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Episode 102

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on NBC
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After a mysterious animal carcass is discovered on the shore of Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, Laura and Rich head there to look for some answers but instead get detained for questioning. Also, a team of scientists face a hazardous autopsy of the deceased creature. Meanwhile, Miles decides to name his new discovery Nimrod but faces panic and trouble when Savannah throws a party at which point Nimrod ends up escaping.moreless

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  • Just some clarification.

    The Biblical Nimrod, in addition to being Noah's great-grandson and the first king of Babylon, was also described as a mighty hunter. So, the little guy's name is quite appropriate, as he will all too-soon demonstrate that he comes from a predatory marine species. But, the sense in which Miles and his friend are using it is derived from Bugs Bunny cartoons. The ones in which Elmer Fudd is _sarcastically_ called a "little nimrod." It's only for this reason that the word has become synonymous with stupidity. For once, however, I am not going to deduct any tenths of a point for such trivial mistakes.moreless
  • picks up the pace, the excitement is raised.

    More of the mystery is revealed, but not much, but what's important is the execution. The writers told a really good story that's so watchable. It's so entertaining, it's a kind of show that you just watch and enjoy. The plot unfolds itself, you don't have to think much, you just enjoy watching it. We get to see the characters a lot more, we feel we know them more right now. The 3 main characters become more conflicted with the mystery that's unraveling around them. I get to like this show even more, I'm just waiting for the next episode to come. I want to see more.moreless
  • (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS) A big improvement on the first episode, Episode 2 shows us what Surface is capable of and shows a little of what to expect throughout.

    After an intriguing first episode, I knew I would continue to watch this show, but this episode has made it clear to me now, and had the edge of excitement that the pilot never really reached. A lot more is revealed in this episode. We get to see the little creature that Miles captured (and can I just say AAAW!), Laura and Richard reach the island where the carcass washed up and now definitely know that something is going on and start to bond, and Cirko and his team of scientists start to examine the body of the creature washed up on the beach, to disastrous results.

    This episode was definitely faster-paced than the pilot and much better for it. It is good to see the story develop from three different points of view. We have Laura and Richard, who are trying desperately to uncover whats going on, we have Miles who knows something strange is happening, but who is learning things from the creature at home and trying to keep that a secret, and then we have Cirko who is on the inside of everything and the cover-up, but who knows very little about the whole thing even then.

    There are a number of intriguing questions raised in this episode which I am sure will pan out throughout the series, first of all being the obvious 'what are the sea creatures and what do they want?'. But other questions raised such as 'Does their blood have healing powers' which is hinted at when the injured scientist is miraculously healed toward the end.

    A lot of people have questioned how this show can maintain its premise throughout a whole season, and I must say I agree with them to a certain extent but after this episode I have a little more faith that the writers definitely have a few surprises up their sleeves. The closing shot for example of a giant creature swallowing a fishing-boat whole from below, was just so unexpected and mind-blowing, and made up entirely for the short-comings of the pilot. After seeing that scene, my mind was set that this show was definitely something special.

    This episode is definitely a step up and it has raised the excitement level a whole lot. A lot more happens and the story is propelled further. Perhaps it would have been better as a double-length pilot, but either way I think its safe to say that Surface is definitely shaping up to being must-see-TV.moreless
  • Some of the most unlikable characters in tv today...

    This show isn't bad, but I can't get past how unlikable most of the characters are. The 3 main characters, Rich, Laura & Miles, are the only marginally normal people on the show. The families and coworkers of these main 3, however, are obnoxious to the point that I can't wait for scenes involving them to end.

    Miles' family is the worst of the bunch. His materialistic mother and father (interrupting saying grace at the dinner table to complain about the Persian rug being destroyed --- blech) need someone to seriously slap them around and bring them back down to earth. His sister, Savannah I think her name is, is the most spoiled rotten whiny baby brat character since 90210. Please let her character grow or get eaten. Either would be fine.

    Rich's wife is an annoying pain in the ass. I mean come on...give Rich a break. He watched his brother die tragically underwater. Give him the space he needs to come to terms with it for crying out loud. Every time he speaks, she starts rolling her eyes and acting like she can't believe he wants to pursue finding out what ate his brother. What the hell did he marry this witch for?

    Everyone surrounding Laura pretty much sucks. I hope that this doesn't turn into a total government conspiracy cover-up thing cause its been done before...and currently is still being done on more shows than I can count on one hand. The whole government conspiracy thing has been done to death guys. Be original. Have the government actually HELP its citizens. Wouldn't happen in real life? That's ok...this is FICTION.

    Laura's kid is gonna be a total distraction to this story. The kid is a good enough actor, but plotwise, he just gets in the way.

    Miles' friend, whatshisface, he's ok, but the whole surfer dude speak doesn't come across quite naturally enough on him. It seems forced. Let him talk like a normal person. "This party was live as hell...huhuhuhuh..." Cue Keanu Reaves. Blech.

    The story has promise, but overall, the obnoxious characters are really killing it for me. I really hope they shape up or get eaten....and fast!moreless
  • Excellent ending.

    This was a great episode and in particular the ending was fantastic with the creature lunging out of the ocean to swallow the boat. It is cool to see them slowly reveal the creatures and how they are learning more about them. I am looking very forward to seeing future episodes.

    The characters are starting to develop and hopefully NBC will let this series run the entire year so we can see the relationships they build with one another. The show seems to be growing in popularity each week and, for a new series, is not doing that bad at all.moreless
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    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: April 9, 2008 on TV3+
      The Netherlands: June 2, 2008 on Veronica
      Czech Republic: January 26, 2013 on Prima COOL

    • Locations in this episode:
      Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
      Sullivan's Island, S.C. (USA)
      New Iberia, Louisiana
      Monterey Oceanographic Institute
      Port Arthur, U.S. Navy Base (Bangor, Maine)
      Great Barrier Reef (Near Australia) (Note: The Great Barrier Reef is actually part of Australia)


    • Savannah refers to "Nimrod" as a Sleestak at one point, after the reptilian creatures from the TV show "Land of the Lost".

    • Savannah refers to her brother and his friend as "Frodo and Bilbo" after the two hobbits from "The Lord of the Rings". The pair do actually look quite hobbit-like, and even have hairstyles reminiscent of the hobbits in the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy.

    • The music used during the shark scene at the end is reminiscent of the famous theme music to Steven Spielberg's 1975 film Jaws, about a crew of men on a fishing boat who set out to find a killer shark terrorizing beach-goers near a small resort town. One of many references to Spielberg who is a major influence on the writers of the show.

    • Nimrod was a Mesopotamian king mentioned in the biblical book of Genesis. Supposedly the great-grandson of Noah, he founded Babylon and built the tower of Babel.

      The Little Nimrod is a nickname Bugs Bunny bestowed on Elmer Fudd. It is also the name of explorer Ernest Shackelton's ship, two different kinds of airplanes, an album by Green Day and a number of literary characters.

    • Bigfoot is a large, hairy, humanoid creature with many sightings claimed in the Pacific northwest of North America. Known to indigenous people in the area as Sasquatch, Bigfoot's existence has been the subject of lively debate, scientific study, hoaxes and tabloid journalism.

      Similar creatures have been reported in other parts of the world, such as the Hodag of northern Wisconsin and the Yeti of the Himalayas.

    • E.T. is a lovable alien creature which was introduced by Steven Spielberg in his 1982 blockbuster film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. In the film, E.T. is discovered and befriended by a young boy named Elliot who, with the help of his brother and sister, tries to keep the alien's existence a secret from adults.