SurfSide 6 - Season 1

ABC (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • An Overdose of Justice
  • The Bhoyo and the Blonde
    An Irish novelist, notorious for love of drink and women, is vacationing in Miami Beach. While drunk one night he witnesses a murder. The murderer cannot be sure if the man will remember what he saw, so he is marked for murder as well.
  • Spinout at Sebring
    Spinout at Sebring
    Episode 32
  • Little Mister Kelly
    Little Mister Kelly
    Episode 31
  • Vengeance Is Bitter
    Vengeance Is Bitter
    Episode 30
  • Circumstantial Evidence
    A performer in a water ski show is blackmailing her former boyfriend. He will lose a multi-million dollar inheritance if he gets married before the age of 30, but she discovers he secretly got married to a rival in the water ski show. When the woman turns up dead, Cha Cha's nephew, who had an almost obsessive crush on her, is implicated in the murder.moreless
  • Double Image
    Double Image
    Episode 28
    Sandy meets a beautiful tourist, a woman who has a strange obsessive interest in a local mobster.
  • Spring Training
    Spring Training
    Episode 27
    The manager of a baseball team hires Ken, a one-time aspiring pitcher, to keep tabs on a rookie pitching sensation who may be involved with a bookie.
  • Invitation to a Party
    A young woman feels she is being blackmailed to keep an accident from making headlines and ruining her father's chance at political office. To prove her case Sandy poses as the wild son of a millionaire who is in danger of having his inheritance cut off if he gets into trouble.moreless
  • Inside Job
    Inside Job
    Episode 25
    A man suspects that his bank is going to be robbed because he has seen the pattern before. The police cannot act on hunches, so the man hires Dave to gather information and to possibly infiltrate the group planning the robbery.
  • The Impractical Joker
  • Ghost of a Chance
    Ghost of a Chance
    Episode 23
    A Treasury Department engraver retiree disappears from Bass Creek on his honeymoon. A federal agent thinks he's being forced to work with conterfeiters so she hires Ken, who vacations frequently at Bass Creek. When they arrive, posing as newlyweds, Ken discovers that his old friends have been replaced by new, unfriendly owners.moreless
  • The Chase
    The Chase
    Episode 22
    Dave Thorne aids a murder witness.
  • Black Orange Blossoms
    Barbara Page, a friend of Sandy's, invites him to Jamaica to celebrate a carnival. While there, a friend of Barbara's father dies from a snake bite. Since there are no poisonous snakes on Jamaica, one of the plantation workers, often accused of importing poisonous snakes for voodoo rituals, is the prime suspect. Both Barbara's father and the plantation worker ask Sandy to investigate.moreless
  • Race Against Time
    Race Against Time
    Episode 20
    Dave is poisoned while flying back to Miami. Ken and Sandy have five hours to find what poison was used in order to save Dave's life. That task is complicated by uncooperative passengers from Dave's flight and the accidental death of the prime suspect, a man Dave once prosecuted.
  • License to Steal
    License to Steal
    Episode 19
    A former USO singer who knew Dave in Korea is trying to make a name for herself. To help, she gets a "gimmick" - $130,000 worth of jewelry to attract publicity. The "gimmick" indeed attracts publicity -- thieves, who rob the nightclub during the show.
  • Thieves Among Honor
    Thieves Among Honor
    Episode 18
  • Yesterday's Hero
    Yesterday's Hero
    Episode 17
    Dave has wounds from the past opened up over his best friend from the Korean War. The man was reported to have been executed by a dictator for aiding revolutionaries, but his widow shows up and claims she wired him money long after the alleged execution. Dave tries to find his old buddy while controlling his feelings for his friend's wife and dealing with the suspicious exiles.moreless
  • Facts on the Fire
    Facts on the Fire
    Episode 16
    A woman has an unusual request of Ken: she wants him to prove that she's guilty of murdering her husband, although she was cleared of wrongdoing by an inquest. Before he begins investigating in earnest Ken is beaten up by some "admirers" of the dead man and ordered to make certain his investigation does prove her guilty. The more Ken digs, the more he uncovers that makes it appear that the woman did murder her husband.moreless
  • Heels Over Head
    Heels Over Head
    Episode 15
    Dave and Ken are dropped into a criminal's hunt for $70,000 after Dave refuses the job of protecting a closed-mouth man who leaves behind a letter with a fake address and blank paper inside.
