Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on NBC

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  • Way too slow

    Wow. Really bad writing.

    I see why the show got canceled after only one season. You can only milk a mystery so long before people become frustrated because NOTHING is happening.

    The premise of the show was fine. But the writers were way too self indulgent. They took way too long to pay off on their set ups. They stretched the viewers' patience way beyond the limit. The three main characters' set ups should have begun paying off in about 1/3 the time.

    The insurance adjuster's watery visions were even lamer than the Richard Dreyfuss character's mashed potato visions in "Close Encounters."
  • nous avons vu cet épisode en avant première et attendons que la france diffuse cette série.le suspense était intense et nous souhaitons connaitre la suite peut être que nous permettra de découvrir ces épisodes en avant première en france et la remr

    nous avons vu cet épisode en avant première et attendons que la france diffuse cette série.. le suspense étair intense et nous souhaitons connaitre la suite.. nous avons aimé les 4400, lost etc;;; ne trouvant pas que la france est pressée de de diffuser cette serie nous essayons de trouver cela par nous meme;; etant parfaitement bilingue nous n avons pas de problème pour suivre ces episodes en version originale... l\\\'intrigue est superbe et nous avons envie d\\\'aller plus loin dans l\\\'histoire;;; peut être que nous permettra de découvrir ces épisodes en avant première en france et répondra à notre attente.. Merci
  • The pilot episode kicks off, but I had some problems with it.

    I'll start at the very beginning of the episode, when the kids are on the boat. I know for a fact that the dialogue between them is nothing like what teenagers actually sound like, and the acting in the beginning, or lack there of, didn't help the matter. I probably would have enjoyed it more had I not already watched the entire Invasion series, which I much prefer at this point. So far, the plot could be referring to an undiscovered sea species, not necessarily a "monster" or alien. Anyway, the good thing about the show is that Lake Bell's child is really cute, and it was interesting enough to make me watch the second episode.
  • A really great show!

    This pilot episode introduces us to the show. The characters are all presented and their respective roles are familiarized to us. We learn about the lives of the characters. When the creatures start appearing all over the place, their lives turn upside down. The writers start this show really well, the way they write the characters are done in a way that's entertaining to watch. This show seems serialized, although the story is presented bit by bit, you don't mind since you expect the narrative to unfold as the show goes on. This is a really good show. I'm having a blast watching it.
  • Intriguing premise. Not just the finding of a new lifeform under the sea, but the fight between scientists and the military of intellectual property.

    a Marine Biologist in a submersible is investigating the deepest trench under the ocean when suddenly said submersible loses power and drifts over the trench, suddenly she sees something swim past the porthole. When the power returns she sees what she thinks can only be a new lifeform.
    I was totally intrigued and look forward to the story unfolding. But the kids annoy me. And the main kids parents need a good slap too!
    The military angle is a little too stereotypical though.
  • Good enough to make you want to watch again.

    This is a decent episode as far as pilots go. They try to make it edgy and quick while still having to introduce the key characters. It opens enough questions to make you want to find out more and except for a few 'tacky' moments it is decently played out. Watch again and you will probably find you'll watch them all!
  • I good story might wash up.

    From the first episode, I can tell that this might be a great show. But its hard to tell so early in the game. In this, the pilot episode of the series, we see that there is the possibilty for something interesting. It definetly piques the curiousity as to where it is going, but I fear that they have let the secret out of the bag far too early. Unlike Lost, we find out within the first few episodes what the monster looks like. The small ones look cute and cuddly. The large ones are terrifying, yet mysterious and intriguing.

    Depending on the writing, this may turn out to be an interesting first season, with the option for renewel provided the viewing audience bites it.

    Like all good series dramas/mysteries, the characters themselves are an important part of the development process, not just the main plot. The character development from this first episode shows that the program may have a long way to come before being successful in this department. Partially because the main characters personally lives may be a bit hard to swallow. Partially because they really aren't that interesting of characters in the first place.

    The intrigue, suspense, and subject matter may be the only thing that is redeeming about this show. how the main subject developments may be the key to keeping this one in competition with the Monday Night Line-up.

    TIme will tell, in the coming episodes, whether this show can standup and be heard.
  • what can i say...

    i think i expected much more from this series but i saw only first episode and maybe next will show something special
    i think it hasn't THIS spirit and hidden energy what stargate or lost has but i will give it a chance and will keep watching another few episodes to decide if it is worth of my time
  • Remember Jaws and it's followup movies? Now think back to the hordes of cliche teens trying to make somebody - anybody - believe their horrifying stories about the shark attacks. Wanna see that once more? Watch Surface.

    This series blows a little fresh air into the sails of the Jaws movies. We get to date with one of the more or less underdeveloped mixups of the science fiction genre: underwater.

    Now, the series starts out with strange sea-monsters making appearances in more or less the usual ways: mauling swimmers and divers, eating and trashing boats with their crew.

    While it is very entertaining watch some of the characters meet and collaborate to shed some light and share some insight on the creatures coming from deep-sea, some of the cast appear to be a little uninspiring; some of the dialouge is so cheesy that you could put it into the hands of a wild west drama. Maybe the actors will develop their roles in future episodes though - and maybe the dialouge writing will improve.

