Superstars of Dance

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • Right idea, wrong delivery. Overall, very disappointing...

    This show looked very interesting in the previews and advertisements, but in truth, this show was nothing more than a disappointment and a commercial fest. Overall, I think there were more commercials than dancing! One group dances, another one is introduced, commercial; one group dances, they get the scores, commercial. It was ridiculous!!! The dancing was pretty cool, but the judges weren't. Even though they couldn't vote for their own country, they still picked favorites! And what do they know about dances from other countries!? Not much according to their scores. And the hosts were annoying as well. The woman always tried to show off, or act like she knew what she was talking about when she had no clue. Michael Flatley is an awesome dancer, but a terrible host. He always favored Ireland because that's where he's from, and he never made anything sound funny, like other hosts do. Overall, a very disappointing new series.