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  • season 2

    where is Steve Spielberg?? needs to check it .....
  • Surface season 2

    I had just finished season one of surface. The show was Phenominal and exceeded my expectations(it started off boring then progressed into something exciting) I need to see the ending: you can't leave a series hanging in the balance like that, it's uncinvebtional!
  • Surface Season 2

    Surface was a very entertaining Syfy tv series. I watched the entire season with my kids! We all want a season 2. We are hoping for a season 2 soon!!
  • Back in Black!

    Surface needs to come back! Netflix has the original, it stands up fairly well, bring it back; tighten up the loose ends that the first season didnt hit 100% and its good to go. Show is worth existing over other stuff, along the lines as Terra Nova and Revolution as mention below.
  • Loved season 1 surface, another NBC blunder...

    I hate NBC. They have always canceled their good shows. I don't watch anything on the channel anymore. I'd like to see more of Surface but can't find anymore seasons. Wish someone would pick up Surface and Revolution.
  • Under the Surface

    When I watched this, I found it fitted in with shows like Kyle XY, John Doe and Threshold. Great escapism, but not really nail biting, edge of the seat stuff. Was enjoyable, but better stuff is out there it's time was brief but enjoyable.
  • awesome

    afta i watched episode 1 i jus kept watching 1 after another, jus finished the first season an now cant find anything about the second season, why would they axe sumfin as good as this, does anyone knw if it is fully axed or if they r gona bring out anther season.....................
  • Surface TV Show

    jafuf's critique was lame. First, jafuf failed to notice that Surface was a fictional TV show -- the premise does not have to be factual. Second, its a TV show. Third, subplots [yes, there is no hyphen], or supporting side stories, don't always have something to do with current events of the show. I'd wager that the supporting side stories would have benefited future episodes had the show not been cancelled. Fourth, the acting was faultless [and what is with the "boyfriends" comment?]. Fifth, the series was nothing like Baywatch [and I apparently missed all the scantily clad females]. All in all, a thoroughly lame effort at critiquing a great show. Fact is, you need an imagination to watch a show like Surface [there is nothing imaginative or unique about Honey Boo Boo, people]. An unidentified species is not a moronic story plot. Our oceans are vast, much of it unexplored [less than 10%], they contain 50-80% of all life on earth, and it is estimated that there are 2-50 million more species that have yet to be discovered. So, isn't it at all possible to discover a new ocean creature? Absolutely. Making the storyline for Surface plausible. I found Surface entertaining and I for one would like to see it return in some way [Netflix perhaps?].
  • surface

    Was just looking around when I came across this show , couldn't stop watching it the whole first season. I really enjoyed it, need to watch the other seasons
  • Surface (((Bring it back)))

    Love Surface thought the show was really excellent, they picked the right actors to play the show and I hope they would bring it back so we can see the rest of the world (NEW WORLD). Why they always have to cancelled great show like this is not fare. Bring it back please!!!!
  • was looking for a show to kill some time. found this, love it!

    very good show, i like it a lot, WAY better than that crap invasion, which i hope is cancelled soon for the good of manking...not because we might get attacked by alines, but because invasion might cause several deaths by boredom.

    this show on the other hand has just the right mix of action, and suspense, with nice cliffhangers, loveable characters...people you actually care about if they live or die. (Except the hot sister...i dont care about her...shes a total biotch, tho i think theyve tried to soften her up lately becuase i gotta think most of the fans hate her...even if shes is bangin) overall, this is a good show, i suggest everyone to check it out.
  • How could they?

    Why is it that all the best series get canceled or end way before its time? This was yet another original series that had it all. When I first saw it I thought; "Finally a monster/creature that does not disappoint in size". Not only were they big, but we got to see them quite a lot as well, amazing!

    Perhaps Surface didn't have the greatest acting in the world, but it was more than decent. Also it could get a little slow-paced with the boy and the baby monster, I forgot the name they gave it. Just when it started getting great and reaching the climax the season ends and we NEVER get an ending. It is so cruel! To end it with that cliffhanger episode... So cruel. I wish they could at least wrap it up with a full-length movie or something. God, if you're listening, please bring Surface back... lol! And while you're at it, bring back The 4400 too.
  • New creatures created by people and government conspirasy if i understood correctly

