Surviving Disaster

Spike TV (ended 2009)


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  • A very informative series, one that teaches you the simple details that could make a difference...

    When watching the entire first season of 'Surviving Disaster', it was the small things that hit me and the parts that I still remember. Like handing over the wrong card to tip off a cop that you are a hostage. The frequency to contact air traffic control to declare an emergency, and the fact that over 33% of fire deaths can be prevented if you leave when you first hear an alarm. How to make your own pepper spray to ward of looters or even to keep airways open during a big blast to prevent your lungs from exploding. It's small nuggets like that could save your life. Just the little things that are going to bury themselves into the back of your mind and you'll never think of it again unless faced with that situation. I found most of the stuff on this show very facinating, and it was a very entertaining series. I forwarded a friend of mine who lives in California the episode about Earthquakes, and they found it very, very informative. Like my favorite childhood cartoon always said, knowing is half the battle... and this show provides you with the knowledge that I hope no one ever has to use. Great show, and I hope there's a second season.
  • Good idea - bad implementation - terrible camera work - tragedy for the audience

    I like the topical material and mostly agree with the suggestions. But the show is marred by the handheld "Shakycam" school of cinematography.

    One can only pray that the gods of video will smack them upside their heads for believing that programs are "improved" when the image bobs, weaves, and shakes. Worse, the jump cuts and frenetic editing would do credit to one with attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

    In this age of high definition, it is approaching vandalism to produce a program with obvious image degradation.

    In short, I wish they could present this material in a less frenetic format. I can't watch it, and I suspect many others are repulsed as well.