Surgical Spirit

ITV (ended 1995)




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Surgical Spirit

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Surgical Spirit was a 1990s British Sitcom which revolved around a surgical team. The lead characters were consultant surgeon Sheila Sabatini, witty and sarcastic and never gladly suffering fools (played by Nicola McAuliffe), who develops a relationship with down-to-earth consultant anaesthetist Jonathan Haslam (Duncan Preston). Most of the humour came from the interaction of Sheila with the other characters, most of whom live in fear of her fierce temper. The supporting cast included hospital administrator Joyce (played by Marji Campi), sheila's son Daniel (Andrew Groves), scrub nurse Cheryl (Suzette Llewellyn), technician Michael (Beresford Le Ray), junior surgeon Giles (Simon Harrison) and fellow consultant surgeons Neil (Emlyn Price) and George (David Conville). Written by Peter Learmouth, Surgical Spirit was made by Granada for ITV and ran for 7 years.