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Teens ages 14 to 17 are contestants on this YTV reality show meant to instill lifelong survival skills.
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  • Not bad

    its not that bad its better then out of jimmy's head
  • Its CN's Fault...

    There's something everyone needs to realize...

    Les didn't make the show for Cartoon Network, He made the show in Canada with Canadian children, for a Canadian children's network that isn't cartoon only... They previewed it at a kids show event and Cartoon Network bought it.. God knows why... Its a reasonably popular show in CA, and has gone through Two full seasons, with kids beggin to be on the third... I actually enjoy the show..

    it is completely different than survivor, by promoting teamwork and discouraging backstabbing and self-promotion.moreless
  • ...

    Another show that is a part of the new live-action group. This show is about a group of teens and a survivor guy who teaches them how to survive through out the wilderness when their stranded in a forest. And it's the worst piece of s*** i've ever seen on CN. In theatres, they showed a promo of the OtherSiders, and one guy said "On Cartoon Network?". What the f***'s with all the live action Cartoon Network's airing now?! And why are they all rip-off's from shows that were actually good? This s*** and Out of Jimmy's Wiener needs to get the hell out of Cartoon Network and needs to show atleast Camp Lazlo, Ed Edd n Eddy or something because Cartoon Network are gonna lose alot of money and viewers. Overall, this show sucks.moreless
  • CN needs to learn to Survive this or CN wants out!!!

    Oh Great CN Real has a weird Surviver type show with the surviverman How come this is on CN? Basicly a plot to end the whole channel. This show and other short-lived showsare ruining CN. CN Real and Super Chunk must End The Shows idea is dumb the show is dumb. A reality show on CN about a group of teens who must survive challenges and if they want out they go like they want out.CN wants out look at this CN Real is it working NO! Poor ratings and stupid ideas are destroing the channel!!! Why is this on CN anyway CN got brain damage.moreless
  • You don't watch it, you survive the pain and horror it gives you

    Trying to watch Survive This! is like trying to have a dentist pull teeth out of you, it's just so painful to endure. The show is an obvious rip off of Survivor, form holding out against the rough terrain to hunting for food, it is just Survivor again. All the kids sent to be on the show are annoying and are not interesting in the slightest. The hosts are stupid and are useless most of the time. If a kid wants to gain survival skills, then they should just go join the BSA or GSA and they will learn survival skills there. This was unnecessary and just painful to watch, I can only say one good thing about this show, it was canceled quickly and never shown again. Go back to what you were doing before CN.moreless

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