Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 112

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

We pick up where last week's episode leaves of. Rich and Daughtery are hiding out in a apartment when Lee's men finds them. They masquerade as guys delivering a fax but Rich is able to see through this scam. Lee's men try to break through the door but Rich and Laura managed to hold them of and plan an escape. They play a clever diversion where Laura uses bed blankets to make it appear that Rich and her climb down the apartment. Having bought time, Rich and Laura make a run and they almost succeed till one of them of them tries to ambush them.

Rich have the element of striking first, nails the guy and takes away his gun and a badge.

Rich and Laura get a cab and plan their next move. As Rich goes over the man's badge and wallet he sees that he works for Agency of Strategic Intelligence.

Meanwhile Mile's coming of last week's episode with the mysterious electricity that seems to be coming from his body think he's becoming like Nim or the things species. He is correct but Mile's doctor, Dr. Ashton passes this of as just a phase and nothings wrong with him.

Rich and Laura arrive at a friend house and find refuge. Laura is astonished to learn that she has received a massive load of emails following her story of the American Nessie. Rich thinks these people are wackos but one email catches Laura's eye, one that looks

like an exact copy of the species she saw. Then in creepy fashion, Laura receives a vocal transmission from a man who wants to help her. Not wanting to reveal his identity, the messenger coerces Laura into going into a library where he reveals he will give her

gift. Since they are both labeled fugitives Laura and Rich accept but are cautious.

However the messenger isn't acting on goodwill alone, he wants Laura to contact Carolyn Pizzoli at Berkley University to collect special DNA tissue samples. Not wanting to put herself

in danger, Laura contacts Sean (her ex-husband) to do the job.

Meanwhile Caitlin (Linsey Godfrey) , Miles girlfriend, visits Miles at his home.

Seeing as Miles is banned from seeing Nim, Caitlin puts an online link to the lab so Miles can see Nim. She later invites Miles to a party. The party ends up being a disaster as two boys , Jonathan and Mark, end up dead following what appears to be an attack from the same alien species.

Following this, Sean does get the samples to Laura and Laura eventually is invited to meet his mysterious caller who apparently has worked with the species.

Later Miles sees that Nim is attacking Dr. Blum's staff, it seems Nim is going crazy. However when Miles goes in to see him, Nim calms down. Apparently , Nim lashed out because he didn't like to be away from Miles. Miles and Caitlin have more awkward moments that now make Caitlin realizes that Miles has somehow inherited some of Nim's abilities

Laura is picked up by a scientist who blindfolds her to an unknown location. They're the scientist reveals herself to be Mr. Big, i.e the caller. She explains how the Nim species was actually manufactured at one time or she says "engineered". It seems she wants to continue the work she did on the species for her secret government agency.