Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 110

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on NBC
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Laura and Rich are in for another shock when they leave the ocean floor and return to the surface. Meanwhile, Savannah suspects that Nimrod's responsible for Miles ending up in the hospital.

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  • Awesome!

    Rich and Miles make it to the surface. They stay in a raft for a while before getting rescued. Miles ends up in a hospital after getting bitten by other baby creatures. The tension in this episode is high. The writers did another great episode. I had a blast watching this, I will surely buy the DVD when it comes out. I really hope the producers will finish the story in a movie or a mini series. Maybe a 4 hour mini series will rap the story. this is a great show, nbc is so foolish for not picking up the show for another season.moreless
  • Rich and Laura somehow come back up from the bottom of the ocean, or very near to it, and somehow don't die or get sick without having decompression take place.

    Ummm, where'd all the science go? That's just a sad mistake. You call yourself a science fiction show and you don't even keep close to science. A terrific show with a low budget. I hope it stays because it is getting good. The whole bottom of the ocean thing was quite boring.
  • This episode was awesome.

    It almost made me cry. When Nim died I was soo sad. I don\'t think that he is really dead though because when he was on the operating table he looked like he was healed. I can\'t wait for the next episode. I\'ve been counting down the days!!!
  • This epizod was great

    This epizod was great !!!!!! I can't wait in next epizod ^^ I thing next epizod will be also great or maybe better :P ^^ I want cry when I seen like Nim was shoot ;( but I now Nim will be live ^^ becouse that series will be end ;P I can't do anything but only waiting for next epizodes^^
  • Pivotal in the sense that Dr. Blum knows

    Interestingly, the Ocean institute where Myles works could become involved. Myles will become more pivotal in possibly hatching more of the eggs.

    Also, I think Nimrod still has a chance of coming back only because of "the flower in the fridge" incident and the healing powers of the creatures themselves. We'll see. However, in the reality of it, you'd expect animal control to take custody of the body of nim, unless the Dr. clearly said he wanted it. Too many questions, hopefully some get answered. Sounds like "Lost"? But this show has grown on me.

    The Laura Richard interaction was kinda boring, could've done without a lot of it except maybe the protection bit of the creature, why wasn't it present the second time?

    Still some consistency problems. i.e. Phil helps alyssa get nimrod, but then disappears -- why wouldn't he go to the hospital. Hi! I showed up just to help you put nimrod in the pet carrier, now I'll go.moreless
Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson

Teacher #1

Guest Star

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman

Greg Butler

Guest Star

Jennifer Massey

Jennifer Massey

Dr. Kellino

Guest Star

Stephen Michael Ayers

Stephen Michael Ayers

Dr. Paul Blum

Recurring Role

Ric Reitz

Ric Reitz

Ron Barnett

Recurring Role

Louanne Cooper

Louanne Cooper

Sylvia Barnett

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Miles' fever of 108 degrees Fahrenheit is severe enough to possibly cause brain damage as 108 is a) a ridiculously high temperature and b) when brain damage starts to occur.

    • When they are putting Miles in the ice, there is no blood visible from his leg wounds. In previous scenes there was a lot of blood visible and it is obvious the bandages were not changed.

    • When Savannah goes home to find Nimrod, she grabs a pet carrier to put him in. It seems as though they have been going throught a lot of pet carriers, yet their parents have a strict no pet policy. So why would they have a pet carrier in the first place?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Savannah: (to a sleeping Miles) Oh my God. Your wound is healed. Nim healed you, didn't he?

    • Savannah: I gotta find Nimrod.
      Phil: I didn't know you knew his name.

    • Savannah: (On the phone) I've been leaving messages everywhere I can think of. Um, Miles is sick, really sick. He's in the hospital and, um, you have to come home. I guess your cells are off or whatever but, um, I just hope you get this. So, um, call. Okay, call. (hangs up)

    • Teacher #1: What allowed for the cultivation of vast acreage creating food surpluses for the first time in history?
      Phil: (whispering) Dude, wake up.
      Teacher #1: Miles, are you with us?
      Phil: Guess an animal, dude. Any animal.
      Miles: (disoriented) Lizard.
      Teacher #1: Try an ox.

    • Phil: What if you have rabies?
      Miles: What if.
      Phil: And you have to get shots in your stomach with a ten inch needle.
      Miles: It's not rabies.
      Phil: I don't know. You look kinda sweaty.
      Miles: I don't have rabies, Phil! Stop saying that!

    • Phil: Dude, you're gimping.
      Savannah: What did I tell you?
      Phil: Does it hurt?
      Miles: Maybe a little.
      Phil: Looks like more than a little.

    • Laura: Where the hell is Jackson?
      Richard: What was he gonna do? That tether broke, he just assumed we're dead.
      Laura: He would never assume that.
      Richard: Why not?
      Laura: Because his ego is too big to think that he couldn't save us.

    • Savannah: You're leg's hurt, isn't it? Where those things bit you.
      Miles: I'm fine, really.
      Savannah: Then why are you walking like you're 80 years old?
      Miles: I'm practicing for when I am.

    • Rich: I don't know what apocalypse are supposed to look like... but imagine it'd look something like that (Referring to the green lightning storms caused by the creatures)

    • Miles: He wants to sleep with me, he follows me in the shower...
      Phil: Dude, we're in a locker room. Make it clear we're talking about a lizard.

    • Savannah: I cannot believe you did not tell Mom and Dad.
      Miles: You were the one who said don't tell them.
      Savannah: Yeah, that Nim came back. I didn't know you had gangrene.

  • NOTES (2)