Season 1 Episode 14

Episode 114

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • So great I couldn't breathe when it was over. Amazing end... It's a shame they cancelled it :(

    I can't believe I have to accept this as the end of this wonderfull tv series...

    Each time that i think about this final episode I feel like I could kill myself or something.. awesome story, awesome characters, Nimrod is so cute.. I want one of my own xD

    And I want SURFACE to come back!!!
  • another great episode

    i love this show because it's so exciting, it's so watchable and it's not boring. this episode have a lot of stuff happening in it. the plot is so engaging, the writers did a really good job here. this episode, is going on a climax, the heat is building up. the main characters are really cool, Laura, Rich and Miles. having them go through their lives are really fun to watch. it's a very interesting story, i've seen one episode at least 2 times, I'm going to buy the dvd so I can watch it again. I love this show, I really love it.
  • The pace is set as we race for the end of the season. Rich follows the clues while Laura, uncomfortable with Rich's aggressive negotiation technique, is 'handed in' to Lee and the suits by her ex.

    On the whole I enjoyed this ep. But there were a couple of things that annoyed me. Namely, the thing with the cell phones.
    How did Rich know Lee's cellphone number to call Laura? And how did Lee know it was Rich calling (since he looked at the screen and handed the phone straight over to Laura). OR if it was her phone how come he could wirelessly connect to it without any 'discovery' or synchronisation?

    Anyway, apart from that nitpick...

    The 'mob' scene outside Miles house was disturbing. It would have been nice if someone had pointed out to Greg's father though, that his son had been bullying and kicking Miles up to the point Miles defended himself. I'm sure it wouldn't have been the first time someone had pointed out his son was a thug.

    I'm guessing that the 2 of everything find Rich made at Iderdex coupled with and the undersea earthquake that causes the tsunami is part of Kessler's master plan to wipe out the human race so that he can repopulate to his own design.

    Roll on season final next week

  • Better without the monkey... lol

    I keep wondering when they are actually going to try to be creative enough to come up with episode titles, but considering we're up to episode 14, I'm thinking it'll probably never happen, not this season anyway. Maybe next season, if there is a season two.

    Could Daughtery *be* any more of a useless female? Standing around and screaming while the boys duke it out - and, just a thought, if you say "Don't make me shoot you - stop right there" - then *shoot* the guy if he keeps coming at you! Go for a non life-threatening shot - arm, leg, foot, whatever, but shoot the guy, quit bluffing.

    Please don't make Miles eat any of those eggs after putting that much salt on them, in the diner. Ick... Hmm, pointing a loaded shotgun in a crowded diner - can you say collateral damage?

    Damn, that was smooth - LOL!!! "Maybe we should talk about this outside..." then slams the door behind her so he can continue beating on Lee.

    I don't know about you, but when someone tells me to pull over, I would *slow down* and pull off the road - not accelerate around a corner and go slamming down a dirt road...

    Well, it's official - Laura's ex is a prick... Calling the exact guys that she least wants to see...

    That crowd around Miles and Greg gathered really quickly - usually takes some time for the grapevine to spread the word of a fight going on. The scene where "the angry townsfolk" gather outside Miles' house - well, you had to know that was coming.

    Okay... I didn't expect Lee to let Laura go. Little bits of information keep dribbling out, but at least we're finally getting some real pieces of the story to put together. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that the man in the white hat is Alger Kessler.

    At least there was no talking monkey this week - the show has regained some of it's previous intelligence, which is nice. I had been despairing of that for a while. Here's hoping that next week continues in the same vein.

  • Very good episode leading to what looks to be an exciting Season Finale!!!

    Rich has had enough and he wants answers, and he plans to get them any way he can. Laura is not liking how Rich is acting, and has had enough of him after he gets super violent on Lee. Lee the bad guy of the show "learns" he is not real, but then again he suspected it, but never wanted to face it. When it's revealed that Lee is a clone it really makes you think about how far these experiements have gone, and we get answers to that question when Rich goes to North Carolina to Iderdex.

    Laura goes to see her son, but her husband feels she is a danger. He called the authorities on her, and she is taken in by Lee's people. Laura is begging for her life, but Lee actually let's her go.

    There is this one scene where Miles is at a diner with his friend, and all the sudden Nem enters the diner. That whole connection issue between human and creature is simply amazing. Miles seems so at ease with the conection, but at the same time unaware of how powerful he is.

    Miles being teased by his sisters bully ex-boyfriend hurts him during a fight, and a mob wants Miles to pay. The neighborhood people now consider Miles a freak and a monster. The crowd has him, but things are halted when the crowd hears a tsunamis is on it's way and everyone must evacuate. Talk about shocking!!!!

    Needless to say the Season Finale will be a must watch episode to see how they plan to end things.
  • Edge of the seat triller

    I found the episode 14 very exiting. With each episode leading to a more exiting and edge on your seat thrills. What I like best from the show is how it portrays the characters in different scenes and yet linked in an appealing fashion. Even though the episode 14 is still part of the si-fi section of entertainment, the characters keep there sence of perspective. Very well illustrated if the events where to happen in real life. Their feelings and emotions go deep in the meaning of the events leading to the next episode. Very well done for the cast and crew.
  • On of the best so far.

    This was easy one of the top 5 episodes of the series. Really god cliffhanger. Can't wait for next episode. I am just missing one thing and that is more focus on the creatures, like it was in the beginning. At the end I didn’t really like how much it got out of hand at Miles place, that was a bit to much.
  • My guess at life extension being the answer to Lee's presence at the discovery of the fire flower seems to have been wrong - Lee is actually a clone of the original Davis Lee, and he doesn't know it.

    Laura and Rich go their separate ways in this episode, she to see Jessie and Rich to find the truth at Iderdex in North Carolina. Miles is almost taken by an angry mob after he zaps his sister's ex-boyfriend, but a 9-magnitude earthquake puts everything on hold...

    My guess at life extension being the answer to Lee's presence at the discovery of the fire flower seems to have been wrong - Lee is actually a clone of the original Davis Lee, and he doesn't know it. This revelation proves a chink in Lee's psychological armour and he lets Laura go after her capture - what does it matter if "the cat's out of the bag"? Is the 'cat' he is referring to the grand plan to destroy the world with earthquakes and tsunamis and rebuild it after a new Flood?

    The writers think big as always on this show, and the plot never flags for a second. I still hold that anyone watching this show for polished dialogue is watching the wrong show, but it's seat-of-the-pants exciting for my money, and Surface is the show I most look forward to each week, even beyond Lost and Invasion, and even Galactica. They must be doing something right.
  • funny, in a sad way. (spoilers)

    The writers are falling back on old 'tricks' of the trade, mob riots over a kid getting beat up, and burned people yelling things like "freak" and "kill Frankenstein" not really, but actually worse, because you'd think they'd know better than try and pass this type of writing off onto us. Other than the Sh*t they call writing (a bad soap), the storyline is still doing ok, and has a good back-story going, as well as the promise of a good episode next time with the events that seem to be happening.
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