Superstars of Dance

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • An okay dance show with a few problems...

    There was a lot of hype for this show (in my opinion) and the first episode wasn't a complete let down, but it did have issues. The dancing was great, spectacular, and the one really good thing about this show is that it allows people from different countries to watch a plethora of dance styles. However, the way the competition works is flawed. For example, the judges. They can give out bad scores on purpose just to bring the other countries down (SOUTH AFRICA). Also, because of the different cultures, it's impossible to really be able to judge the dances. Which is why some countries (CHINA) get horrible scores from judges who just don't understand their styles (SOUTH AFRICA). If there was a second season, would I watch it? Yes, I would probably watch the first episode. But if the errors that were previously mentioned haven't been improved, I wouldn't watch it for long.