Season 1 Episode 14

Episode 114

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • Very good episode leading to what looks to be an exciting Season Finale!!!

    Rich has had enough and he wants answers, and he plans to get them any way he can. Laura is not liking how Rich is acting, and has had enough of him after he gets super violent on Lee. Lee the bad guy of the show "learns" he is not real, but then again he suspected it, but never wanted to face it. When it's revealed that Lee is a clone it really makes you think about how far these experiements have gone, and we get answers to that question when Rich goes to North Carolina to Iderdex.

    Laura goes to see her son, but her husband feels she is a danger. He called the authorities on her, and she is taken in by Lee's people. Laura is begging for her life, but Lee actually let's her go.

    There is this one scene where Miles is at a diner with his friend, and all the sudden Nem enters the diner. That whole connection issue between human and creature is simply amazing. Miles seems so at ease with the conection, but at the same time unaware of how powerful he is.

    Miles being teased by his sisters bully ex-boyfriend hurts him during a fight, and a mob wants Miles to pay. The neighborhood people now consider Miles a freak and a monster. The crowd has him, but things are halted when the crowd hears a tsunamis is on it's way and everyone must evacuate. Talk about shocking!!!!

    Needless to say the Season Finale will be a must watch episode to see how they plan to end things.