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  • Trying to make sense out of a pre-school childrens' cartoon with a talking bear and an alein only serves to make the person detracting it as "not remotley serious" look absolutley stupid

    Clearly the poser below honestly does'nt seem to grasp Superted was never targeted towards people above five years old, and when you're five years old, you could care less if the sight of a talking bear in public is anything odd, Superted serves its' purpose, a charming blend of absurity and action that anyone with common sense can appreicate. Its' monty python-eseque belnd of characters (an affeminate Skeleton for example), and incredible voice talent makes SUperted a stamp of U.K cult animation, and launced the career of its' creator, Mike Young, who went on to form M.Y.P, better known for recently reviving He-Man
  • Not the best of superhero shows: A teddy-bear who is easily recognized as a civilian and a friend who makes as much sense as Monty Python.

    SUPERTED is one of the classic 80's shows, but has never really appealled to me very much.

    The main villains include a cowboy named Texas Pete, a behemoth called Bulk and a living skeleton aptly named Skeleton (Played by Melvyn Hayes).

    As well as poor storylines, recycled animation cels and very unconvincing characters, the only positive thing to be said about the show is the theme tune run at the closing credits.

    In short, SUPERTED was an attempt to make a superhero series, but failed miserably.
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