Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 106

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2005 on NBC

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  • I love this show!

    Things are starting to go crazy. Life becomes even more complicated for Miles when he sneaks nimrod out of his house. Laura and Rich are arrested by government agents. Cirko finds out where the animals are coming from. This show is a bit revealing, we're treated to a good story. I love this show. Going through the personal lives of the characters are adventures as well, the monsters are also characters in the show. i'm having a blast watching this episode, i just love this show, I just can't get enough of it. i'm waiting for the next episode, this show is awesome!
  • Excitement is amped up, and the conspiracy deepens as Cirko discovers the origin of the species, and Laura and Rich become a target for the cover-up. (WARNING SPOILERS!)

    I say it every week, but this episode is the best one yet! The pace of this episode is just perfect, and each of the storylines are given ample screen-time, making this episode tense and exciting and leaving you wanting more.
    The conspiracy deepens in this episode as Cirko discovers the origin of the species and is then involved in a hit-and-run which leaves him in critical condition in hospital. This was very unexpected, and played out very well, making the viewer yearn to know what he found out. Later in the episode, Cirko dies meaning once again, the information he held is lost. He does however, leave a storage locker full of research, which Rich and Laura go to investigate.
    These two characters, definitely have the most compelling story this week, as the paranoia and tension build as to are they safe, and what exactly is going on. The setting of this episode, with the rain pouring down and the dull and dreary colours, was very well done, and added to the tension greatly, with the idle car sitting watching them, with only the windscreen wipers moving. Very eerie. It was a little disappointing when it was revealed not to be the authorites, but only some friendly storage workers who opened the locker door. It would have been fun to see how Laura and Rich got out of this one, and it was also a little unbelievable that after being so paranoid about people trying to kill them, they believed the storage people so easily. I mean, it's not as if the people they are scared of are going to have tattooed on their foreheads 'Dont trust us, we want you dead!'.
    Also, the sea orchid which seemed a very prominent element in this episode, seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and unless I am mistaken, had not been shown any time previously. It was interesting to see Cirko working with it, and a beautiful effect with the light and the orchid's reaction, but as a story element, it just seemed a little convenient, and there to give them something to search for other than a bunch of files.
    I liked the fact that there are still little references to Rich's home-life and his family, as it's good to see they are consistent. I do however feel, that it is a little unneccessary, and takes up too much screen-time, whilst adding nothing really to the story.
    The characters themselves are developing nicely and becoming more believable every week. Laura is a very strong lead, and Lake Bell is doing a great job at portraying her struggle. The scenes with her son however, whilst the sentiment was there, and I knew how I should be feeling, were just a little empty. I think this is mainly due to the little boy Jesse, who doesnt seem to serve any purpose but to annoy the viewers. It is clear that he is there to add to Laura's worries, and add emotional struggle, but he just fails to do so. The scene with the man in the boat for example, where Laura thinks Jesse has been abducted is excellently played, and very tense and exciting, until Jesse speaks his line, and the scene is just ruined. He seems too old to be speaking the way he does, but that's just my opinion.
    Rich's character is beginning to win me over, by not focussing too much on his brother, although the scene outside the storage locker, where he sees the rain and starts to flashback to his brother's death, did seem a little over the top and unneccessary. I did however like the scene towards the end of the episode, when he tells Laura that it isnt just about his brother anymore, that there is something else that he cant explain. This made me respect the character more, whereas before he just seemed to be aimed at one thing, and be a little two-dimensional.
    Surface is definitely starting to become a much darker show, with people being killed of left, right and centre. The conspiracy elements are being played up a lot more, and the stakes are raised in this episode, showing just how dangerous it is becoming for Laura and Rich. The chase scene, with Dr Sing running through the facility, trying to escape with the research, was very well done, and it was surprising when he managed to escape, as I was sure he would be caught.
    The final scene of this episode is perhaps pivotal to the show, as Rich and Laura return to Laura's house, to find it is being raided by Lee and his men. The final shot of Laura looking back as they drive away and seeing Lee staring back at her, is chilling, and is a definite sign that there is no going back, and that things are going to get seriously hard from now on.
    The show is only going to keep getting better from now on, as Laura and Rich are clearly on the run now. This episode sets up the tension, and keeps it at a high right up until the final moments. Surface never fails to excite, and this episode is a prime example of why I watch it.
  • More clues to just how dangerous it is to posess knowledge of this "new vertebrate." My speculation as to the creatures' reasons for surfacing...

    In this episode we see that the government is willing to go to any lengths to cover up this new species. We also find out that Cirko knows where and why the beast is surfacing, but that information is not revealed to the viewers. I wonder if this will be in the vein of "The Core" - that movie where the government is running secret tests on a massive weapon that can enable earthquakes -- perhaps the government somehow disturbed these creatures making it necessary for them to surface from their hot homes. skf fke alks kljw woiuds kjwe skl
  • Are they building towards something with this show?

    The goal of this episode was to seemingly reduce the payroll. A couple of minor characters are given the old heave ho. Everything is now going to center on the show's three stars.

    Miles is the best new actor under 18 years of age. Too bad he has the worst available actor to play his parents. Didn't Nim just get away last week and we spent the week chasing him?

    Rich and Laura draw closer as the plot attempts to thicken. For some reason, it never dawns on them the bad guys will figure out something is up with a dead man in her front yard. I would like to say the chase is on. But it has already been on hasn't it? Is this show going down?
  • not bad. keeps you guessing. should be some intresting thigs to come out of this shoe. only time will tell. who knows where these charcters are going to wind up or when the info is going to be made public. These things seem like they aregoing to startdama

    not bad. keeps you guessing. should be some intresting thigs to come out of this shoe. only time will tell. who knows where these charcters are going to wind up or when the info is going to be made public. These things seem like they aregoing to start some damage.
  • Not horrible, but definitely far from great. This show is falling solidly into the Average category, but it does still have potential.

    After Surface stopped using cool special effects every episode, I was admittedly disappointed. Perhaps that was my fault. I had made the show out to be something it wasn’t in my head because I was blinded by all the spectacle. That disappointment, perhaps more in myself for falling into the trappings of cool FX, led me to get very easily annoyed at this show. and for what… This show isn’t bad, it maybe isn’t great, but it definitely isn’t as bad as I had made it out to be. Frankly the show isn’t much of anything at all yet. And that, my friends, is exactly where this episode fits in. Solidly into the category of Average.

    The plot development is there, the character depth admittedly growing; although I’m still not convinced Lake Bell has the talent to headline a show, and I do feel like we’re learning with these characters… just extremely slowly. People have been quick to criticize Invasion for its slow plotting, but I’d say Surface is worse in that it bills itself as a fast paced adventure show. It really feels like its trying to be something its not, and that gets on my nerves. I know some significant story elements occurred in this episode, but it didn’t feel like anything happened. I wasn’t ever engaged by the story or characters; and maybe that’s the real fault.

    I will say though that I think this show has potential. In this episode Miles finally runs off on his long in the making cross country adventure. And Daughtery finally gets the academic validation as well as potentially the hard facts she needs to unravel the sea creature mystery. The only story that has so far actually interested me is the Miles/Nimrod relationship, even if it is a bit clichéd. I do think that once all the elements of this story come together there could be something interesting, although I worry that the creators of Surface only concerned themselves with the mystery and haven’t thought out the consequent results. I’m not going to giver up yet though. I’ll stick with Surface, even though I’ve felt disappointed at pretty much every turn; I think somehow it could still make a believer out of me.