Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 110

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Miles' fever of 108 degrees Fahrenheit is severe enough to possibly cause brain damage as 108 is a) a ridiculously high temperature and b) when brain damage starts to occur.

    • When they are putting Miles in the ice, there is no blood visible from his leg wounds. In previous scenes there was a lot of blood visible and it is obvious the bandages were not changed.

    • When Savannah goes home to find Nimrod, she grabs a pet carrier to put him in. It seems as though they have been going throught a lot of pet carriers, yet their parents have a strict no pet policy. So why would they have a pet carrier in the first place?

  • Quotes

    • Savannah: (to a sleeping Miles) Oh my God. Your wound is healed. Nim healed you, didn't he?

    • Savannah: I gotta find Nimrod.
      Phil: I didn't know you knew his name.

    • Savannah: (On the phone) I've been leaving messages everywhere I can think of. Um, Miles is sick, really sick. He's in the hospital and, um, you have to come home. I guess your cells are off or whatever but, um, I just hope you get this. So, um, call. Okay, call. (hangs up)

    • Teacher #1: What allowed for the cultivation of vast acreage creating food surpluses for the first time in history?
      Phil: (whispering) Dude, wake up.
      Teacher #1: Miles, are you with us?
      Phil: Guess an animal, dude. Any animal.
      Miles: (disoriented) Lizard.
      Teacher #1: Try an ox.

    • Phil: What if you have rabies?
      Miles: What if.
      Phil: And you have to get shots in your stomach with a ten inch needle.
      Miles: It's not rabies.
      Phil: I don't know. You look kinda sweaty.
      Miles: I don't have rabies, Phil! Stop saying that!

    • Phil: Dude, you're gimping.
      Savannah: What did I tell you?
      Phil: Does it hurt?
      Miles: Maybe a little.
      Phil: Looks like more than a little.

    • Laura: Where the hell is Jackson?
      Richard: What was he gonna do? That tether broke, he just assumed we're dead.
      Laura: He would never assume that.
      Richard: Why not?
      Laura: Because his ego is too big to think that he couldn't save us.

    • Savannah: You're leg's hurt, isn't it? Where those things bit you.
      Miles: I'm fine, really.
      Savannah: Then why are you walking like you're 80 years old?
      Miles: I'm practicing for when I am.

    • Rich: I don't know what apocalypse are supposed to look like... but imagine it'd look something like that (Referring to the green lightning storms caused by the creatures)

    • Miles: He wants to sleep with me, he follows me in the shower...
      Phil: Dude, we're in a locker room. Make it clear we're talking about a lizard.

    • Savannah: I cannot believe you did not tell Mom and Dad.
      Miles: You were the one who said don't tell them.
      Savannah: Yeah, that Nim came back. I didn't know you had gangrene.

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