Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 105

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on NBC
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Laura and Richard reunite and use a GPS device to track one of the creatures to a local pier in California while Cirko and Lee consider asking Laura to join them in their investigation. Meanwhile, Miles and Phil fight to keep Nimrod a secret when suspicious Animal Control officers search for a missing neighborhood dog.moreless

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  • Awesome!

    Laura and Rich goes to California to search for a creature passing along a coastal town. Meanwhile, Miles deals with an animal control officer after nim did something bad. This episode shows a lot of cool stuff, it's really exciting, I had a blast watching this episode. The writers keep coming up with cool stories to tell. The side stories in this show are really interesting, they might be minor to the show in terms of screen time but they are very important to the show. I love this show, i keep watching it, and i'll keep on watching it.moreless
  • Laura and Rich reunite and together go in search of the creatures, whilst keeping Nim a secret could prove to be too hard for Miles, in this very exciting episode. (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS)moreless

    This show just keeps getting better and better. With each new episode, I find myself loving the show even more. Episode 5 is no exception.

    Laura and Rich are reunited at last, and go about trying to expose the creatures and the cover-up surrounding them. It's great to see Laura and Rich back together again, as the show was lacking some real interaction between characters and was very much 4 seperate stories. In this episode however, the different plots start to intertwine as mentioned above, and also Cirko approaches Laura about coming to work with him. This could be very interesting as now Laura has a chance to see the cover-up from the inside, and clearly wont take it lying down.

    Laura is emerging as a very strong, and likeable lead character, and after a few shaky episodes in which it was hard to identify and to feel for her, she is fast becoming what she could only try to be before. Even Rich's character is developing somewhat, so that he is less annoying, and you can concentrate on his story more. This is clearly due to the newfound alliance of Laura and Rich.

    Miles' story, whilst perhaps not the most interesting, is definitely the most heart-felt and has the most emotional value. Watching his struggle with keeing Nim a secret whilst also trying to bond with the creature is very sweet, and the scene at the end of this episode where Nim returns to Miles' after running away is so nice.

    We get to see a little more of the creatures' abilities in this episode, when the larger creature sends out a pulse which destroys all electrical equipment. Sure, we have seen similar abilities in Nim before, but not to this extent. It will be very interesting to see what else the creatures can do, and also to see if Nim is eventually going to turn into one of the larger creatures, or if he is a different type of creature all together. Would be sad to see cute little Nim turn all nasty!

    The conspiracy elements aren't too prominent this episode apart from some brief scenes about Cirko and Lee tracking Laura's tag and eventually approaching her to work for them. This will surely lead to some great story in the future and hopefully some big revelations.

    In conclusion, this episode really heated things up, and the characters developed nicely. No real big revelations, or shockers, but perhaps this is the calm before the storm, and if this IS the calm, the storm is going to be huge!moreless
  • They need to make sure they are consistent.

    There are some interesting things that either I haven't seen or they forgot in this episode. When they leave for the pier, Jesse (Laura's son) is in the truck. When they arrive, Jesse and Laura both get out without the son. So what? The son sat in the truck the whole time?

    Also, if the electronic GPS tracker is in, wouldn't it get fried once a pulse was emitted?
  • Read a review from someone who knows what he's talking about... not the yahoos whose grammar skills are even worse than their taste in TV.

    Sorry for the steam-venting title of this review, but I get very frustrated when I waste my time reading reviews from people who don't say anything. If you're going to review a show, please give more than a whiny "I didn't like it." Reasons behind your preference are always a plus. (It also helps to have passed your freshman grammar class.)

    Back to the show... Some seem to think the show doesn't fit into its genre. Let's think about that one for a sec - science fiction... science... FICTION. See, delving deeper into the name of the genre reveals that it is fiction: make-believe, NOT REAL. Therefore, things that don't normally happen or haven't been proven by science can miraculously take place when we allow ourselves to suspend disbelief. It's an hour on TV, folks - no one's in the running for a Nobel here. (P.S. - nowhere in the show did it say the green light is an electromagnetic pulse. It's certainly affects electrical power, but as we're dealing with previously undiscovered, mysterious sea creatures, there is a certain mystery surrounding this green light as well.)

