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NBC (ended 2006)



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    jafuf's critique was lame. First, jafuf failed to notice that Surface was a fictional TV show -- the premise does not have to be factual. Second, its a TV show. Third, subplots [yes, there is no hyphen], or supporting side stories, don't always have something to do with current events of the show. I'd wager that the supporting side stories would have benefited future episodes had the show not been cancelled. Fourth, the acting was faultless [and what is with the "boyfriends" comment?]. Fifth, the series was nothing like Baywatch [and I apparently missed all the scantily clad females]. All in all, a thoroughly lame effort at critiquing a great show. Fact is, you need an imagination to watch a show like Surface [there is nothing imaginative or unique about Honey Boo Boo, people]. An unidentified species is not a moronic story plot. Our oceans are vast, much of it unexplored [less than 10%], they contain 50-80% of all life on earth, and it is estimated that there are 2-50 million more species that have yet to be discovered. So, isn't it at all possible to discover a new ocean creature? Absolutely. Making the storyline for Surface plausible. I found Surface entertaining and I for one would like to see it return in some way [Netflix perhaps?].
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