Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 103

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • Getting better and better each week.

    Laura loses her job, Miles starts to deal with his family over Nim, Rich starts hearing voices. The main characters start to deal with new realities in their lives. We delve more into their personal lives. The writers do a good job making the characters lively, even the supporting roles like savannah, phil and mile's parents have well written roles. They are integral to the story, not just mere decorations. The writers did this episode really well, it's so entertaining, I'm always waiting for the next episode. Surface is one awesome show, I can't get enough of it, I love surface!
  • Some interesting twists. Very intriguing, even moreso than before, but needs some touching up in the details.

    Ok, I'll admit I'm getting a little bored with some of the acting & dialog which is not the best I've ever seen in the world, but there was an intriguing twist to do with the creatures in this episode that I thought was really wonderful. They definitely have some great ideas with this series. But while some of the actors and dialog are good, there is still much left to be desired. I am still hooked though because the basic concept is extremely interesting and the show has enough redeeming qualities to make up for its faults.

    I do enjoy this show more than most, as I really don't watch much TV, let alone feel upset if I miss an episode.. There are few shows I feel the desire to watch religiously. This has been intriguing enough to hold my interest so far overall and I am hooked. It has some brilliant ideas and is definitely unique. Hopefully they will continue to work on its weaknesses, because it really has great potential to be something amazing seeing as where they might be going with it in this episode!
  • This show is really finding it's feet and delivering some very unexpected plot elements without revealing too much too soon. Will be interesting to see exactly where it goes though. (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

    Surface is definitely picking up, and I look forward to seeing it every week. This episode adds a lot to discovering where the creatures came from and all but destroys the theory about them coming from outer-space. It is good to see the personal lives of the characters surface (*groan*) a little more, and we get to see a little more emotion (albeit not a WHOLE lot).
    I was pleased to see Miles' story start to intertwine with the other two (well Rich's at least), but doubly annoyed by the fact that Rich's and Laura's have no connection. I know it they each have their stories and reasons for wanting to find out about the creatures but surely they would do better as a team, and after all they did together last episode, it would have been good to at least have a scene of them on the phone or something, to show that they are still in contact.
    This aside, a great episode and we find out a lot more about the creatures as well as the characters. Miles' story is perhaps the one with the most emotional pull even if it is moving a little slowly, and Laura's is intriguing and it is clear they are trying to portray a strong, independent female character but as yet it's not being fully achieved. But give it time, there is definitely potential. Rich's story has good promise, but it wasnt put across in the best way and wasnt always clear. I also think that his character is being portrayed in a way that is hard to empathise with and and he is coming across as a little nasty sometimes. ie with his wife. I mean, sure he's lost a brother and wants to find out what killed him, but he's treating her like trash! Ok, maybe a little of an exageration, but he is definitely the least likeable character. Even Cirko, with his dodgy accent and devious ways is likeable in the way that you want to know what he knows, and to see what he will do next to stop others from finding it out.
    To conclude, this episode is very well put together, with each of the individual stories given the right amount of exposure. A few questions answered but many more raised, lets hope Surface continues like this and doesnt blow all its mystery too soon.
  • Unlikable characters are killing this show for me

    This show isn't bad, but I can't get past how unlikable most of the characters are. The 3 main characters, Rich, Laura & Miles, are the only marginally normal people on the show. The families and coworkers of these main 3, however, are obnoxious to the point that I can't wait for scenes involving them to end.

    Miles' family is the worst of the bunch. His materialistic mother and father (the father's inappropriate jokes to Miles were downright creepy) need someone to seriously slap them around and bring them back down to earth. His sister, Savannah I think her name is, is the most spoiled rotten whiny baby brat character since 90210. Please let her character grow or get eaten. Either would be fine.

    Rich's wife is an annoying pain in the ass. I mean come on...give Rich a break. He watched his brother die tragically underwater. Give him the space he needs to come to terms with it for crying out loud. Every time he speaks, she starts rolling her eyes and acting like she can't believe he wants to pursue finding out what ate his brother. What the hell did he marry this witch for?

    Everyone surrounding Laura pretty much sucks. I hope that this doesn't turn into a total government conspiracy cover-up thing cause its been done before...and currently is still being done on more shows than I can count on one hand. I'm still not entirely clear on why she is being black-balled. She had first hand contact with the creature they are investigating. She is a qualified scientist. What the hell? Why go to the trouble of ruining her life and making an enemy of her. Bring her on board and let her help!

    The story has promise, but overall, the obnoxious characters are really killing it for me. I really hope they shape up or get eaten....and fast!
  • Hoping for another great episode I was left wanting more... and not in the good way.

    So far the thing about Surface that has made it, for me, a compelling show is the action. The thrill, which I understand is often just cheap non-plot related side sequences, is what keeps me so engaged in the story. And hopefully the principal characters will get more involved in the action as the story progresses. But Ep3 (still waiting on those episode names…) falls far short of either of the preceding installments.

    I was disappointed that there really wasn’t much depth (pardon the pun) to this episode. Maybe though the lack of extraneous special effects can be seen as a blessing in disguise. With everything else stripped away we can see really obviously how the dramatic elements try just a smidge too hard and end up looking contrived, and that the dialogue really is fairly unrealistic. These characters seem just a bit too good hearted, and I still haven’t found anything really tangible to connect with Lake Bell’s character on. I don’t want to go so far as to say she’s unlikable, but this entire episode was frustrating.

    We should’ve learnt more about the character, we should’ve moved the mystery along, answered some questions and asked some more. The ‘fire’ elements could pan out in future episodes, but for now it just wasn’t enough. This episode unfortunately fell short in every way possible.

    I’d guess that maybe they simply don’t have the cash for excessive postproduction costs every episode, and that’s fine. Honestly, that’s ok. However if your main characters aren’t doing, or learning anything to further the story what is the point at all. This show has potential, I hope it doesn’t let us down.
  • Dino-topia???

    What a great show!

    Once they discover that the hag fish had 10% extinct dinosaur in their bellies (I loved the scene where the kid tells the doctor about hag fish. Reminds me of my kids and their vocabularies.) I started wigging out. Add to that Nimrod's scenes and the idea that somewhere in their genetic makeup, they have a natual healing capability. It was astouding.

    Of course, you had to have the government agent "You are such an optimist" guy hanging around, but that did not take away from the moment.

    I feel sorry for the guy that doens't have anyone who believes him. The internet messaging with the kid who owns Nimrod? Love it!