Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 104

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2005 on NBC
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Laura and Jackson head out to sea where she ends up using a GPS device to track one of the creatures. Rich finds proof that the sinkholes in his visions are real causing him to continue obsessing over his brother's death. Meanwhile, Lee tries to talk Cirko out of telling the Pentagon that the new species should be considered extremely dangerous.moreless

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  • Characters suck

    Someone wrote how they feel that there are no likable characters. I don't mind the kid, Miles, nor do I mind the woman... But I can't stand the obsession the other guy has. Any way, already episode 4, and I can't remember any names except Miles and that Cirko guy... but only cuz they say his name every other time. I dunno... I think this needs more...
  • Great episode.

    Laura seeks out the help of an old boyfriend jackson. Laura manages to tag one of the creatures. Miles new pet nimrod starts to complicate his life, but his pal phil helps out. His sister Savannah is becoming a problem for him. The writers did a good job with this episode, it's so good, the characters are great. the drama is not boring, it's so entertaining and so watchable. you don't mind with the slow pace of the plot progression because you get caught up in the story, you just want to see it. this episode is another great installment, i'm waiting for more.moreless
  • Surface is really heating up, and the characters are starting to get involved in some serious action and intrigue. Definitely one of the best episodes yet! WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS!

    This episode was definitely one of the best so far. Surface is getting so good!

    In this episode we have Laura investigating and tracking one of the big creatures and coming face to face with one, Rich's obsession grows as he sets off to try and communicate with his brother, and Miles struggles to keep Nim a secret, as social politics and his sister's scheming friends start to invade. We also see Cirko's growing concern over the nature of the creatures and whether or not to tell the government.

    Laura's storyline is moving the fastest, and she is growing on me. I liked the fact that she was willing to use her friend just to get what she wanted. It was funny and showed her ruthlessness and determination to get to the bottom of things. I do however think, that she needs to become a little more emotional. There have been attempts at this, and the scene where she is struggling with her waitressing job tries to evoke sympathy from the viewers but just seems a little cliche. This is however a minor fault in a gradually-developing character.

    Rich is one character who is really annoying me, and how many times do we need to see the flashback of his brother's apparent death? I understand it's hard to lose someone, but he is obsessing so much and it's becoming a bit of a bore, as he never seems to find anything! I found it very irrational how he wrecked the woman's drains etc. I can see what they were trying to do here, by making us feel bad for him and showing him starting to break, but it just came across as crazy. This storyline did however pick up towards the end of the episode, when he goes out to the rig where he lost his brother and finally decides to let things go, only to discover a picture in the paper of one of the drop-holes which he has been seeing and drawing. It wasn't perhaps the best ending to the episode after the jaw-dropping conclusions to previous episodes, but intriguing all the same.

    Miles' storyline is interesting in it's simplicity, basically showing us his struggle to raise Nim and to keep him a secret from everyone else. I can definitely see a growing rivalry between him and his friend Eric. I can see Eric betraying him and exposing Nim to get what he wants. Will be interesting to see where that goes. Also, the constant bickering between Miles' and his sister which was starting to get a little tedious, took a pleasant turn in this episode with his sister's friend pretending to like Miles' in order to see the creature and ultimately hurt his feelings. It was a real shame on poor Miles because even though I didnt really want him to get with the girl, as she seemed really fake, he was so humiliated and it was sad to watch.

    That's what I like about Surface. It has every type of story telling and they all connect to the main mystery from a different perspective. You've got the scientific interest perspective from Laura, the personal agenda in the form of Rich, teen drama and family issues with Miles, and then on top of all that you have the guy on the inside Cirko, who is working overtime to keep the cover-up under control and keep the secret. The story is definitely progressing nicely and after only 4 episodes we have a lot of questions and intriguing plot threads to ponder over. It is hard not to think though, that this far in, we should at least feel something for the characters. They are developing slowly but surely however and it's nice knowing that there is a whole season over which to get to know them.

    Overall, an excellent episode which posed many new questions and developed the characters somewhat, whilst also giving a few new glimpses of the larger creatures. Its hard to believe that it has only been 4 episodes, but that just means that there are 18 quality hours left to go, and if they are anything like this one, then they are going to be great!moreless
  • Beauty & the Beast - face to face.

    I have to disagree with a lot of the reviews posted for this episode. For those who seem to think 'Surface' is moving slowly, I have one question: have you been watching 'Invasion'?

    While I echo worries that the the storyline might not be sustainable for several seasons (unless the writers have some wild card up their sleeve - which I really hope they do), at least on Surface we've got action taking place in several locations, the multiple storylines, and, most importantly, we've seen the creatures. Invasion has none of those things, and for that reason, is driving me crazy.

    The writers are making an attempt at character development, more so than in the first few episodes. Daugherty's confrontation with her ex (or whoever her guide on the boat was) was just as interesting as her confrontation with the monster. I particularly enjoyed her moment of exhiliration when they were tracking the beast and she hugs him, looks deep into his eyes, and just as he's getting ready to pucker up, turns abrubtly back to the radar screen.

    The reason I marked this episode as pivotal is, of course, the GPS tracking device that the monster is now host to. This should provide some juicy information for the next couple episodes: i.e., how deep can these creatures go? where is their nesting ground? and, is there more to those gigantic undersea canyons the creatures came out of in episode 1?

    Miles' childish fascination with Nim is fun to watch, only because we know the honeymoon will soon be over as Nim's killer instincts take control. Or, as caregiver and mother figure, will Miles' involvement from Day 1 allow him to truly train Nim?

    As for Richard, who seems to be developing psychic abilities, I can only hope this part of the storyline, which is the bit I do find a tad hokey, even with my willing suspension of disbelief, will play into the mystery of these creatures' origin and intelligence.

    I'm excited to see where this series goes - hopefully it's on long enough to develop more. Anybody have a link to or information about where we can ratings information?

  • Leslea Fisher (Amber) and the GPS tag.

    Am I the only guy going to hell? Leslea Fisher (Amber) looked amazing in this episode. Other than her bikini, not much happened visually in this episode. Amber\'s dog gets eaten, thankfully. That thing was so annoying. Too bad her suit wasn\'t taken too, but alas, Surface is on NBC and not Scinimax. Tsk. Tsk.

    How long did it look like Daughtery was face to face with the big creature? I sensed some kind of intelligence; it chose not to eat her... why? I think the GPS tag with have HUGE repercussions. Really looking forward to epi 105!!

    NBC better keep this show or so help me, I\'ll create these creatures for real and let them loose upon their studio.moreless
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