SurfSide 6

Season 2 Episode 8

The Affairs at Hotel Delight

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 1961 on ABC

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  • If you ever wondered where the Coen Brothers got the idea for "O Brother, Where Art Thou", watch this episode.

    Admittedly, this episode is out of place in the SurfSide 6 repetroire. That may be what makes it so special, however: it is such an obvious departure from the norm that it almost demands to be noticed. The episode has a number of oddities that set it apart. First, only one regular character (Ken) is in the show. Secondly, it is set entirely in one place ("the doubtfully-named Hotel Delight", as Ken puts it). Finally, even though a number of guns appear, the viewer knows none of them will be used.

    Van Williams (Ken) has a rare opportunity to show comedic acting talents in this episode, and he does not disappoint. He delivers one of his best performances in this or any other series in which he appeared, having Ken shift gears on the fly to keep one step ahead of the three not-too-bright extortionists. When the only one of the three with any intelligence confronts Ken, he simply knocks him out and starts talking to the two more gullible members of the kidnapping/extortion gang. He also allows his southern roots to show through in all their glory to convince the two to give up the kidnapping plot.

    Lavender, the "damsel in distress" in this episode, has her share of problems, not the least of which is the fact that any time she is confronted with a stressful situation she faints. She tries to hold a gun on Ken, but when he shows her his own revolver she passes out. In the final scene she passes out yet again, causing Ken to pick her up and ring the hotel desk bell by hitting it with Lavender's foot.

    Physical comedy also abounds in this episode. Of greatest note is Ken's Harold Lloyd-esque walk along an unstable second story ledge in order to escape a locked room (a perilous trek that he discovers to be unnecessary -- only after he gets past the sleeping hillbilly and the growling dog).

    Perhaps some day Warner Brothers will reward us with SurfSide 6 released on video. Until then, watch for this episode to air on AmericanLife TV -- and do not miss it when it does!

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