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Thursday 8:30 PM on FOX
Well, if you've looked at the ratings for this show, this wasn't a surprise to you when yesterday Surviving Jack got canceled. It started out with decent ratings, but they dropped, as ratings do, which lead to this cancelation.

The show has only aired six episodes, so I'm not really upset over the cancelation, but it would have been nice to see this show grow, as after episode 2 it did start to improve. But this lets the actors find other jobs, and I hope that they are successful (or continue to be successful for some) because they are good.

The series finale of Surviving Jack airs tonight at 9:30(/8:30c), as usual. Eight episodes were produced, but only seven will air because of scheduling. The remaining eighth episode may end up online or something though.

How do you feel about the cancelation of Surviving Jack?
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