Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 110

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on NBC

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  • Awesome!

    Rich and Miles make it to the surface. They stay in a raft for a while before getting rescued. Miles ends up in a hospital after getting bitten by other baby creatures. The tension in this episode is high. The writers did another great episode. I had a blast watching this, I will surely buy the DVD when it comes out. I really hope the producers will finish the story in a movie or a mini series. Maybe a 4 hour mini series will rap the story. this is a great show, nbc is so foolish for not picking up the show for another season.
  • Rich and Laura somehow come back up from the bottom of the ocean, or very near to it, and somehow don't die or get sick without having decompression take place.

    Ummm, where'd all the science go? That's just a sad mistake. You call yourself a science fiction show and you don't even keep close to science. A terrific show with a low budget. I hope it stays because it is getting good. The whole bottom of the ocean thing was quite boring.
  • This episode was awesome.

    It almost made me cry. When Nim died I was soo sad. I don\'t think that he is really dead though because when he was on the operating table he looked like he was healed. I can\'t wait for the next episode. I\'ve been counting down the days!!!
  • This epizod was great

    This epizod was great !!!!!! I can't wait in next epizod ^^ I thing next epizod will be also great or maybe better :P ^^ I want cry when I seen like Nim was shoot ;( but I now Nim will be live ^^ becouse that series will be end ;P I can't do anything but only waiting for next epizodes^^
  • Pivotal in the sense that Dr. Blum knows

    Interestingly, the Ocean institute where Myles works could become involved. Myles will become more pivotal in possibly hatching more of the eggs.
    Also, I think Nimrod still has a chance of coming back only because of "the flower in the fridge" incident and the healing powers of the creatures themselves. We'll see. However, in the reality of it, you'd expect animal control to take custody of the body of nim, unless the Dr. clearly said he wanted it. Too many questions, hopefully some get answered. Sounds like "Lost"? But this show has grown on me.
    The Laura Richard interaction was kinda boring, could've done without a lot of it except maybe the protection bit of the creature, why wasn't it present the second time?
    Still some consistency problems. i.e. Phil helps alyssa get nimrod, but then disappears -- why wouldn't he go to the hospital. Hi! I showed up just to help you put nimrod in the pet carrier, now I'll go.
  • This show is a lot better then I ever thought is would be... & getting even better

    This show is getting better & better. The suspense is killing me. I need to know what is going on. WHat these creatures are up to. What is it about their blood or insides that heal people. I need to know!!!! I was sure that either Laura or Rich weren't going to make it but they did... thank god cause I wasn't ready to let them go. I hate that they killed Nim but love that he saved Miles. I know Savannah is kicking herself in the ass now. I knw this show was going to be good but not this good. I do wonder about Laura & Rich's family. I wonder how that FBI guy is going to try to cover it up. I guess I'll just have to wait.
  • Laura and Rich are rescued. Myles passes out and lands in hospital with 108 temp! Nim licks the would and he is healed?!?! Then to top it off, Nim get shot and killed! What's up with that?

    I love this show. But kill NIM? Don't think so. If he is really dead, I don't think I'll watch anymore. Glad that Laura and Rich were saved, that was close!! Also glad that Myles is okay, but he needs NIM!!

    MAD that Nim is dead and MAD that show won't progress with a new ep until January. That bites!
  • OMG, I can't believe it...

    I just can't belive that nimrod was shot, what's wrong with these people (writers), and then there is this suspence of let us waiting until january, uff, there's nothing else in tv, like that, I am so upset about that, anyway I like this episode, everything was ok until they shto nim, I almost cry, because the most interesting part of Surface is or "was" the bond betwen Miles and nim, arghhh I think I'm gonna die of impatience, ohh no, I think I'll be tuned to sci-fi new series " the Bermuda Triangle", ;).

    anyway, I'm counting the days until january #/!
  • Be Very Very Careful!

    First, the Rich and Laura storyline has gotten a bit rediculous and many are losing affection for them. Nim has been the pivotal character, Miles and Nim as a storyline have kept me coming back. I appreciate very much the change is Savannah's character into a more reasonable and likeable person. If Nim is dead though, so is this show.

    On top of everything else, the network has decided to pull a "firefly" and leave everyone hanging for a month before a new episode...well guess what...this is NOT hiatus season for a couple more weeks. At least one or two more episodes should have come before the Christams hiatus that most shows will go through. Didn't the networks learn anything from the recent Lost fiasco where ratings dropped dramatically upon the return of that show after a "no reason" hiatus?

    The network should be very very careful in their treatment of a fickle and "full of other options" audience where pulling these kinds of tricks are concerned. Killing off Nim would be a show burner, as would the decision NOT to get the Rich and Laura sotryline back to reality.

