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Based on Justin Halpern's book I Suck at Girls, this new single-camera comedy follows Jack (Christopher Meloni) who becomes a full-time parent to his teenage kids Frankie (Connor Buckley), and Rachel (Claudia Lee) when his wife goes to law school. It is set in the 1990s.


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    Fox Cancels Dads, Enlisted, Surviving Jack, and Rake

    Which of the four will you miss the most?

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    • An amasing show, made laugh so hard!

      Why cancel a show with this quality? Very different from some other shows, really loved it... what a shame :/
    • The advertisments told me to stay away from this one

      This show looks pretty severe judging by the trailers and I think that the Jack guy is lucky social services did`nt get involved with him. Quite honestly, I dont think this show is any good in quality and entertainment wise as well.
    • Pretty good, but I won't keep with it

      My dad was a very mellow guy. Perhaps that's why I have trouble relating to a show like Surviving Jack, with its macho, controlling father and the son who ultimately has to admit his dad knows some stuff.

      Truthfully, the show is better than I expected. In the first few minutes I thought it was going to celebrate a total jerk, but the portrayal of the father walks a fine line; he's a tough customer, but his heart is in the right place and underneath the bluster some thinking is going on.

      It's also a pretty funny show. A little uneven, but at moments it's very funny indeed.

      And yet, after two episodes, I don't feel a strong desire to keep watching. Not that I feel a strong desire to stop watching - if I was dating a fan of the show I would certainly watch it with her - but I just don't connect to it the way I need to.moreless
    • You'll fall in love with it just in time for FOX to cancel it. :[[[[

      I'm so mad that FOX dropped this show! I don't understand how shows like the mindy project are still on but they cancel this?? This show was 20000 times better than the mindy project. New girl is probably my favorite show and I think this show is better than New girl. Ugh I hope someone brings it back.
    • what the heck

      I loved this show it reminded me of when i was a kid growing up in the 90's. Jack was just the same as my Uncle who i lived with that was an ex-Marine... This show was funny and so true to life in the 90's. Bring it back please!!!!! Look how well "That 70's show" did I believe Fox has no idea they had a show that was about to take off... Fox i say you should ask the viewer before canceling show's. Maybe that's something new you can put on your website of facebook. "Ask the viewer" it could be a written blog, poll or video blog. Think about it Fox!moreless
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