Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 112

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • Awesome!

    Laura meets a mysterious person who knows something about the creatures. Miles realizes that he is developing Nim's abilities. Caitlin's friends are attacked by some creatures. Rich goes back to his house to see his family. His wife hired a divorce lawyer. The show's been picking up steam ever since the first episode, everything's been leading to this point, the climax is nearing. I love this show, this is a good episode. The writers did a good job with the characters. The story is awesome. Serialized TV has a new name. This is perhaps one of NBC's best shows. I love surface!
  • Miles is begining to understand that he is starting to have nim-like atributes. way cool Laura and Rich are finally understanding that the people searching for them want to kill them.

    how cool is that scene where Miles is in the bathroom checking out his eyes where instead of contracting into small spheres with light...are doing the reptilian slits...he is also having more agressive animal nature when frusterated or seams that with heightened emotions is when the nim symptoms show up...about to kiss a girl, anoying sister, not seing nim (sharing the sneeze) I think this is kinda like ET and Elliot.

    I feel like the schenes with Laura and Rich kinda drag...but I think that it is just because I am more intirested in Nimrod and Miles story...though I know that laura's is important also...sometimes I just want to smack her...half the time if she would listen to Rich the agency guys would not find least not as soon.

    At the beginning of the show...they had Miles and Rich IMing each other about the creatures...I didn't watch all of them, but did anything come of that or is it just a coincidence? (at the moment)
  • Laura and Richard get attacked in their hotel room by a special investigating agency working under the government. They go to seek shelter in Laura's friend. Myles gets to know of more and more symptoms that he is turning into Nim. Also Rich and Laura rec

    By far the best episode till date. The last episode of surface was really below par but this time the directors have really given us a treat to watch. Though i still don't understand why the government is after Laura and Rich now that the story is out in the public.It's a real plight to see the condition of Laura as she misses her son Jesse a lot. There was something mysterious about last night as the species became violent at that time. Myles' suspicions are confirmed that he is turning into Nim. The mysterious lady who calls Laura and Rich seem to be the only person who is going on help them. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.
  • Another entertaining example of this show.

    The show is gaining speed I think, in interest anyway. Some of the soap-opera from the beginning isn’t as bad as it initially was. The story is developing well, but at this point it will be interesting to see what way they go. Potential, that’s what this show has now; let’s hope they don’t ruin it as most shows do at this point.
  • Bravo to Martha Plimpton's exposition of an essential 'plot point' -- with the addition of doing so from a 'she-coon of womens' lib' (appologies to Jerry Clower)perspective!

    Just can't say enough about Ms Plimpton's characterization of the 'bad' secret agent. Her portrayal leaves the 'thugs' chasing our heroes so far in the dust as to be 'non-characters' in the entire series.

    Intellectual, apparently well-read in fields other than her 'specialty,' and possessed of a variety of atypical skills, Ms Plimpton gives us (IMHO)a very well-thought-out portrayal of a techno-thriller character whose motivations aren't all negative. (By the way: she also confirms [at least to me] that she's not a 'one trick pony' as an actor: she doesn't portray the same thing(s)in each character she plays.)

    Perhaps the writers deserve a big chunk of the credit due her scenes: note how cleverly ambiguous most of her answers are to the questions posed to her. Is this really a 'government agency' given a clever nickname "The Corporation"?

    Also intriguing are developments with Miles: if there's a genetic connection between him and Nimrod (apparently, the latter's saliva [or whatever passes for that in this creature] healed his wounds [as Ms Plimpton's character more or less confirmed]), what're Miles' yuppie parents gonna think? Who'll they sue?!!?

    More to the point: what'll Miles do? Not often mentioned in the reviews of this show I've read, the societal impact of what this show proposes is, I think, quite germane. Sure: it's science fiction so it doesn't really count; however, the basics of the plot are current-events NON-fiction: gene-splicing/mixing/designing has been happening for some years, and 'mistakes' are always possible.

    Another reason I like this show: it gives me interesting things to consider during the quiet times in my days.

  • well written..exellent directing..actors are getting into their charactors exellent..all around best episode yet..

    very exciting episode..had me and grand kids sitting on edge of seat before it was over..had lots of people in this episode also even if most were extra's..we still need some old characters such as old fisherman , old grandpa , old store keeper ect.these old actors can get away with beliving that this things are possible and have most likely seen a lot of strange things in the waters around wilmington..i know i have..very strange things in these waters.anyway,keep the surf up.
  • Miles gets more evidence that he is turning into Nim while Rich and Daughtery receive a mysterious phone call from someone who wants to help them.

    Intriguing episode overall. Coming of last week’s excellent episode, this week continues on same level. Rich and Daughtery , through clever
    thinking managed to dodge Lee’s men and they find out they are part of the Agency for Strategic Intelligence. Nim starts to act crazy around
    Blum’s staff primarily because they have cut him of from Miles.

    The turning point (which was well executed) was a mysterious messenger who contacts Daughtery that wants to help her and fill in the gaps about
    new species. Meanwhile , Caitlin and Miles get close but Miles starts to freak her with some of his unusual behavior. In the end of the episode
    , we get a possible explanation about the Nim species that they might have been manufactured by a secret organization. I think the keyword
    in this episode then was “intrigue” , a lot more things came to light and that’s good for the viewer and that will keep Surface fans tuning to the end.

    Acting-wise I found the episode to once again have solid acting from everyone involved.