    The show was interesting and i seriouesly want to see what happened later on in the "New World" as the last line of the show menchioned but that wount happen cuz its canceled. It was nothing new the regular Sci-Fi story of a monster and government hiding it but what i think was original was that people created this. I dont know mutch Sci-Fi storys that have a whoule organization creating a monster and actualy i think that the government did not even know about this creature and experiments so its kinda cool. Also the story that these people are trying to find out the origin of these monsters and find out about these experiments and cloning. There were some twists like the monsters in the sea not being the only monsters that they have created but actually just one of many that they have created. The thing that never were explained thou ( I think ) is what was that creature in the lab who kept calling its mom or who actually was that agent Li or whatever he was called and those are the reasons why Surface shoudh return to TV soon :) So mutch for my first review
  • Failure

    One can easily see why this show failed. First, the premise is just the usual moronic sci-fi gimmick that's been done to death, about sea monsters (imagine Godzilla times a thousand). Second, the show is entirely predictable (so far I've watched 10 episodes) with no surprises. Third, the are the usual 'dramatic subplots' that have nothing to do with the story. Fourth, the acting by the leads is absolutely horrendous. And don't get me started about the 2 teenage 'boyfriends'. Fifth, the series is like Baywatch with monsters, using any excuse to show young girls in skimpy bikinis. GROSS!!!! All in all a thouroughly lame effort by all concerned. It should have been a mini-series at worst, or a 2 hour SY-FY movie, throwing out all the domestic crap.
  • Wow this show is amazing.Sooner or later someone will see this jewel for what it is and give it the money to come back onto air.

    I had never heard of this show and now that i have watched it i wonder how it never became famous. It is just amazing. It is mind boggling and sweet. This thriller is unmatched by any show I have seen yet. I am deeply surprised that this show was cancelled. This show is the epitome of sci-fiction and thriller. It's intelligent dialogue is hinted with a sense of wit and the characters are such parallels of each other its hard not to be entertained. I think anyone who watches this show will find something they relate to and fascinate them. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of this show. Sooner or later someone will see this jewel for what it is and give it the money to come back onto air.
  • come back

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  • It had possibility but was cancelled despite being a great show

    I thought this was a very good TV series and I would have liked to see it continue. It really got interesting there at the end and I really wanted to see where it was going from there. But they cancelled it. People want a weekly show they can follow, and fall in love with, Surface is cool and fun to watch. The characters are very likable and they are portrayed by likable actors. They've done a very nice job with the casting. The actors fit the roles and their acting is good. This show manages to keep you interested the whole season. If you have time you really should watch it. Especially if you love Sci-fi shows.
  • Mysterius underwater fissures, sudden electrical storms, strange dissapearances of ships, a new species is found underwater and a USA goverment scientist is murdered.

    It's more of a comment than a review: the show was quite good. I'm a really tough customer and I was sold. The only problem with it was the silly story of the boy and the "tiny poke-aquatic mammal-pet-monster", the rest was impecable. Give it chance even though it only lasts for one season._________ ___ _________ ___ ______ _____ ____ ______ ___ ___ __ _______ __ ___ ______ ____ ______ _ ___ __ _____ ____ ____ ______ ______ __ _ __ ___ _______ _______ _ _ __ _______ _______ ___ _____ _ _______ _______ __ _ ___ __ _______ ___
  • While "Surface" may not be a beauty, it is a charmer. It deserves a look from you and a reprieve from a network somewhere.

    While "Surface" may not be a beauty, it is a charmer and it deserves a look from you and a reprieve from a network somewhere. The show ran from 2005-2006 and was canceled with about average ratings, at the end of the first season after just 15 episodes. At times the short lived series waxed between weak plot twists (the whole escaping from 5000 feet under the ocean sort of lost me) and really very compelling arcs, (I liked Martha Plimton's Character (Mr. Big) and the relationship between Nim and Miles among others).

    Equally, the performance by Jay R. Ferguson as Rich Connelly was, at times, completely brilliant and at other times it seemed a bit forced and unbelievable. Lake Bell's character Dr. Daughtery, starts out strong and independent and then, in later episodes, begins to show signs of a female stereotype. (which was kind of a bummer) Overall, the acting vacillates between authentic and oversold. Though some, if not most, of this is probably due to the players and writers trying to find a rhythm.

    Having said all of that, this show, to me, had many of the marks of what could have been an interesting series. A show which, given the current global mood, would probably strike a chord with more SciFi fans today, than it did when it first aired (and it didn't do too bad then) The bottom line, "Surface" was a decent show that was struck down before its time. Had "Surface" been given another season, I think it may have found its stride and developed a strong fan base.
  • Sometimes Good, sometimes nice.

