Surf Girls

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Monday 10:30 PM May 19, 2003 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Episode 3
The elimination meeting is continued and we find out that Molli, Katie and Bonnie are all in the yellow. Vivian and Lauren are in the red. To everyone's relief, Danielle tells the girls that there will be no eliminations that day because she wants all of them to have another chance to reach their fullest potential. She also lets the girls know that by the end of the week, 2 of them will definitely be going home. Meanwhile, Lauren begins to doubt herself and questions why she wanted to do this in the first place. The next day the girls fly to the Golf Coast to surf at Surfer's Paradise and to begin physical training. They are introduced to Quicksilver Pro Trainer Rob Rowland Smith, and they begin an exhausting day of physical training. At the end of the day, the girls realize that Lauren is missing from the group. Back at the hotel, Lauren tells Danielle that she is dropping out (to avoid being sent home). Later that week, Vivian decides against staying home and resting for the contest the next day and, instead, decides to go to a bar where she ends up having too much to drink and wakes up the next morning with a hangover. This puts her at a disadvantage at the competition as the partying seems to have taken a lot out of her, but throughout the day she begins to improve. During the competition, the judges keep there eyes on Katie and Bonnie, who seem to be struggling the most, while Mary, Jen and Kula take the top 3 positions. The results of the contest will determine who will be eliminated. At the elimination meeting, Rob tells the girls how hard it was for them (the judges) to make the decision. He and Danielle also tell the girls that since Lauren quit earlier that week they will only be sending one girl home. Even though Vivian's attitude needed some improvement, Bonnie's surfing just was not cutting it and she is the first to be eliminated.moreless

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    (short boarder) 22-year-old college student/shooter girl from Surfside, California. Dropped out after 3rd episode.



    THE WINNER (short boarder) 24-year-old college student/waitress from Kailua, Hawaii.



    (short boarder) 20-year-old waitress from West Palm Beach, Florida.



    (long boarder) 22-year-old DMS controller from New Milford, New Jersey.



    (short boarder) 18-year-old college student / retailer from Glendora, California. Eliminated in the 3rd episode.



    (short boarder) 19-year-old resteraunt hostess from Rincon, Puerto Rico. Dropped out after 2nd episode.

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      • Danielle (to Katie): "You have the biggest heart of anyone here."

        Bonnie: "I don't want to go home. The main goal is the wild card and I want to go as far as I can."

        Lauren: "I know that it's not right for me to be here."

        Mary (on Lauren's departure): "It was her choice to go. If she wants to go let her go."

        Bonnie (on Lauren): "If I had to qualify her as a competitive or soul surfer I would definitely say soul because she just wanted to go and have a good time and travel."

        Jenna (on Vivian's wild night): "We have a contest tomorrow and we need to get some sleep."

        Vivian: "I've really got to kick it into gear here. I'm in the red."

        Vivian: "The whole elimination process just isn't fun at all."

        Molli (on the elimination meeting): "When I walk in, Danielle and Rob have really serious looks on their faces so I prepare myself for the worst."

        Jenna (on Bonnie being eliminated): "If Bonnie can go, no one is safe because no one would have thought that she would have gone."

    • NOTES (2)

      • Liz Cantor, Dave Davidson, Kassia Meador, Kate Skarratt and Rob Rowland Smith are featured in this episode.

      • This is the the last episode to feature 22-year-old short boader Lauren of Surfside, California and 18-year-old short boader Bonnie of Glendora, California. Bonnie is the first of all of the girls to actually be eliminated.

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