SurfSide 6

Season 1 Episode 16

Facts on the Fire

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 1961 on ABC



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    • Mousie (after Ken asks him to find the man who beat him up): But suppose I find him. A big guy like that can get pretty nasty.
      Ken (giving Mousie some money): Buy some brave pills.

    • Dave (introducing himself to Merilee): Mrs. Williams, I'm Dave Thorne. I'm also the departmental head of libations and ladies, which leaves me in complete charge of you.

    • Ken: Anything interesting in this morning's mail?
      Dave: Here's a card from Sandy. He says the hula girls are terrific. That's strange.
      Ken: Well, I've always heard that myself. What's strange about it?
      Dave: He's in Philadelphia.
      Ken: Here's a card from Phil and Merilee. They're in Niagara Falls.
      Dave: Oh? Honeymoon?
      Ken: Must be. It's an awfully short note.

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