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Every show I watch I give a review-so-far about halfway through the season. Even if that show's season is eight (or seven) episodes long. So, here is my brief mid-season look at episodes 1-4 of Surviving Jack.

This show started out not-so-well. The first two episodes were fairly mediocre. The jokes mostly weren't funny, the women weren't funny, and there was too much "in this 90s this" acting like it was more like 80 years ago instead of 20. But, episode three was an improvement. The jokes were actually pretty good. Episode four was even better, it was actually great. The women were not only funny, but hilarious, and it was heart-warming and classic. It was very enjoyable to watch!

There are four/three (four more produced, three more scheduled to air) more episodes of Surviving Jack's first, and probably only, season. What I hope is that these episodes are more like last week's episode, or at least like the episode before it. The key to that is keeping all of the family members funny, not just Jack and occasionally Frankie. Rachel and the mom (can't remember her name...Judy?) can both be really funny! But, at the same time, I don't want it to be too good, so I'm not sad when it's gone (like I am about Go On and How to Live with Your Parents).

What have you thought about Surviving Jack so far?
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Apr 25, 2014
Best new comedy along with growing up fisher
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