure to be the 'best you could be' so your country would be proud of you. The fact was, those folks were already the pride of their country and they were simply sharing the reason for that pride with American audiences. Regardless of the entertainment value of the performance, no one could argue that it was something 'different' and 'educational,' and the audience was always kind and enthusiastic. This always made the performers, young and old alike, to literally 'beam' with happiness. And as corny as it sounds, much of us living in those simpler times 'beamed' right along with them.

    I could only imagine our surprise, shock and disgust, if back then that performance was abruptly followed by a panel of so-called 'expert' judges, ranking what we just saw on a scale of 1-10. It would have been one time in my young life that I would have gotten away with saying "what the hell is this?" in front of my parents. And if some of the scores would have been followed by a chorus of boos from the audience, I would not have been the only one in that room to not be surprised in the least if either Rod Serling or Allen Funt suddenly appeared on our television sets.

    "Superstars of the Dance" is a misfire of huge proportions. The very idea that any one person can fairly judge culture, let alone a panel 'doing so' is just idiotic. Such a concept has the same degree of intelligence as some pubescent gore-hound suggesting that "Saw" is a better film than "Schindler's List" because it made more money at the box-office.

    The show followed the same formula throughout: Irish superstar Michael Flateley introduces each performance with a short background video, followed by a brief interview with the respective coach representing performers from either China, South-Africa, Ireland, The United States, Argentina, Australia, Russia and India.

    (Apparently there is no dance talent available from Canada, Japan, Cuba, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Iran, Sweden, etc.)

    The interview is followed by the performance, glowing enthusiasm from the audience and Flatley alike, an emotional response from the prideful coach joined by the sweaty and exhausted performer (s), a short interview with the judge representing that country (who are not permitted to vote at that time) and then each judge ranks what they and we just saw with a score of 1-10. Depending on that score, the audience responds with delighted applause or a chorus of boos.

    Flately quickly regains control of the audience and the show by putting up the current and combined scores and then going to a break

    When it was all said and done, I couldn't help but be haunted by the look of surprise and fast developing tears on the faces of the two lovely Indian ladies who gracefully performed the native dance that was a source of India's pride, as well as the disappointment on the face of the beautiful woman from China, whose routine involving flowing colorful scarves, while poetic and mesmerizing, as with the women from India, somehow, and in my opinion inexplicably failed to impress most of the judges.

    I'm not going to go into how unfair the judging was based on so many factors and what 'did' or 'did not' score well, I'll just say that the whole thing was contrived, pointless and unfortunately too mean-spirited for its own good. While the performances were mostly impressive if not stunning, it is the structure and tone of the show that lost me as a continued viewer. I really don't need to see people from different lands, pouring their hearts into a performance; only to be judged and humiliated in the end.

    This show drew me in with its promo, and there absolutely is potential for a long-running wonderful program. If it wasn't for the 'judging' and 'elimination' aspect of it; that tired concept born from such programming as "American Idol" and "Survival," I would become a regular viewer. I don't think I'm alone in that thinking.

    I was looking forward to seeing this show but after the first 15 minutes I knew it was going to BOMB!
    The styles of dance are so different, that you absolutely cannot compare them! Maybe if they had chosen a few dances for them to compete with as well as freestyle, it would have been easier to judge?
    The Judging was horrible and I have no clue how they came up with some of their marks. The young American man did a "dance" called "Popping" which is not a relatively known genre and to me was not dancing at all, but contortion! It was utter garbage!
    The commentator, Flatly was a nice surprise on Dancing With The Stars as a guest judge, but here he lacked personality.
    Overall, this show sucked. To even think about tuning in for the entire of month turns my stomach. NBC, the creators and producers should all be ashamed of themselves.
    A "special" showing World Dance styles in an exhibition style setting would have been a lot better than trying to judge these dancers against one another. I truly feel sorry for the dancers- even the camera work made the good ones look bad!
    If you missed the premier, worry not- you didn't miss anything at all! Skip it and tune in to something that doesn't insult your intelligence.