    I loved this episode as I love the show, but if you kill off Nim, the show goes with him. I'll be waiting come January, but you best deliver.

  • we just watched the 10th. episode of "surface".it is getting to be a great show.where are all the "salty" old men that are always around these waters?we need some more characters.

    my family and i love this grandkids come over to watch it with us each week.they also love it.if they did not they would tell me so..they like the suspence of the show as a whole but of course miles and his friend and sister are there favorites.they want to know if miles has a grandpa to help him out like i do for them..this show doe's need some more characters..such as a "salty" old fisherman or a "crusty' old grandpa'.it also needs some town people.lets go writters put some in.we all love "nim" so i know you are not gonna kill him off but i can't wait till next monday to see what happens to him."keep the surface up".
  • The Best Yet

    Just when it's getting good, sweeps is over, and we have to wait for January. I liked this episode for many reasons.

    First, we see Nim heal Miles, but it is almost as if they now have a psychic bond. When Nim was shot, Miles technically woke up out of a comma. He didn't even know Nim was there. Also, remember that they can heal themselves, and they are not harmed by any temperature, so Nim will be back.

    Second, Rich and Laura are stranded in the middle of nowhere. They are Rich believes Jackson has taken them for dead, and Laura believes he is looking for them. They are both wrong. The coastguard found the boat, but there was no one there. Either he is dead, or he has been taken. A nice little bit of suspense.

    All in all one of the best, so far. I believe that if they put more creative writing into this they would go a lot further. Til January.
  • Miles got infected, by the bite, then sister watches over him, then watches as Nim gets shot. But they left us hanging again.

    I sure hope Nim is not dead, man they should have had miles go ballistic on that guard, and now we have to wait until January to find out, bah. Now my enjoyment on Mondays besides NFL, Surface is gone for the time being :( and it is good to have savanah actually acting like a sister, why o why do they always let us hanging, and they haven\'t said how many upcoming episodes there will be. I just hope they don\'t let us hanging like FOX did with Point Pleasant. But out of the new sci-fi\'s like Threshold, Invasion, and Surface, I do believe Surface to be the BEST!
  • Poor Miles for the lost of his pet Nimrod. Thank god the others were saved from being stranded in the middle of the ocean.

    I cannot believe Nimrod is dead. I mean at least I think so because that lab worker is probably going to dissect it.
    This episode is very riveting and shocking. I was surprised to see everything on the show happen .
    I cannot wait till January to see more of the show. I wish the DVD would come out directly after the season ends but we all know that cannot happen.
  • It where a nice episode.

    In my opinion there was to mutch time on the ocean to resuce Richard Connelly and Laura Daughtery.

    When you see they get the oxygen in the heli it is almost clear that their package will get 'stolen' or take away from them.

    Lets hope it will not happen since that will be a huge bummer for them.

    The wait till january will be a long wait since the 'dead' of nimrod which came a bit unexpected after he just apreared again is kinda shocking.

    So lets hope the best for the january startof so we can all enjoy the happy nimrod/miles role of it (?).
  • Is Nimrod really dead? We only have to wait until January to find out.

    I have always like the Miles - Nimrod storyline the best.

    Nim saves Miles' life then gets shot by the hospital security officer. I can only hope that Nim is not really dead.

    I'm glad the writers came to their senses and had Savannah start acting like a decent person. She was such a snobby brat and bullied her brother. Finally!

    It's going to be a long wait until January.
  • Enjoyable.

    I liked the episode but it did seem a bit predictable.

    You knew that they'd be rescued from the ocean, you can assume that the oxygen they were given will knock them out and their backpack will be stolen, you can assume Nim isn't dead and will wake up when the scalpal touches him.

    Hopefully, next episode won't be as predictable.

    As for NBC's little blurb at the end of the show that new episodes will resume in January - what the heck is that? You expect me to wait a month for a new episode? I will go out of my way to boycott every company that advertisers on your show and I urge every other viewer to do the same.

    If you want me to watch your show, at least have the decency to run it on a regular basis.
  • Green light, big teeth, lots of offspring...Oohhh

    Do you think the looming question crossed Laura and Rich\'s minds, \"How long is the gestation period for these eggs?\" It would be a shame to gather yourselves close to them for protection and the green glow only to be eaten by the young when they hatch. Also as the episode fades, we are left with the Dr. who is about to perform some sort of autopsy on Nim, however, in the earlier episodes the creatures were shown to have healing properties. It is also Nim who licks miles\' wounds and they heal. Perhaps Nim is not dead after all. Perhaps Mr. Doctor man is in for a little surprise. If Nim does recover, he isn\'t going to be happy! Ouch! One bar-b-que\'d doctor coming up...
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