    So do not expect all too fancy in-character flaws and style yet. But if you can live with watching greasy teens trying to butter up their utterly not-so-smart parents - if you want to find out what it's like for a main character to have to take care for her child all the time and even taking him out to explore in a danger zone during graveyard shift, this is for you.

    Let me reinstate it's cheesy in a way, and it won't require the viewer to do brain workouts but for what it's worth: is really good entertainment with thrills, shivers, great looks and effects!
  • but really cheap...

    I have to admit, I got curious about this show during watching teaser for it. I like mysteries in all kind of forms, so It was the MUST SEE.

    I cant tell Pilot is completely bad. It starts slowly to get you know all characters and the theme whats this all will be about. The idea itself, sea monsters that came from space which is presented here looks cheap. Yeah, thats the right word. It could be more interesting if it would be "crafted" with more precision. Monsters moves are lame from what can we see in this ep, reminding me mutanted mermaids with some kind of demented genes. ( :)

    Im really curious what can be put in this for 20 episodes. I better hope there will be some really interesting and thrilling story behind this, as we cannot expect much good acting (Just another conclusion from Pilot)

    I wasnt bored during the time i watched Pilot episode, but I was wondering almost all the time about all which could have been filmed and made better. For me, no surprises and original ideas at all. I will watch next few episodes, to prove me I was wrong about it, but i doubt it.
  • Usually pilot episodes draw you in, whereas this one keept you at a distance. We still have no idea what is going on, or what will. There is still some hope, even if this episode didn't give it. It is hard to see a whole series out of this episode.

    Usually pilot episodes draw you in, whereas this one keept you at a distance. We still have no idea what is going on, or what will. There is still some hope, even if this episode didn't give it. It is hard to see a whole series out of this episode.
    This seems better fit as a mini-series then an actual show. The writers will have to be a little more creative and original then the pilot was to keep the audience interested.
  • There is something out there in the water that is starting to Surface, and our intrepid heroes will discover what it is no matter the cost. A exciting pilot for an interesting show, Surface has me hooked. For now...

    I definitely liked this show. As a pilot episode it worked for me overall, event though I have one or two small issues. The set-up for this show plays well, there is something out there in the water that is starting to Surface, and our intrepid heroes will discover what it is no matter the cost. The cast is young and beautiful, although the performances were mostly mediocre, except Carter Jenkins, the kid who played Miles, who could turn out to be quite good. And although this looks like it’ll be a Plot and FX driven show I think we will see some interesting twists in character as well. I wonder if future episodes will have to ditch some of the fantastic locations used in the pilot in favor of set pieces. Hopefully not, because the scale of this show really impressed me. The effects were good for what they were, but I felt like if, as the press say, they are in fact going to reveal these monsters from the deep, that we’ve should’ve seen a bit more in the pilot. My only other small issue with the pilot was that they didn’t get through enough of the set up. I mean I can guess where its going, these three separate “ordinary” people will end up teaming up against the Navy to uncover the mysteries of this ‘Atlantean’ race (or whatever it is). But by the end of this episode they haven’t even met. Maybe this should’ve been a two hour pilot to get it all in. Or maybe they sold it on the fact that I was edge of my seat watching and flabbergasted that they ended it where they did. Either way, I will definitely watch more to come.

    The show obviously owes a fair bit to the success of Lost. I hope as a semi-supernatural action/thriller it doesn’t suffer the same sad fate as most of its ilk; Point Pleasant comes readily to mind. Also, I keep wondering if there is a connection between this show and the comic book Fathom. Maybe its just a variation of sorts. Hopefully it’ll last long enough for me to find out…
  • Too many "character-reaction" shots and the young boy could pose dramatic problems for the show

    I caught this on the repeat showing on SciFi. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I didn't find the characters that interesting.

    One problem that the episode had in common with the first Star Trek movie was the overuse of character-reaction shots. This is when the camera focuses on a character and shows him or her reacting to some event off-camera. It's simply not very entertaining to watch someone staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at some mysterious creature offscreen. Maybe it might work once or twice, but maybe not even then. The director may be using this in a misguided attempt at suspense using old-fashioned minimalist techniques. It didn't work.

    I think it's a mistake to feature a young boy as a major character in a sci-fi/suspense/action series. It seems like they are going for the Freaks and Geeks or Wonder Years audience with that decision. He won't be a man of action capable of leading people in a crisis. He doesn't have a lot of life experience, nor would he have a vast body of scientific knowledge. His older sister is embarrassed by him and his mother tends to ignore him. His character seems more appropriate for a family comedy (like Malcolm in the Middle) or a coming-of-age show like The Wonder Years or Freaks and Geeks. I found it all very distracting.

    I wouldn't say that the episode was horrible, but it certainly doesn't stand out as a great sci-fi show. Maybe they should have added an extra hour and called it a one-time creature-feature TV movie. It would be suitable for that. I don't see enough depth and substance to continue this as a weekly series for very long.
  • The show is awesome. The thought of something unexplainable under the deep depts of the ocean is very exciting to see what it ends up being. We know that there are depts of the sea that are still unexplored as of now so who knows what it could be.

    I think this was a very good show. The season premier was very exciting. I love shows about the ocean and think this is going to be an awesome show. I just hope others do because it gets annoying having new shows removed from the lineup just because not as many as hoped for enjoy the shows. I would love to see this show last for many seasons.
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