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  • Season 1 Episode 13: Episode 113

  • Whenever you are testing an electrical surface with your hand, you should use the back of your hand, as the muscles in your hand would contract if electrified, which would clasp your hand on the surface (fence here!), so any idiot testing an electric fence would use the back of his hand.

  • The "gun" Miles uses to tag Nimrod is actually a paintball gun, with its air supply and barrel removed. The logo of the company (a silver VL) is clearly visible on the side. The gun is the "Brawler" by ViewLoader. Similar to the "Spyder", a wildly popular gun due to its low price and the huge upgrade possibilities. You can clearly see the Feed neck on the top and the silver pin that snaps back when he fires is the pin for the bolt, which fired the paintball.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Episode 111

  • There is a mistake when Rich and Laura go to show Laura's friend the footage. When Laura is fast forwarding through the first part of it we clearly see the sonar video that was taken when Laura and Jackson were trying to tag the creature. This footage should have been erased from the camera when the creature that she tagged flashed and wiped out the camera in Bolenis Bay therefore she should not have that footage anymore.

  • ATM Cards require pin codes to take money out of an account. Somehow Rich is able to take money out using a stolen ATM card without the account's pin.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Episode 110

  • Miles' fever of 108 degrees Fahrenheit is severe enough to possibly cause brain damage as 108 is a) a ridiculously high temperature and b) when brain damage starts to occur.

  • When they are putting Miles in the ice, there is no blood visible from his leg wounds. In previous scenes there was a lot of blood visible and it is obvious the bandages were not changed.

  • When Savannah goes home to find Nimrod, she grabs a pet carrier to put him in. It seems as though they have been going throught a lot of pet carriers, yet their parents have a strict no pet policy. So why would they have a pet carrier in the first place?

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Episode 109

  • When Rich and Laura are free of the bottom and engage the life raft, there is no cable trailing behind (remember the cable that dragged them down to the bottom). And they don't have any means to bring the exit out of the water, because the submersible will hang under the lift raft below the surface.

  • Dr. Myers (Coroner) mentions that he wants Miles to take the specimen to the "zu-ology lab." As a scientist/doctor he should know that it is pronounced zoh-ology (long "o") not zu-ology.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Episode 108

  • The incidental ('extra') character "Carl" in this episode is played by Renneker Jenkins, the elder brother of the starring character "Miles," Carter Jenkins.

  • When the government agent questions Dr Daughtery's ex-husband, he asks if he has had any contact with her and says, "I'm warning you - we can check your phone records and perjury carries a 25 year penalty".

    This is blatant intimidation. Perjury can only occur when a person is under oath in a courtroom. At this point, he is not even under arrest, nor is he being formally interrogated. The worst he could be charged with is lying to a government agent or obstruction of justice.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Episode 105

  • Sharp-eyed TV viewers will quickly recognize that the Coast Guard scene with Laura and Rich on the pier was not actually Bolinas Bay, California but Wilmington, N.C. since this was exact same location used many times as Capeside, Mass. on Dawson's Creek.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Episode 103

  • Both Miles and Rich visit the fictional website

    Rich logs in as "Spearfish" and chats as "Spearfisher". Miles chats as "Miles101".

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Episode 101

  • Miles' middle name is James you hear his mother calling him just after the tank explodes "Miles James" and his last name is Barnett so you know it has to be his middle name.

  • When Rich and his brother are diving and the creature pulls Rich's brother down to the depths. Rich looks at his depth gauge and it reads 218/219 ft. First off that depth is insane recreational dive limits you to less than 135 ft and second he goes down and at no point did Rich equalize the pressure in his ears which would cause his ears to rupture. Not to mention that he just drifted up to the surface unconscious at least the show did say that he was put in a decompression chamber (even though when you see him he is in a plastic quarantine tent where a decompression chamber is a metal chamber that looks like a sub)

  • Not exactly a goof but... the egg that Miles rescues from the sea is floating on the surface. When he puts it in his home fish tank it sinks to the bottom of the tank. More dramatic that way but otherwise unexplained.

  • The scene between the young kid and his grandfather was shot in a studio and was one of the few "outdoor" scenes not actually shot on location.

  • Most of the series will be filmed in and around Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, NC, even for scenes that are not supposed to take place in North Carolina.

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