Surviving Suburbia

ABC (ended 2009)





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  • A new sitcom featuring a rather dysfunctional family dealing with (and attempting to survive) suburbia.

    I've been to several tapings of Surviving Suburbia and found the episodes to be well written, well acted, very funny, ascerbic and just generally fun to watch. The family consists of a very sarcastic father (Sagat), bright and tolerant mother, a smart and mature teenage son and a younger daughter. The cast also features a neighbor/dentist who is wonderful as he delivers some of the best comedic moments to Sagat's straight man routine. The cast and crew seem to like each other and work well as a team. It's nice to see this with a seasoned cast, especially when you consider some of the 'not so nice' sitcom actors. Having been to a number of sitcom tapings over the last 10 years, this is one of the best I've seen. Hopefully, this show will be a hit, stay around for a long time, and continue to be my 'Guilty Pleasure'.