Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

In this series premiere, we are introduced to the three main characters, each of which has a fateful encounter with a mysterious creature under the water. First, we meet Miles Barnett, a teenage boy who is partying out in the ocean with his friends. While wading in the water, he sees something and hurries back up onto his friend's boat. Then, there's Laura Daughtery (aka "Dee"), a marine biologist working on studying the bottom of the ocean. On one of her dives, she encounters a massive creature that knocks out her connection to her on-shore crew. And finally, Rich Connelly, a young twenty-something who is fishing/harpooning underwater with his brother when his brother gets dragged away by what appears to be the same creature. Miles later goes out in the middle of the night with his best friend to try to discover what exactly he found. They stumble across a pile of eggs floating in the water. When Miles keeps one and puts it in his house's fish tank, it eventually hatches and Miles tries to conceal it from the rest of his family. Meanwhile, Laura finds out that the institute she works at has been taken over by the US Armed Forces since the incident and they confiscated all her files. Laura and Rich each independently head to South Carolina when they see on the news that a huge "whale carcass" has shown up on the beach and looks just like the creatures they saw, while Miles ends up with a baby sea monster of his own.