  • Little Star Lost
    Little Star Lost
    Episode 14
    When a beautiful starlet finds out she is adopted, her old friend Sandy tries to keep her from being duped by someone claiming to be her real mother.
  • Bride and Seek
    Bride and Seek
    Episode 13
    Dave is asked by a woman to find her missing husband. While investigating he discovers he's not the only one looking for the missing man -- and the woman who hired him isn't really the bride she claims to be.
  • Girl in the Galleon
    Girl in the Galleon
    Episode 12
    A salvage diver hired to explore a sunken Spanish galleon finds five boxes of gold doubloons - and a girl's body! The next day, after asking for a share of the find, the diver turns up dead, an apparent drowning victim. Believing his death may be related to the missing body of the girl, Sandy and Ken investigate - and discover all that glitters isn't Spanish gold.moreless
  • The Frightened Canary
    An obnoxious nightclub comedian becomes vicious when a pretty, young singer rejects his advances. After she publicly embarrasses him, he vows revenge and frames her for murder.
  • The International Net
    Producer Mike Hogan's wife intercepts a message implicating her husband as a murderer. After a second note is discovered, Ken and Sandy are hired to find out who sent it. Then a man the producer hated, a former love rival, turns up dead - and there are no shortage of suspects.moreless
  • Odd Job
    Odd Job
    Episode 9
    On his way to a critical company meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Ken is kidnapped by men posing as police officers. After escaping, he continues on to the meeting - only to discover that an imposter has already contacted the man who hired him.
  • Power of Suggestion
    Convinced her boss is trying to hypnotize her into killing someone, a mind reader's assistant hires Dave to look after her.
  • Deadly Male
    Deadly Male
    Episode 7
    When a two-timing wife turns up dead, the husband, always the main suspect, hires Dave and Ken to discover who the real killer is. Once they start digging, however, they uncover a nasty case of blackmail and events take a vicious turn.
  • Par-a-kee
    Episode 6
    Daphne goes to visit her horse, Par-a-kee, at the stable the night before a race. She interrupts a man trying to inject the horse with a fatal virus. Daphne's father hires Dave to investigate, while a bookie begins spreading rumors about the Dutton stable to have Par-a-kee disqualified.
  • Local Girl
    Local Girl
    Episode 5
    Showgirl Darcy Peyton is on the run with $20,000 in bribe money intended to free the brother of the man pursuing her. She hires Ken as a bodyguard to accompany her back to her hometown, but her happy homecoming is marred by a shotgun blast - from her father.
  • According to Our Files
    Bearer bonds have been missing for almost seven years while the man convicted of their embezzlement has languished in prison. Then an insurance agent asks Sandy to help recover the bonds before his company has to pay on the policy. One problem: every lead in the case turns out to be bad - or dead.moreless
  • The Clown
    The Clown
    Episode 3
    When Dave organizes a birthday party for the son of a hated, exiled dictator living in Miami, the father is murdered and Lt. Snedigar is certain that he has the killer cold - Pepe the Clown.
  • High Tide
    High Tide
    Episode 2
    Gun moll Jill Murray shows up at the houseboat, describing herself as "a boring stenographer on vacation", and begs the detectives to save her from her old boyfriend. Sandy takes her for a drink, but before he can find out who the three thugs trailing her really are - Jill disappears.moreless
  • Country Gentleman
    Country Gentleman
    Episode 1
    An ex-con from New York, determined to crash Miami's high society, moves into town with his "former" muscle man, Stinger. No one believes his "gone straight" story, however, including "former" Assistant D. A. Dave - especially when folks begin turning up dead.