    An interesting show with the storyline to be so much more. Still for the sci fi fans a show to see. It's petty it ended only with one season because the story could go in many different directions.

    Some nice actors but nothing really special and some nice special effects but also nothing really special and stunning.

    I think the best thing i could say about the show is that its a very good show to see between other shows you love and have a summer break, and you'll have some good surprises in one or two episodes.

    See'ya sci fi fans.
  • Simply one of the best Sci-Fi's. It's got lots of trills and makes the person watching really connected to the show.

    This show needs to come back and finish it's sequel. I mean with Season 1 ending so great, with the Tsunami and with the Earth really at the end I was wishing for season 2 to come. But when i saw the headlines i was shocked!!! They weren't bringing Surface back! I mean what did they think? With all the questions unanswered it would have been a really mouth watering series. I am sure it would have been better than Heros. The reason why I take Heroes up is that Surface was canceled due to Surface. Surface is and always will be a better show for me. Look at the storyline of Surface? I mean who doesn't think that there are something under the sea that we have never seen? And all those unanswered questions. WOW! I still don't know why they would stop Surface.
  • great show, why cancel?

    This is yet another sci-fi-like TV show that has been cancelled in it's [rime. Sure the season had started to drift a little in the middle but it smoothed itself out towards the end and made a complete comeback, which meant flooding Florida! The sci-fi appealed to me straight-away and the action while portioned out evenly through out the season added little effect to the overall sci-fi feel of the show. Including other parts of the world, even if they are only shots eg. Australia and South Africa. Proved to me that the crew members of surface didn't place the USA at the centre of the universe. Why'd it have to go? most likely bad ratings.
  • I seriously loved this show it was GREAT! But I dont know how they would bring it back! I mean the kid who plays Miles whould be too older looking its sad I know but.....What can we do?

    Maybe a movie I loved the season finale very creative brilliant favorite charicter is miles cuz he had a nice care for the animals and I loved his acting!Rich....not so much I used to love him but I dont know where my mind changed I guess it pissed me off in the finale when he was mean to miles!grrr I loved the writing tho!!My favorite episode was episode ten!His acting was so well portrayed and I just love it!!I also liked Daughtery she was cool sucked that they all didnt meet till the end!I wish they a least made a series finale like 3 more episodes and they are done......! I mean people still love this show! well if they do not bring it back a least make a movie..............................same charicters tho!
  • Underwater creatures. Where do they come from? What does thier existance mean for the world and the people that discovered them?

    I'm sorry. I really WANTED to enjoy this series but the writing and storyline went from bad to worse. The writers exposed the viewers to so many ideas, that you as the viewer, take them to be truths only to have them changed on you later in the series. I'll touch on a few:

    1) They elude to the creatures existance from two possible sources: alien in origin-falling from the heavens OR possible dinosaur species that lives in the earths core swimming in magma. But in the last three or so episodes they point out it's a man-made creature thanks to genomics.

    2) This boy "Miles", who by all accounts was a normal kid that was just bored, becomes insanely obsessed with the baby version of the creature he hatched from an egg he found. His obsession is to the point he lies to his parents, allows it to eat all thier fish in an expensive aquarium (which it subsequently breaks), it kills a girls dog, he runs away, he steals a car.... All in the name of his psychotic devotion to a "creature". I'm sorry but if his life was so bad to be that deviant over a thing, he should have been a "columbine kid" not a pseudo-hero for PETA.

    3) A man, Rich, sees his brother drug to the ocean floor by one of these creatures so he gets a bit obesessed. Fine, that's believable after the trauma. But he goes from grouper fishing insurance salesman to a submersible building, bottem of the ocean diving, kidnapping, psycho who becomes like the "la resistance" movement member of proving the creatures existance and bringing down the company that's covering it up. All at the price of his job, wife and daugters he seemingly gives up with only a minor wimper and a "well it's just gotta be" attitude.

    4) Dr. Daughtry, the only "mostly" believable character to me in the series. Mind you, they almost made her go unbelievable but they were smart to make her ditch Rich and go for her kid. Having her ex-husband backstab her though was stupid. He gave her all the support when she had no proof but the moment she got on MSNBC he turns her in?!?!?

    5) I'm not gonna even discuss Savannah, Miles sister, who went from super-b*tch and evil incarnate in training to loving sister in within the one and only season....riiiiiiggghhht.

