Superstars of Dance

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • Six countries have three different competitors. One soloist, a duet pair, and a group. They all dance and some get eliminated having the top three crowned bronze, silver, and gold in the end.

    There are a few things wrong with this show. First off the hosts are uninteresting. They serve no real purpose - more like announcers. Also the camera work absolutly kills me. Half the time the shots are far away or at awkward angles and you can't really see what's happening. The dancing though, is spectacular. Sometimes though I really can't understand where the judges are coming from with their votes. So it's entertaining to watch the dances but all the chat and voting and other people involved in the show make it not great. And I wish that there were more contries represented, like Canada for instance, or other areas of Europe. And I was rather disappointed that Ireland didnt get farther this season. I thought that they were great.