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  • Fred Silverman thought of this.

    Supertrain was a show about....a really big train. This very fast locomotive traveled from coast to coast at speeds of up to 200 MPH. What if there was a cow on the tracks? Beats me. The train had a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a disco, a fancy resturant, and a mini-hospital. Each week, a different group of washed-up actors would board the train, and wonder what happened to their careers. Some would swear to fire their agents as soon as this damn train pulled into the station. You guessed it! Supertrain was The Love Boat on tracks! You had to be around for the 1978-79 television season to fully appreciate just how much hype NBC expended on this show. Didn't matter, though. Supertrain was cancelled in less than six months.
  • More information, please!

    I have tried endlessly to research into SUPERTRAIN, but at every turn, there's another unsatisfied critic.

    As a rail enthusiast myself, I would find it mildly interesting to see SUPERTRAIN for my own eyes before giving a commentary, but the lack of re-runs tethers this.

    Atomic-powered locomotives seems to be an interesting region of film that is only ever scratched upon every now and then. I'm sure if SUPERTRAIN were to be improved through better storylines, then perhaps it may improve altogether?