SurfSide 6

ABC (ended 1962)




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SurfSide 6

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A houseboat docked across the street from the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach serves as the headquarters for the detective agency SurfSide 6. Lawyers Dave Thorne and Ken Madison run the investigative service. With help from their playboy friend Sandy Winfield, owner of the yacht next door, Daphne Dutton, and hotel lounge singer Cha Cha O'Brien, they chase the bad guys and solve crimes...when they can take time out from romance! Dave Thorne (Lee Patterson) is a Korean War veteran who served as an assistant D.A. in New York before heading to the sun of Miami. Ken Madison (Van Williams) got his training in New Orleans (as shown in the series Bourbon Street Beat, which aired the year before SurfSide 6 began). Sandy Winfield (Troy Donahue) worked on Wall Street before quitting to go live the playboy life in Florida. Socialite Daphne Dutton (Diane McBain) sees the three frequently since her yacht is moored next to their office, but is not the romantic interest of any of the detectives. Cha Cha O'Brien (Margarita Sierra) provides entertainment in the Boom Boom Room across the street at the Fontainebleau -- and occasionally provides assistance in a case as well. The detectives keep the Miami Beach police lieutenants Ray Snedigar (Don "Red" Barry, season one) or Gene Plehn (Richard Crane, season two) informed when the encounter criminal activity.moreless