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  • Not bad

    its not that bad its better then out of jimmy's head
  • Its CN's Fault...

    There's something everyone needs to realize...

    Les didn't make the show for Cartoon Network, He made the show in Canada with Canadian children, for a Canadian children's network that isn't cartoon only... They previewed it at a kids show event and Cartoon Network bought it.. God knows why... Its a reasonably popular show in CA, and has gone through Two full seasons, with kids beggin to be on the third... I actually enjoy the show..

    it is completely different than survivor, by promoting teamwork and discouraging backstabbing and self-promotion.
  • ...

    Another show that is a part of the new live-action group. This show is about a group of teens and a survivor guy who teaches them how to survive through out the wilderness when their stranded in a forest. And it's the worst piece of s*** i've ever seen on CN. In theatres, they showed a promo of the OtherSiders, and one guy said "On Cartoon Network?". What the f***'s with all the live action Cartoon Network's airing now?! And why are they all rip-off's from shows that were actually good? This s*** and Out of Jimmy's Wiener needs to get the hell out of Cartoon Network and needs to show atleast Camp Lazlo, Ed Edd n Eddy or something because Cartoon Network are gonna lose alot of money and viewers. Overall, this show sucks.
  • CN needs to learn to Survive this or CN wants out!!!

    Oh Great CN Real has a weird Surviver type show with the surviverman How come this is on CN? Basicly a plot to end the whole channel. This show and other short-lived showsare ruining CN. CN Real and Super Chunk must End The Shows idea is dumb the show is dumb. A reality show on CN about a group of teens who must survive challenges and if they want out they go like they want out.CN wants out look at this CN Real is it working NO! Poor ratings and stupid ideas are destroing the channel!!! Why is this on CN anyway CN got brain damage.
  • You don't watch it, you survive the pain and horror it gives you

    Trying to watch Survive This! is like trying to have a dentist pull teeth out of you, it's just so painful to endure. The show is an obvious rip off of Survivor, form holding out against the rough terrain to hunting for food, it is just Survivor again. All the kids sent to be on the show are annoying and are not interesting in the slightest. The hosts are stupid and are useless most of the time. If a kid wants to gain survival skills, then they should just go join the BSA or GSA and they will learn survival skills there. This was unnecessary and just painful to watch, I can only say one good thing about this show, it was canceled quickly and never shown again. Go back to what you were doing before CN.
  • Okay, good show. Best of the CN Real shows.

    Okay, this show is top notch in my opinion. It's just good. 8.5, even though this show is good it does have some flaws like Jen and Catarina. They suck. Jen is too cocky and self absorbed. And Catarina is just suckish. Becca; which ever one that everyone thinks is going to say YES, I Want to go home, really needs to go. I don't think she can handle it. Kareem is my favorite. And Zac is cool and has skills. Holdem; well... and Adam kinda sucks. But pretty much the males are way better than the female. I'm not homosexual. GOT IT!
  • I was going to give this a bad rating. . .

    I am completely unenthusiastic about Cartoon Network's decision to add a lineup of reality shows. I can't rate The Othersiders, Destroy Build Destroy,Brainrush, The Othersiders, and, especially, The Othersiders with a 1, but Survive This actually struck me differently for 2 reasons.

    Reason 1, and primarily, is because Les Stroud is the host of it. When I first saw the show advertised, I did a double take at how strikingly close it looked to the show Survivorman. A quick Wikipedia search later had me in awe that Les would actually make a show on Cartoon Network.

    Reason 2 is that it actually seems less toned down than the other shows in the new lineup. I was afraid that the show would lame it up and make things very child-appropriate, but they do get down n' dirty at times with the details. (Granted, it's still a kids' show, but comparatively, it's superior in terms grittiness). If one show out of the new CN Real lineup has a chance to stick around, then I'd be happy if it was Survive This.
  • when will cn learn? we do not want reality CRAP!!! this is as stupid as out of jimmy's crappy head.

    nobody wants to watch this retarded crappy low budget knockoff of survivor/whatever those other 2 shows discovery and i think abc tried to push out. Its unoriginal and no one goes to a cartoon channel to watch reality crap. don't they realise their fanbase is small children? the worst mistake they have done was removing naruto from the channel. it was their highest rated show and they put it on a hiatus. don't they realise that by replacing all their cartoons which they don't have many of with reality crap kinda goes against the name of the channel?. thats why i call them cartoonless network. it seems like every time they get a new executive every year after they fired the last one their worse than the one before. and its not like adult swim is fairing much better with teh few shows they have. its hilarius how adult swim used to just air from 12 to 4 and now its bought fridays and now airs from 10:30 to 6. soon they might as well jsut call the channel adult swim.
  • Epic..... fail CN, Epic Fail! what are you doing!!

    What kinda peice o' bison (Censored) is this!? this is why CN should rely on cartoons, not reality shows! sure this is based on survivor-man, but this should not be on CN,Period!

    In my opinion, this show is somewhat of a carbon copy of survivor on cbs with elements of survivor-man thrown in the mix.This show is not even that good and why would this show be put on CN?

    I feel that CN is trying to compete with Nick and disney just for ratings, but it is failing. I really think this show is not good, nor is it allowed to be on cn.I'm done, have a nice day.
  • Uh...

    I am not really getting into this show. When the promos aired, it looked interesting. I gave it a 9.5 out of 10. I used to like it but now I don't like it very much. As the series moved on and on, it became boring. Now I give it a 5.5 out of 10. It is just so dry that I stopped watching it. This is the only CN Real show that I rated less than 6 out of 10. In my opinion, this show should have never aired on Cartoon Network. I think that this show is just a ripoff of the show "Survivor."
  • Meh, it's good to watch if you're bored with your life.....

    This is a show that is sort of like Flight 29 Down, except it's reality. I mean, they do nothing really. They aren't even trying. All they do is complain, and one of the girls always crys and they all want her to leave. I mean, I like how on the Discovery kids channel, the Endurance show is way better because there are ACTUAL good challenges and this is just "survival" but they do nothing. I mean, I like Endurance and TDI (even though it is a cartoon) but this is just lame. Just like Flight 29 Down, they do nothing because they think it's "safe" and that no one will get hurt. Seriously, CN real? Cartoon Network is supposed to have ONLY cartoons, with the ocational live-action movie on sundays, but this, seriously, should be on the discovery kids or something because it isn't a cartoon.