    6) Let's see, what about the creature itself. Near the first few episodes they show the government trying to disect one with a high-powered laser. They almost blow the laser trying to cut the skin. They even have footage of it rolling around in molten hot magma. HOWEVER, later they shoot and temporarily kill "Nim" with a pistol; when they lead a school of them to shore to shoot and kill the next day Caitlen is telling Miles how her dad collected the carcasses. Okay, either they are extremely resistant or they die normally, which is it?

    Now don't get me wrong. As I had stated in the begining, I really wanted to like this show. Actually I DO like the show (hence why I rated it above a 6) but the writers, and the inconsistancy in the story just kill me. The idea behind this show however was great. The character archetypes are great (the oceanographer, the obsessed brother, etc...) though somewhat predictable (the foreign science expert, the government cover-up expert that can do ANYTHING for the cover-up and never be questioned) but I digress. This all said and done though, the writers painted themselves in a corner with the script. Where do you go with your story when the following things have happened:
    - Miles is becoming part creature so where will he continue his existance?
    - Miles is realizing that grown-up versions of his pet "Nim" are eating people and destroying the world so how does that relationship maintain?
    - the worlds coastlines have been changed and the creatures are now what? Like they say in the last line "the world has changed".
    - Will Rich see his kids? Did his wife finalize the divorce?

    It's best they stopped this series when they did.
  • Darcy Meyers,Ed Milkovich,Jonas Patenice, Josh Pateacting ,please don't start the show if you cant finish it.i hate American show because American directors don't have money or maybe don't have brain to complete the show.

    I like is so much i wish i had money i could gave it the producer so that he could complete the story.why they start the series if they cant complete it..i like the graphics it was beautiful done but the poor producer didn't have money or maybe the dump writer didn't got any brain to write more maybe if he could write more maybe i would helped him at least i should have started a new world with those creatures train to the bottom of the world caring human genes evolution from those creatures it was not so difficult things maybe in one season they could have ended..
  • well what can you say,action the fact that these things could happen the unknow charters of the water and what more can you say nimrod

    excellent bring it back,i always looked forward to the next episode and never found one boring,the way the series was done and the overall story was good its great to heve things looked at from another was great to see that humans were not the superior and if another species could do that what the future would hold for us,i like to think that there are animal life that has gone unnoticed and that the sea is the still noy fully explored i like to think there are plenty of great explores to be gained by the sea.the series also shows that what humans would do of such a thing could happen.also the way they portrade the beasts what good and nimrod was excellent i want a nimrod the fact that he learnt and had feelings and the way he acted when threatned a must watch.
  • Canceled but still among the top Sci-Fi shows on this site.

    I find Surface to be a creative show. It took a path the was hardly ever seen on a TV show before. Each Monday I stopped whatever I was doing so I could see Surface. I was devastated to hear it's cancellation, especially because the season ended on a cliff hanger. But despite the sorrow if feel each time, I bought the DVD set and watch it often. Although it will never see another episode it's fans stay loyal.It fell because, let's face it, Sci-Fi is not widely loved. Also, most shows on NBC don't last too long. Oh well. I still love this show!
  • It was fairly good, and it did deserve more than 15 episodes!

    Surface was a science-fiction tv show which ran for only one season. Sadly the show was never renewed after its 15 episodes ran despite the medium ratings. Overall i thought the idea for the show was very good - a new species in the sea, but is it hostile? Also the show was trying hard to develop mythology but never really got a chance to show its true potential. I think this show should have at least got a second season so they could resolve the cliffhanger ending. Well its a real shame but it does not look like Surface will ever be back. But Lake Bell did give a good proformance even when the special effects were a little dodgy at times.
  • A wonderful story of science gone greedy and mad, and a young man who raises one of the creatures offspring as a pet, Oh please just watch this show!

    PLEASE release this show on DVD, maybe with additional footage, and maybe an idea of where things end up in the writers mind.I watched the first two episodes when it was on air...missed the rest at the time, as it had not grabbed me. Universal hd tv ran the whole series recently, and I got totally hooked...I am so sorry that there is no ending to this wonderful show. I will watch for the (Hopefully) release date of the series on DVD. How about SCI-Fi channel writing a movie to finish up the questions...Watch this series you will not be dissapointed! I LOVE THIS SHOW...BRILLIANT!
  • Excellent show that should never have been canceled

    This was a great show that I always loved. I think that if they were gonna take it off the air the least they could have done was a miniseries or something to finish it off because they left us hanging with that ending. The series was interesting and it had you coming back for more every single week. I loved it: the mystery and action and excitement were always so fin to watch. They need to do something to finish this out. I loved the way they ended the season but that should have been a season finalie not a series finalie.
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