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FOX (ended 2014)

Well, Fox's newest comedy premiered last Thursday, and I meant to write a review on it on Friday, but that didn't quite happen, nor did it happen on Saturday or Sunday, but today, it is happening. Fox's newest sitcom, Surviving Jack, is set in the 90s, and the show wants to remind you of that and how funny that is (even though its not) every three minutes.

Despite the show's pilot episode being occasionally annoying, it wasn't all bad. I actually really enjoyed Christopher Meloni's performance as Jack, and the character of Frankie wasn't that bad. The women in the family have room to improve (to be fair, the daughter wasn't in the episode that much, and the mother is supposed to be the logical, smart one here) and the two friends of Frankie's were pretty much a waste of time.

A lot of the jokes in the episode weren't that funny, unless they came from Jack, and the episode doesn't at all make you say "I can't wait for next week's episode", but instead more like "You know, I wouldn't mind if this got put on hiatus for a couple of months." But, the show does show potential, so, with funnier writing and less dumb friends, this could actually be a really good show, I think. But it is definitely not there yet.

The season is only eight episodes, so I will likely stick around the whole time (unless it really doesn't improve, then I'll likely be out about halfway through), and it likely won't get a second season, due to its mediocre premiere ratings, but it may be worth watching for the remaining seven weeks. In a few weeks, I'll let you know what I think of the season so far. Until then, read two quotes from the episode that I thought were somewhat funny (they are funny compared to the rest of the episode, and its mostly the actors that make the quotes funny), and get on with your life.


If I was twenty years younger and not your mom...okay, I just made it weird, didn't I?

Jack: Doug, there is not a scale to measure how much I want you to leave right now.

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