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  • An amasing show, made laugh so hard!

    Why cancel a show with this quality? Very different from some other shows, really loved it... what a shame :/
  • The advertisments told me to stay away from this one

    This show looks pretty severe judging by the trailers and I think that the Jack guy is lucky social services did`nt get involved with him. Quite honestly, I dont think this show is any good in quality and entertainment wise as well.
  • Pretty good, but I won't keep with it

    My dad was a very mellow guy. Perhaps that's why I have trouble relating to a show like Surviving Jack, with its macho, controlling father and the son who ultimately has to admit his dad knows some stuff.

    Truthfully, the show is better than I expected. In the first few minutes I thought it was going to celebrate a total jerk, but the portrayal of the father walks a fine line; he's a tough customer, but his heart is in the right place and underneath the bluster some thinking is going on.

    It's also a pretty funny show. A little uneven, but at moments it's very funny indeed.

    And yet, after two episodes, I don't feel a strong desire to keep watching. Not that I feel a strong desire to stop watching - if I was dating a fan of the show I would certainly watch it with her - but I just don't connect to it the way I need to.
  • You'll fall in love with it just in time for FOX to cancel it. :[[[[

    I'm so mad that FOX dropped this show! I don't understand how shows like the mindy project are still on but they cancel this?? This show was 20000 times better than the mindy project. New girl is probably my favorite show and I think this show is better than New girl. Ugh I hope someone brings it back.
  • what the heck

    I loved this show it reminded me of when i was a kid growing up in the 90's. Jack was just the same as my Uncle who i lived with that was an ex-Marine... This show was funny and so true to life in the 90's. Bring it back please!!!!! Look how well "That 70's show" did I believe Fox has no idea they had a show that was about to take off... Fox i say you should ask the viewer before canceling show's. Maybe that's something new you can put on your website of facebook. "Ask the viewer" it could be a written blog, poll or video blog. Think about it Fox!
  • What the...

    One of the best comedy TV shows in a while and it got cancelled, while series like "Mom" still airs... Such bullshit!
  • WHY? WHY? WHYYYY????

    the most funny TV series in long long time! why was it cancelled??
  • Funny!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the most inventive, imaginative series I've ever seen. I hope that they will continue beyond 5 episodes.
  • WHAT!

    I can't believe they cancelled this awesome show. It was my new fav comedy. I looked forward to it every week. I don't like many shows on tv these days and I loved this one from show #1. Christopher Meloni is great on this show. Seriously who makes these bad decisions to cancel great shows. They should read the review comments on websites like this.

    I'll never accept this. This show is so good, so well written, well acted, the characters are so real, as are the stories. It's extremely great. I lovit. I can't believe nor can I accept that FOX did this to me.

    Even my wife got into this show and she hates stuff like this!
  • soooo wrong!

    i cannot believe this show got cancelled. i looked forward to watching it each week. it was so funny. Chris Meloni was hilarious in this role. i'm sad now :(

  • just like a fox thing to do

    Fox always seems to cancel all the good shows just cause this didnt get the biggest following yet give it a little more time it has only aired like 7 shows let people spread the word a little more cause this is by far one of the best new shows out and the only good show on thursday its funny that a show like goldbergs didnt get canceled and this show does who ever made this choice should be fired and some other network should try and pick this show up cause its great and makes me lol for real unlike most shows these days
  • Surviving Jack

    I LOVE this show. It's the best sitcom that has been shown so far this season. Please keep it. Maybe the Producers can sell the series to another network just like Cougar Town did. Please Please Please don't let this sitcom die off. SHAME ON FOX for not holding on to this hysterical series. 10
  • shame

    at it is still listed as not yet aired on this site, so clearly it wasn't a priority for a lot of people. I liked it.
  • A good show canceled, as always :(

    I really like this show and as always they decide to cancel a good show and keep other trash ones.

    Bad Fox, always make the worst decisions.

    Maybe we will see some miracle, the show can get picked up by others but I lost hope in the last years, seeing god show getting cancelled over and over.
  • Funny Show!!

    Christopher Meloni plays this role to a T! Excellent show! Hooked!!
  • Best new commedy

    This is the best new comedy to hit TV in quite a while. Its not often I find myself laughing out loud to a tv show. Sure hope it get renewed.
  • One of the best sitcoms on TV

    Great show! Keeps me laughing throughout the whole show!
  • About time!

    It's about time we get some quick witted smart new comedies. Surviving Jack along with growing up Fisher have to be the best two in a long time.
  • Let's Survive !


    I first was curious about this show,. And after one episode, I was totally in.

    Jack (Christopher Meloni) is an awesome dad. Hopefully, he's not mine. And that's why, it makes this show so damn funny.

    The second episode continues with that dynamic of the sadistic dad, and start to show the potential of the other characters. The Mom seems to be kind of special too.

    Well, on a long term, it could go either way, depending on if that flame can go on as intense as the firsts two episodes.

    But for now, it's really a show that could and should make some noise and give some lessons of comedy for some other shows.
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