    This episode was actually a very worthy installment, with all the makings of good sci-fi: the engaging plotline is moving forward (unlike the stalling "Invasion"), characters are growing by adapting to their situations and dealing with conflict, the central mystery is intact but unraveling at just the right pace, and the ominous events taking place continue to bolster the sense of foreboding.

    Certain elements are not up to par, as has been endlessly pointed out: the actors leave something to be desired (but are certainly better than the first few episodes), there are contrived moments (Miles' & Phil's hiding place behind the paper towels, Nim's "Benji-esque" return at the window), and, yes, there are a few general inaccuracies with which the anal-retentive viewer may take issue, but the show is gaining ground in these areas. The writing has improved, and the overall story arc is swelling nicely. I find that most who have a (valid) complaint against the show simply don't like the story. That's fine - not everyone enjoys the scattered story of "Lost," either. (But I also don't write off the entire series because I don't like the spoiled blonde chick, or because I think it's completely "inaccurate" that a heroin addict stranded on a remote island wouldn't just go ahead and say "Hail Mary" when he knows what blessed tidings the virgin holds.)

    If you're at all intrigued behind the idea of "Surface," (a previously unknown, potentially intelligent sea monster type species whose invasive nature begins to change the face of humanity's future), the show is worth watching. If you're patient and forgiving, I'm confident we'll see this series develop into a more sophisticated, suprising, and scary science-fiction adventure than it already is.moreless
  • still a slow show, and hope its gets exciting soon.

    I really wasnt impressed with last weeks episode and this one didnt really do much better. There were quite a few faults in this one too like the last reviewer mentioned which although were quite small still took the feel away from the show.

    I did like that fact that the sea monsters are coming closer to land now, hopefully later on one will actually come on land becasue that would be interesting to watch and would make for a decent episode if done right.

    I really hate to say this but im starting to get bord with this show as well seems threshold is the only one out of the three that is actually interesting to watch every week. just hope they both get better befor i give on them altogether.moreless
Joe Chrest

Joe Chrest

Rich's Friend

Guest Star

Joe Inscoe

Joe Inscoe

Young Boy

Guest Star

Craig Calloway

Craig Calloway

Security Guard

Guest Star

Caroline Kent

Caroline Kent

Emily Connelly

Recurring Role

Victoria Staley

Victoria Staley

Heather Connelly

Recurring Role

Shishir Kurup

Shishir Kurup

Dr. Krishna Singh

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Sharp-eyed TV viewers will quickly recognize that the Coast Guard scene with Laura and Rich on the pier was not actually Bolinas Bay, California but Wilmington, N.C. since this was exact same location used many times as Capeside, Mass. on Dawson's Creek.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Laura: Why should I work for you after what you've done to me?
      Cirko: Because you will be present for history.

    • Miles: Don't tell me to chill! I'm not on the honour roll, I can't throw a football. Nim is my extracurricular, all right?
      Phil: Sure, man, whatever you say. I just hope it don't do to your mom what it did to Amber's dog.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: April 30, 2008 on TV3+
      The Netherlands: June 16, 2008 on Veronica
      Czech Republic: February 3, 2013 on Prima COOL

    • Laura's son Jesse was not missing during this episode as many people have mentioned, but was at his dad's as stated when Laura takes Jesse from the house to the car, before her and Rich set out on their mission. She say's : 'We're gonna go to Daddy's.'

    • Locations in this episode:
      G-1 Surveillance Satellite, USA
      N.S.A. - Project Echelon, Global Monitoring and Decryption Center (Fort Meade, Maryland)
      Madagascar, Twenty Miles North of Mahajanga
      New Iberia, Louisiana
      Wilmington, North Carolina
      Sausalito, California
      30 Miles SE of Bolinas, California
      Port Arthur, U.S. Navy Base (Bangor, Maine)
      Bolinas Bay, California