Survivor (UK)

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 2

Aired Unknown May 24, 2001 on ITV

Episode Recap

As a new day dawns, Jackie cannot believe that her fellow Ular members decided to vote off the natural leader Nick rather than her, but is still worried that she will be next. On Helang Beach, Andy says that he is glad that JJ is playing the leadership role, rather than himself - this means that he will not stick out in the tribe, which should mean that he won't be voted off.
At the first Reward Challenge, a few faces looked like they just wanted to go home! Each contestant must eat a maggot like creature. Once everyone has had their "dinner", Mark Austin announces another twist. Each tribe must nominate the most squeamish member of the opposite tribe, and Jackie and Uzma were chosen. They had to eat two grubs without water and the first to swallow won. Jackie swallows first, and Ular are presented with strawberries and ice cream.
The next day, Helang's hunger pains result in them eating a dead rat, but some disgusted tribe members say that they'd rather die than eat a rat. At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes each nominate one member to be tied up in the jungle, while the other members have to construct a stretcher to carry them on. The first team back with their member on the stretcher wins. Things get heated when Helang's Simon is accused of kicking Ular's Eve. But, in the end, it is Ular who triumph, and Helang will be visiting Tribal Council the following day, where Charlotte convinces the tribe to get rid of JJ because "she's just too bossy".