Survivor (UK)

Season 2 Episode 11

Panama: Episode 11

Aired Unknown May 22, 2002 on ITV

Episode Recap

The first morning without Bridget dawns, with the camp feeling empty. Although things are a lot quieter, John says that he was not sorry to see her go.
John confides in Jonny and Susannah that at the briefing 33 days earlier, he was worried about how young and fit everybody else looked.
Tree Mail hints that the Reward Challenge will be a quiz - but with questions on whom?
This question is answered when the three remaining contestants are greeted with the smiling faces of the Jury. They will be asked questions on the people who will decide their fate in a few days time. They have five markers placed in front of them - answer a question correctly, and they will move forward. Whoever gets to the fifth marker first, wins the Reward.
Susannah takes an early lead, with questions on past challenges, and little things that may have passed them by. Susannah gets to the fifth marker - and wins the Reward. She has a choice - a pizza, fries, drink, and anything else on the menu from the local Popper's Pizza, or a short phone call home.
Susannah picks the phone call home, and wonders where Barnaby will be. She finally gets through - but the conversation must take place in front of John, Jonny, Mark Nicholas and a camera crew!
"Sorry about the pizza!" she says to John and Jonny at the end of the call.
Thoughts turn to Tribal Council back at camp - John says that he still trusts Jonny to take him through to the final, but Susannah's win has increased her confidence. Her tonsilitis has also gone - but she fears that she has passed it on to John.
The next day's Tree Mail gives a cryptic clue, relating to time. This dashes John's hopes of a physical challenge, and Susannah's of a swimming challenge.
The Immunity Challenge does indeed relate to time. The contestants must wait for a signal. Then, they must light a torch when they feel that exactly an hour has passed since the signal sounds. They must not use the ground or leaves in any way, or they will be disqualified.
John is first to leave the circle. Unfortunately, he was distracted by an ant on the floor, and could not remember whether he has counted 30 or 40 minutes. Next is Susannah, and then Jonny. Mark Nicholas teases the trio by telling them that he will announce the winner at tomorrow's Tribal Council.
They spend the rest of the day, and the next, speculating about who each of them would take through to the final. Susannah says that she would find making a decision extremely difficult.
John and Jonny share a quiet moment together, saying that it is a shame that they probably will not be together in the final two.
At the penultimate Tribal Council, all is revealed. John lit the torch 10 minutes BEFORE the hour was up. Susannah was 8 minutes after, and Jonny was 9 minutes after. If John had not been distracted by the ant, he would have been closest, and therefore won Immunity.
Mark Nicholas informs them that the votes of John and Jonny would cancel each other out - they have no choice but to vote for each other, so Susannah will be the only person to cast a vote.
Susannah tells the camera that this is the most difficult thing that she has had to do during the whole Survivor experience. Then she casts her vote.
Mark gets the voting pot, and brings it back. The Jury looks tense, as do John and Jonny. Susannah fights back tears.
The vote is presented - it's for John. He is out of the game. "I'm sorry," she tells John as she hugs him.
So now we have our final two - Susannah and Jonny. One of them will be the winnner of £1 million pounds. The Jury, and the public will play a part in deciding the winner.